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Office Manager

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
October 28, 2019

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Curriculum Vitae (CV)

*.Personal Information

Full Name : Belete Melaku Mankelklot

Date of Birth: August 01,1973

Place of Birth: Kebridehar, Ethiopia

Sex: M

Nationality: Ethiopian

Marital Status: Single

Current Residence: Nefas Silk Lafto Sub-City, Lafto/6 -52/co/Block 062/22/1, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Contact Address :

Mobile Phone: +251-***-**-**-** or +251-***-**-**-**

E-mail :

P.O. Box: 17130, Addis Ababa,Ethiopia


Year Attended

(From – To)

Name of University/College

Degree/Diploma Awarded

Major Courses covered

November 2006

June 2009

Africa Beza University College

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

BA Degree



Human Resource Management (HRM), Business Policy and management; Financial Management; Materials Management; Management Information System (MIS); Organization & Management; Risk Management & Insurance; Managerial Economics; Entrepreneurship; Project Analysis & Management; Financial Accounting I and II ;International Marketing; Business Communication.

Alfa University College

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Diploma in

Personnel Management

Technical Vocational College

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Diploma in

Home Management

3.Trainings & Award



Date & Place

Save the children

Certificate of Completion on Safety &Security

On Line

Ethiopian Science & Technology Agency

Certificate of Completion Computer Training (MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Access)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Alumni Association of The Faculty of The Law of Addis Ababa University

Certificate of Completion Basic Legal Education Program

February 8,2010

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



February 4th and 5th,2016


Executive Training Program Certificate

Managerial Skills & Communication and Transformational Leadership

March 7 – 11,2016

Ethiopian civil Service University

Good Governance

February 10 to 13.2016



Date & Place

United nation Department Of Safety and Security

4Wd Defensive Driving(High Range) level 1 Training

23 & 26 march 2018

4.Professional Experience

Date of Employment

August 01,2018 untill – December 31,2018

Employer Organization

Danish Refugee Council (DRC)


DRC/Gambella field office


Team Leader HR/ADMIN

Major Duties & Responsibilities

Office management

Ensure timely payment of office rent and utilities

Ensure all office utilities and infrastructures are appropriate, safe and functioning (i.e. generator,security system, health and safety. communication & internets,photocopies et c )

Oversee all aspects of maintaining the DRC office inform the logistics of any repairs and /or service as required

Manage the support staff ( office cleaner and cooks,Guards)

Guest house and DRC – leased houses management

Oversee all aspect of maintaining the DRC guest house and DRC leased houses

Ensure rentals and all utilities are paid on timely basis

Ensure all utilities and amenities are functioning at all times

Act as focal point with landlords/property managers on day – to – day basis as necessary

Make periodic visits to the guest house to check on status, and advise logistics as necessary

Personnel Administration

Maintain a thorough Knowledge of DRC HR policies and ensure employee adherence.

Act as focal point on all issues related HR policies, and educate staff on policies through staff meetings in the FO.

Ensure personnel files are complete and accurate assuring adherence to highest level of confidentiality

Maintain updated Job description database

Oversee leave management,maintain leave tracking ensuring complete documentation for all staff movement


Assist in the recruitment process ensuring compliance to hiring procedures as outlined in the HR manual.

Maintain tracking system of the recruitment process and compile monthly report on recruitment

Facilitate the timely orientation of new staff

Management of HR processes:-

Provide professional advice to project managers on a range of HR issues

Ensure the performance management system is implemented on time.

Assist in development of annual staff development plan

Compile monthly report for submission to the finance and Administration coordinator

Salary & Benefits

Process statutory payment and ensure monthly and annual returns are submitted on timely basis.

Timely enrolment of staff in to insurance benefits package. Assuring staff list is current at all times

Monitor expiry of staff contract and advice AM/finance & Admin Coordinator on timely basis.

Maintain a s knowledge of ru HR policies sand ain leave tracking ensure employee adherence.

The recruitment processes ensuring compliance to hiring procedures as outlined in the HR & Administration manual.

Facilitate recruitment processes by posting job adverts, collect applications from applicants, administering tests; verifying prior employment by contacting references; scheduling appointments; maintaining records and information.

Welcomes new employees to the organization by conducting induction and orientation.

Maintain recruitment tracking system and compile monthly report on recruitment.

Maintain updated job description database.

Oversee leave and R&R management, maintain leave tracking ensuring complete documentation for all staff movement.

Ensure the performance management system is implemented and completed on time.

Assist in development of annual staff development plan.

Administration and Office Management:

Provides office management secretarial tasks by entering, formatting, and printing information; organizing work schedules of support staff;; maintaining equipment and office supplies.

Responsible for setting appointments, arranging meetings, maintaining calendars, copying files, entering data into computer systems.

Assure staff living conditions are comfortable and make recommendations for improvement as necessary.

Oversee administration tasks related to housing and office management.

Maintain travel documents and arrange accommodation airport pic up and drop for guests.

Supervise the housekeeping and catering staff.


Any other job as assigned by the line manager

Date of Employment

July 01,2016 – July 31,2018

Employer Organization

International Medical Corps (IMC)


IMC/Dolo Ado field office- Boqlomayo work station


HR/ADMIN Officer

Major Duties & Responsibilities

Facilitates the preparation and timely completion of staff contracts for field offices staff.

Maintains staff personal files (which should include all the required documents as per the staff file checklist).

Ensures assigned field offices employees has valid Employment contract on the file (which entails proper employment contract management).

Responsible to download applications from webmail (ethiojobs), categorizing them based on posted position and provide it the concerned HR officer for longlisting.

Responsible to prepare the summary of staff contracts and lease agreement for duty stamp and follow up on the accomplishment.

Work closely with HR/Admin staff and assist on the process of registration and notification of staff with Pension Agency.

Identify vacant position, and organize assessment methods and involve in recruitment and selection process with related department members and produce all the required reports.

Ensures that all new hired staffs’ Inductions’ is scheduled and conducted with the relevant department in Addis level as well as in the field office.

Assists the management of employees grievance based on the IMC manual and Ethiopian Labour low.

Follow up and ensure that all staff files are with updated and signed JDs, and also staff performance appraisals are done in a timely manner.

Maintains and updates leave records for all national staff and ensures monthly leave report is updated.

Assist in implementing staff insurance policies and updates.

Manages staff exit process which includes managing clearance, final payment, work certificate, insurance exclusions, etc.

Produce periodic reports on the assigned area.

Time Sheet Report

Performs any other related tasks as assigned by the supervisor.


Date of Employment

August 18,2014 – April 20,2015

Employer Organization

Save The Children International (SCI)


SCI/Gambella field office- Gambella work station


HR/ADMIN Officer

Major Duties & Responsibilities

HRM: Manage the HR &Admin related project office and area support staff. Ensure that SCI policy implementations for HRM function at the project. Ensure that effective & efficient HRM system and procedure are regularly update and implemented with the national policy. Participate in the recruitment process of new staff and in selection placement, termination, contract extension. follow up time sheet performance evaluation.

Administrative Duties: Manage the administrative activities with establish guidelines and develop appropriate system to support functions. Ensure infrastructure, office facilitates, all legal issue, filing, recording, report accommodation, follow up air ticket transport etc. Support Logistic department.

Date of Employment

September 02,2013 up to August 17,2014

Employer Organization

International Rescue Committee (IRC)


IRC/Shire field office- Mayaiyini work station


HR/ADMIN Assistant

Major Duties & Responsibilities

Incentive worker payroll preparation Time & Effort report,All leaves follow up, monthly report, hiring incentive worker Compound Beautification; Guest Accommodation; Camp Hygiene Sanitation; Food and Water Service; Providing Care & Support Service for Staff; Asset Management; Supervise cook, janitors, and Follow up performance evaluation, other related to HR. Supervision & Reporting; Perform other activities related to the position.

Date of Employment

September 16,2012 – March 11,2013

Employer Organization

International Medical Corps (IMC)


IMC Boqolmayo work station


Compound Supervisor

Major Duties & Responsibilities

Compound Beautification:

Proposed and implement feasible action for the beautification of IMC compounds (accessing seedling, planting, compound road mapping, demarcation of parking area, etc)

Work very closely with logistic officers and IMC engineers in improvement of the compound design.

Develop a plan/design for green area, and advising and following up the gardener in planting and watering of plants.

Ensure the regular watering and cultivation of plant.

Guest Accommodation:

Brief and assign rooms to guests as they arrive in camp.

Provide brief introduction to the guests about the services in the compound, the location/map of every facilities in the compound, etc.

Camp Hygiene Sanitation:

Plan and implement for compound hygiene improvement.

Ensure camp is kept in a clean, orderly, and sanitary condition. He/she also strictly monitor the solid and liquid waste management of the compound.

Work very closely with staff hygiene and sanitation committee to improve the hygienic and sanitation standard of the compound.

Food and Water Services:

Ensure the quality and safety of food and potable water.

Ensure the availability of potable water, in collaboration with logistics

Work closely with canteen committee in policy /guidelines amendment or development.

In consultation with canteen committee plan menus, prepares food supply, and store food.

Ensure food hygienic procedure is in placed and followed by cook.

Be part of the food planning and purchase from various markets in the locality.

Providing Care and Support Service for Staff:

Ensure the availability of First Aid kits in compound and provide first aid care services to the cooks and report any incident to relevant persons..

Maintains liaison with health facilities in the area like ARRA health center and MSF Spain clinic.

Facilitate/request and arrange the transportation of sick staff to ARRA health center/ nearby health facilities; and follow the health improvement.


Order and receive equipment & Supplies required for camp operations.

Ensure the functionality of the assets in the compound and keep the record of the same

Control the asset of the organization located in the compound like generator, laundry machine, refrigerator, television etc and checking their functionality on regular basis.

Record assets which need maintenance or repair, materials which are out of use, and kept them in distinguished place.

Supervision and Reporting:

Supervise cook, cleaner, and gardener.

Complete required paperwork daily for camp operations.

Provide regular report for the respective departments.

Other Activity:

Monitor the IMC compounds in every camps (water, electricity, solid and liquid waste management, planting and watering, organization assets, etc) and report and act accordingly.

Organize experience sharing with other IPs and adopt the best practice in compound management.

Collect staff comment and suggestion, and present to the senior management team.

Interact with security officer in proper utilization of fire extinguishers.

Assessing the safety situation in the compound and provide advice for the security officer.

Identify the various issues in the compound and report to the respective departments.

Report any item in the compound that needs maintenance and repairs in camp e.g. Plumbing, etc.

Perform related work as required.

Performs any other related duties assigned by the supervisor.

Date of Employment

September 29,2011 – September 15,2012

Employer Organization

MSF - Spain



Administration Activity Officer

Major Duties & Responsibilities

Assists the Field Finance Administrator in the administrative management of the staff working in the project; Ensures the daily activities of the Monthly Administration tasks are followed and completed within the schedule timing throughout the month mainly in areas of Recruitment, Contract /Hiring, Briefing, Payments; and other activities related to the position.







Very Good

Very Good

Very Good


Very Good

Very Good

Very Good


Very Good

Very Good

Very Good


Demonstrated high level administrative, financial and management skills;

Proven strong capacity in human resource management, asset and records management ;

A very good standard of written and spoken English and Amharic languages with proficient communication skills;

Demonstrated Computer skills suited with MS Office Programs (MS- word, MS-Excel,MS-Access);

Sound judgment, negotiation and problem solving skills;

Sound knowledge of Ethiopian laws, rules, regulations and working procedures;

Sound interpersonal skills, and ability to work effectively in teams maintaining flexibility, adaptability and responsiveness;

Demonstrated Knowledge of Refugee Working Environment;

Good Driving Skill of Vehicles Permitted with 3rd Grade Driving License;


1.Ibrahim Mohammed, Tel:+251-***-******, Field HR/Admin Manager- IMC(International Medical Corps) Dolo Ado,Ethiopia,

2.Mohamed Bishar Tel +251=913732012,Field Nutrition Manager-International Medical Corps (IMC) Dolo, Ethiopia

3.Quniby Richard, Program Operation Manager, Save The Children International, Tel: +251-***-**-**-**, e-mail: Gambella, Ethiopia

4.G/Yohanes W/Brehan, Tel: +251-***-******,Shire,Camp Manager-IRC(International Rescue Committee) Adiharush refugee camp.

I certify that to the best of my knowledge & belief, all information stated above is true, correct, complete, and made in good faith.

Belete Melaku Mankelklot

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