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Software Engineer Front Office

Hyderabad, Telangana, India
October 25, 2019

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Name Mohammad khadeer Phone: 91-814*******

Place :india-Hyderabad

Carrier Objective:

Seeking a challenging and growth oriented position in a Software development organizationthat will contribute to the company and enrich my professional carrier.

Professional Summary:

Having 3+yearsof professional Experience in Developing web applications Using java/j2ee technology.

Good work experience on Spring3.0, and jpawebservices oracle junitmaven,jquery

Good work experience on servlets,filters,jsp,Struts2.0,EJB3.0jmsajax,jaxwsjaxrpc

Good work experience on creating jasper report birt reports.

Extensively worked in java Technologies like jdbc,swing,jmail,networking,rmi.

Experience in implementing the projects using MVC Architecture.

Implemented Design Patterns as part of My Projects.

Excellent Analytical & Logical programming skills

Having experience writing business rools using Drool Engine files.

Having experience scripting technologies javaScript,jquery,ajax,perl.

Having experience on different application servers and web servers.

Maintain a positive and professional attitude to work effectively as a team player.

Involved in the design and development of the system

Review of programs design documents and results

Very Good Exposer on understanding technologies and applying skills on development enviroment.

Professional Experience :

Worked in Tibco software as a software engineer from march2018 to july2018 at Hyderabad

Worked in Hcl Technologies from sep 2013 to April2015 as a software engineer at Chennai

Worked in CGI as a software engineer from SEP-2011 to Mar 2012 at Banglore

Worked in NEST IT as software engineer from DEC-2010 TO june-2011 at COCHIN

Education Qualification :

MSc(information Science) from Manipal Center for Information Science Manipaludipi.

Professional Skills :

Programing: Corejava, J2ee(Swing,JDBC,Servlet,JSP,Ejb3.0,JMS,Web services( jaxrpc,jaxws,axis2,rest)),ANDROID

FrameWorks: Flex lcds,Struts2.0,Springs3.0(core,MVC,ORM,AOP,springbatchprocessing)


Orm tools:Hibernate3.0,JPA

Reporting Tools:BIRT,Jasper

Test tools:Junit,Jmeter,YOUR KIT,JPROFILER

Build Tools:ANT,MAVEN

Database:Oracle 10g, MySQL 5.0,

SCRIPTING: Java Script,jquery,css,ajax

WEB / Application Server :webspehere7,Tomcat 6.0,Weblogic,jboss5.2,Glassfish

TOOLS &IDE :RationalRose,Eclipse 3.0, Net Beans Sql Developer.

Operating system :Windows,linux,unix


Project Title: Tibco Bussiness Connect

Software : Core Java, JSP,ejb,webServices,Jms,jpa and oracle .

Platform : windows,WebSpehere.

Description: TIBCO BusinessConnect is a business-to-business (B2B) gateway that your company can use to engage in electronic commerce with your partners. It enables secure transmission of documents and messages between partners using disparate internal business systems. TIBCO BusinessConnect Server engine, which handles transport, messaging, and business message content. • User access control, where administrative users can set the access control permissions of other users. Access controls can be used to restrict which trading partner information a user can access in the administration interface. • Trading partner management system and certificate store. • Non-repudiation database. • Audit log database. • TIBCO BusinessConnect Palette for TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks. • Enhanced reporting, using an export interface for repository log and audit data for use by the external reporting system. • Integration with TIBCO BusinessEvents, tibbr, and TIBCO Hawk.

Module: .

Role Played:

Involved in Handling tickets related to Transaction status log status description.

Involved in Handling tickets related to Admin module.

Project Title: trade brockeraging financial software solution

Software : Java, JSP,swing,flexlcds,spring,ejb,webServices,Jms,jpa and oracle .

Platform : windows,WebSpehere.

Client: stockexchange Londan.


Trade brockerage system is use full to trade holders to to apply tender and to reduce tender process time and and map deal of different trade holders according to their business requirement and time lines in this different type of deal can make lie cash mapping bonds and shares check mapping in this application three different type of modules are front office middle office back office in front office tender buyers and sellers registers and apply for tenders according to reqirement and in middle office those details consumed and map deal according to theirerequierement and middle office approvels both partysapprovels are happened and according to approvel process and deal typestp be s process will happened and in back office approved deals will be consumed both partys deal commitments will be happened and both partys acknowledgement will end

Modulemiddle office.

Role Played:

Involved in writing middle office requirement code

Involeved in front office andmiddle office client gui implementation with swing compones.

like manageing deal types according to time reqirement and capital amount writing.administraing deal types and stp process by using tibco ems providers and message driven beans.

Involved in creating Jasper reports using ITEXT.

Code Development in all layers &junit Testing

Involved in fixing bugs

Project Title: Energy efficency

Software : Java, JSP,spring,jpa and oracle.

Platform : windows,jboss.



This application isusefull to help vendors of US Electric city department these vendors are changing some particular areas company’s and housings apartments electric bulb and related items with takes low power to save the power and according to that application usefull to create invoice processing and maintaining related record in this application we have different modules like workpackagejob,project, invoice,admin,.

Module:measurement modules.

Role Played:

Involved in writing end to end layers like writing controllers classes jsp and form and service and dao layers and entity mappings and spring application context .

Involved in creating Jasper reports using ITEXT.

Code Development in all layers & manual Testing

Involved in fixing bugs

Involved in Code Integration and involved in fixing the issues

Project Title: Casfa-Plus

Software : Java, JSP, struts2.0,ejb3.0,jpa and mysql.

Platform :Linux,jboss.



This portal is usefull to help their customer to make their transaction online.using this portal banks can maintain their core banking functionality like deposits withdrawals and online amount transfers and online bill payments facility is provided and in this system we have functionality to maintainchitty funds .and this system is providing facility to interact with many ofthe departments related to the banking this system we have different modules like Deposits,sugamadeposits,loan,chitty,operation,agent modules.


Role Played:

Involved in writing action classes .

Involved in writing session bean entity bean service Dao classes

Involved in creating Jasper reports using ITEXT.

Code Development in all layers & manual Testing

Involved in fixing bugs

Involved in Code Integration and involved in fixing the issues.

Involved in the code changes, compilation,



Address :india-Hyderabad


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