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Assistant professor

Bajpe, Karnataka, India
October 27, 2019

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M.Sc. M.Phil. Ph.D.


Assistant Professor

Department of Industrial Chemistry




Telephone Numbers: Mobile

No: +918*********

Office No: 082********. House No +918*********

Fax Numbers: +91-824-******* and +91-824-*******

Email: and Web:

Experience over all: 10 years Industrial research experience in synthetic organic chemistry and process development, 5 years academic research experience.8 years teaching experience at Postgraduate level in organic chemistry and 1 year at Undergraduate level in chemistry. EDUCATION:

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, State Tamilanadu. (2016.). (Ph.D.)

Master of Philosophy in Chemistry from Karnataka University Dharwad. State Karnataka, (2000) (M.Phil.)

Master of Science in Organic Chemistry from Karnataka University Dharwad. State Karnataka, (1995). (M.Sc.)

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Karnataka University Dharwad. State Karnataka,

(1992). (B.Sc.)



Presently working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Industrial Chemistry Mangalore University, Mangalore-574199, State-Karnataka, since 3/12/-2013 to till today.

Worked as an Assistant Professor in the P.G.Department of Chemistry, B.L.D.E University, Bijapur, State-Karnataka, From 1-8-2013 to 2-12-2013.

Worked as an Assistant Professor in the P.G.Department of Chemistry, Basaveshwara Science College Bagalakot affiliated to Rani Channam University Belagavi, State- Karnataka. From 05-09-2011 to 31-07-2013.

Worked as Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, Bhandari and Rathi science college Guledgudda. From -7-08-2000 to 07-08-2001


Worked as a Research Executive in R&D Centre at Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited, Chennai. State Tamilanadu. From 06-11-2001 to 19-08- 2003.

Worked as a senior Scientist in R&D Centre at Strides Arco lab Limited, Mangalore. State Karnataka. From 28-08-2003 to 28-12-2004.

Worked as a Scientist in R&D Centre at Bio-Plus Life Science private Limited, Bangalore. State Karnataka. From 22-04-2005 to 05-06-2006.

Worked as a Junior Manager in R&D Centre at Dr Reddey Laboratory Limited Hyderabad. State Telangana. From 09-06-2006 to 02-09-2011. ACCADEMIC RESEARCH EXPERIENCE.5 years 6 months

Worked on synthesis of Indole derivatives for Ph.D. Degree from 2011-to 2016. Title of thesis: ‘’Synthesis, Characterization, Catalytic and antimicrobial activity of metal complexes of some heterocyclic compounds’’

Worked on synthesis of Heterocyclic compounds for M.Phil. Degree from 1999-2000. Title of dissertation : Studies on Nitrogen Heterocycles AWARD:

Made robust scalable process for Granisetron HCl got best execution team award for this project From Dr Reddys Laboratory Limited Hyderabad. RELEVANT SKILL:

Total Synthesis of the molecules under the concerned,

Synthesis of polymers.

Costing and to make cost effective route for the projects.

Planning the synthetic route for the preparation of bulk drugs,

Literature survey choosing the right method for the preparation of compounds,

Involving in the planning of the new projects,

Structure interpretation of the molecules prepared by1 HNMR, C13



Synthesis of bulk drugs & drugs intermediates in the economically cheaper & easier methods. I am having pilot plant and plant experience.

Handling of variety of reactions including dry reactions & Gringard reaction

&Hydrogenation reaction

Involving in the planning of the feasibility and optimization and validation of the project.

Preparation of project report and document.

Coordination with purchase department for finalization of vendor for the supply of raw materials.

Assisting principal scientist for the preparation of the standard manufacturing process and SOP & specifications, MSDS of intermediates and finished goods.

Preparation of Impurities for API drugs.

Preparation of project tech review meeting report and attend the teleconference with customer explain the brief summary report to the customer.

I am familiar about chromatography technique, isolation technique. purification and polymorph &Making robust process for DMF filing products

Preparation of impurities for DMF filing products.

Trouble shooting experience in pilot and plant scale.

Conducting lab validation batches fallowed by kilo validation and plant validation.etc TECHNICAL SKILLS AND COMPITENCIES

Process development for drugs and its intermediates,

Cost reduction for Active pharmaceutical ingredient,drugs and its intermediate SIGNIFICANT WORK DONE:

Process development work done on Anti biotic drugs and intermediates (Cephalosporin) Projects 1) Cefditoren, 2) Cephodoxim proxital, 3) Ceftifour Sodium projects, on lab scale and kilo lab scale.

I worked on anti HIV Drugs and intermediates 1) Stavudine 2) Ritonavir Intermediates.

I worked one carbohydrates and intermediates.1) Sucralose and got patent on sucralose Project.

Process development work done on ibuprofen sodium and got patent on robust, scalable and cost effective process of ibuprofen sodium.

I worked on antipsycytric drugs and intermediates 1) Methixene Hydrochloride.

I worked on Indole chemistry 1) Ox diazole 2) Triazole.

I worked on Granisetron HCL and made robust process for Granisetron HCl and got best project execution team award for Granisetron HCl project and filed patent.

Prepared impurities for the Granisetron HCl. Project.

I worked on few projects for GSK customer (Custom pharmaceutical Service).

While working on custom synthesis, reduced cost and executed highly potent products in plant scale and got best team appreciation from GSK. Worked on prostaglandins intermediates for the lubiprostone projects and reduces no of steps and cost for these intermediates. I worked on Lubiprostone projects

(Prostaglandins field)


Worked on carbohydrates field and made robust process for Sucralose and got patent on it.

Reduced No of stages for the prostaglandin intermediates and made easily scalable process for the intermediates and got good selectivity of the chiral molecules for Lubiproston project.

Made scalable process with yield improvement for the Ibuprofen sodium projects and got patent.

Made robust scalable process for Granisetron HCl got best execution team award for this project. Etc.


Organic chemistry.


Heterocyclic chemistry


Polymer chemistry.

Medicinal Chemistry

Process development for cost reduction to drugs and its intermediates LIST OF PUBLICATIONS AND PATENTS

Publications: 26 Patents: 02

1. An investigation in to the influence of filler paper nigrum leaves extract on Physicochemical and antimicrobial properties of chtosin/pva blend films Deepak Kasai, Ramesh Gani, Journal of Polymer and Environment, 21, (3), 2019.1-17.

2. Influence of Syzygium cumini leaves extract on morphological, thermal, mechanical,and antimicrobial properties of PVA and PVA/chitosan blend films’’Deepak Kasai,1 Ravindra Chougale,2 Saraswati Masti,3 Raju Chalannavar,4 Ravindra Malabadi,4 Ramesh Gani 5 Journal of Applied Polymer Science.2018.pp1-17

3. Tissue Engineering of Skin: A Review Anand V. Nasalapure1, Raju K. Chalannavar2*, Ramesh S. Gani3, Ravindra B. Malabadi2, Deepak R. Kasai4. Trends Biomater. Artif. Organs, 31(2), 69-80 (2017). 4. Efficient Syntheses of Exo-Granisetron Hydrochloride and other Potential Impurities Present in Granisetron Hydrochloride, an Anti-Emetic Drug.”Eda V.R. Vishnu, Suju Joseph,Abayee K. Srinivasana, Ramesh S. Gani Govindabur R. Reddy, Patakokila V.Rao,Vilas H.Dahanukar,Josyula Ramanatham and Nayakanti Devanna. Letters in Organic Chemistry, 2011, 8,722-727.

5. Synthesis and Characterization and in silico pharmacological predictions studies of some Oxadiazole,Triazole,Pyrrole based fused indole derivatives as potential antimicrobial agents. Ramesh S.Gani et all International Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Science,2019, 9(1),517-530 6. Padiath Mohammed Akbarali, Kuniyal Kulangara, Vijaya Raj, Ramesh S. Gani, Sujatha Krishan,SumangalaVenkataraman,Manjathur Mahalinga.Process for Producing Ibuprofen Sodiumdihydrate,Patent US 7,084,299.

7. Rakesh Ratnam.Raviraj S.Pattanshettar, Ramesh S.Gani, Sundeep Aurora for Novel method of extraction of 6-O-Protected trichlorogalactose from chlorinated mass.Patent GB 2,443,146.

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