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Aircraft Maintenance Technician (Sheet Metal Worker)

Jeddah, Makkah Region, Saudi Arabia
October 28, 2019

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Name : Mr.TosefUmer

Father Name : WaliurRehman

Nationality : Pakistani

Date of Birth : 1st January 1982

Religion : Islam

Marital status : Single

Personal Email :

Mobile No : +966-**-***-****

Iqama : 238-***-**** (Transferable)


Registered Engineer at Saudi Council of Engineers (304718)


To work in an organization as an integral part of it and accomplish the job assigned in a better way. I am looking for a highly challenging and dynamic work environment in which I will utilize the diversified experience for securing a progressive and challenging position in the capacity where I can contribute to the grow of both prospective employer and myself.






B. Tech(Bachelor of Technology) in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Preston University Islamabad


Diploma of Associate Engineering


Mechanical Technology

Government Collage of Technology Abbottabad (Pak)


Secondary School Certificate

Science Group

B.I.S.E Abbottabad







Institution of Health Safety and Health


Health Safety Engineer

Technical training Centre Peshawar


Auto Cad

Hamra Technical Institute


United Nation Development Program

Vocational Training Centre Abbottabad


Saudi Aerospace Engineering Industries (SAEI) Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

(20th January 2017 to till now)

Structure Engineer Experience with C-130 Boeing Military Aircraft and Global Service

Reporting all relevant information to the Technical Manager in a time

Ensuring all equipment, tools and data is made available to the Line Maintenance staff

Control monitoring of the tools listed in the tools data-base

Assists the Sheet Metal Supervisor to accomplish scheduled and unscheduled sheet metal operations, and performs intermediate maintenance inspections and repairs on all assigned aircraft structures.

Will also be responsible for:-

Repairs and replaces aircraft structural components to include stingers, lingering, bulkheads, beams and aircraft skin according to drawings, blueprints, directives, technical manuals and safety procedures.

Fabricates structural parts, forming blocks and shapes metal using stretching, shrinking, and other metal forming techniques.

Assembles parts, such as spars, ribs, and braces, to form structural subassemblies of aircraft, such as airfoils, control surfaces, fuselage tops and bulkheads, doors, and windows, according to specifications, using hand tools and power tools.

Reads and interprets blueprints and specifications to determine assembly sequence, tooling requirements, measurements, and allowable tolerances.

Marks reference lines and points on parts, using templates, or by measuring from blueprint index points and station lines, using rule, protractor, and divider.

Cuts, trims, files, and debars parts, using hand tools or power tools. Measures parts to verify dimensions, using precision instruments, such as micrometers and calipers. Fits and assembles parts and fittings, such as braces, hinges, brackets, keyways, and nut plates, in jigs and fixtures, using clamps.

Drills, reams, and countersinks holes, using power tools. Debars keyways, holes, and cable grooves, using burring tool. Marks reference symbols on parts for subsequent riveting.

Installs bolts, screws, rivets, and other fasteners to join parts, using power tools.

Cements, tapes, and glues parts as required. Bends tubing, makes temporary assembly fixtures, and bucks rivets. Uses common measuring tools, precision measuring gages, and alignment fixtures to perform structural repairs.

Applies corrosion prevention control (CPC) treatment to aircraft metals.

Maintains facilities for storage of flammable and hazardous materials.

Requisitions aircraft parts and maintains shop and bench stock for repair the aircraft structures. Inspects and prepares forms and records related to maintenance in accordance with Repair Manual.

Train host national personnel on the proper maintenance of aircraft structures and their components.

Forward Operating Bases (FOB) in support of the aircraft maintenance program. Participate in maintenance test flights as required.

Responsible for tools and equipment’s inventory assigned by the supervisor.

Self-motivated, hard-working, enthusiastic, and able to diagnose and solve complex mechanical problems.

Agility is important for the reaching and climbing necessary to perform the job.

Because may work is on the top of the fuselages and not be afraid of heights.

Stands for prolonged periods of time and be able to lift heavy objects, up to 50 lbs.

Knowledge in Microsoft Office and associated programs.

Monitoring of the Approved Supplier List in terms of supplied parts and reporting to the Quality Manager to include parts supplied from a supplier not listed

Ensure that all staff work within the scope of their company approval

Checking and recording all personal tools on an initial and regular interval

Ensure that a system is followed for recording of man-hours and material consumed by customers

Providing and ensuring that a handover is available for any shift swap


Mechanical Engineer / Safety Engineer (22th Jun 2015 to till now)

Work in PACE Engineering Holding as a ‘Mechanical Engineering & Safety Engineer.

Power And Control Engineering Holding provide integrated engineering services and equipment in the field of Electrical, MECHANICAL, Communication and Civil works for the power, industrial sector and commercial buildings, tower line and power plant.

Major Responsibilities:

Mechanical Engineer (132kv Waad Al Shamaal OHTL Project TURAIF).

Work on towers for the purpose of installing, dismantling and repairing equipment and machinery used on project.

Coordination of Project with engineer, managers and sub-contractor.

Responsible for general housekeeping within the area.

Ensuring the revenue bills are raised on time with all track records.

Reporting to General Manager about the key issues and problems of the projects.

Discuss with other department Senior Executives and sorting out issue with various Stack holders.

Ensure timely payments to vendors and sub-contractors.

Progress Data Record (Weekly, Monthly, Yearly).

Status of Erection

Segregation of tower material, Erection, Ground assembly, Tower tightening process/inspection as per required torque.

Status of Stringing

Insulator/Roller hoisting, Paying out, Conductor Pulling, Sagging & dead ending clipping, spacer/damper.

Status of OPGW

Roller hoisting, Paying out, Conductor opgw Pulling, clipping, and damper installation.

Equipment and tools serviceability, knowledge of measuring tools, equipment’s.

Knowing the Safety of mechanical equipment.

Quality Management System (QMS), Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) Receiving Inspection Report (RIR).

Safety Engineer (Aysha Bint Abubakar) Ext 25

Dismantling of Towers, Conductor and Opgw.

Aircraft Manufacturing Factory 2005 – 2015

Worked in Aircraft Manufacturing Factory (AMF) Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra.

Major Responsibilities:

Performs Aircraft Sheet Metal Worker of following Aircraft

“C-130, Mushshak, Super Mushshak, K-8 Aircraft, JF-17”

Repair and Modifies Aircraft Structural Parts and Repairs Composite Materials.

Manufacturing Process Sheet (MPS) Fabrication Order (FO) Assembly Order (AO).

Manufacture and Repair non-in stock Structural parts.

Performs Metal Forming Operation.

Manage factory inspectors and Work Instruction (WI)

Identify Aircraft Major and Minor Defects and Prepared type of Repair Required.

Ability to understand Aircraft drawings/limitsand Blue Print, be able to form/shape, stainless steel and aluminum and to work to standard operating procedures.

Fabricates Related Sheet Metal and Assemblies.

Implement the QA/QC management system at site and distribute the needed QA/QC documents, Coordinate with factory during production and write quality procedures.

Review QA/QC Procedures provided by the Sub-Contractors and ensure its compliance with requirement.

Ensure parts are produced on a 'right first time' basis.

Monitor all quality related activities of the project and Identification of source for various raw materials and their testing.

Review Non-Conformities Report (NCR) discovered with purchased products or components and work with suppliers to resolve.

Review Non-Conformities Report (NCR) with factory fabrication and assembly and work with factory and engineering to resolve.

Responsible for highlighting any non-conformance to the Process Team Leader.

Coordination with manufacturing and engineering to solve quality problem and raise Corrective and Preventive Action (CPA).

Provide feedback to engineering on suggestion to improve quality and/or reduce fabrication time and cost.

Job Training Service (JTS) and On Job Training (OJT).

Special Observation (SO) and Special Inspection (SI).

Implementation of International standard Origination (ISO), Aero Space (AS) standard and submits daily accomplishment report to immediate senior officer.

To ensure that record of all documents, files as per ISO norms are maintained and the quality of project according to International standards.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs), Departmental Standard Operating Procedure (DSOPs) and Trainings on site for labors, contractors for quality improvement.

Attend to weekly, monthly, annual Quality Management System (QMS) meeting.

Perform all internal, external audits and a well-Qualified in Auditors Training.

Inspection of raw materials and reporting to the project manager. Co-ordination with different team and assure to meet the quality.

Inspection, Production and Rejection Data Record (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly).

Every year Internal Auditor of Aircraft Manufacturing Factory (AMF) Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) PAKISTAN.

Professional Experience: 2003 -2005


Major Responsibilities:

Control Room Operator

Over 2 years of work experience on Power Plant.

Control and maintain auxiliary equipment, such as pumps, fans, compressors, feed water heaters, and filters, to supply water, fuel, lubricants, air, and auxiliary power.

Make adjustments or minor repairs, such as tightening leaking gland and pipe joints; report any needs for major repairs.

Monitor and inspect power plant equipment and indicators to detect evidence of operating problems.

Open and close valves and switches in sequence upon signals from other workers, in order to start or shut down auxiliary units.

Operate or control power generating equipment, including boilers, turbines, generators, and reactors, using control boards or semi-automatic equipment.

Place standby emergency electrical generators on line in emergencies and monitor the temperature, output, and lubrication of the system.

Regulate equipment operations and conditions such as water levels, based on data from recording and indicating instruments or from computers.

Computer skills:



Auto Cad

Key Strengths:

Good interpersonal skills

Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines

Having both team and leadership qualities

Good communication and presentation skills



Arabic (Basic)


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