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Customer Service Sales

Buffalo, NY
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October 29, 2019

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Enio Pires

Mobile • +55-034-*********


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Work experience

Real estate reform self-employed Chain


Self-employed worker

2019 - Present

2017 - 2018


- Supply chain operations for the Personal Care Division generating more seasonal jobs in my works. Comprehensive execution and a strategy designed to optimize customer service and satisfaction is guaranteed at good prices for the services performed. Collaborate across departments to identify and implement cost reduction techniques.

Selected Highlights:

- Coordinate communication between key departments.

- Provision of Services.

- Real estate reform.

- Masonry service.

- Painting.

- Produce annual savings through instituting export consolidation warehouse system.

- Reduce freight charges in a repetitive range by negotiating Best prices and scheduling.

- Realize annual storage cost savings through security with local warehouse to use warehouse trailers as clear warehouse space. Inventory decreased by 18% in 1st year, while sustaining time through productivity through the assembly team to assess demand and adjust hourly inventory and production levels for it.

- Reduce expedited shipping costs by introducing new shipping process.

Administrative and support service



2007 – 2017


- I've seen the suppliers, resulting in more solid, objective and renewable partnerships. Determine the

nature of the business, go in person to correct people and interact, resulting in better results.

- Telephone answering and electronic consultations and routing of telephone calls and messages to

the appropriate person.

- Sharing complete solutions with reliable local support and service.

- Business analyst, in all its contest in my area of responsibility. Transforming and solving business

challenges with technical solutions always focused on improving performance.

- Guiding development to ensure architectural adherence, value delivery and the digitization of

business processes.

- Providing the necessary support to projects implemented by the Business Department, in which the

IT infrastructure performs all the logistics.



1991 – 2005


Dynamic, detailed, results-focused team leader with demonstrated record of maximizing productivity. Innovative, analytical, great reputable thinker to design and implement strategies and projects that drive process efficiency improvements. Dedicated instructor and staff mentor. Creative, confident and effective problem solver. Outstanding communicator with communications and business experience and relationships. Working with jewelry is very meticulous and requires a lot of attention to detail in its production. This Company exports Jewels to various Countries.

Areas of Expertise

- Produce a job with a program like Microsoft Word.

- Email. Write and edit an email.

- Electronic Agenda: Most companies revolve around online schedules. Manage my time in an electronic calendar and adapt to other schedules. Also, you should use the calendar to help you manage your time, it's easy to lose track of the hours when you're on the web. I use a computer calendar.

- Social networking sites. Being familiar with how to navigate these sites in the future, he can use one

to find and create an advertising campaign. Most importantly, you should also be aware that companies use these sites to check potential contributors.

- Be able to take care of my computer, know how to update the software, virus scan, and replace the printer cartridge.

- Be a careful consumer of information on the web. It is important to be able to use a search engine like Yahoo or Google to find the information, but it is even more important to know which sites to trust. I must be careful about the information he quotes. For example, if I use Wikipedia, it should go one step further and check the reference articles.

- Database Usage Most companies already use a variety of databases for things like HR information, sales and finance. Education


José Bonifácio Commercial College


My hobbies and interests. (I like to play games with co-workers to create a healthy bond and good friendships. Participate in city sports events. Hiking, mountain biking, archery and swimming. Driving licence

AM, A1, A2, A, B1, B, BE, C1, C1E, C, CE, D1, D1E, D Communication skills

- Teamwork: I worked in various types of volunteer teams to help our homeland doing civic duty. And also research teams to business soccer.

For 2 years I have been able to train my company soccer team, obtaining expressive results with my supervision.

- Mediation skills: working at borders between young people, youth trainers, youth and researchers, for example, conducting a 3-day seminar at the Symposium directed to individual growth to come makes it collective. And my work continued on youth training programs.

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