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Quality Manager

October 27, 2019

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Feteha Abdelhalim Feteha, PhD

E-mail: Cell phone: +20-128******* & +201*********

Nationality: Egyptian

Place of Birth: Alexandria, Egypt

Date of Birth: 16/7/1968

Managerial Competences

Analysis,strategic thinking,innovation, desiccion making, and coordination. Technical Competences

More than 25 years in industirial experience:-

laboratories, process quality control, finished product quality control, research and development, quality system, health and safety, and Materials Science. Target

Technical service, Research & Development / Project management, QHSE. Languages

Arabic Mother Tongue

English Very Good (TOEFLE very good, IELTS very good) Education

PhD in Materials Science, Polymer Science, University of Alexandria, IGSR, Oct 2010-Jan 2014 M.Sc. in Materials Science, Polymer Science, University of Alexandria, IGSR, Jan 2001-Oct 2003 B.Sc. of Chemistry, University of Alexandria, Faculty of Science, Oct 1986-Feb1991 Key skills

Communication, Ability to Work Under Pressure, Decision Making, Time Management, Self- motivation, Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Adaptability, Teamwork, Creativity Industrial experience

Pirelli Tire Egypt; Mar 1994-Present

Quality management system & Origional equipment Current Research and Development 2014-2018

Quality control in finished product inspection & repair and tire testing 2005-2014 Quality control in curing 2011-2012

Quality control in building 2003-2005

Quality control in semi-finishing 1999-2003

Lab analyst, Mixer quality 1994- 1999

Company Profile:

Pirelli is an Italian industrial enterprise that is active in more than 160 countries. Pirelli Group is the fifth largest tire manufacturer in the world, in terms of turnover, with 20 factories in four continents, and is a leader in the high end and high technology segments of the market.


Quality management system & Origonal equipment manfacturer quality head Report to: quality Director

Functional competence:

System mangment, Busieness focuss, customer orientation, technical experience Key responsibilities:

leading a team of 3 WC and 7 BC for:

1- Quality Management Model;

'Definition of the Quality Management System guidelines and documentation standards according to legislations, rules and OEM requirements; Divulgation, monitoring of implementation and standardization of Quality Management System at global level. Support to the Top Management for the Quality Policy definition and for its deployment into Quality objectives 2- Quality System & Internal Processes & Finished product Audits;

'Planning, coordination and execution of the system, finished prodcut and processes audits. Check of the implementation and of the effectiveness of the corrective and preventive actions.

3- Certifications;

Coordination and support to the Region/Country structures for the activities related to the achievement and preservation of the quality system certifications; 4- Management Review

Gathering of the information related to the business process evaluation and problems detected, including the feedback coming from the Countries and Business 5- TQS Benchmarking

Comparison of the Pirelli TQS versus the TQS of other companies in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the management model 6- Competences Development;

Coaching and tutoring of Quality System specialists and personnel involved in the induction path on the TQS

Research and development head

Report to: R&D director

Functional Competencies

tire technology,buisiness focus,customer orientation, Key responsibilities;

leading a team of 3 WC and 6 BC + other functions Indu team for: 1- New product industrilization

2- Product improvement

3- Material / new compound industrilization

4- Process / new machine industrilization

5- Cost optimization

6- Product homologation by mould compliance with certificates 7- Market claim analysis and tracing

8- Market & indoor tests

9- Managing specifcations using SAP system

10- Ensuring specification of Moulds, bladders matching product requirments 11- Support other functions for achieving company target 3

Finished Product Inspection & Indoor testing & Curing department quality head; Report to Country quality Manger & Head quarter quality manager. Key responsibilities;

Leading a team of 2 WC and 28 BC for:

1- Tire control:-

Visual, X-ray; Sherography inspection

uniformity,unbalance, weight control

Indoor tests; speed,bead fatigue,energy

2- Inner tube & Flap control;

Visual inspection, supplier evaluation and auditing 3- Tire repair control

4- Analysis using different quality tools; Quality matrices, fishbone, SOP, PFMEA.. to help other functions for reducing waste.

5- Establishing and applying company's quality standards and specifications. 6- Setting standards for quality as well as health and safety; 7- Setting up and maintaining controls and documentation procedures 8- Employ management systems, including the ISO 9000, ISO TS, ISO 14000, ISO 1801, TQM, TPM, and Lean.

Building and semi-finishing department quality control; Reporting to Country quality manager

Key responsibilities;

leading a team of 4 BC for:

1- Establishing and applying company's quality standards and specifications; 2- Working with maintenance and production staffs to establish quality requirements; 3- Defining quality procedures in conjunction with operating staff; 4- Setting up and maintaining controls and documentation procedures; 5- Monitoring performance by gathering relevant data and producing statistical reports; 6- Employ a variety of measures and management systems, including the ISO 9000, TQM, TPM, lean process.

7- Monitor and advise on the performance of the quality management system, produce data and report on performance, measuring against set standards. Laboratories Analysist & Mixer quality

Reporting to Country quality manager

Key responsibilities;

leading a team of 4 BC, through ASTM, ISO, and Pirelli methodologies to control 1- Mixing process and compound quality

2- Calandering process and metallic fabric quality 3- Different raw materials acceptance & statistical tests 4- Homologation of raw material suppliers.


Consultancy experience

Temar Brake Lining (part time), Sep 2002 – Dec 2004 Company Profile:

Temar is an Egyptian industrial enterprise that is active in local market, and is a leader in the brake lining manufacturing. Its products based on asbestos and need to replace this material with another Eco-Friendly.


1- Develop new composites free of Asbestos for brake lining 2- Industrialize the new composite

Certifications & Training

1- Lead auditor ISO 9001-2015;2018.

2- Team coaching; 20017.

3- Total Productive Management (TPM): problem solving module & Quality module& Maintenance module and Industrial engineering module, EFFSO training authority and Pirelli Germany, 2001, 2007, 2011.

4- Internal auditor to ISO TS; SGS, 2011.

5- Lean Manufacturing; Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, PQI, 2011.

6- ICDL (International computer driving license), Dec.2010. 7- Safety Standards for Radiation Protection, the Egyptian Society for Occupational Safety and Environmental Development, 2010

8- NASP Safety & Health Diploma; NASP; USA, 2009.

9- Risk Assessment, National Training Services, UK, 2009. 10- 30 hours OSHA training in construction safety & health (29CFR 1926); 2009. 11- 30 hours OSHA training in general industry safety & health (29CFR1910); 2009. 12- Understanding Business Complexity, Pierro Pirelli institute, Milan, Italy, 2009. 13- Dynamic Presentation Skills, 2009.

14- Team Building, 2009.

15- Training of Trainers (TOT), 2008.

16- Team Working and Self-motivation skills, 2008. 17- Fire Fighting and Rescue, 2006.

18- Effective Negotiation Skills, 2006.

19- Internal auditor to ISO _14001; 2004 and OHASA _18001; 1999, SGS; 2006. 20- Internal auditor to ISO _9001- Revision2000, BVQI; 2005. 21- How to Motivate Your Team, 2005.

22- Time Management, 2004.

23- Hardware (A+), A.U.C., 2004.

24- Microsoft Access, 2003.

25- PKE "Process Kiezen Engineer", EFFSO Authority, 2001 26- Computer Skills, Faculty of engineering, 1995. 27- Awareness by ISO 9000 & Total Quality Management (TQM) and process improvement, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, PQI,1995. 28- Applying ASTM & ISO& and Pirelli methodology in testing rubber compound and its raw materials in Pirelli tire company, Torin and Milan for two months, 1994. 5

Workshops participations:

1- SAP for final inspection awareness workshop, Izmit, Turkey, Sep. 2012. 2- New specification manual for car tires workshop, Milan, Italy, Jun. 2013. 3- New specification manual for truck tires workshop, Milan, Italy, Jul, 2013. 4- Off tack specification for inner tube & flap, Yangzhou, China, Dec.2013. 5- Audit and gap analysis for Guillin tire company, Guillin, china, Jul.2016 Membership of professional and scientific associations 1- Arab Association for Materials Science

2- Egyptian Society of Polymer Science and Technology 3- General Arab Federation of Tire & Rubber Industries Teaching activity

1- Adjunct lecturer in University of Alexandria, Institute of Post Graduate Studies and Researches 2015. Teaching “Materials process” and “Materials used in rubber technology” 2- Proposing Research points

3- Co-Supervisor for M.Sc. Student.

Research activities & Publications:

1- Recent trend in polymers and pigments technology symposium held by National Research center, Cairo, speaker (Tire technology; chalanges and solutions), May 2017 2- Effect of Aluminum hydroxide trihydrate as flame retardant on properties of a thermoplastic rubber nanocomposite”, Fire & Material journal.20016. 3- Thermoplastic Rubber Nanocomposite for electrical wire and cable insulation, The First International Symposium on Dielectric Materials and Applications, Kenitra – Rabat, Morocco (2016).

4- Effect of Aging in Hot Water on Mechanical and Physical Properties of Thermoplastic rubber nanocomposite, 12


Arab international Conference on Polymer Science and Technology, 26-29 October 27, 2015, Luxor, Egypt

5- Preparation and Characterization of some EPDM/LLDPE Thermoplastic-Rubber blends as Hot Water Sealing Material, German Rubber Conference DKT / International Rubber Conference DKT, Germany,2015.

6- Preparation and characterization of thermoplastic rubber nanocomposite,PhD, 2014. 7- Effect of different sulphenamide accelerators on the properties of tread compound, Rubber compounding symbosium, IGSR, University of Alexandria,2003. Awards

1- Scientific excellence award from University of Alexandria under name of Prof. Salah Eldin Morsi, 2015.



Prof. Dr. Elsayed Abdel-Bary ( Materials Science Department, Faculty of Engineering & Materials Science, German University in Cairo.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed A. Khatab(

Materials Science Department, IGSR, University of Alexandria. Dr. W.A.sadik

Ass.Prof.Materials Science Department, IGSR, University of Alexandria.

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