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Mechanical Engineer Power Plant

Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, India
October 29, 2019

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Academic & Career Summary

Acquired Degree in Bachelor of Engineering –Mechanical in the year April 2002, with an overall of 73.35 %

Total experience of 15 years in maintenance of static and rotating equipment and execution of brown field projects in utility and process area of chemical / petrochemical manufacturing facility.

EMCO, Doha, Qatar as Senior Mechanical Engineer - undertaking Projects & Maintenance for Qatar Foundation

Salalah Methanol Company, Oman. as Team Leader for Turnaround activity,

SABIC–Kemya (SABIC & ExxonMobil JV) KSA, as Rotating Equipment Engineer (Machinery Specialist)

Asian Paints Ltd – Penta Division- Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, India as a Mechanical Engineer

Herfy Service Co Ltd, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as a Maintenance Engineer

Asian Paints Ltd - Penta Division- Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, India as Mechanical Engineer

Graduate Engineer Apprenticeship in Government Transport & Tourism Department, Pondicherry, India.

Technical Skills

Maintenance of rotating and static equipment in chemical / petrochemical plant main stream process and utility

Techno Commercial Aspects, Material Management – generate /update material code through MDRM as per standards

Develop – Preventive, Predictive, Standard Maintenance Procedures

CAPEX (brown field) Projects, design, erection, commissioning of utility& process equipment / system.

Planning & Execution– Shutdown / Turnaround, Pre Commissioning, Commissioning and Startup activities

Contract Management – Contractor job execution and commercial aspects.

Management Systems: ISO 14001/ OSHA 18001 and SHEMS / OIMS (SABIC / Exxon Mobil Standards respectively)

Quality Management Tools: Six Sigma (DMAIC), RCA

Computer Proficiency: Auto CADD, MS-Office, MS-Projects, SAP

Roles & Responsibilities

EMCO / Qatar Foundation – (Engineering & Maintenance) – from Aug ’18 to Jan ‘19

-Guide Maintenance team of Engineers and Technicians to Prepare, Plan, Schedule and Execute Preventive & Corrective Maintenance activities of Rotating & Static Equipment

-Operations and Maintenance of centralized chilling plants, support and emergency system.

-Adhere to Qatar Civil Defense norms, represent inspection / audit.

-Track and control of maintenance expenditure for fiscal year.

-Selection of candidates (Technicians and Supervisors)

Roles & Responsibilities - Previous Jobs

Salalah Methanol Company, Oman (Petrochemical Unit-Methanol Production) Turnaround activity from April 1st to 30th

-Overhauling of 2MW Dresser Rand steam turbines, FD and ID fans, lube oil pumps and lube oil turbine.

-Dry ice cleaning of turbine rotors

SABIC – Kemya, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Petrochemical Unit – Poly Butadiene Rubber Production) from Aug ‘14 - Oct 17

Project Phase: Green Field Project (Saudi Elastomer Project)

-Plan, Schedule resources for project activities (Erection and Alignment Activities)

-Execution - Inspect and approve construction task as per cited standards

-Monitoring & Control – Check project status actual vs plan, take corrective actions in case deviation

-Pre-commissioning - PSSR activities, take corrective action and clear punch point.

-Commissioning & Startup - Initial start of equipment, monitor, record and cross check the operational parameters with equipment data sheet. Graphical representation of actual vs design operation parameters.

-Approval of construction / commissioning documents provided by EPC contractors.


-Troubleshooting, Repair & Overhauling rotating equipment (pumps, agitators, mechanical seals, and compressors)

-Develop procedure as per SHEMS / OIMS & API guidelines & provide technical recommendation to management.

-Identify common spare, optimize, and review spare parts interchangeability report. Update material data in MDRM

-Analysis of equipment failure / repeated failure analysis - RCA / Mechanical Integrity`

-Resource and maintenance planning & execution of task in PBR facility for Shutdown / Turnaround

-Reliability Engg-Plan and develop maintenance strategy through RCM & Asset criticality Assessment

-Develop / Conduct - On Job Training program for a junior engineers and technicians.

Asian Paints Ltd, Tamil Nadu (Chemical / Petrochemical Unit- Production of Pentaerythritol, Formaldehyde and Sodium Formate) from July ‘08 to July ‘14 & July ‘03 to July ‘06

Maintenance – Utility and Process Equipment

-Air Handling systems – Compressors, Blowers, and Cooling tower – Induced draught/ Fan less.

-Pumps - Centrifugal, Positive, Multistage, Split casing. Progressive cavity

-Centrifuges – Screw and Bowl, Basket and screen reciprocating

-Transmission units – Cyclo gear (centrifuge) and conventional gearboxes, pulley & belt, chain & sprocket units.

-Refrigeration Units - Operation & Maintenance of Vapor absorption machine / Vapor compression machine

-Captive Power Plant – Operation & Maintenance of 16 TPH FBC Boiler and 1.5 MW Back pressure steam turbine.

-Design of rotating equipment – Agitator / Pumps, Heating and cooling load, flow rate calculation as per process.

-Record maintenance and troubleshooting activities, analysis of real time parameters, performance calculation.

-Selection of appropriate mechanical seals / API seal plan, trouble shooting and repair.

-Contracts Management - Develop & manage day-to-day activities and third-party contractors for specialized jobs.

Maintenance – Process Equipment

-Multiple Effect Evaporator, Absorber column, Distillation column (Methanol separation) Carburetor, and Condenser

-Design of Static equipment – Heat exchanger, Pipe line and Vessels as per process requirement

-Vacuum system - Ejector, vacuum pumps, Agitator, Agitated Thin Film Drier, Thermo- compressor.

-Erection and commissioning of storage tanks, pipe lines and pressurized vessels for process material, class A petroleum products and chemicals

Operation and Maintenance – Fire Fighting System

-Main and Jockey / Electrical and /Engine driven pumps, pipe lines, fire hydrant, stand post and monitor, foam and water deluge system

Statutory Compliance

-Pressure vessels - Air / Liquid high-pressure storage vessels.

-High-speed equipment - Centrifuges, Turbines, Grinding wheels,

-Lifting equipment - Manual / EOT cranes, chain pulley blocks,

-Execute frequency based NDT Test of storage tanks for hazardous & Class ‘A’ petroleum products.

-Mock drill and uptime of firefighting equipment


-Plan and execute utility and process equipment uptime and complete shutdown task within the stipulated time.

-Execution of Predictive and Preventive maintenance as schedule (condition monitoring / vibration analysis)

-Record and Analyze equipment failure - MTBF, MTTR (Mechanical Seal, Bearings

-Execute Annual CAPEX projects (Engineering design, equipment selection, material procurement & execution)

-Monitor and generate reports (through SAP) for Capital and Operational Expenditure budget

-Re-order level of spares & consumables (optimum stock) Standardize spares, update material specification in SAP

-Compliance of ISO 14001 / OHSAS/ OISD standards

-Analyze and solve perennial issues through RCA

HERFY Food Service Co Ltd, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as a Mechanical Engineer from July ‘06 to May ‘08

Operation and Maintenance of

-Utility Equipment, Fuel Storage (Gas and Furnace Oil) tanks and monitoring Systems, Dry ice / Carbon dioxide gas storage and monitoring system, Refrigeration Unit and HVAC system equipment,

CAPEX Projects (Upgrade / Modification)

Process – Operational Enhancement / Resource Conservation

-Distillation column modification for better separation of light / heavy hydrocarbons. (Methanol / Formaldehyde)

-Homogenization of multiple recycle streams into single feed to maintain consistency in process operations.

-Erection & Commissioning of Stripper, Distillation Column – To recover unreacted hydrocarbon from main stream

Utility – Operational Enhancement

-Design, Erection and Commissioning of Fan less / Induced draft cooling tower for chiller and plant operations

-Recovery and re-utilization of spent water recovered from backwash of multi grade filter.

Safety – Fire Suppression System (Design, Fabrication, Erection & Commissioning)

-Medium Velocity Water Spray / Foam Pouring System for CLASS A petroleum storage (tanks & bullets).

-Fire hydrant system for Class A petroleum product storage as per Oil Industry Safety Directorate guidelines.

Energy Conservation Activity & Environmental Safety:

-Effective and Efficient operation of cooling towers – Replacement of aluminum blades with FRP blades fan. To operate fan at max permissible blade angle with VFD to vary speed as per heat load (temperature) to cooling tower.

-Replacement of vapor compression machine to vapor absorption machine - To achieve higher Ton of refrigeration (and specific power - TR/Kw) for the prevailing electrical load. Reduction of Freon R12 / R 22 utilization to meet requirement of ISO 14001 Environmental Management directives

-Replacement of reciprocating type air compressor with screw type compressor - For better plant operations and reduced power consumption, and flexibility with plant variable air demand.

-Modification of process equipment - To operate steam ejectors (process equipment) with low-pressure steam from steam turbine outlet, thereby reducing backpressure in turbine and to maintain steady mechanical output (turbine speed), resulting in reduced fluctuation and high electrical power generation.

-Process Off gas utilization - Off gas (traces of hydrogen) from absorber column (Formaldehyde production) routed to boiler as support fuel, thereby reducing coal (boiler fuel) consumption and reduction in emission to environment.


i. Essential Competency Acquisition program on Six Sigma (DMAIC), OAE, FMEA, Overheads, Estimation & Costing. Completion of certificate course on operational management (operation research) B-School.

Carry out a RCA project on perennial issue and present to management for evaluation and subsequent implementation

ii.Six Sigma Projects:

1. Steam drum water level fluctuations: To maintain steam drum water level at 50%, for steady boiler operation

2. Captive power plant power fluctuations: Maintain steady steam back pressure, for steady electrical power generation

iii.Condition Monitoring, vibration analysis & in-situ dynamic balancing courses by FAG, SKF, IRD-Mechanalysis.

iv.Leak detection / containment of hydrocarbons, (Hexane, 1.3 Butadiene, Class A petroleum) hazardous chemicals (HF)

v.Certificate courses on NX-CAD Surface modeling CAD/CAM/CAE, ANSYS – Static and Dynamic fatigue analysis

Personal Information:

Date of Birth / Age : 03 - 01-1978 / 41 years

Driving License No. : Indian 20025090 & KSA

Passport No : K 5055350 (valid up to 2022)

Alt Email id :

Skype ID : naz_ykhan78

Permanent Address : 292/6 Rathinam Nagar, Padirikuppam, Cuddalore, TN - Pin 607401


I hereby declare that the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge.

Y. Nazar Iqbal Husain Khan

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