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Hyderabad, Telangana, India
October 28, 2019

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To acquire a challenging position in an environment where I can best utilize my MANAGEMENT, SUPERVISION and ADMINISTRATIVE skills to benefit mutual growth and success.


2Years of Junior Research Fellow and 2Years of Senior Research Fellow and 1 year 4 months as Mechanical Design Engineer with total 5+ year’s experience of both research and professional experience in RCI, DRDO

Played a key role in selection of bearings for M-2000 mass properties system

Involved in generation of design concepts, prototype modeling and analysis for new mass properties system concept

Carried out Modeling (Creo), Analysis (Ansys) and extraction of 2D drawings (Autocad) of an aerospace vehicle

Design, Analysis(Ansys/Abaqus) and extraction of 2D drawings of beam for portable weight and CG measurement system

Implementation of weight and CG concept using Cross Flexural pivot

Design and Analysis(Ansys workbench) of Flexure based compliant Mechanism

Basic Knowledge of GD&T

Measurement of Weight, CG and Mass moment of Inertia using M-100 and M-2000

Alignment and Inspection activities using portable CMM and Metrolog software

Carried out Measurement reports and design documents of aerospace vehicle


Completed M.Tech (Design for Manufacturing) from Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology, Autonomous under JNTUH with an aggregate of 85% in 2015

Completed B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Kakatiya Institute of Technology and

Science, Warangal with an aggregate of 85.53% in 2012

Completed Intermediate with Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry as main subjects from

Nava Vignana Bharati Junior College, Warangal with 94.5%in 2008

Completed 10th standard from Shanti Niketan High School, Warangal with 87.67% in 2006


Software Exposure:


Autocad 15.0 – Generation of 2D drawings, Extraction of drawings from Creo/solidworks

Creo 3.0 – Modeling includes part, surface, assembly of different components, subsystems and basic knowledge on drafting and sheet metal

Solid works 17.0 – Basic knowledge on part modeling, Assembly modeling and Drafting

Ansys 16.0 – Static structural analysis/dynamic structural analysis, linear and Non-linear analysis using Ansys APDL software and Ansys workbench software. Basic knowledge on Random and Harmonic analysis

Abaqus 6.12 – Static structural Analysis, Modal Analysis

Recurdyn V8R5 – Mechanism Analysis includes kinematic/dynamic motion and flexible body Analysis of different mechanisms

Metrolog X4 – Measurement and Alignment of aerospace vehicle


Currently working as Mechanical Design Engineer in Research Center Imarat, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Missile Complex, DRDO, Hyderabad since May,2018

Worked as Junior Research Fellow in Research Center Imarat, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Missile Complex, DRDO, Hyderabad for 2 years (i.e., from April,2014 to April, 2016)

Worked as Senior Research Fellow in Research Center Imarat, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Missile Complex, DRDO, Hyderabad for 2 years(i.e., from April, 2016 to April, 2018)


Project-I: Conceptual Development of portable Measurement system using Cross Flexural Pivot(CFP) Rig to determine Weight and Center of gravity of Aerospace vehicle

Description: CFP Rig setup is used to measure Mass moment of Inertia of Aerospace vehicle. But it is not used for weight and CG measurement. In this context, a concept to measure weight and CG is developed using CFP that is bonded with strain gauges



Design, Modeling and Analysis of beam

Extraction of 2D drawing of beam and development of conceptual model

Concept development to measure weight and CG using CFP rig setup bonded with strain gauges

Determination of weight and CG from the strain data


Carried out number of experiments on the CFP rig with different calibration bodies between 1kg and 100kg and the accuracy of 0.2-0.3% in weight and 1-2mm in CG is achieved

Project-II: Aerospace Vehicle-I

Description: It is a DRDO aerospace vehicle that is currently under development stage


Modeling of Complete Aerospace vehicle that includes different subsystems and components using Creo 3.0

Modeling and extraction of drawings for beam and fixture of aerospace vehicle

Static Structural Analysis of Beam and Modal analysis(mode shapes) of aiframe using Ansys/Ansys Workbench software

Extraction of 2D drawings from Autocad software

Preparation of design documents and linkage of excel sheet for the mass properties management

Project-III: Conceptual development to determine all mass properties of an aerospace vehicle in single setup

Description: Determination of mass properties of aerospace vehicle in single setup includes weight, CG and Mass moment of Inertia


Concept to measure all mass properties in single setup

Conceptual model generation using Creo software

Analysis of different frames of the system using Ansys workbench and Extraction of 2D drawings using Autocad software

Prototype model generation to measure three mass moment of Inertia in single setup

Equation Generation and Mechanism analysis is performed to the prototype model using Recurdyn software

Project-IV: Design and analysis of flexure based compliant mechanism (M.Tech Project)

Description: Design of flexure based compliant mechanism to measure mass properties such as weight, centre of gravity and moment of inertia of aerospace vehicle. Flexure based compliant mechanism is a mechanism formed by connecting rigid links and flexure hinges to generate desired motion.

Main Intention of the flexure based compliant mechanism is to replace the traditional joints such as bearings, springs etc; with compliant mechanisms that reduce assembly of parts, zero friction, no backlash and increase performance due to reduced wear.


Design of Cylindrical flexure

Modeling(Creo) and Extraction of 2D drawing of Cylindrical flexure

Static Analysis using Ansys workbench to find stresses and deformation of the flexure

Project-V: Selection of different types of bearings for Mass properties measurement system

Description: Mass properties measurement system is used to measure weight, CG and mass moment of inertia up to 2tonne capacity. Bearing is the critical component in the system that takes load and it should be free from friction and backlash


Feasible study of different types of bearings suitable for system

Initially Taper Roller bearing is selected based on axial and radial loads and integrated to the system

Due to the configuration changes other bearings such as angular contact ball bearing, slewing ring bearing and Super precision axial radial cylindrical roller bearing is selected

Finalized the super precision axial radial cylindrical roller bearing

Project-VI: Alignment and Inspection of different aerospace vehicles and its subsystems using Portable COORDINATE MEASURING MACHINE (CMM)

Description: A Coordinate measuring machine is a device that measures the geometry of physical objects by sensing discrete points on the surface on object using probe. Leica (works on the principle of Interferometry) and API (works on the principle of Interferometry and Absolute distance method) are the two portable CMM’s that are used for Alignment, Inspection and Measurement of different aerodynamic parameters and mass properties of aerospace vehicle that is carried out using optical probe and metrolog software


Involved in the measurement of different aerospace vehicle mass properties measurement that is carried out on weight and CG rig, M-100 and M-2000 systems

Involved in number of full aerospace vehicles, different sections and subsystems alignment and inspection

Generation of measurement reports for the alignment and inspection


Awarded 4 years of Research Fellowship from Research Center Imarat, DRDO in April, 2018.

College Topper in M.Tech 1st year 1st Semester

Qualified in Gate 2011, Gate 2012, Gate 2013 and Gate 2017

Branch Topper in 4-1 Semester and received an academic excellence award.

One of the organizing members in Robotics Event in Yantraang’2011 held in our college on 10th and 11th March 2011

Participated in E-bike competition in Mechovisions’2010 held in our college on March5thand 6th2010

Class topper in B-tech 1stYear


Attended workshop on Applied Impact Mechanics on 15th February,2018 held at RCI, DRDO

Attended Altair Conference related to Optistruct and MBD software in Shamshabad, Hyderabad on 8th March, 2017

Attended Training on Recurdyn, MFBD software in Vama Industries, Ameerpet on 30thseptember and 1st October 2015

Attended Training on Ansys Workbench software in RCI, DRDO on 15th and 16th December 2014

Attended Training on Metronor Solo and Gapgun in Geo Informatics Consultancy, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh on 13th, 14th and 16th June, 2014

Attended seminar on SKF Aerospace knowledge center in Begumpet, Hyderabad on

10thJune, 2014

Attended Workshop on Optistruct software in Madhapur, Hyderabad on 9th June, 2014




Intention of this project work is to replace a material/metal which are used in many applications by a biodegradable composite that are prepared from natural fibers which is biodegradable, high stiffness, low weight, renewable, non-toxic, ecofriendly etc; to the environment.

As the cellulose extracted in this project was giving very good results to some experiments conducted in India, then this cellulose had sent to china for conducting further experiments.


Commitment, Determination and Dedication

Self-Motivated and also motivating others by creating positive work environment

Flexibility and Adaptability

Zeal to interact and Quick learner

Problem solving skills

Able to deal high stress tolerance with patience




DATE OF BIRTH: 18-05-1991


LANGUAGES KNOWN: English, Telugu and Hindi

I here declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.


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