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Engineer Cisco

San Jose, CA
October 25, 2019

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Shih-Chung Lin(Anderson)

**** ******** ***** *****, *** Jose 95121 Phone: 408-***-**** E-mail:


Seeking a Challenging Sr. Software QA Engineer & Sr. Software Automation Engineer


MS, Software Engineering, New York, NYIT

BS, Computer Science, in Taiwan


Operating Systems: Windows · UNIX · Linux

Languages: C# · Java · ASP.NET · C · C++ · SQL ·.Dot Net · · ·

Scripting: Python ·TCL/TK · PERL · UNIX Shell· JavaScript · VB script · · ·

Databases: MS SQL server 2005 · Oracle · MySQL

Software/Tools: Eclipse · MS Expression Blend · NetBean · Microsoft Visual Studio · Apache Tomcat ·Silverlight


Web Service: WCF·WPF Communication protocol, ·ASMX·SOAP·REST API

Video Player plug in: Quick Time Player·MS Windows Player·VLC Player · · ·

04/2000 – 09/2019 Cisco System Inc.

Sr. Software /QA Engineer

Projects at Cisco

Primary Duties: · Provide & design PyATS REST & SOAP API Automation Framework to test Cisco IOT devices, Cisco IOT Network Management software tool.

· Develop Advance GUI automation scripts for Cisco IND & FND network management browser tool with Selenium WebDriver, Python, C#, & Java language.

· Use CA Agile Central tool to track test planning & record all User Story status report

· Develop CIP test tool with C# and EIPScan OCX to test Cisco CIP object service, class, instance & attribute.

· Other Advance GUI Automation tool – Ranorex software

Develop cross platform automation scripts & end to end solution scripts

Develop automation scripts between desktop and different browser(Safari, IE, Firefox, & Chrome)

· IoT QA & Automation (Front/BackEnd)

-Use Cisco PyATS(python) Automation framework with third-party library such as SUDs, Requests with REST & SOAP API interface to control IND Network management tool Use Ranorex Studio software to develop GUI automation to control Cisco IE switch and Network Management tool.

-Use Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 or later version & develop automation tool to test FND management tool, Itron Meter, Cisco CGR devices .

-Use Cisco CDETs tool for BUG tracking and CA agile tool for create User Story and Test Plan

-Develop Outage events tool to test Itron Meter

-Develop Events simulator tool to test Cisco CGR devices

-Use Python Suds SOAP and Requests REST API library & develop automation framework to test Cisco IOT Network Management tool backend system

-Develop test cases and tool to test Strong Box, and Cisco Devices such as ONS15530, MDS9216.

-Use Cisco ATS/TCL & Python automation language to control between Cisco Router/Switch devices and Smartbit 6000.

-Cover Performance, longevity, Functionality, Sanity Regression automation testing.

-Help and Train co-worker, on automation script.

· Web based and Standalone Intelligent Network Management tool.

-Use Perl script as backend to communication Cisco Devices.

-Use Perl Web Service as bridge between UI and Device.

-Developed middle tier modules using C# & ASMX.

-Developed custom controls which were used in the UI web pages using C#, ASP.NET, & Java Scripts.

-Designed and developed database modules. MS-SQL 2000 was the database used.

-Control Cisco GSR,ONS15190,ONS15194,C72xx,C75xx,C10720 devices and Third-party devices such as Ericsson DSL, Broadcade San Switch.

· Traffic Analyzer Meter tool.

-Developed Traffic Graphic Analyzer tool by C# to Cisco Devices

· Video Simulator tool.

-Developed this Video Simulator tool to verify video server’s (Kasenna, Apple’s DarWin, MS Server) bandwidth performance with Cisco high end router.

-Use Perl/ Java/C# Web Service API as backend for RTSP protocol.

· DSL Forum TR069 Protocol tool to test Linksys gateway device.

-Control unlimited Linksys device with TR069 protocol.


-Develop SSL MD5 certificate

-Develop Plug Fest test cases to testing LinkSys device in UNH-IOL(university of new Hampshire interoperability laboratory)

· Social P2P Real-time Sharing of video media distribute tool, support in any browser and any platform.

-Design software sequence diagram architecture between UI and backend web service.

-The user can search any music, movies, videos from service node.

-Share Video and Instant message with Buddy list from Service Node.

-Develop the web service API spec. Doc.

· Connected Home Prototype tool and uPnP PxR TV prototype project.

-Remote Mgmt server to discover the home network devices.

-Share video contents between home to home.

-Develop TV Channel with Home Run device to recording/streaming to any devices.

-Develop Recorder, Render, and uPnP Aggregator with Intel uPnP SDK stack

-Develop Plug in VLC, MS windows, Quick Time video player.

-Home devices discovery automatically with SOAP/XML protocol.

7/98 – 04/2000 Network Associate Inc.(NAI Sniffer QA Engineer)

Primary Duties: Provide quality assurance testing of software and

hardware for Sniffer Pro that monitors LAN/WAN

Networks providing traffic analysis.

· Strong experience of Sniffer Trouble Shooting on Memory

leaking, Expert analysis Packets Drop, Protocol

Decode issue.

· Strong of Protocol Decode(TCP,IP,IPX,SNA,OSPF,EIGRP,RIP,WINS,


· TCL/TK Script


Sports --- Badminton, Snooker, Basketball, Baseball, Ping Pong …etc.

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