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Home Health Molding

St. Louis, MO
October 24, 2019

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Tiffany Taylor

134*******/ / 8865 ToriiDr, St.louis,mo63121

Professional Summary

My name is Tiffany Taylor, I can’t wait to work with you ! Skills

● Quick learner

● Take directions well

● Good with people

● Good to work in fast pace

● Great with computers


Matrix Plastic Molding



I work at 12.

When I came in,we started with a meeting.

I was to go to my machine, wait as the plastic molding from the machine Filled the molding fill the bend in order for me to pack it. I have to make the box,put a plastic bag in the box,then pack the product in the box the right way then move to the box to the pallet



November 2012-August2013

I come in at 7am.

I come in and I am to go to the end of the line

And catch the med card that are coming out of the machine.after catching them I would have to put them in a envelop,and send them down the line,where they would be stamped and bundled and sent on to the next step



April 2014- February 2015

I was a cook

I came in at 5pm

When I got there I was to keep the area clean,which was my table. I sanitize and I began to make my orders as they came in . So as the day went on. When the day ended I was to do the dishes in the back of the store.

Superior home health/Nature’s Loving Touch

Health Care ad

May 2015-present

I would get there around 12 noon

I get there and I ask my client have they eaten anything if not start A meal for her.Then I will help her get her day started with a lite breakfast Then meds. I would clean the house up. Take out her dogs feed them. Let them out . then have her meds ready for her to take at the right time. Help her prepare for night time . meals,dressing . then before i leave let the dogs out make sure she got all that she needs and then my day is over

Smx Staffing management/Spectrum brands

July 2017- February 2019

I am in at 7am

I came in I would start making boxes,just to get the line started So the line won’t stop .I would be moving or be moved to do this and that . So I would go to the start of the line and start to feed the bottles to the line. Then I would help others by doing their jobs like putting on top,packing,inspection for the line clean up .

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