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Software Engineer Developer

Chicago, IL
October 23, 2019

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Mark A. Struck

*** *. ******** • Roselle, IL **172 • 630-***-**** •


To work on various projects that will allow me to use my pre-existing skill sets as well as afford me the opportunity to expand my skill sets.


4/2019-Current MindSpring Partners Chicago, IL

Contract Programmer

Was involved in an upgrade project for a financial services. This involved developing nServiceBus endpoints using C#. The endpoints used SQL Server persistence and RabbitMQ as the transport for the messages that were passed amongst the endpoints. Also, lead the upgrade of RabbitMQ across the dev, uat and production environments.

The following technologies were used for the applications I was involved with: C#, nServiceBus 5.X, RabbitMQ 3.x, SQL Server 2016.

6/2018-3/2019 F&I Administration Solutions Lombard, IL

Principal Software Engineer

Was the lead on a web based BI project. Provided mentoring to the 3 other developers on the team. The application used the following technologies: Angular 5.x, .NET 2.1, SQL Server 2014 and Sisense.

Provided mentoring for developers on other teams in the organization.

Provided guidance to the UI team on consolidating the UI components that were used across the various applications at the organization.

Was the liaison to our vendor Sisense, which is the vendor we chose for our BI and Analytical tools.

The following technologies were used for the applications I was involved with: .NET Core 2.1, Angular 5.x, Babel, Webpack, Mocha, Chai, GIT, Jenkins, Docker, SQL Server and MongoDB.

2/2017-6/1018 HERE Technologies Chicago, IL

Lead Software Engineer

Currently the lead on a two-person team working on a web based mapping application. We were using ES2015, jQuery and Three.js for the UI. The application currently draws overlays of coverage tiles, lane geometries, lane segments, lane barriers and road signs using Three.js over the Here Map control.

The following technologies were used with the application I was involved with: ES2015, Babel, Webpack, Mocha, Chai, Gerrit, Jenkins, Python, Docker, AWS Cloudformation, EC2, RDS/MySQL, Route53, nGinx and Linux.

11/2015-2/2017 e.biT Consulting Chicago, IL

Contract Programmer / Lead Software Engineer

Was the lead on a two-person team to create a web based mapping application. We used ES2015, jQuery and WebGL for the UI. The application drew overlays of coverage tiles using WebGL over the Here Map control. To speed processing and reduce memory pressure from processing 1+ million tiles in the browser, we created a caching mechanism using RDS/MySQL. I created an ETL process that processes the tiles on a regular schedule. After implementing the cache we were able to reduce the memory footprint allowing us to run the application on phones and tablets.

Developed a POC using Electron to convert SDIP messages into protobuf’s which were submitted to Here’s cloud platform.

Based off the POC, designed, developed and implemented a Chrome extension for one of Here’s clients. The extension allowed end users to submit protobuf’s containing gantry/speed information to Here’s cloud platform.

Designed, developed and implemented a web based mapping application using ReactJS/Redux. The purpose of the application was to simulate automobiles sending location/speed data to Here’s cloud platform in real time. The messages were processed and published and visualized back on Here’s map control.

The following technologies were used for the 4 applications that I was involved in: ES2015, React/Redux, ES5, Babel, Webpack, Mocha, Chai, Gerrit, Jenkins, Python, Docker, AWS Cloudformation, EC2, RDS/MySQL, Route53, nGinx and Linux.

7/2015-11/2015 Rightpoint LLC Chicago, IL

Contract Programmer / Tech Lead

I was the AngularJS technical lead for the front-end development team. The project involved 3 teams that designed, developed and implemented a data visualization web application with AngularJS, NodeJS and PostgreSQL.

My responsibilities on the project were developing in AngularJS and NodeJS, conducting code reviews and leading the daily team stand-ups. We followed the agile process for the project and I was involved with creating stories and managing backlogs. My duties also included demoing the application bi-weekly to Abbott’s upper management.

D3 was used to create custom visualizations for the application. The UI was developed using AngularUI and SASS. Mocha was used for unit testing and Protractor was used for end to end testing.

For source control we used AWS Code Commit and used the Gitflow Workflow. We used SourceTree for code reviews and managing the branches.

4/2013-6/2015 CDK Global, LLC (formerly ADP, LLC) Hoffman Estates, IL

Full Stack Engineer

During my tenure at the company I was the tech lead on 2 separate project teams that involved building CRM tablet optimized web solutions. I also was involved with working on the host re-factoring for the platform team. Both CRM applications were presented successfully at the 2014 and 2015 NADA conferences.

The core of the CRM applications were built using AngularJS 1.2.x, AngularUI and AngularUI’s ui-router. SASS was also used. Other technologies used for building the applications included RequireJS, Grunt and Bower. The unit testing was initially with Jasmine and E2E testing was done using Protractor. Atlassian’s Stash was used for source control and Bamboo and Nolio were used for automated builds and deployments across 4 separate environments.

The middle tier for the two CRM applications used different technologies, one consisted of ASP.NET Web API 1 with C#. The other application used Spring MVC and Java 6.0. Also, ASP.NET WCF services written in C# communicated with SQL Server 2000-2008 servers that included stored procedures. The other application used nHibernate with a SQL Server 2008 database.

Across the different teams I was involved with the following methodologies, Scrum, Agile and KanBan.

Conducted code reviews for on-shore as well as off-shore resources.

Worked closely with the Product Owners to discuss design decisions of the applications, specifically on matters related to designing the UI for touch enabled devices. Both applications were built with responsive design in mind so that they would work well on a small screen touch enabled device all the way up to a full desktop experience.

8/2012-3/2013 StoneRiver, Inc. Rolling Meadows, IL

Front-end Engineer

Worked on 2 single page applications(SPA’s) that consisted of the Dojo Toolkit for the front-end JavaScript architecture, ASP.NET and the Unity framework in the middle tier and NHibernate for the ORM. The back-end data store used was SQL Server 2008.

My role was to help build upon the JavaScript framework on the front-end. This consisted of creating additional controls used in the applications. Also, I worked on creating additional classes for data-binding, routing and validation.

I also was involved in fixing styling issues and re-shaping the look and feel of the application using CSS.

Wrote unit tests leveraging Dojo’s doh unit testing framework.

Provided support and implemented bug fixes to ensure the applications worked cross-browser(IE8-10, Firefox, Chrome and Safari) and cross-device(desktop, iOS, and Android).

3/2012-8/2012 AUM, Inc. Downers Grove, IL

.NET Developer

Involved with gathering requirements, application design and development of a Silverlight application. The company was moving away from an Oracle client server application. The application was developed using Silverlight 5, the CSLA framework and Oracle 8i on the back-end.

Developed reports in ASP.NET, C# and Oracle 8i for the company’s extranet.

Provided support for internal ASP.NET applications.

8/2011-3/2012 Randstad Technologies Des Plaines, IL

.NET Application Developer / ILM 2007 Technical Resource

Designed, developed and implemented a timesheet application in SharePoint. The app replaced the existing Notes based application. The application was comprised of 2 web parts that integrated with a SQL Server database.

Designed, developed and implemented application to synchronize user and group information from Active Directory to SharePoint.

Designed, developed and implemented web parts to display location information for the organizations facilities located around the world. The various web parts integrated with Active Directory to display list based and map based information of the facilities. I leveraged the Google Maps control to dynamically generate maps of the facility’s locations. There was also a list web part and a weather web part.

Designed and developed a 1 page ASP.NET web app that allowed users to sync their Ceridian Payroll accounts with their Active Directory accounts.

Designed, developed and implemented an ASP.NET web application to synchronize HR files from PeopleSoft that was used by ILM 2007 to integrate HR information with AD and SAP.

Fixed minor architectural problems in existing ILM 2007 implementation. Created 6 management agents in ILM 2007 to import and export HR/AD information.

Completed development of InfoPath forms and workflows for a change request application.

Technologies used on the various projects were SQL Server 2000-2008, ILM 2007, WSS 3.0, IIS 6.1, SharePoint Workflows, C#, LINQ, ASP.NET, JQuery 1.7, JQGrid, CSS, HTML, InfoPath 2007, Visual Studio 2008.

2/2011-7/2011 Stericycle, Inc. Lake Forest, IL

.NET Application Developer / Technical Lead

Developed LOB applications in Silverlight 4 for medical disposal organization. Worked mainly on the framework, where we were leveraging Caliburn.Micro and MEF to compose our applications. Provided guidance to programmers on MEF and the Caliburn.Micro framework.

Conducted performance tests against WCF service layer by using WCAT 6.3 and perfmon. Created scripts to test out various endpoints that were under-performing. Worked with a team to identify a major performance bottleneck that we resolved in a production system.

Identified and resolved caching problems between IIS and Internet Explorer when calling WCF endpoints.

Introduced the team to the developer tools in Google Chrome for debugging web applications. Also, showed the team how to use Fiddler to debug our WCF SOA.

2/2010-2/2011 Independent Contractor Schaumburg, IL

.NET Developer

Currently doing design, development and technical support for various web application projects. The technologies used are Silverlight 4.0, C# 4.0, Caliburn.Micro and SQL Server 2008.

Worked with a team developing a Silverlight 4.0 application for a large medical waste organization. My role on the project was to learn how to use the Caliburn.Micro framework so that we could call REST based services. Also, I was tasked with leveraging CM to create a framework for the Tab-based user interface used in the application. The technologies used were Silverlight 4.0, C# 4.0, Caliburn.Micro and SQL Server 2008.

Designed and developed a POC in Silverlight 4.0. The application was leveraging pre-existing REST based endpoints. Various POC’s were created by our team so that upper management could compare performance characteristics amongst the various web technologies. The technology used for my POC was chosen as the platform of choice for future web applications at the organization.

Developed healthcare related mobile web application for a large IT computer reseller in northern Chicago. Main technologies used for the web app were HTML 5/ CSS 3.0. The mobile web app was targeted for the IPhone, Android and Blackberry phones.

Integrated a custom CMS with a marketing web application for a local Pharmaceutical company located in northern Chicago. Technologies used in the app were C#2.0, SQL Server 2008, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Designed and developed an ASP.NET MVC 2 web application for a reverse auction web site. The technologies used for the application were JQuery 1.4, ASP.NET MVC 2, C#, LINQ to SQL and SQL Server 2008.

Developed and implemented the administration and security piece for

Developed and implemented the administration and security piece for Also developed a web service to integrate with the Flash front-end.

Developed and implemented the administration and security piece for Technologies used were C#, ASP.NET 2.0, SQL Server 2008.

10/2009-2/2010 Ossia Systems Chicago, IL

.NET Developer

Designed and developed an internal web application using ASP.NET 3.5. My main role on this project was to re-architect it from a 2-tier web application to a 3-tier. In doing so separating out the presentation, business logic, and data access layers. Also, implemented a central security system that allowed for role and attribute based security within the application. The main technologies used in the application were ASP.NET 3.5, C#, Telerik Controls and SQL Server 2008.

Built a web cam application that was used as a POC for a potential client in the health care industry. The application was used to show off video, audio and chat features running in a web browser to the client. It was built using Adobe Media Server 3.5, Adobe CS4 and ActionScript.

Designed, developed and implemented security and additional features for a marketing application for a major distributor. The web application was a hybrid ASP and ASP.NET 2.0 application. My main role was to consolidate the security and add additional features as requested by the client. The main technologies used for the project were ASP 3.0, ASP.NET 2.0, C#, Telerik Ajax controls and SQL Server 2000.

12/2008-9/2009 Ensynch, Inc. Tempe, AZ

Senior Consultant

Designed, developed and implemented an identity management solution using ILM 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. The solution integrated Oracle HRMS with Active Directory. The management agents were written in C#. WSS 3.0 was used in the solution to provide reports to the client through web parts and SSRS. SSIS packages were utilized to generate delta views of the data coming from Oracle into the SQL Server tables. This was used primarily for performance reasons.

Designed and developed a POC that integrated MOSS 2007 and ILM 2007. This was achieved by building a custom management agent in ILM that integrated with the built-in web service API’s in SharePoint 2007. The custom management agent allowed for provisioning and de-provisioning of SharePoint sites using outside data as the authoritative source.

Worked on a number of small projects that consisted of expanding upon the portal piece of the Microsoft product Forefront Identity Manager 2010. The portal was initially supported to run in WSS 3.0. Based on client requests I was able to get the portal to run in MOSS 2007. Also, clients requested more flexibility in the design in the portal solution which was not possible since the majority of the site was built using SharePoint server controls. To provide that flexibility I created a new portal in WSS 3.0 using web parts that integrated with FIM 2010’s WS-* web services to provide basic CRUD operations.

Created a WinForm application in C# that allowed our internal consultants the ability to generate client ready Word documentation that was used for post-production deliverables to the client. The Word documentation was created by reading the XML outputted from MIIS/ILM/FIM and using the Open XML SDK 2.0 from Microsoft.

Worked on a POC for one of our potential clients to allow password synchronization between Lotus Notes, Active Directory and SAP.

Worked on and participated in a webinar on Geneva Server(ADFS 2.0 and WIF) and the benefits that Single Sign-On solutions provide to enterprises.

Worked on demos showcasing the benefits of moving to claims based authorization in ASP.NET applications.

Provided support for one of our clients that were in the process of migrating their Active Directory Forests. This involved assisting in the synchronization from 3 GALS into 1.

3/2007-11/2008 Ipseity, Inc. Roselle, IL

Senior Software Developer / Idm Architect

Designed and developed an identity management solution for a major pharmaceutical company. The solution that I developed provided user as well as group provisioning in the major directories of the organization. Overall there were over 20 management agents that integrated with the following platforms: Lotus Notes, Sun One Directory Server, Active Directory, ADAM, Oracle and SQL Server 2000. Part of the solution included creating a web service API that allowed external programs to add, edit and delete users in the Sun One Directory Server. Also, created SSIS packages in SQL Server 2005 that brought in flat files from external vendors and communicated with the Sun One web service API’s.

Upgraded a large University from MIIS SP1 to ILM 2007 FP1. Part of the project involved identifying which pieces of the identity management solution needed to be upgraded from .NET 1.1 to .NET 2.0. Re-compiled the appropriate custom code to .NET 2.0, fixing memory leaks and modifying code as needed to work with .NET 2.0.

Reverse engineered the MIIS 2003 product to provide more visibility from a reporting perspective as to how user and group objects were being provisioned and de-provisioned from within the product.

Provided 24x7 technical support for the technical support staff overseeing the MIIS 2003 identity management solution at a major brewery.

Worked on 3 separate MIIS 2003 projects for a major brewery that involved creating SQL Server and DB2 management agents. The role of the management agents were to provide user provisioning and de-provisioning to 3 separate platforms.

1/07-7/07 Hegemony, Inc. Wheaton, IL

Contract programmer

Worked on an ASP.NET web portal for a large insurance company. The portal was a 3-tier system consisting of ASP.NET, C# and SQL Server 2000.

12/05-1/07 Avanade, Inc. Chicago, IL

.NET Solutions Developer II

I worked on an Identity Management solution using Microsoft Identity and Integration Server. My initial responsibilities on the project involved developing management agents in MIIS using C#. The management agents I created communicated with flat files, SQL 2000 tables, ADAM, AD, SAP( using web service calls to Net Weaver ), and RACF. As the project progressed I was moved to the Tech Lead role 3 times to manage and oversee the deployment of all 3 project releases.

Worked on the website My main role after being hired on by Avanade was to complete the integration between the 6 different vendors within the web application. I also was tasked to provide code reviews for Accenture’s off-shore programmers. My additional responsibilities were to do bug fixing for the entire app as well as providing support to Accenture’s test team and off-shore resources.

10/05-12/05 Hegemony, Inc. Wheaton, IL

Contract Programmer

Worked on the website for Avanade. My accomplishments on the project were developing a custom message queuing service and creating proxy classes for the web service tier. The technologies used on the project were ASP.NET 2.0, C# and SQL 2000.

10/01-10/05 Strategic Contact Solutions Hoffman Estates, IL

Project Manager / Lead Programmer

I managed 5 programmers for software development work for our clients.

Trained new customers in our scripting framework.

Developed application in C# that integrated an IVR with a 3rd party mainframe application.

Developed online portal in C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2000 to allow our largest client to generate reports on real-time calling statistics.

Developed many smaller apps that used a combination web services/windows services to transmit data in real-time across the Internet for data collection applications.

Built 4-tier web app that allowed one of our clients to stream customer information across multiple servers that allowed real-time data collection to be sent to our clients.

Re-designed UI for the custom scripting framework.

Developed an Add-in for Outlook that integrated with our dialer product. This also involved creating web pages that displayed in Outlook and communicated back to the add-in to provide campaign management capabilities.

Developed ActiveX controls in Visual Basic that worked in FrontPage and provided a point and click interface that emited JavaScript code into a web page that interacts with the in-house custom JavaScript library and framework.

5/00-5/01 Scheyer-Austin Ltd. Downers Grove, IL

Consultant III

Redesigned a project management web app that served 2000+ users. The app was written in pure ASP that collected project information and served up excel reports using OLE automation to manipulate the Excel object to generate the reports.

Worked on a 4-tier app that consisted of using VB components for the presentation layer, VB components for the middle-tier, communicating with a combination of a SQL Server 7.0 database for persistent storage and retrieving data from a JD Edwards app running on an AS/400. Communication throughout the layers was done using XML.

Rewrote the database layer for a student housing application for a major university. The rewrite increased performance of the app by 2000%. This gain in speed was mainly achieved by switching to disconnected recordsets.

Worked on a project for a large insurance company that integrated HTML pages with their mainframe application. This was achieved using a combination of screen-scraping the mainframe app and dynamically updating the web app using Remote Scripting, now commonly referred to as AJAX.

Technologies that I worked with in this role were: ASP, SQL Server 7.0, VB, XML, JavaScript and Remote Scripting.

11/99-5/00 New Mexico MESA, Inc. Roselle, IL

Independent Consultant

Developed online version of student database system that I originally created for New Mexico MESA, Inc. It was an n-tier system that consisted of Visual Basic components for the business layer, ASP for the presentation layer and SQL Server 7.0 stored procedures for the data layer.

Lead Programmer and designer for Site was created using ASP, SQL Server 7.0 and VB components.

9/96-11/99 New Mexico MESA, Inc. Albuquerque, NM

IT Manager

Developed student database system using Visual FoxPro 3.0/5.0. This was a client/server program that was used by the internal staff to maintain the 4000+ students in the program.

Managed two data entry staff for the collection of student information.

Created web apps to allow staff in our remote offices to enter student information to reduce the need to hire temporary staff at the beginning of the year to enter student profiles.

Redesigned company’s web site to provide a more professional look.

Managed a network of 20 computers including 4 regional offices.

Administered Novell/Windows/Linux based servers on the network.

Provided tech support for internal/external staff.

8/95-9/96 Rockwell Power Systems Albuquerque, NM

Computer Programmer I

Developed visual controls in Microsoft Visual C++ 1.5 for an application that was being developed for the USAF. Also, setup and maintained the companies web site.


1993–1996 University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM

Completed 3 years in the Computer Engineering program.

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