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Engineering Engineer

Coventry, West Midlands, CV3 1NZ, United Kingdom
October 31, 2019

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Ilie-Gavriil Petru

Adress: *** Humber Road, CV* *NZ Email:

Coventry, West Midlands, UK Phone: +407********

1. Personal Profile

A highly driven to learn Romanian student at Coventry University, looking for a work experience and a lifestyle of an engineer. Currently studying Automotive Engineering with a high interest in the domain. Main area of concentration is design and software based engineering, but easily adaptable to any other engineering branch. Confident, responsible and talented person, thriving through demanding and stressful situations, with an industry insight achieved trough working in the engineering world already. 2. Skills Profile

I consider myself to be an experienced user in terms of CAD for part designing and assembly process as far as the university required so far, gaining 97% to CAD test in the Design Module. Other software knowledge includes CES, Hyper Works, MS Office skills achieved through an ECDL diploma, Mathlab, all learned through the years of study.

Through university so far, I learned to be responsible, to have a high problem solving capacity, to motivate myself and to aim for the best I could give. I developed all of those through meeting deadlines, by overcoming challenges and by being flexible. Teamwork I consider to be a key skill that I developed by always getting involved, being responsible and taking action. As for languages, I own a Cambridge English: Advanced diploma. I also own a driver license for 3 years. 3. Education

2018-2019, Erasmus year abroad, Industrial Engineering, Universidad Polytechnic de Valencia

• Some of the third year modules are: Product Design, Life cycle assessment, Participatory decision making and conflict resolution, Non-traditional use of materials 2016 – present, Automotive engineering BSc, Coventry University.

• 3rd year modules: Vehicle Safety, Vehicle Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis

• 2nd year modules: Design and Sustainability, Analytical Modelling, Solid Mechanics and Dynamics.

• 1st year modules: Engineering Application (97% CAD Test), Mechanical Science (80% exam mark). 2012-2016, National College of “Gh. Lazar” Sibiu

• Baccalaureate diploma in Natural Science including Mathematics and Physics. (90%) 4. Relevant Projects

Most projects of first year were group based and solution finding. Such projects were creating a RC vehicle from scratch, or a self weight lifting device. In order to complete the challenges, CNC machining and laser cutting in wood and steel laboratories were required. In the second year, a teamwork based project involved improving a gearbox system of a Megan Trophy, by using the Cruden Simulator, which relates to real life situations in the engineering sector. Another was the design process of a new and innovative transmission system for a fully electric vehicle. It involved all design stages and proper use of CES and CATIA software in order to achieve best results. Currently, I am involved in undergoing a safety crash test of a Ford Mustang 2018, using real data and HyperView data analysis software, in order to better understand the structural and technical aspects in designing a vehicle regarding safety parameters and to assess possible human body injuries in such situations. Additionally, working as a group, another project involves researching and reading data analysis of vehicle dynamics in 3 different standardized maneuver tests in order to improve the vehicle handling and response using the Cruden Simulator.

5. Employment History

04-10.2016 & 04-10.2017 – Mechanic Technician at Stone Company, Sibiu, Romania.

• This work experience helped me develop my view towards the real engineering world. It involved working next to experienced people from the domain, which resulted in me gaining knowledge directly from them. The company works with heavy duty machineries in various projects for building digs, highways, etc. While working on the company, I learned to actively involve in solution finding situations, to challenge myself and to be challenged in demanding events. My teamworking and communication skills highly developed as well in this steep working and learning curve at the company.

• At this company, I still administrate their website even if I am not working anymore at them, placing me in a position of responsibility. ( 6. Hobbies & Interests

My hobby is riding off-road motorbikes and I practice this sport for over 5 years. I started practicing enduro together with my father and I reached to the point of winning enduro competitions in my country. It helped me understand how a motorbike works and I developed a set of practical skills which are required in order to keep my motorbike running at a top level. Every mechanical reparation my bike requires, I do it on my own, starting from replacing consumables like brakes or oil, up to setting up the carburetor or replacing critical parts like the piston, to help the bike get to a high performance level. I consider this hobby to have a high relevance on my studies as well as on my lifestyle. 7. Reference available upon request

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