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Software Developer Computer

Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico
October 22, 2019

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Name: Osvaldo Alejandro Saez Lombira

Date of birth: October 20th, 1990


Phone: +52-777*******


•Bachelor’s degree (five years course) in Computer Science from the University of Havana in 2015.

•Master’s degree in Science, on the area of Computer Science by the Autonomous University Morelos (UAEM) in 2018.

Job Experience

(09/2015 – 08/2016) Professor of Informatics at University City Jose Antonio Echevarria (CUJAE) in Havana, Cuba. On this position, I taught undergraduate students on subjects related to computer science through lectures, exams, and oral presentations. This experience improved my communication and teaching skills significantly.

(09/2016 – 04/2019) Software Developer at the Autonomous University Morelos in Mexico. During this time my team and I were involved in several projects using a wide range of technologies like C#, Xamarin, .NET and Artificial Intelligence, strengthening my ability to work under pressure and as part of a team.

(04/2019 –) Software Consultant Developer at WebCreek. Working on a wide range of products on big and small teams. I have participated in several projects spanning a wide range of technologies, like .NET Core, SSRS, SQL Server, TypeScript, AngularJS, and more.


Tools & Technologies






.NET Framework and APIs



HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript




Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code





Spanish (Native)

English (Advanced, provable with IELTS results)

Theoretical knowledge

These practical pieces of knowledge are complemented with a profound understanding of more theoretical branches of Computer Science, allowing me to face complex problems more comprehensively and improving the efficiency, extensibility, and robustness of my code.

Theoretical Computer Science

Theory of Computation

Computability theory

Computational complexity theory

Automata theory

Algorithms and data structures

Effective design of algorithms

Analysis of algorithms

Data Structures

Related Math

Discrete Mathematics



Mathematical analysis

Optimization problems

Programming language theory

Type theory

Compilers design

Applied computer science:

Artificial intelligence

Computer networks


Software Engineering


A list of several projects I have worked independently or as part of a team. I have also provided, when possible, links to the code itself or the actual product.

MangApp (C#, Xamarin): I built this app to allow users to read mangas from their phones in a simple and usable phone interface, rather than having to access to a website all the time to do so. Besides that, the app has a staggering amount of content, since it aggregates several of these websites into one place, giving more options to the user and, it also enables offline reading. This project was designed and implemented as a personal project. The APK is available for download at this link.

Tiger compiler (C#): This app is a compiler for the reference imperative language: Tiger. To build it was necessary to transit through all the compiler phases, meaning lexicographic, syntactic and semantic analysis, with code generation at the end. For which we used ANTLR and .NET Reflection libraries. The result is a program capable of generating a Windows executable from files containing Tiger source code. The code can be found in GitHub:

Fig crop segmentation (C#): This system was built to provide farmers in the state of Morelos, Mexico with an automated way to segment large crops using drones, and later use this information to perform precision farming. To implement it, I used Self-Organizing Maps, a type of neural networks and other tools from artificial intelligence. The challenge for this work was related to the fact that the light and height conditions were not controlled.

Sells Management Site (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & PHP): I developed this website for a Mexican ice-cream chain called Helnie, to enable them to control their sells, inventories, reports, and more. You can check a test version of the site at and access it using the user admin and no password.

2048 Player (Python): This is an artificial intelligence project conceived to implement an agent to play a version of the game 2048, that is zero-sum. It does so by implementing a Minimax algorithm with alpha-beta pruning and more. This solution is a great example of synergy between practical skills and theoretical knowledge. The source code can be found at

Animal Sounds Recognizer (Python): This software was developed as part of my undergraduate thesis, and it allows me to train an HMM (Hidden Markov Model) to recognize specifics animal sounds. Although it can be used as a standalone solution, it is part of a much larger endeavor to build a suite to process and analyze animal sounds. My part of the project can be found at under a GNU license.

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