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Firefighting, Emergency Response

Dubai, Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates
AED 12000
October 31, 2019

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Shah Awal Khair

I-**, Morroco Cluster, International City, Dubai, UAE

Cell #: + 971-0521796135



(NEBOSH IGC - Certified)

IOSH Managing Safely

Fire Safety & Extinguishers by DCD approved Centre

Emergency Fall and Confined Space Rescue

BLS (Basic Life Support training certificate)

NFPA Certified Fire Inspector CFPS 1 Training (Ongoing)



The roles and responsibilities include to:

Coordinate the fire emergency in the line with response flow chart.

To perform firefighting work and to put out fires using water hoses, fire extinguishers, fire truck and water pumps to protect lives, property and the environment

Take actions for controlling the incident, securing the safety of personnel, minimizing damage to plant, environment and materials.

Direct the rescue and firefighting operations at site.

Coordinate external emergency services.

To minimize fire damage by responding to alarms, driving and operating equipment, regulating water pressure, combating and extinguishing fires, rescuing and reviving people.

Coordinate search for causalities and injured persons, ensuring first aid is provided.

Coordinate the evacuations of all unauthorized and non-essential persons from the incident scene to the safe location.

To operate fire equipment and tools appropriately

To provide emergency medical care within scope of practice

To drive fire trucks and other emergency vehicles.

To reduce fire damage with the help of own equipment and by making sure it’s in the right working order

To prevent fire damage by conducting surveys and inspections for hazards by enforcing codes.

To keep fire truck and equipment in great condition and to maintain fire station building, grounds, and related equipment by completing maintenance schedules.

To perform general maintenance work of fire equipment and facilities

To update records for incoming service calls, equipment inspection or repair and other accountable aspects of day-to-day job.

Provide evidences for future enquiries and investigations.

Inspect buildings to identify hazardous conditions such as the accumulation of combustible material, electrical wiring problems, and inadequate or non-functional fire exits.

Co-ordinate fire and rescue drills and building evacuation drills

Assist in developing plans for special assignments such as emergency preparedness, hazardous communications, training programs, firefighting, hazardous materials, and emergency aid activities.



Main Responsibilities were as under: -

To identify the fire hazards and to conduct fire risk assessment and suggest controls.

To prepare emergency response plans, crisis management plans and rescue plans

To monitor and develop initiatives to improve working atmosphere

To assist management in the investigation incidents and provide recommendations on improvements and controls.

To check and monitor the activities like high pressure water jetting, hydro testing, sand blasting, confined space entries, work at height, radiography, rigging and lifting of heavy equipment’s, crane operations, material movement and storage, hot work (critical welding activities), chemical cleaning and waste management.

To calibrate the equipment related to HSE functions i.e. Gas testing meter, noise level meter & load lifting equipment.

To check and ensure the presence of valid hot work permit and its implementation

To perform evacuation drills on regular basis and conduct emergency evacuation training

RESCUE & FIRE OFFICER March 2010 to Jan 2018


Main Responsibilities are as under: -

To carry out the risk assessment/fire risk assessment in buildings.

To assess the nature and extent of the incident/accident/fire, condition of premises, danger to adjacent buildings, and water supply status at the fire incident sites.

To investigate accidents and cause of accidents and maintain records.

To provide the details of incidents/accidents to subordinates and superiors.

To position resources and equipment in order to cope with the untoward situation and to contain fires effectively and safely.

To make arrangements to keep rescue equipment, firefighting equipment and suppression equipment in good condition.

To check and maintain vehicles, equipment, water hydrants and water supplies

To assign emergency staff the jobs at strategic locations in order to facilitate rescue of persons and maximize application of extinguishing agents

To stay current with prevention strategies and techniques

To determine staff training and development needs and arrange for appropriate training

To determine best strategies for rescuing people in case of major incident (building collapse, fire and RTCs)

To provide best emergency rescue services as required, and to perform light to heavy rescue functions at major emergencies.

To deliver training regarding First aid, CPR & Basic Life Support (BLS) Techniques.

To promote safety via talks, advice and training sessions

To perform regular practice drills and conduct refresher courses for staff.

To work with enforcement authorities like police and civil defense etc

To design and publish safety awareness material including skins / brochures / and to launch Safety Awareness Campaigns.

To produce audio-visual materials for safety training.

To make reports and edit Snapshots/Footage of Major emergencies/Incidents/Accidents.

HSE OFFICER Feb 2004 to August 2009

(Haier - Pakistan)

Main Responsibilities are as under: -

Assist the Production Manager in enforcing the safety and health requirements, standards and instructions

Keep all staff informed of the Safety Policy and take all reasonably practicable steps for carrying it out.

Incorporate safety instructions in routine orders and see that they are obeyed.

Take all reasonable steps to prevent workers from taking risks.

Assist the Production Manager in arranging new employees, particularly inexperienced, new recruits to receive site specific safety induction course

Ensure that protective clothing and equipment are used whenever appropriate.

Report to the Production Manager on any defects and ensure that any unsafe plant and equipment are not used.

Ensure that all plant and equipment are in a safe and secure state when left unattended.

To replenish first aid boxes at regular intervals.

Report to the Production Manager and/or Safety Officer on matters relating to safety and health.

Fire & Rescue Training March to August, 2010

(Emergency Services Academy, Lahore)

A Six Months comprehensive hands on training on Fire Safety and Prevention and basic life support techniques with following contents and expertise:

Firefighting &Prevention Training

Evacuation Drills

Fire Triangle

General Principles of Fire Control

Principles of Fire and Explosion i.e. chemistry of fire and classification of fire

Causes and Prevention of fire

Safety of people in the event of fire

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Fire Spread Methods

Fire Extinguishing Methods

Ladder Drills

SCBA (Self-contained breathing apparatus)

Fire Fighting Techniques

Installation of fire safety equipment including Fixed and Portable Installations

Risk Assessment of Fire Hazards

Fire Diamond

Emergency Evacuation and Rescue Training

Confined Space Entry (protocols & procedures, evacuation)

Victim Lifting Methods

Rescue Tools Operating Techniques

Tower Repelling and Height Rescue

Load Management



IOSH (Managing Safely)

B.Sc ( University of the Punjab)

F.Sc.-Maths, Physics, Chemistry-2000-Govt. Degree College.

Matriculation-Science Group-1997-GHSS

IELTS-International English Language Testing System

Computer Skills

MS Word

MS Excel

Power Point

Graphic Design

Adobe Photoshop

Corel Draw

In page

Adobe Premiere

Other Skills

Good proficiency in written and Spoken English, Urdu, Hindi

Good communication and presentation skills

Good leadership and team coordination skills

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