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Personal Assistant Truck Driver

Rawdat Al Khail, Qatar
October 28, 2019

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Address : Matar Qadeem **

Doha - Qatar

Phone : +974********

Email :

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* ***** ** ********** ** the field of administration with Airport Security Vice President, and having a five years of personal assistant in Tunisia.


Personal Assistant HIA Security VP 18th February 2018 to 25th October 2018 in HIA(Hamad International Airport).

Responsibilities :

Establish a HSSE induction program and HSSE compliance rules for employee’s visitors and contractor visiting or working on site, commensurate with the level individual’s potential risk-define requirement for periodic refreshers

Develop yearly (every year) HSSE Plan and ensure its implementation and progress by monthly review and conduct monthly meetings with Management

Maintain all the records of HSSE logs, data, communications and documentation

Participate in HSSE or technical or QC meeting/toolbox talk/provide a feedback on the effectiveness of HSSEMS.

Compliance to HSSE policies and implement management expectation on HSSE. Also communicate and promote HSSE Culture and Expectations

Responsible to carry out/initiate RISK ASSESMENT for any activity that have potential risk and implement risk reduction plan.

Establish a HSSE induction program and HSSE compliance rules for employees, visitors and contractor visiting or working on site, commensurate with the level individual’s potential risk-define requirement for periodic refreshers

Ensure appropriate first aid arrangement & access to medical services is provided.

Ensure changes are identified and documented via management of change request when changes occur

Report all incidents, near misses, unsafe condition in line with notification and reporting requirements and maintain the records.

Receive incident notification and escalate to management/ initiate emergency response plan as appropriate

Prepare the Learning from Incidents Report as and when required to develop the proactive safety culture.

Conduct regular drills as per stringent standard requirements (monthly, quarterly, six monthly or yearly), prepare and share the reports of drills and develop the close out plan out plan for any gaps observed during the drills

Chief Fire-fighter, 01April 2013 up to June 2017 –NfidhaAirport – T.A.V – Tunisia

Responsibilities :

Manage budgets

Develop training programs for new recruits

Carry out high-level strategic planning

Oversee day-to-day operations of fire station

Work in accordance with relevant legislation

Liaise with NT Rural Fire Service headquarters

Participate in field work

Fire-fighter (truck driver), 2009-2013 – NfidhaAirport – T.A.V – Tunisia.

Responsibilities :

Respond to fire alarms and emergency calls

Undertake activities designed to prevent fires

Drive or crew fire-fighting appliances or other vehicles to fires or incident scenes

Operate pumps, spray foam or water from hoses, portable extinguishers or other appliances to extinguish fires, or to disperse or neutralise dangerous substances such as chemicals and petroleum

Rescue people trapped in dangerous situations

Respond to industrial accidents

Administer first aid and oxygen therapy

Take part in on-going training in fire-fighting techniques and in demonstrations and fire drills

Inspect fire-fighting equipment and hydrants

Train industrial and volunteer fire-fighters and give instructions in evacuation, fire prevention, fire-fighting, rescue and use of breathing apparatus.

Dive master, 2002-2009 – Kantaoui Scuba Diving – in Sousse - Tunisia

Responsibilities :

Guaranteeing the safe operation and general maintenance of our dive vessel in offshore waters, crew training, and customer relations.

Training crew members to assist passengers in safe diving techniques and an enjoyable diving experience aboard our vessel.

Tuna-farm diver, 2000-2002 – “Tuna-Farm”- in Hergla (Sousse) - Tunisia

Responsibilities :

Fish health inspections;

Net inspection and repair;

Net cleaning;

Mooring (which includes visual inspections, installation and removal of mooring systems, weighting system on fish nets, underwater cameras, deployment of transaction nets, sea bed samples and transect video footage);

Mortality collection;

Retrieval of lost equipment.

Feed fish by filling up hoppers which feed them automatically


Certificate of completion of Root Cause Analysis Training – 5 Why 18/03/2018

Certificate of completion Tank Farm Regular Operation and QC Training 01/ 05/2018

Attended Training Course on MOC (Management Of Change) 17/01/2018

Attended Training Course on Risk Assessment 16/01/2018

Certificate of completion of WCS (Work Control System) 16 to 18 /07/2018

2009 : “First Aid certificate” within“Croissant Rouge” in Sousse - Tunisia

1999-2000 : “Professional diver diplomat” within “Fishing school” in Tabarka– Tunisia

2009 : “Fire fighter certificate” within “CFOR Company” in Sousse - Tunisia


June 1999 :Baccalaureate degree in Economic and Management within Secondary school in Hammam Sousse.



Arabic (read, written, spoken)(mother tongue)

French (read, written, spoken)

English (read, written, spoken)

Spanish ( spoken and understood)

COMPUTING :Skills in using various software, as Microsoft word applications and research processing programs.


Qualifications :

Hard working, punctual and reliable

Proven ability to lead a team

Excellent crisis and risk management skills

Strong team leading, mentoring and motivational skills

Interests: Sport activities as Football &Swimming, Watching movies, series and documentaries .

Other information:Driving licence of ordinary vehicles, buses and trucks.


Born on 08/11/1977 inSousse

Gender: male

Nationality: Tunisian

Civil status: married

Number of children : two ( 11 and 10 years).

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