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Manager Power Plant

Mansoura, Dakahlia Governorate, Egypt
20000 SR
October 27, 2019

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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Data:-

Surname : KHALIL.

* **. **** : TAYMOUR.

National : Egyptian.

Address : MANSOURA.

Religion : Muslim.

Telephone : 002***********

Marital Status : Married + 3 Sons.

Birth day 26 – 01- 1961

Academic Qualification:-

Education : B sc. Degree in Civil Engineering – (1983)

Mansoura University – Egypt.

Attended the following Courses

Finishing Work. (Arab Contractors Training Center).

Using of Electronic Instrument in Execution Work (Arab Contractors Training Center).

Survey Work. (Arab Contractors Training Center).

Plumbing Works for Engineer (Arab Contractors Training Center).

Intermediate management (Arab Contractors Training Center).

Project Manager ( three stages )

(Arab Contractors Training Center).

IPMA (International Projects Management) (EMEND Training Center).

Practical training for under water repairing up to ( – 15,00 m ) C*D with ( Samsung – A*C ) JV


From 1/7/ 2015

To Date

Al Khodari Sons Co (KSC)

Branch (Hail -Qassim) – KSA.

Duties: Area Manager.

Project Name:

Hail & Qassim Infrastructure project ( 6 cities )




4-Al Rass

5-Al SHamasia

6-Al Badaie

From 8/2/ 2013

To 1/7/ 2015

Al Khodari Sons Co (KSC)

Branch (ABHA) – KSA.

Duties: Area Manager.

Project Name:

1- Al Mzafeen Bridge



4-King khaled university ( Staff Housing camp )

From Feb 2012 To Feb 2013

Deputy Branch Manager (East & Middle Delta Branch)

Real state investment with participating between ( A * C ) and government authorities

New road for come over on financial crisis

From June 2011 to Feb 2012

Deputy Branch Manager (canal branch) Supervisor of the Canal Suez projects include those projects:

1. the private housing project in ( Alnor city )

2.Project development and the creation of marine berths- Port Suez ( Adabea )

3.projects of West Gulf of Suez (infrastructure & residential buildings of the Chinese company to invest)

4.Studying tender power plant 675 MW Suez( 600 million pounds), and the Grain Silos project in A taka (78 million ( E * P )

5.Studying Sheet piles marine berth ( alen alsokhna ) port 40 million (E * P )

from-2008 to 2011

Archirodon & The Arab Contractors JV

General Manager of New Container Terminal

( Damietta Port – Egypt )


Length 2300.00 meter with Budget cost equal (270,000,000.00 US$)

1.Front Diaphragm wall with width 1.00 meter and length between 35 to 45 meter

2.Rear Diaphragm wall with width 0.80 meter and length between 31 to 40 meter

3.Bored Piles with Dia. 1.00 meter and length between 31 to 40 meter

4.Front Capping Beam with width 5.50 meter and height 2.00 meter

5.Rear Beam with width 2.20 meter and height 2.00 meter

6.Fixed Girder between Piles and Diaphragm wall with width 2.00 meter and height 1.50 meter

7.Super Structure

8.Quay Wall Furniture's

General coordination in nuclear power plant committee at Arab Contractors for prepare company to participate with international nuclear construction companies in ( ALDba ) first nuclear power project in EGYPT

make free studies for nuclear power plants and through the company's magazine publishing articles monthly do I to illustrate the different types of nuclear power plants and the difference between the reactors used for peaceful energy production and history of the Egyptian nuclear program and a study to compare the light-water reactors and heavy water

From 2004 to 2006

General Manager of Damietta Port Projects:

Rehabilitation of Cells (43,13&70)

A-Under Water Repairing Activates




B- Reconstruction of Copping and Rear Beam with All Utilities and Accessories.

From 2000 to 2004

SAMSUNG –Arab Contractors J.V –EGYPT

Construction manager Damietta Port Crain Berth No. ( 16 &15 ) – Damietta Port – Egypt

Activities :-

Length =650.00 meter with sheet Piles System and with Budget Cost 160,000,000.00 L.E

1.Preloading for Sit Area by Sand Weight + P.V.D.

2.Install + Driving 7000 Tan from Sheet Piles Flat Type AS 500A Will length from 21.0m to 31.0m.

3.Jet Grouting with Steel Pipe Reinforcement with D=36.00m.

4.Dredging 2.000.000 m3 Till Level – (14.5) C.D with Cutter Dredging.

5.Capping + Rear Beam.

6.Utilities (Freshwater – Electrical….).

7.Accessory Bollard – Fenders... Cathode Protection.

From 1998 to 2000

The Arab Contractors Co. Abu Dhabi U.A.E

Duties: Construction Manager.

Project Name: Agricultural Water Supply

From Khlifa City to El Shahama City

Which Consists of:

Ground Tanks.

Pump Station.

With Supervising an American Engineer (Engineering Since).

From 1996 to 1998

The Arab Contractors Co. Delta Branch

(Mansoura Region)

Duties: Construction Manager.

Project Name: Electrical Generation Plant

Talkha With Total civil Cost 65 Million L.E and) (ROLLS- ROYCE ) Was a Fitting Constructor Which

Consists of The Following:

1-Turbine Station

A-Turbine Base From Reinforced Concrete Slab With 170 cm in Thickness Contains 86 Inserted Parts for Turbine (64 Ton) Erection Reinforced Concrete Columns With Dimension (1.50 X 1.50 X 6.00m), Raft Foundation With Thickness About 2m and 118 Piles with Diameter of 60cm and 20cm Deep.

B-Turbine Home from Reinforced Concrete Frames (25m X 40m) Raft Foundation with Thickness About 0.80m and Piles with Diameter of 60cm and 20m Deep.

2- Super Heater

Steel Chimney with 50m in Height, Hexagonal isolated Footing with 2.0m Thickness and Piles.

3-Cooling Tower

Reinforced Concrete Tank (20X40X5m) Raft Foundation with Thickness About 0.90.m.

4-Tunnel Works Pipes and Equipment (Micro tunnel )

From 1994 to 1995

The Arab Contractors Co. Kuwait branch

Duties: Site manager

Project Name: West Kuwait Tanks – Which Consisted of six Grounds Reinforced Conc. Tanks with Diminutions (200X200X6m)& 1300 Columns pre cast & 400 Separate roof Slabs with Total Concrete Quantity 156.000 m3&

The scaffoldings form DOKA (Austria) and Steam Curing System.

From (Jan 1993) to (Dec 1993)

The Arab Contractors Co. Tanta branch

(Damietta Region) Egypt

Duties: Site Engineer.

Project Name: Improvement of El Bostaan water Station

From (Jan 1992) to (Dec 1992)

The Arab Contractors Co. Tanta branch

(Damietta Region) Egypt

Duties: Site Engineer.

Project Name: Improvement of Damietta Sewage (Shat El Malah Pump Station).

From (Jan 1990) to (Dec 1991)

Private Company (Al Hoffof City) K.S.A

Duties: All Contractors Duties

Project Name: Al Faisal Hospital with Capacity of 250 beds


1-Raft foundation

2-Concrete skeleton

3-Special Finishing for Hospital

4 - Steel structure

From 1984 to 1989

The Arab Contractors Co. Canal and Sinai

Branch (North Sinai) – Egypt.

Duties: Site Engineer.

Project Name:

1- River Nile Water Connection to Al Areeh City, Bear El Abd & Tallol Water Station, Ground Reinforced Concrete tanks (100X100X5m), Elevated tanks (500 m3 and 200 m3) Electricity Generation Building, Pump Station Building, Galvanizer Steel Pipe Line 20 km (Dia. 250 mm)

2- Arab Contractures Summer Resort At Al Areesh City (40 Beach Cabin 2 Swimming Pools and Service Building)

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