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Food Safety Home Health

Fredericton, NB, Canada
October 27, 2019

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Professional / Academic Resume Jane [Beverlee-Jane] Stewart

Career Objective: To provide holistic and invigorating living-learning Governess/Nanny care within a home-based environment. To work in cooperation, with family members, offering support in the daily household routine.

Education: M.Ed., Curriculum & Instruction U.N.B., Fredericton, N.B.

Reggio Emilia Philosophy [Art in the centre of the child’s life]

B. Ed., Early Years/Primary U.N.B., Fredericton. N.B.

C/YCW [3 Year Degree] Ontario Community College, Ontario

Certificates: Home Health Assistant, Food Safety Certificate, CPR/First Aid

Mandate & Goals:

-To create a living-learning climate encouraging wonderment, curiosity and learning

-To assist in the development of the child/ren: socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually

-To demonstrate leadership – the ability to guide, direct and motivate in the achievement of an objective in the growth of the child

-To help children by exploring the world ‘with’ them [Reggio Emilia Inspired]

-To help learners to be ‘in tune’ with the world and the people and things in it

-To establish safety guidelines

-To provide opportunity for use of imagination, for playing out real-life roles

-To provide opportunity for release of frustration, distress and concern [sadness, joy, excitement]

-To experiment with creative materials, within nature and otherwise

-To provide opportunity for development of coordination of large and small muscles, visual and auditory discrimination and mental alertness

-To provide opportunity for development of positive self-concepts, especially with other-than-able bodied and neurologically challenged children within the inclusive [home] setting

-To provide opportunities for development of language and speech through music, work-play, puppetry, drama, read-aloud, artistic exploration

-To act in the best interests of the child/ren and family

-To provide ongoing family support and contribute to needs as they may arise

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Work History:

Presently working as Governess/Nanny for family of 2 children, integration into the public Child Care system / Public School system

Additional Employment with varying families providing on-site overnight, week end and at times, respite care

Ongoing Employment: Charlotte Street Art Centre; Community OutReach Art facilitator with children [Boys and Girls Clubs Early Years Programs; Art Therapy with children living in 2nd stage Housing]

Self-Employment History: 2006 - 1999

Wee Can Too Learning! Reggio Emilia Inspired early years learning through the arts

Governess/Nanny, Home & Family Management

-Providing all necessary needs for children from birth onward, school liaison, extensive travel with family and/or children [U.K., U.S.A., Canada]

-Oversee household requirements including communication with maintenance needs, marketing, replenishing household supplies

1999 through 1980

Teacher: PlaySchool setting [parent cooperative]; PreSchool setting [public and private Child Care setting]; Early Years Teacher within the Public and Private School setting

Attributes and characteristics;

-Love of life

-Visionary educator / positive, pro-active approach to life

-Creative, sense of humour and joyful

-Good physical health and stamina

-Excellent judgment and communication skills [both oral and written]

-Effective, sensitive listener [use of reflective approach in early learning]

-Devoted to the learning process and alternative needs

-Respect and dedication to the family unit and their ongoing needs

Willingness to work long hours, evenings, weekends, STATS, on-call, travel

Personal interests / volunteer experiences:

1)Professional Reader / Storyteller

2)Story Fest & Drama Fest volunteer

3)Travel [study opportunities abroad, travel for work-related and pleasure]

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4)Outdoor activities: bicycle for daily transport, enjoying all seasonal activities; love to walk everywhere!

5)Dance, music and movement


7)Early Years Orff Music methodologies

8)Gardening [Volunteer with New Brunswick Community Harvest Garden, Inc., community gardening]

References and documentation available upon request

** Reggio Emilia Inspired thinking honours the 3 Teachers in the life of the child: 1) Parent, 2) Classroom and 3) Community …. An active living-learning milieu within the family setting…a Home-Schooling opportunity from birth onward, especially the development of language and observational skills for children [in the routine of daily life, having the opportunity to experience the outside environment through daily walkabouts and exploration of cultural experiences within the childs’ community]

One will find the experience with me, alive and involved allowing for the child/ren to experience everything in their surroundings with a ‘hands-on’ approach.

Please note: I have lived-on and off-site when working as Governess/Home & Family Management. My own residence is always within a quick bicycle or walk to my place of employment to allow for ongoing support and convenience. In situations where I have lived on-site, long-term; my preference is a private ‘home’ of one bedroom flat / over-top garage suite and/or home-sharing with other employees.

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