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Engineer Quality

Fenton, MI, 48430
October 31, 2019

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Janice L. Kornas

***** ******** **. ******, ** **430

Residence 810-***-**** • Mobile: 810-***-****



To utilize my passion for excellence in contributing toward my team’s success and goal attainment utilizing my extensive engineering background.

Areas of Expertise

ERP Systems – PLEX, J D Edwards, SAP, and PDM

Mechanical Product Engineer – product design/development, DVP&R creation and testing, component/tool quoting, change management, DFMEA, DFA/DFM, prototype build, AAR/TALC (color match, gloss match, texture match, lighting, color and harmony), SC/CC, define PPAP design components. BOMs, product specification and documentation.

Project Management – Time line management, critical path identification and completion, milestone management.

Quality Engineer – Product SPC, AIAG APQP, PPAP, Capability, Shainin problem solving techniques, Corrective Action using 5-why and 8-D methodology, MSA, Work Instructions, Gage R&R, structured issue resolution, continuous improvement projects, document/record control and retention, supplier quality etc.

Gage Calibration – Audit/update of gage calibration records, gage disposition for compliance, deviation documentation for noncompliance/out of calibration gages.

Lean Engineering – Value stream analysis, material and product logistics, material flow, and inventory reduction.

Industrial Engineering – Work balance, ergonomics, labor utilization, use of standard time data for planning and evaluation.

Root Cause Quality Analysis and Least Cost Problem Resolution Skills – Shainin Problem Solving Analysis,

Process Engineer – Process Documentation/Spec compliance, cycle time optimization; process SPC, PFMEA, Process Flow and Control Plans.

Manufacturing Engineer – Equipment uptime optimization, preventive maintenance, operating procedures, etc.

Supplier and Customer Issue Resolution – team resolution approach, least cost solution, APQP, PPAP, etc.

Implementation of Environmental Legislation – ELV, RoHS, REACH, GADSL, IMDS, IATF 16949,

Career Profile

Fisher and Company, Inc. St. Clair Shores, MI (August 2019 – Present)

Junior Supplier Quality Engineer

-Responsible for coaching suppliers with low supplier scores to improve performance.

-Working with suppliers to submit PPAPs that are not delinquent or on interim approval.

-Validation of directed supplier PPAPs by the directing customer, and submission of required documents for internal PPAP for compliance purposes.

GEDIA, Inc. Lake Orion, MI (March 2018 – July 2019)

Quality Planner

-Responsible for all Quality Engineering activities for BMW G05/07 DEFO program, VW 416 Transmission Bracket pull-ahead, BMW Stabilizer bracket pull-ahead, and Magna take-over programs through series production.

-Responsible for in-plant quality documents for BMW G05/06/07, VW 411, VW 416, BMW G06 PHEV and FCA Jeep Crossmember Germany to USA transition programs.

-Design and develop new program gauges and validate transition program gauges for sheet metal stampings and assemblies.

-Work with process engineers on stamping and welding process development and improvement for transition and new programs.

Thai Summit Corp., Inc, Howell, MI (HRU Contract, August 2017 – November 2017)

-Responsible for APQP activities for the Tesla M3 program.

-Work with process engineering to update process routings to match on-floor processes.

-Create Control Plans and PFMEA’s in PLEX for PPAP.

-Created the inspection standard analysis per the Tesla Inspection Standard template.

-Uploaded the PM plans, Training plans, Work Instructions, Gauging Instructions, capacity/cycle time verification.

-Gauge checks of BIW stampings – communication of non-conformance.

-Daily communication of PPAP status with Tesla SEI.

-Verify completion of all task items in Tesla Portal, coordinating updates for product revisions with supplier quality.

See references below

Hatch Stamping, Chelsea, MI (June 2017 – August 2017)

Advanced Quality Engineer

-Creation of APQP documentation for assigned program products with PPAP submission.

-Verify gauging and gauging instructions are acceptable for product verification in fabrication.

-Attend die tryouts – verify the parts are to design requirements and pass gauging.

-Complete MSA for each component and higher assembly

-Completed the “first-off” die and welder builds for Lear seat frames.

Magna Lighting, AAI, Plymouth, MI (Aerotek Contract April 2017 – May 2017)

Quality Engineer

-Sort and scrap 750 d-optic assemblies

-Contain, count, and scrap non-conforming plastic parts.

-Contain and quarantine non-conforming assemblies for disposition.

-Sort primary and secondary bezels in front of the line.

-Assist with Run @ Rate activities as needed.

-Create “Red Rabbit” Error detection models for each assembly in the product family.

-Verification of all equipment in-line error proofing.

Pratt & Whitney, Division of UTC, Inc.; Lansing MI (TRU Contract October 2016 – March 2017)

Quality Engineer

-Development and submission of the UPPAP package for the PW814 Fan Case Assembly.

-Development of inspection criterial for products based on design requirements.

-Communication of product and process issues, to secure customer consideration and approval for the proposed resolution plan.

-Work with supply chain to resolve non-conformance issues and aid in securing customer approval as second tier supplier in the chain for process and product issues.

-Support Operations Initiatives to improve the cost of quality for the facility through non-conformance reduction programs, completion of product rework initiatives to reclaim assemblies to fulfill customer requirements, verification of compliance to internal and customer requirement documents (specifications, ESA, work instructions, QSP) to prevent product “escape” and the customer dissatisfaction.

-Perform deep dive analysis for potential failure modes in the manufacturing process, and implement corrective actions to mitigate each failure mode.

Kirchhoff Van Rob, Lansing, MI (IBG Contract - March 14, 2016 – August 19, 2016)

Quality Engineer

-Creation of Work Instructions and Inspection Instructions for High Speed, Pedestal, Flex-Fast, and Back-up welding processes.

-Creation of Work Instructions for welding assembly cells for extensions rails, seat extensions, h-pillars, and convertible roof header assembly.

-Customer Contact for PRR investigation and response.

-Created and implement weld cell specific barcode scanning instructions and templates – plant wide.

-Created Operator Quality Guides for each product gauge – proper loading, clamping, defined measurement areas, and proper pin gage to use.

-Provided operations support for process issues, incoming supplier quality issues, containment, sort, and documentation of findings (labels sorted, total reviewed, total nonconforming).

Preventive Maintenance

-Review and provide input on preventive maintenance requirements for each work cell, including inventory of all equipment, fixtures, and robots for model and serial number for maintenance tracking.

-Creation of individual preventative maintenance plans created in a modular format for each type of equipment taken from supplier suggested maintenance and actual equipment maintenance records. Each module can be built into a total plan for a specific cell configuration to match the equipment used in the cell.

JCI, Plymouth, MI (Iconma Contract)

Quality Engineer (November 9, 2015 – March 8, 2016)

-Supplier compliance with JCI PPSW product and document compliance – timing, documentation, certificates, MSA.

-First piece inspection of all prototype assemblies, verification of parts to design requirements.

-Creation/Update/Verification of Worker Self-Assessment (WSA) documents to design requirements at each subassembly level, with each build level

-Inspection and testing of final assemblies for content, movement, and compliance to test criteria – including Toyota 010B Power/Manual adjusters and back frames; Ford B479 Manual adjusters/back frames; and Ford B515 Manual/Power adjusters.

-Resolve non-compliance issues with suppliers – product replacement, cost reimbursement, 8D completion.

Oerlikon-Balzers, Inc., Harrison Twp., MI (Direct Hire)

Quality Engineer (March 2015 – July 2015)

-Perform analysis and disposition of suspect parts, to include recoat, rework and recoat, strip and recoat, and scrap.

-Customer interaction regarding non-conforming product and resolution creation for customer satisfaction.

-Receive, investigate, resolve, and enter customer complaints into the CRM database.

-Completed PPAP to Bosch for the 20 mm plunger with 4 microns of Titanium Nitride coating.

-Processed nonconforming parts returned by customer. Perform visual analysis of the surface, adhesion testing, XRF thickness evaluation. Process coating and material credits to customers for damaged and improperly priced parts.

EXTANG, DIVISION OF THI, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI (Direct Hire)

Industrial Engineer (April 2014 – February 2015)

-Performed time study analysis of Encore Tonneau line and implemented a new lean balance, increased production to 100 units per day from 65 units per day, using 25% less floor space.

-Implemented improved material handling techniques. Panel delivery to CNC router – eliminated no material condition. Rail deliver to glue and assemble: Cart system to prevent damage, batch delivery, less floor space required. Kanban and colocation of material to reduce handling and transport time.

-Analysis of CNC router productivity. Implemented new spoil board surfacing process, new table gaskets for better seal/vacuum, improvements to the table vacuum system, and implementation of new tooling with longer life, better cut, and lower purchase price. This resulted in scrap from $10,000 per month to less than $1000.

-Quality improvements: WIP part scratches eliminated, glue traps added to templates to prevent transfer to subsequent parts, table template to aid in application of location specific labels for underbody rail fabrication – color coded to prevent errors.

-Improved packaging for final product – updated wet-bag placement, new filler pad design, and better box configuration to reduce warranty.

-Lean analysis of Trifecta/Emax tonneau assembly lines – reduce changeover time, improve to one-piece flow, and reduce handling and waste.

CHRYSLER – Dundee, MI (Contract – Kyyba)

Quality Engineering (January 2014 – Feb 2014)

-Verification of gage calibration documentation for gages returned from calibration.

-Line audit for in-use gages within calibration dates.

-Gage database verification and update.

PACIFIC INSIGHT ELECTRONICS CORP (Contract – Emergent Systems)., Wixom, MI

Product Engineer (June 2012 – June 2013)

-Development engineering responsibilities for Ford P552/CD4.2/U375 Global Conventional Dome Lamp.

-Development engineering responsibilities for Ford MKZ Hidden Dome redesign (Black Label Program).

-Product engineering responsibilities for Ford CD4.2 North America, Europe, and Asia Ambient Lighting Programs.

-Duties for all programs included new product and tooling cost analysis and quote development, product documentation, specification creation and release, and verification of APQP compliance to AIAG element requirements. This included design development, drawings, structures, cost BOMS, APQP compliance document including design analysis for DFM/DFA, DFMEA/PFMEA creation, process control plans, DV/PV test plan development and implementation, completion of AAR for color match, gloss match and texture match to customer design requirements, lighting testing for intensity and angle to target, and verification all PPAP documentation completion, release and implementation.

LEAR SEAT ASSEMBLY PLANT, Lear Corporation, Mason, MI (Contract – Advantage Technical Resourcing)

Quality Engineer (June 2012)

-Review of all defective supplier product (non-conforming foam; improper fabric stitching, fit, color and texture; color match of components – head rest, seat back, and lower seat in assembly; PRR completion and follow-up.

-Root cause analysis of all returned seat assemblies.

-PPAP completion following product changes.

-Approval resource on acceptability of product.


Product Engineering (Mar 2011 – Mar 2012)

-Developed and implemented test protocol to evaluate contact liquid reaction with zinc and electroless nickel plated surfaces.

-Update of the repair procedure for CDI 500 blood parameter monitoring unit.

-Analysis of nonconformance of supplier product and implementation of corrective actions.

Manufacturing Engineer (Dec 2010 - Mar 2011)

-Lead engineer responsible for evaluation of electroless nickel plating as an alternative to the current zinc plating.

-Manufacturing Engineer responsible for evaluation/update of manufacturing process documents and product designs.

DELPHI AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS, Flint, MI, and Troy, MI (1980 – 2009) (all of the following activities)

Substance of Concern Supervisor Delphi E&S (January 2007 – December 2009 – headcount reduction)

Responsible for defining and implementing Substances of Concern legislation changes with proper reporting of hazardous materials within the supplier-customer relationship globally. Substances of Concern include the ELV, REACH, RoHS, etc. legislation for material compliance and reporting. Some accomplishments achieved:

- Developed documentation and completed training for our Asia Pacific Engineering team.

- Created a bridge to enhance reporting compliance from our supplier network with improved delivery of data to our customer network. Achieved 100% compliance for missing SoC data for parts with interim approval due to missing IMDS data submissions.

- Developed the Evidence Summary process for Delphi to respond to customer requirements for proof of legislative compliance.

- Member of the commodity pricing evaluation task force to evaluate commodity pricing impact on existing and future programs.

- Completed lean analysis of the PPAP submission process for raw materials and developed a submission package guideline for suppliers to utilize to reduce rejection rate and improve approval through-put.

Product Engineer - Instrumentation (March 2005 – May 2007)

-Responsible to meet Flawless Launch Objectives for the Ford Mustang GT-530 instrument cluster. Completion of PPAP documents, DVP&R testing, GM TALC (AAR/lighting) requirements, and assembly launch to production.

-Responsible for full redesign and supplier development for GMT-530 instrument cluster.

-Performed lean analysis of the new Change Management process – reduced creation time by 50% through implementation of process changes and engineer training.

Manufacturing and Tooling Engineer/Quality Engineer/Industrial Engineer – Metal Fabrication, Heat Treat, and Component Assembly - Instrumentation (January 1994 – July 2005)

Lead engineer responsible for process and equipment optimization for sheet metal fabrication; air core gage fabrication; odometer assembly; and aftermarket product fabrication and assembly. Some accomplishments achieved:

-Floor support and tool/equipment engineer for sheet metal fabrication for new programs – inception, design, implementation, quality verification activities (APQP) and maintenance. Responsible for all documentation, capability, capacity, set-up and operation and day to day support of mature programs.

-Responsible for consolidation of Delphi E&S sheet metal operations realizing a 66% equipment reduction and 75% labor reduction.

-Lean analysis of odometer assembly yielded a 60% floor space and 75% headcount reduction.

-Optimized equipment performance for air core gage can fabrication through enhanced performance of equipment and process capability. 30% improvement in equipment uptime, 8% reduction in scrap, and 25% labor reduction

-Project manager for redeployment of ultra-low volume aftermarket operations to increase profitability. Relocated tool, equipment and documents to facilitate continued production to meet customer schedules. Provided technical support to re-establish the production stream with the new production location. Provided follow-up within Delphi to assure purge of inventory, obsolete tooling, manufacturing documents and engineering system documentation. Delphi eliminated over $1M in losses.

Lead/Future Planning Industrial Engineer - Instrumentation (May 1990 – January 1994)

Lead technical industrial engineer responsible for various assignments promoting quality and technology improvements, floor space and headcount reductions through lean analysis and implementation of leading edge technology for future program deployment.

-Lead technical engineer for current instrument cluster production for the GM Chevrolet L car, Pontiac/Oldsmobile/Buick N car programs. Lean initiatives yielded a 50% headcount reduction over 3 years.

-Lead future planning industrial engineer for 1994 Cadillac E/K electronic instrument cluster, 1995 Pontiac/Chevrolet J-car and, 1996 Pontiac/Buick/Olds X-130 instrument clusters programs, established work flow and line balance to harmonize with in-line automated manufacturing processes.

-Developed a comprehensive training matrix for evaluating industrial engineering skill sets and provided mentoring and training to enhance these skill sets in others.

Operations Supervisor - Instrumentation (October 1988 – May 1990)

Supervised hourly employees in instrument cluster assembly.

Core Industrial Engineer - Instrumentation (April 1985 – October 1988)

Industrial Engineer responsible for line balance, layout, and workplace methods analysis for various fabrication areas

Team consolidation of plastic decorative finishing – optimizing equipment utilization and reducing headcount.

Upgrade of large injection molding operations, installation of new molding presses and new workplace designs.

Capacity planner for sheet metal fabrication, injection molding and plastic finishing operations.

Establishment of an optimal changeover scheduling and lean changeover technique in sheet metal fabrication.

Co-op Student (July 1980 – April 1985)

Student work assignments completing defined assignments related to the program function.

Education and Training

Kettering University, Flint, Bachelors of Science in Industrial & Systems Engineering

Corporate Training: Root-Cause Problem Solving Analysis, Shainin Problem Solving Analysis, DFMEA, PFMEA, APQP, PPAP, QS-9001 implementation and audit, QE 1, QE II, ME 1, Lean Manufacturing Analysis, Human Factors and Method analysis, IMDS creation and analysis, RoHS, ELV and Reach Legislative Impact on the Automotive Industry, 6-sigma (started), Weaver Consulting Root Cause Analysis

Personal Interests: Maintaining a healthy life style, community volunteer work, extensive home improvement and landscaping (do-it-yourselfer), downhill skiing, fishing, classic car cruises and group activities, culinary activities.

Professional References

Jorge Ruiz-Sanchez Supplier Integration Engineer – Tesla Automotive, Inc.

Palo Alto, California E-mail:

Mobile: 510-***-****

Larry Walter Maintenance Manager – Kirchhoff Van-Rob – Lansing

16325 Felton Rd. E-mail:

Lansing, MI 48906

Karl Snitchler Quality Manager IET International – Formerly with JCI

2303 Corrlett Rd.

Brighton, MI 48114


Richard Abel Mechanical Engineering Group Manager - Delphi (retired)

Lot 539

4699 Continental Dr.

Holiday, FL 34690

810-***-**** e-mail:

Perry Turner Capital Management Analyst – Delphi (retired)

8491 Old Plank Rd.

Grand Blanc, MI 48439

810-***-**** e-mail:

Tony Sexton Advanced Development Engineer Dentsply - Formerly with Terumo CVS

513-***-**** e-mail:

Gerald Jones Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor – Delphi (retired)

1439 Wiggins Rd. Manufacturing Engineer – Fuel Cell Technology – Delphi (contract)

Fenton, MI 48430

810-***-**** e-mail:

Tim MacDonald Quality Manager – ATA/Extang, Division of THI, Inc.

5400 S. State Rd.

Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Mobile: 248-***-**** e-mail:

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