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Engineer Civil

Pune, Maharashtra, India
1,50,000 Inr
October 26, 2019

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CAREER Name: Designation: Nationality: Qualification: SUMMARY: ASHFAQUE Civil Indian Diploma Certified Certificate Site CURRICULUM Civil Engr. QA/ABDUS Courses: QC Engineering Engineer STTAR AutoCAD, 1 of MUKADAM (–Civil 4 July-Microsoft 1993) (ISO-VITAE 9001/office, 2015) web applications

• Overall Smelter 22,Residential years’ experience & Commercial in Civil bldg. Engineering projects Construction & Land Survey for works. Oil & Gas, Aluminum

• Over 5 years of extensive experience in Onshore/ LNG/ Petrochemicals Projects.

• Over 2.5 years of extensive experience in Aluminum Smelter Projects.

• Exposure to ASTM/BS/IS/ACI standards and ARAMCO, ADCO/ADNOC, KOC Procedures SKILLS: • QA/Being with QC highly part Engr. of focused (the 7 yrs)project,on Site co-Engineer team ordination as a (6.Superintendent of 5 Yrs)Engineering,,Quantity (2.Procurement Surveyor(5 yrs),Civil 2 yrs)Supervisor(&,Site Land construction. surveyor(3 yrs),1 Site yr)

• QA/QC Inspection & Documentation (Civil)

• Site supervision & management (Civil construction & Structural Erection)

• Quantity Survey (Qty. calculation/checking/ reconciliation & billing)

• Land surveying, drafting civil drawings using AutoCAD, 2D & 3D. Client: CAREER Petrofac Project Designation: • AUTO KOC, 1- HISTORY: CAD, International Manifold Construction Location: Microsoft Group Kuwait Ltd Office, Superintendent Trunk (Dec-DTP, 2015-line Advance to (MGT)Aug-(CIVIL), Web 2018) Applications

• Projects highlights, Responsibilities and Achievements

• Gathering lines Oil wells in three connected center different (3 to Nos) areas a sub through at group Abdali, main manifold North manifold (Kuwait 13 Nos) (3 Nos) which using are 8” connected to 14” dia. to pipe New

• Planning foundations foundations, (shelter, subcontractors. control Prefabricated to Residual and run Pipe drains, supervising the Manifold Coordinating supports, vessel construction trenches, and skids all sleepers, civil other with with concreting, work construction Mech.planning, shelter, Pits, smoothly /Elect. Paving, grouting Pre-QA/activities and engineered equipment QC, Asphalt progress etc.HSE, ) (Excavation, & roads, PMC, control ) structural in works schedule Client Building bldg.done grading, erection & time., material by CI Pkg, RC HV Designation: Project Client: Petrofac • Internal/Successfully ADCO, 2- International Bab Civil Location: Habshan External Supervisor completed Ltd Abu Project asphalt (C/Dhabi o Al BHOG roads, all (Mansoor UAE) Structural (fence PE-101) Trad.gravel ) erections (Aug-paving 2014 and to and MC June-walk civil 2015) down works completed. including

• Projects highlights, Responsibilities and Achievements

• Oil Well & Water well development (12Nos. Each), Water Injection Cluster (3 Nos.) Up station for gradation RDS (to BCDS) connect of and Remote lines Addition in degassing main Of 24”dia system. Station 2 of pipes 4 (RDS-from 9,RDS RDS-to 10 BCDS & Bab Including Central Shutdowns Degassing

• activities duct proofing Planning banks in and including RDS chemical supervising and Water pipe injection support all injection civil package foundations, construction cluster and construction. Manifold elect/activities structure instr.and /telecom extension structural trenches with erection and fire Designation: Samsung Project Client: • Completed main ARAMCO, 1- Engineering Shayba Civil system Location: Supervisor NGL the in (scheduled project Sep-Recovery Saudi 2011 with to Arabia time. Plant Mar-major and 2013) shutdown Utilities Project In RDS to PKG#tie 2 in the upgraded lines in

• Project highlights, Responsibilities and Achievements

• Construction yards, Central with manholes Operator/Control of etc. Blast (CR) Maintenance/including building, proof RCC roads Water engineering-buildings and treatment paving. like (OME) Sub-cluster, building, station Fire Bldg. PIB water bldg. incl. & (transformer Inst.drainage /tel), lines

• Supervising PIB, including OME sewage & the Central Civil and construction fire Control water Bldgs.line activities and, substation valve performed pits, Manholes. and by water subcontractor treatment related cluster to Designation: Project Client: • Completed floor, Alcoa-2- Ma’aden Civil and Ma’aden, Supervisor water the Aluminum buildings Location: proofing Smelter and for Saudi the finishing Arabia Complex PIB, OME work (& Cast of Substation heat House insulation, Project) buildings false successfully. ceiling, raised

• Project highlights, Responsibilities and Achievements

• Aluminum (ladle,deep Foundation water Ingot, with skimming cooling Billet, Cast Secant pits Slab, plant house tank for Piling Furnaces(Scrap shelter, with project surrounding Re-platforms electrical/melt) 12 consist Nos)incl. (the . 2 of no’s)control Steel Pit facilities, Inside overhead structure room, buildings Slab substations Casting water Casting like tank, Bldg. dross, buildings Elevated VDC shelter) maintenance, pit shelters Walkway (28 & m

• Planning done works by from Subcontractor and inside. supervising at all site. steel Supervising structure Piling erection activities and cladding for VDC work pit and of all guniting bldgs.

• Steel Erection completed under my supervision 2,800 Tons out of 6,250 Tons

• Total Roof & wall Cladding 33,000 Sq. m out of 78,649 Sq. m TARGET Project Designation: Client: • VDC EMAL 1- Engineering Anode Duct Quantity (Emirates completed Rodding surveyor Construction Aluminum)Shop including (EMAL) /ECL, Co. secant WLL Phase-Location: (& Jan-1 micro 2008 Abu Piling. Dhabi to Oct-(UAE) 2009)

• Project highlights, Responsibilities and Achievements

• workshop Rodding Construction process. bldg. of (Anode Steel structure) rodding shop with for various Emirates pits Aluminum like butt & project, thimble consist for the of anode a

• Responsible reconciliation and equipment. for & all Coordinating billing, site civil/including Structural with planning clients/steel PMC & quantity arranging and other calculation/for departments. materials, checking/ resources

• Completed the project in time including 3 of 4 all civil and structural erection works. M/Designation: Projects: Client: (Location: OHB)s. • Abdulla,Petroleum Completed Ministry Residential Oman Consulting Mukadam of (various Department six Defense & months Site commercial & locations Partners Engineer (MOD)in of HO Oman, all Ministry LLC Bldgs. for (QA/over) (quantity PDO)(Apr-QC) School of 2006,Ministry Housing take-Bldgs. To June off Of (& MOH) Education for 2007 Khaboura tendering, & Oman Dec-and Resorts 1995 Housing of Private new To Projects Mar projects. Bank Owners -2001)

• Project highlights, Responsibilities and Achievements

• Commercial Designing/Execution/and Educational Supervision School & QA/Buildings QC Inspections and a Resort of Various In khaboura Residential

• residential/Responsible commercial for QA/QC Inspections & school buildings and documentation including khabura works resort for various bldg. M/Designation: Projects: Client: s. • Aisha like Successfully (Private OHB)Residential Constructions Ministry Site, Petroleum Owners, Engineer completed of Villas Defense Location: Department /(Jun Contractor and 2013 various (apartments MOD)India to Aug, of residential Ministry 2014, Oman Mar (of PDO) 2010 Housing & commercial to & Mar Resort (2011 MOH)In &, projects Feb-khaboura. Oman 2002 Housing to for Dec the -2005) Bank clients

• Project highlights, Responsibilities and Achievements

• Maintenance analysis, procurement Designing, and Execution for and cost construction Renovation estimation. & Supervision and works, Arranging maintenance of low Various Laborers, cost work. Residential housing tools, quoting villas equipment, and for apartments work, material rate

• measurement maintaining Arranging Laborers, muster bills & rolls tools, Interim for equipment, labors Payment etc. certificates material procurement, bar bending Preparing schedules, M/Project Client: Designation: s • Garbul residential Completed Diwan 1- Sohar Batna Land of Sohar, Hospital Surveyor Consulting houses. construction Ministry Township Engineers of of residential Housing Phase (Oct-1, --Project - villas 1994 Location: To (3 2- Nos)Nov-Industrial Oman, 1995) Maintenance area Set work out - for Phase 4,

• Project highlights, Responsibilities and Achievements

• 220 sohar Setting Nos. hospital out Industrial of to 2000 built plots Nos. up adjacent a Residential township to existing including and commercial sohar public industrial amenities. plots area. around Also the Setting new out built of

• plots completed. Working and as get a lead checked land and surveyor verified with by two client survey and teams to make to the do the bills setting for the out work of

• within All 2000 scheduled Res/Commercial time of 12 plots months. and 220 Industrial plots setting out completed M/Project Client: Designation: s, Barkat Barkat 1- Barkat Investment Junior Investment Enclave Site Engineer Group, Township Group, (Dec-Location: 1993 4 To India of 4 Aug -1994)

• Project highlights, Responsibilities and Achievements

• Land facility, development club, swimming with pool 67 Nos and residential internal asphalt plots roads. including central entertainment

• of entertainment and As a plots, equipment junior fencing site club for engineer and construction. with construction swimming working under pool of internal guidance and club roads by of arranging sr. and engineer construction manpower, for the setting of materials central out Personnel • 60% of Details: work completed before leaving the company for better opportunity abroad. Date Gender Nationality Passport Issued Expiry Place Languages Date: Place: of of Birth No Issue Known : : : : : : : : : Hindi 01-Male Indian N- 31/30/Mumbai English, 1692909 Jan-07/07/201*-****-**** Arabic, Address Mob.E-Skype Driving mail /WhatsApp ID License : : : : : : : : House At Dist. +Valid ashfaqam69@ashmak2009@ashfaqam69_INDIA 91-Post 968-***-**** Ratnagiri Signature license No. Karla 256 1 of yahoo.Gmail.,Pin Ratnagiri UAE (: India) 415612 com com,OMAN &

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