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Safety Officer Customer Service

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
October 25, 2019

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Hassan Saber Mohamed

Health and Safety Environment & Radiation

Safety Officer (HSE&RSO)

Saudi Arabia



Name: Hassan Saber Mohamed

Date of Birth: 28/2/1985

Place of Birth: Kuwait

Gender: Male

Marital status: Married

Nationality: Egyptian

Military status: Exempted

Driver license: Valid (Egypt – KSA)


Address: Saudi Arabia

Mobile: +966-*********


• B.SC of Science, Department of Chemistry,Sohag University (2006)

• Grade: Good


1- Site Radiation Safety Management.

• Liaise with the National Radiation Protection Regulatory Body with regard of Licensing Requirements including Importing and Exporting of Radiation Sources.

• Preparing of all Radiation Protection Documents such as Radiation Protection Procedures, Safe Transportation of Radiation Sources, and Operational Procedures for Industrial Radiography, Emergency Response Plan, Method Statement, and Job Safety Analysis required.

• Supervising the Radiation Monitoring Program for the Radiation Workers according to their classifications.

• Working according to local rules of radiation protection and guidance to reduce the occupational and public Exposures, and confirming that all the incurred doses are less than the public doses.

• Preparing the Schedules and technical plans for training and retraining of the operators of the radiation sources, so as to protect them and other workers against the ionizing radiation in order for protecting them from the radiation hazards during the sources handling, transportation, installation, dismantling, electrical, or mechanical maintenance or in storing. 2- Site Occupational Health and Safety Management.

• Ensure quality safety observation program is implemented and maintained on each site/project and ensure follow up on findings

• Carry out regular inspections of the work areas with the respective EPC sub- contractor line manager and or HSE representative and prepare reports.

• Develop and implement safety initiatives to continually improve, achieve and maintain stated safety performance and objectives.

• Ensure HSE safety inductions are undertaken in accordance with the EPC sub- contractor SMS requirements for all new employees of the workplace.

• Monitor the availability and use of safety apparel and equipment.

• Advise subcontractor supervisory staff and employees in the implementation of strategies to identify and control potential hazards and in the use of the hierarchy of controls

3- Site Environmental Protection Management.

• Prepare, review, and update environmental investigation reports.

• Design projects leading to environmental protection, such as water reclamation facilities, air pollution control systems, and waste management.

• Obtain, update, and maintain plans, permits, and standard operating procedures.

• Provide technical support for environmental remediation projects and legal actions.

• Monitor progress of environmental improvement programs.

• Preparing daily, weekly and monthly environmental reports.

• Coordinating environmental issues and concerns with PMC and client.

• Preparing environmental incident reports, in case if there is any. WORK EXPERIENCE:

• May 2015 till now: Working in Dallah Factory as a Health and Safety Engineering in Jedda-Saudi Arabia.

• September2013 - May 2015: Worked in Ronesca Company (Saudi Center, Riyadh) as a Product Specialist responsible for Ronalac Milk in Riyadh-Saudi Arabia.

• April2012 - July2013: Worked in PepsiCo Company (Pepsi cola) as a Quality, Health and Safety Engineering (QHSE) in Egypt

• October2010 - April2012: Worked in PepsiCo company (Pepsi cola) as a Quality Control in Egypt

• Feb 2008 – September 2010: Worked in 24 GROUP Company as a Safety Officer in Egypt

• February 2007 – January2008: Worked in AIT Pharmaceutical Company as a Medical representative in Egypt.

Safety courses

- Radiation Safety Officer Training Course.

- Radiographic Testing (RT) level 2


- OSHA General Industry Safety & Health

- OSHA Construction Industry Safety & Health Standard

- IOSH Managing Safely

- Risk Assessment

- First Aid & Basic life Support (CPR)

English courses

- General English course from CDC

- Conversation course from CDC

- Effective Business Writing Skills course from CDC. Soft skills Courses:

- Communication Skills, from CDC.

- Customer Service Skills, from CDC.

- Presentation Skills, from CDC.

- Basic sales & Marketing Skills, from CDC.

- Teamwork Skills, from CDC.

- Problem Solving & Decision-Making Skills, from CDC. Certificates:

- Industrial Radiation Testing Certified Radiation Safety Officer.

- Radiographic Testing (RT) level 2

- OSHA General Industry Safety & Health

- OSHA Construction Industry Safety & Health Standard

- IOSH Managing Safely

- First Aid & Basic life Support (CPR)


- General English Course level 106, Conversation Course, Effective Business

- Writing Course from ELS Language centers

- Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) in Developing

- Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) in Administration REFERENCES:

Available in request

I hopethat you take my qualifications into consideration Hassan Saber Mohamed

نتائج اختبار مسؤولي الحماية من الإشعاع 99 – الرياض RSO EXAM 99 – RIYADH / RESULT

) )ستصل رسالة إلحاقية للمجتازين بموعد تسليم الشهادات م سؤول الحماية من الإشعاع / حسن صابر محمد عبدالله المحترم السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

يتقدم المركز الوطني للحماية من الإشعاع بالتهنئة لكم لاجتياز اختبار مسؤول الحماية من الإشعاع في مجال التصوير الصناعي الإشعاعي ورقم الرخصة 2888 . Name الاسم حسن صابر محمد عبدالله

Identity number 235-***-**** رقم الهوية

Practice الممارسة التصوير الصناعي الإشعاعي

Final result 80 الدرجة النهائية

Status PASS حالة النتيجة مجتاز

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