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CTO, VP of Engineering

Van Nuys, CA
October 29, 2019

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Kyle Kohler

**** ***** ***

Van Nuys, CA *****



Bachelor’s of Science, Computer Science from U.C. Riverside


●Languages Known: php, python, node.js, bash, javascript, java, perl / mod perl,

●Databases: Mysql (with replication), Mysql Cluster, MSSQL, Oracle, Postgres, Sybase, PS-SQL, Couchbase, MongoDB, Redis, RDS

●Technologies: AWS services (EC2, RDS, Cloudwatch, ELB, Lambda, etc.), Elasticsearch, Jquery, Docker, Apache, Tomcat, nginx, MapReduce, HTML 5, XML, NoSQL, Git, Bugzilla, JIRA, RESTful and SOAP services, syslog-ng, Splunk, Puppet, Graphite, collectd, CDNs

●20+ years of development / management experience responsible for analysis, architecture, design, and development of enterprise level n-tier scalable, mission critical, multi-threaded systems.

●Excellent communication skills, leadership and knowledge of IT management.

●Experience directing teams in Agile, SCRUM, and Waterfall methodologies.

●Directed teams as large as 25 developers and QA engineers.

●Project Management and Business Development of large scale websites including e-commerce, Pay Per Click search, Mobile and Web Advertising, Affiliate Programs, CRM, ERP, and Mobile solutions.

●Vast experience building up groups from scratch as well as working / coordinating with off-shore teams to provide a unified development team.


Chief Technical Officer at Markethealth Inc. April 2018 - Present

Studio City, CA

Managed a team that is responsible for development of E-commerce, Call Centers manage, CRMs, CMSs, Shipping logistics, and many other tasks.

Converted infrastructure from Rackspace to AWS reducing server and hosting costs by 70%

Converted team to using git and Agile methodology.

Implemented code-review procedures, team programming, and other modern day best practices.

Met with Owners weekly to determine business needs.

Created or improved systems for Call Centers, E-Commerce, CRM, and Affiliate programs.

Chief Technical Officer at Vita Mobile Systems April 2017 - June 2019

Sherman Oaks, CA

Was brought in to revitalize a stalled mobile product that needed a complete reboot.

Created functional and technical specifications based on discussions with stakeholders.

Vetted and hired a development team and met with project managers weekly.

Code-reviewed work on a weekly basis.

Created AWS infrastructure to support alpha and beta of product as well as prepared for dynamic scaling for pending launch.

Chief Technical Officer at Core Mobile April 2015 - April 2017

Venice, CA

Employee #1 and responsible for building out a lean development team to rapidly prototype and eventually build the Core Mobile Application.

Built API for integration with Youtube API v3, Twitter API, Tune, Crashlytics and various others.

Directed mobile developers on creation of Android and IOS applications.

Set up AWS server infrastructure including EC2, S3, Elasticsearch, ELB for platform.

Worked with CEO to map out milestones, investor decks and maintain roadmap to get product from inception to launch.

Head of Engineering at July 2014 – April 2015

Los Angeles, CA

●Rebuilt a lean development team from the ground up to allow the company to be competitive in the rapidly changing mobile environment and support over 1000 mobile apps in both the Itunes and Google Play Store.

●Redesigned server architecture to reduce costs by 60% (over 100k/year in savings) and improve redundancy and performance.

●Took the company's mobile code from only supporting IOS6 up to IOS8 in under a year including vast improvements in functionality and stability.

●Performed functionality and integration analysis on numberous 3rd party SDKS and integrated them into the core product on both IOS and Android.

●Revamped Customer facing and internal CMS to provide new functionality and a better user experience.

Consulting Engagements July 2013 – July 2014

Van Nuys, CA

●Constructed reservation taking and membership websites for multiple concert venues to allow for over $5 million in sales.

●Designed and launched a new CRM software for California based online retailer allowing customer service representatives to reduce average call time by 35%.

●Restructured operations for a nutraceutical company to allow creation of new websites via a template system reducing new website creation time by 75%.

Director of Engineering, Infrastructure at Demand Media Inc Jan 2013 – July 2013

Santa Monica, CA

●Demand Media owns and operates over 50 media properties on the internet including such notable brands as (a top 10 website in the United States),, and others.

●Responsible for DevOps team which maintains building and management of all servers, log aggregation and analysis, monitoring, database administration, as well as numerous development projects working both alone and with various development teams.

●Configured and maintained Akamai configurations including ESI (edge server includes) which allowed for various logic paths for traffic at the CDN level and reducing server load on in-house servers by 95%.

●Created and updated puppet manifests to expedite deployment and modification of various classes of servers reducing deployment time by orders of magnitude.

●Integrated with QA, Development, and Business Units in order to understand and support existing infrastructure as well as allow for growth and potential issues with new initiatives.

●Rapid Prototyping for eHow Spark ( the mobile platform and app ), eHow Now ( live chat / professional advice system), and all related properties.

●Was responsible for increasing Disaster Recovery capability of to handle a complete Akamai (CDN) failure as well as primary data center failure with no impact to the business.

●Set up multiple Splunk indexes as well as training business users on splunk querying to allow them to generate data for their own needs without needing development resources.

Director of Engineering at Aug 2008 – Jan 2013

Sherman Oaks, CA

● handles 800 million searches per day and is a leading pay per click search network which also provides an Email, CPA, Banner Display, and Mobile solutions.

●Converted legacy perl system to a multi-threaded java architecture which allowed the system to go from handling a max of 3,000 queries per second to over 15,000 queries per second with the ability to easily scale to even more due to a clustered implementation.

●Managed a team of 18 developers and 7 QA engineers consisting of both an in-house team as well as an off-shore team. Interfaced daily with the off-shore team to ensure proper delivery times.

●Introduced many new technologies to the development team to improve performance such as Couchbase, infinidb, memcached, nginx, and MapReduce.

●Set up mysql clusters as well as master/slave and master/master replication to improve performance and have fault tolerance / failover.

●Built an email affiliate network from the ground up which covered more than 75 categories and handles millions of emails per day.

●Built customer facing admin interface to support tens of thousands of simultaneous users.

●Built full reporting suite to allow users to retrieve stats in real-time as well as provide back end stats and analysis for Business Intelligence team.

●Dealt with other directors of the company to ascertain business needs as well as flush out ideas for future development.

●Converted team from a Waterfall development methodology to an Agile one (Kanban) which allowed the team to accomplish over 40% more tasks per dev cycle than previously.

Director of Development at The Sylmark Group May 2007 – Aug 2008

Lake Balboa, CA

●The Sylmark Group is a leading infomercial company selling millions of products a year.

●Personally redesigned e-commerce infrastructure of 16 product websites to increase base sales, conversions, and reduced 3rd party fraud by 20%.

●E-commerce engine was constructed using a caching php template system to allow for easy updates by web designers as well as providing a single engine to drive all web interactions.

●Mysql back-end that tied into an affiliate program allowing third parties to send in traffic and tracked all sales allowing for a tiered commission payout to those affiliates.

●E-Commerce module was also converted to perl as well as exposed as an API to allow for flexibility and ease of use by both the E-Commerce department as well as the Direct Retail department.

●Updated ERP architecture and code-base to accommodate growing business needs exceeding 1 million processed and shipped orders annually. Transitioned many thin client applications (RMA/Returns Module, Fulfillment House Exports, Analytics and Reporting Engines) into web-based php forms to allow access remotely from any location with proper web authentication. Migrated MS SQL Server 2000 database to MS SQL Server 2005 and allowed for content management system to work in a replicated database environment.

●Created an interactive data mining tool in php to allow users unfamiliar with database architectures to query a multitude of databases to get needed information reducing the reliance upon the IT staff for reports.

●Met regularly with division heads to ascertain future goals and develop functional specifications in accordance with those wishes. Managed the work flow of 4 in-house php developers, 3 off-site .NET developers, and 2 third-party contractors to meet business needs. As deadlines demanded, worked hand in hand with developers on various modules and database schemas.

Director of Development / Project Manager at Double Click Marketing Nov 2005 – May 2007

Van Nuys, CA

●Double Click is a consulting group responsible for building out affiliate programs, e-commerce solutions, and other online initiatives for companies with a small or non-existent IT staff.

●Worked directly with a multitude of clients simultaneously to ascertain their website expectations and create their brand on the web. Customer base of many clients exceeded 50,000+ registered members. Created a cached php template system allowing database-driven websites to serve at the same speed as static pages. Front-end forms integrated with Flash (Actionscript 2), as well as used AJAX for form validation as well as basic user interactions.

●Created detailed functional and programming specifications to meet client demands. Spearheaded the development of all aspects of clients’ websites including content management systems, e-commerce, and website portals. Integrated with various analytics tools (Google Analytics, Omniture, etc) to provide proper tracking and statistical analysis of web trends.

●Researched marketing and developmental web trends and implemented said trends into upcoming product releases.

●Managed the work flow of 3 php developers, 2 web designers, and 2 traffic/affiliate managers as well as worked with third-party contractors. Also participated directly in development of said websites while managing other developers.

Director of Development at Alchemy Communications Jun 2001 – Nov 2005

Woodland Hills, CA

●Alchemy Communications is a conglomerate of tech companies that worked on various online and media streaming websites (such as

●Led the development efforts for all aspects of a variety of projects including content management systems, subscription based websites, and e-commerce creation and integration. All projects were built in a scalable fashion to distribute server load and to provide redundancy in case of system failure.

●Created, optimized, and indexed databases in oracle and mysql which consisted of tens of millions of records.

●Designed and implemented membership websites with 50-75,000 active users consisting of static photo sets, downloadable and streaming movies, and 3rd party content in a mod-perl environment using template toolkit.

●Constructed a Content Management System which manages 16 Terabytes of video files and images, allowing internal users to publish content to any or all sites.

●Created e-commerce processing modules for a variety of Merchant Gateways (SGS, Paycom, CCBill, Telecheck, etc).including fraud detection (negative database checking, chargeback monitoring) and customer service interfaces (allowing for automated cancellations, issuing of credits, etc).

●Developed a search engine which searched a variety of data sources including Google, xml feeds from acquired data sources (,, etc), and internal content and rendered the results in a standardized format.

●Created a comprehensive tracking and stats program which handled millions of impressions per day and pre-generated a variety of reports developed in tandem with various marketing and accounting managers.

●Implemented banner/ad serving software which allowed rotation of multiple ads, weighting of ads, and display of different ads based on country (using Akamai data) which served millions of hits per day. Developed new methods of serving banners to allow for maximum exposure in today's pop-up blocker environment.

●Worked daily with graphic artists to implement and create templating engines to allow maximum flexibility in display of websites.

References available upon request.

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