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Manager Software Engineer

Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany
October 31, 2019

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Murat Kaya

Address: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Contact Number: (+49) 0-173-***-****


Anadolu University (2011 – 2015)

Bachelor's degree - Business Administration

Karadeniz Technical University (2002 – 2005)

Associate's degree - Computer Technology and Programming Anadolu Technical High School (1995 - 2000)

High School - Computer Software

Work Experience

Deployment Manager, VTB Bank (Europe) SE, Frankfurt am Main / Germany, (August 2019 – Present)

SCCM Installing, Configurating, Management, Operating Systems Image preparation, Patch Management, Update deployment.

VMware vSphere VDI management, updating machine catalogues, creating new golden images, backing up current images.

PowerShell Script Development for reading data from computers and changing setting remotely or locally.

Citrix Management, application preparation and deployment Software Engineer, Rockitworks SP. Z O.O. (Schneider Electric Poland), Warsaw / Poland,

(January 2018 – August 2019)

Oversee data analysis and database management for Oracle systems including applications upgrades.

Creating DB connections, opening ports, configuring services and maintaining system continuity.

HPE IDOL management, configuration, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

AWS based Linux OS management, troubleshooting and maintenance.

PowerShell, Shell, LUA, Python, JavaScript development for testing the environment. Lead Consultant, BilgeAdam Training and Consultancy Services A.S., Istanbul / Turkey,

(February 2011 – September 2017)

I had attended some projects about SCCM 2012 and SCCM 1511 Installation and Upgrade to some companies that had about 1000 clients. I supported as a consultant to companies, which had installed SCCM, and they could not use comprehensive or I supported about SCCM deployment, reporting, preparing script, PowerShell, some workshops.

I supported significant companies such as Banks about Window 10 upgrading and preparing Image.

I prepared Windows images and I deployed them via Network.

I developed lots of frontend with HTML and PowerShell. I also used UDI.

Install, configure and prepare Microsoft Server (2008, 2012, and 2016) for the SQL server.

To examine the problems of the installed servers, to solve the existing problems, to keep the servers up-to-date to ensure data security, to update the server operating system for SQL updates.

Installing and configuring SQL Server for Microsoft products like SCCM, SCOM, SharePoint, and other 3rd party products.

Back up data and restore it properly to prevent any type of data loss.

Ensure data is secure and organized to analysts can easily locate information.

Make sure databases operate smoothly and efficiently and fix any errors or problems that occur.

Development and maintenance of the organization's internal tools for e-mail, environment management, operating system deployment, reporting etc. with PowerShell.

Preparing the SQL reports that the customers want and developing the tools necessary for the system.

Virtualize physical machines or migrating existing data and services to the virtual machine with Hyper-V or VMware.

Microsoft's official training which they are SCCM, PowerShell and Windows 10 Enterprise was given to corporate customers.

Provided consulting services to Corporate customers about SCCM, PowerShell, Windows 10, SQL Development, DBA, MBAM, SCEP, SCOM, AD DS etc.

Development and maintenance of the organization's internal tools for e-mail, environment management, operating system deployment, reporting etc.

Preparing the SQL reports that the customers want and developing the tools necessary for the system.

Remotely solving requests and problems from customers, via phone and e-mail. If it is not solved remotely, visit the customer and solve the problems.

JavaScript development for customer requirements. SCCM Manager, Turkcell (BilgeAdam Training and Consultancy Services A.S.), Istanbul / Turkey,

(August 2009 – November 2011)

There were approximately 5000 terminals at the beginning which only managed windows client operating systems. However, when I left the project, there were about 25,000 terminals and users, including Linux, Mac and server operating systems, not just the windows client. I have supported the continuity of system and I have done the general management of SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 at Turkcell.

I have done Microsoft Updates distribution to Client and Server Machines with SCCM 2012 and reporting.

I have made the distribution to Program package and Application Catalog by preparing the application and reporting.

I integrated MDT to SCCM and I started to image deployment via SCCM OSD. I created task sequences for departments. Operating System and applications could be installed related to machines and users.

I created a reportable update deployment system. It means that I calculated the installation time for each update and I created a reporting system including these updates and installation times.

I developed an application with PowerShell. This application could install each update and calculate each installation times automatically by itself. At the last version of this application, it could prepare a report, which included installation times, and it could send to my Manager.

I created many machine collections in SCCM. These collections were used for Environment Management. Major collections were "X64 Operating Systems", "X86 Operating Systems",

"Windows 7 Installed Machines", "MacOS Installed Machines", "Linux Installed Machines",

"Office 2012", "Adobe Acrobat Reader", "SAP", "Unwanted Applications", "AutoCAD" and more.

I created many user collections in SCCM. These collections were used for the department of user management. Major collections were "Finance users", "Outsource Users", "Local Admin users", "MacOS users", "Linux Users", "Application Catalogue", "Outside the building users",

"Restricted Users" and more.

I created a lot of custom reports such as 8 GB Installed Machines, SQL Enterprise Servers, Cracked Applications, Missing and Critical Updates, less than 1 GB Disk Space Servers, CPU Changed

Machines, Local admin users, Developer Users and so on.

I also prepared complicated reports with SQL Management Studio. Now, I have many prepared SQL reports.

I activated Power Management with SCCM. I reported about saving electricity per month to my Manager.

I activated Software Metering with SCCM. I reported about unused and expensive applications per month to my Manager.

I created System health collection and I deployed a lot of scripts to fix several problems on user machines.

I created an application catalogue. Users could see applications, which assigned related to their departments.

I created many PowerShell Scripts to get some information from machines and change some important settings.

I have done the reporting of inventory data and organized the reports according to the wishes.

I have created the reports not in SCCM 2012 R2 with using SQL and Report Builder.

I have organized the reports in SCCM that are missing information with using SQL and Report Builder according to the wishes.

I have done data extraction from the machines by preparing PowerShell Script and VBScripts and the implementation of the solution in the machine.

Creating the virtual machines on VMM and Orchestrator, configuring and managing.

I have found the solution to incoming call and problem and helped the technicians. Consultant, BilgeAdam Training and Consultancy Services A.S., Istanbul / Turkey, (February 2009 – August 2011)

I have done SCCM 2012 Project, installation and configuration at Bilge Adam.

I have done SCCM 2012 with SCEP Projects at the Ministry of Finance. Technical Support Agent, Teleperformance Metis A.S. (Microsoft Turkey), Istanbul / Turkey,

(October 2009 – February 2011)


Support for the end users of Server 2008, Windows XP, Windows 7, Microsoft Office, and its components.

Remotely solving requests and problems about Microsoft products from customers, via phone and e-mail.

Technical Support Officer, BMBSoft Computer Software Communication Systems A.S., Ankara / Turkey, (April 2009 – July 2009)

Review application issues from customers and prepare reports for developer fixes.

To support and educate customers in the transition to the new system.

Examine application problems from customers and solve the problem by writing code if the problem is minor.

Technical Support Officer, Bizim Medikal LTD. STI., Trabzon/ Turkey, (April 2006 – January 2008)

Review application issues from customers and prepare reports for developer fixes.

To support and educate customers in the transition to the new system.

BD backup, troubleshooting and creating reports. Key Skills

I have experience in Azure, Intune, and Amazon Web Services.

I have experience with SCRUM, PMP, and I know a little bit ITIL agile methodologies.

I have experience with Application migration plans to Cloud environments. I have done a project about on premise SCCM migration to a cloud.

I have experience with DevOps and Information Security processes. In addition, I created the Microsoft Update Security Patch report every week at my last job.

I have experience managing VMware infrastructure

SCCM installation, configuration, deployment and development. Application deployment, Operating System deployment, development small tools for get computer and user data from computers. SQL report development.

PowerShell, Development of script, creating reports, development small tools with front- end. PowerShell Studio.

Windows client operating systems since Windows 3.1/95. Windows 10 Enterprise features, Installation, configuration, management, image deployment etc.

Windows Server operating systems. Since Windows Server NT. Windows Server 2012 features Installation, configuration etc.

SCOM installation, configuration, deployment and development. Integration pack development. Small tools for get computer and user data from computers. SQL report development.

Experience on Linux (RHEL) installation, configuration, management.

Experience in DBA. New DB infrastructure installation, DB engine upgrade, DB backup, DB creation, table designs, virtualization and DB troubleshooting.

Experience in SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS.

Experience in development query-based SQL in MS SQL Management Studio, Toad, PL/SQL.

I have experience with HPE IDOL Management. DB connection, generating the indexation DB, import data to DB,

I have experience with Cluster and High availability. Cluster installation, configuration and troubleshooting.

I have experience with DNS, load balancing, Hyper-V virtual network, also VMware virtual networks.

I have experience with Storage Technologies.

Experience in BDA. New Installation, Upgrade, Backup, and troubleshooting.

Exchange installation and configuration.

Experience in building applications-based Python in Microsoft Visual Studio and PyCharm.

Experience in building web sites based CSS3, HTML, JavaScript and PHP.

Experience in building applications-based Delphi programming language in CodeGear and RAD Studio.

Soft Skills

Good knowledge in administrative and accounting processes in a company.

I always motivate myself to do my best and I am successful.

A good team player, sharing knowledge, learning new skills and experiences.

Adaptability, team work, communication, and problem solving.

Drive license B

Skill Matrix (1 is basic knowledge – 3 is the expert level)

Seniority (years of experience as WE) : 10+ years

End User Services: 3

Virtualization (VMware / Hyper-V): 2

Imaging: Building and upgrading an image: 3

Patching (WSUS): 3

PowerShell and Scripting: 3


Distribution Management: 3

Packaging: 3

Application Services: 2

Active Directory: 3

ADFS (AD Federation Services): 2

Intune: 2

Mobile Device Management: 2

GPO: 3

Mail/Exchange: 1

Print and file Server: 2


Antivirus: 1


ITIL Certification (not mandatory but need to know concepts): I have experience in ITIL

MCSA / MCSE Certification: MCP (2012) – MCTS (2010) Microsoft Certification ID: 7884709

English Level: Full professional proficiency

Is the candidate used to automate processes (good) or does he do everything "by hand" (not good for EIB): I always using PowerShell, VBScript, and other tools for automated processing?

Experience in documenting procedure, Architecture guide: Good, Microsoft Article Methodology

How many servers do you administrate / how many workstations / how many users? EIB: 1000+

/ 25000+ / 20000+

Which ticketing system do you use (EIB Remedy): BMC Remedy, Jira, Microsoft Dynamics Languages

Turkish – Native

English – Full professional proficiency

German – Basic

French – Basic

Polish – Basic

Hobbies & Interests

Cycling, Photography, Reading, Dance (Tango, Salsa and Bachata), Swimming, Diving, Camping, Trekking, Rafting, Climbing, Electronic (New technologies and technical innovations)

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