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Paris, Ile-de-France, 75014, France
October 31, 2019

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Highly accomplished and results driven Senior Oil Trader with a focus of physical and derivatives pricing tailor-made for a number of well-respected oil trading organizations. Broad and diverse experience investing in a variety of oil products including crude oil, fuel oil, jet fuel, gasoil and its related crack spread. Experience as a standalone global oil portfolio manager/risk taker while at CMA CGM; was also asked to unwind an important size of crude and oil distillates options and derivatives portfolio during the Lehman Bros. and, dramatically produced a high performance for the firm as a result. Created comprehensive plans strategic for managing oil products trading and supply needs in line with firm ‘regional business objectives, including alignment of coverage across the globe. WORK EXPERIENCE

01/2018 to 09/2019 – Independent Senior Oil Trader • ALPHA OIL TRADING ADVISOR Built and managed an Oil Trading in charge of sales/purchase and hedging various oil products

Managed all derivatives operations, clients account, investor relations and analyzed profit margins risks, margin calls and collaterals

Generated trading ideas through a combination of crude oil and gas sell side analyst research, order flow, technical indicators and relationships with other traders.

Build an Excel spreadsheets utilized in daily oil and gas trading options and derivatives pricing

Hedging Cargo of physical oil product using oil option proxy strategy with firm mandate.

Travelled to network, promote and seek partners and funding.

Maintain relationships with brokers, suppliers and traders.

Ensuring optimum rates that benefit both the business and the client.

Continually research for opportunities to expand the business, in term of products and clients 01/2017 to 11/2017 – Partner, Senior Oil Trader • EFFICIENCY OIL TRADING PARTNERS Built from scratch the Oil Derivatives Risk Management Consulting & Trading Business

Work with the client on the problematic of minimizing oil suppliers’ risks by establishing strategies for risk evaluation, bankruptcy, commodity product shortage, geopolitics events etc.

Research potential oil suppliers and compare their products, prices, and services.

Conduct analyses of oil market conditions to proactively anticipating trends, prices and volatilities and use this information to predict future supply oil need.

Creates and implements globally aligned, cost effective oil derivatives OTC hedging strategies tailored to meet the client business price risk management goals

Generates reports on the oil trading & E/CPRM activities for upper management.

Develop client, colleagues and team mates’ knowledge for short and long-term needs. 08/2008 to 09/2016 – Director, Global Oil Trading • CMA-CGM S.A, Marseille

Adapted and implemented a volatility oil trading strategies for the company $6 billion energy hedging derivatives books to manage oil risks to take opportunistic decisions to make profit from and hedge against prices fallout related to the Lehman ‘collapse.

Actively trading crude oil (WTI/Brent) crack spread volatility and crude oil structured derivatives product such as range swaps k/o, 3 ways k/o, Asian digital options from 1 month to 5 years.

Analysis the potential effect on the company account and cost of Co2 rules for the shipping industry and to train the team to Co2 concept, hedging and trading.

Development of the EU-ETS certificates trading option and futures on the ICE markets.

Responsible for a team of 10 trader executing and optimizing oil spot with DoB.

Trading physical fixed forward price on crude oil, fuel oil and gasoil products with volatility embedded for a size of 150KMT to 200KMT per month and generated $100M P&L for the period.

Travel to meet policymakers and local oil market participants in various oil producer countries

Build relationships with oil traders and researchers to ensure access to top-notch market color.

Buying storage capacity, additive blending products etc.


Global Oil Trading, Hedging,

Procurement, Price Risk

Management, Trading

Derivatives & Physical

Markets Expert.

Commodity & Energy

Supply Chain Optimization



Correlation and Volatility


Commodity/Energy Fund


Technical Chart Analysis and

Trend Forecasting

Derivatives Valuations and

Options Pricing

Extrapolation of Forward

and Volatilities Curves

Risk Management, VaR,

Stress Test.

Tenders Auctions, Supply

contracts Negotiation

Crisis Management


Master Degree


Innovative ideas

Inspiring innovation


Driving license: Yes

Arezki Kacer

Senior Oil Trader

09/2006 to 08/2008 – Director, Global Oil Trading • WESTLB AG, Düsseldorf, London, Sydney. Mandated to take the lead to build out a new group focusing on oil derivatives trading.

Developed and implement OTC oil trading, market-making and sales derivatives strategies

Managed energy (crude oil, oil distillates co2 and various feedstocks ) derivatives desk overseeing traders, marketers and support staff (Middle, Back Office and Credits Risks).

Accountable for making continuous, 2-sided market in all appointed oil derivatives at all times during the London, New-York and Sydney shift in the OTC markets.

Actives market-maker in financial WTI, Brent, Canadian Light, LLS, Brent, Tapis, Dubai, Ural averaging 10% of the daily volume on NYMEX-CME and IPE-ICE.

Active liquidity provider in financial Fuel Oil, Gasoil, Gasoline (RBOB), Naphtha, Jet Fuel,

Provided extensive commodity products knowledge and training to support sales & customers.

Spearheaded bank’s entry into Asian commodity market and making market in option on the TOCOM and Shanghai Commodity Markets Exchange.

10/2005 to 09/2006 – Senior Oil Trader • VAN DER MOOLEN & Co Managed global crude oil trading desks in Köln, Amsterdam and New York

Responsible for formulating and implementing the proprietary crude oil trading strategy with a risk management roadmap to expand into WTI, Brent and HH gas options and futures markets.

Co-managed WTI futures and options market maker trading group on the NYMEX trading floor consisted of roughly 8 to 10% of NYMEX open interest from Europe head office. 05/2002 to 10/2005 – Options Energy Trader • STATKRAFT, Amsterdam Düsseldorf Built and managed the options prop trading desk within pre-defined risk limits.

Built and managed a power & gas volatility desk (vanilla options and Exotics) with main focus on UK and Continental European markets (also Asset-wise).

Develop and execute hedge options strategies that adhere to constraints of the power plants.

Support the origination and execution of mid-marketing transactions for structured derivative hedges such as the K/I option to cover an outage of the Baltic Cable’s 400 MW capacities.

Mentor and develop junior trading analysts to support the growth of Statkraft’s group. 11/2000 to 05/2002 –Energy Derivatives Trader • MIRANT ENERGY, Amsterdam Steered the integration of Southern Energy Europe’s option books into Mirant Energy Europe.

Co-Head of Trading in charge of UK and Nordpool gas & power trading activities (derivatives paper and physical) and their integration with Coal and Gas fuel supply;

Managing the impact of the Enron fall by rebalancing the “Greeks” of the options portfolios

Restructured the trading business and returned to profitability within 6 months of hire.

Trading the spot, forward, options gas and power from 1 day to calendar year+2 on Baseload, Peak Load and Off-Peaks on the UK and Nordpool

Pricing Asian options, swing options for origination desk using implied volatility surface pricing model for the power & gas spot market.

05/1994 - 11/2000 – Derivatives Market-Maker • SOCIĖTĖ GĖNĖRALE CIB, Paris Responsible for managing risk and execution of derivatives positions

Buy and sell variety of options spreads based on negotiated price discovery as per market supply/demand to provide the best service and liquidity to SG sales and clients.

Explore arbitrage opportunities between floor, electronic trading platform and OTC markets

Manage portfolios associated with multiple options positions in the high stress SG floor trading.

Adjust volatility and volatility skew in the market-making pricing model, everyday using the data available from Bloomberg and Reuters to get pricing sheets (Delta sheets)

Developed different trading strategies for bear and bull market.

Perform research of global economy.

Market analysis contributions to Bloomberg News and to Reuters. TRADING LISENCED




Exchange, Shanghai Futures

Exchange, Dubai Mercantile

Exchange (DME), GLOBEX



EFET, IBIA, Commodity Club

Switzerland, Professional

Risk Managers International

Association (PRMIA), PRMIA

(Professional Risk Managers

International Association)


(Quantitative Work Alliance

for Applied Finance,

Education and Wisdom).



Data Providers ; Reuters,

Bloomberg, Endur, Zainet,

Allegro, Trayport, ICE and

PowerQuote platforms,

Excel, Sungard Zai*Net and

Endur deal capture

systems,Reuters Kobra,

Reuters Eikon, Bloomberg,

Telerate, Montel Power

News, Metastock, CQG, Pira,

Platt’s, Argus, ICIS, Heren


Pricings: Fenics, Devon,

Murex, KW, Summit,

Sungard, Prime, Kiodex,

Superderivatives etc.

Trading: EBS, Bloomberg,

Barx, Redi+, UBS platform,

GNI Pat-Sys, Trayport, ICE,

RTS, Orc, Eurex

Office softwares; Microsoft

Office 2003 – 2010

(PowerPoint, Excel, Word,

Outlook etc.)

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