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.Net Developer

Sterling, VA
October 22, 2019

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●4+ years of experience in Designing, Development, Implementation and Testing of Web Applications, Windows Applications and Client-Server in multiple Platforms.

●Hands on experience in .NET technologies including .NET Framework, ASP.NET (MVC 5 and Web Forms), C#.NET, ADO.NET, LINQ, Entity Framework, Web API2, WCF, Dapper, RESTful/SOAP, Visual Studio & AJAX.

●Practical Knowledge in developing web-centric applications using Angular 6, TypeScript, HTML/HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS/CSS3 and Responsive Web Design.

●Experienced in Angular 6 Template basics, Template directives, Component, Routing and Navigation, Components, Services and Data Binding.

●Profound knowledge in architecture, design and development of Client-Server and distributed web applications with ASP.NET MVC5.

●Experience in developing and consuming Web Services using Web API, REST Services where communication of data is done in XML and JSON formats.

●Experience with Dapper and Entity Framework approaches such as Code-first and Database-first for execute the command in database.

●Skill in creating T-SQL Stored Procedures, Functions, Tables, Views and SQL Joins and other statements for various applications, maintained referential integrity and implemented business logic.

●Working experience with different SDLC methodologies such as Agile (SCRUM) .

●Good in Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), GitHub, and TortoiseSVN for all the source code maintenance needs and experience in JIRA for handling portability and tracking issues.

●Extensive working experience in unit testing framework – NUnit, Karma, Jasmine, MOQ framework, MS Test.

●Ability to debug the Restful Web API service using Postman & Fiddler to improve the application.

●Experience in Setup, Configuration, Deployment & Maintenance of MS Azure.

●Motivated achiever with ability to guide, provide added values, create project deliverables in a timely manner.

Technical Skills

.NET Technologies

.Net 4.5/4.0/3.5, ASP.NET MVC 5, Web API2, Dapper, Entity Framework, WCF,ADO.NET.,Web Forms

Web Technologies / Scripting

Angular 6, HTML5, CSS3, TypeScript, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap.

Programming Languages



SQL Server 2016/2014/2012.

IDE and Tools

Visual Studio 2017/2015/2013/2012, SSMS, VS Code..




Git,TFS, SVN, JIRA, Azure, Jasmine, Karma, Postman, Fiddler.


Work Experience

FinnOne Neo

Nucleus Software

Edison, NJ

Sept 2018 to Present


FinnOne Neo is designed to shape for the lending across Retail and Corporate. The multi-channel solution helps in the complete loan lifecycle, from initial contact with customers and helping make better credit decisions faster to comprehensive loan servicing and sophisticated delinquency management. FinnOne Neo helps users make better decisions faster, rapidly launch new products, improve customer experience with multi-channel access, scale fast, increase operational efficiency and reduce overall costs. It consists of several modules like FinnOne Neo Customer Acquisition System (CAS), FinnOne Neo Loan Management System (LMS), Lending Analytics and Enterprise Content Management.


VS Code, Visual Studio 2017, Angular 6, Web API, Dapper, TypeScript, CSS3, HTML5, JIRA, Karma, Agile SCRUM, TFS, Bootstrap, SQL Server 2017, C#..


●Implemented UI using Angular 6, CSS3, HTML5, TypeScript, Web API, Entity Framework, C# and Bootstrap to create responsive web pages, developed Layouts.

●Used Angular as framework to create a Single Page Application (SPA) which can bind data to specific views and synchronize data with server.

●Worked on Angular 6 of Forms, Scopes, Pipes, Filters, Services, Dependency Injection, Routing and Prototyping.

●Designing of Angular 6 Modules and Component using different directives like Component, Structural, Attribute directive.

●Performed Angular 6 Reactive forms to perform the validations using Form Builder.

●Utilized Angular and Bootstrap to update a portion of a web page thus reducing bandwidth usage and load time and add modal dialog in web pages to get user input and requests.

●Implemented Web API Services for CRUD operations with HTTP verbs GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.

●Used Http Response Exception to handle the exceptions in Web API and customized the Exceptions using Exception Filters and registered them at the Action Level.

●Performed Dapper to extract the data from database, update the data, and save the data to database. Also, users' activities using Dapper, and generated audit log info in DB.

●Written unit test scripts for components, filters, directives and services using Karma.

●Implemented JIRA for bug and issue tracking as part of project management.

●Utilized the TFS source control software to keep track of new and past versions of code written in application.

●Agile methodology and SCRUM for the development and Responsible for attending daily scrum meetings to accommodate client's requirements.



Newark, NJ

Jan 2018 to Sept 2018


iAsset is an asset management solution. It helps user to keep a regular and frequent track of all assets and helps prevent loss and misuse of the assets. The application helps to keep a track of assets that are moved from one location to another, sent for repair, leased or rented out, lost, broken, junked or sold, etc. iAsset captures the following information: List of asset(s), Asset Location, Asset custodian, Issue Date, When it is due for return, When it is scheduled for maintenance, Detailed tracking of computers, searchable by all fields, Software tracking (installed copies, licensing), Trouble ticket system ("tracking") with priorities, assign to users, Transaction tracking history, follow-ups, email notifications, Report generation tools..


C#, Visual Studio 2015, ASP.NET MVC 5, Entity Framework, WCF, SQL Server 2016, Tortoise SVN, TFS, NUnit, HTML, CSS, jQuery, GitHub, Agile..


●Developed the system using Agile Methodology to review progress through weekly sprints.

●Designed Web application using ASP.NET MVC 5 (Model - View - Controller), Entity Framework, WCF, C#, HTML, CSS, jQuery with n-tier architecture.

●Utilized MVC rendering methods and designed layouts views to ensure consistent views throughout the web application development and design.

●Implemented business logic using MVC Action Filters like MVC Authorization filters, action filters and exception filters.

●Data annotations were provided to check validations for the model classes. Validations were provided for both client-side and server-side

●Partial View was created to render into another view for displaying details from the database without redirecting to another view.

●Created and consumed WCF services which are based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Used Basic Http Binding for binding purposes.

●Created data models in MVC using Entity Framework 6 Database First approach.

●Implemented CRUD functionality with Entity framework in ASP.NET MVC 5 and implemented sorting, filtering and paging with Entity framework in MVC.

●Create large number of Stored Procedures, Views, Indexes, Transactions, Sequences and Triggers to handle database efficiently.

●Used GitHub for Version Control, creating and managing projects and accessing the items that are stored and managed for a project Configured Confluence.

●Unit testing was done for testing the code to check for bugs in the code by using NUnit.

Order Management System

US Pack Logistics

Edison, NJ

Aug 2016 to Dec 2017


Order Management is managing the life cycle of an Order from the day of receiving the completion of delivery. It handles the communication type of Order (Email, Phone, etc.,). It includes the various phases of selecting different attributes of the Order (Shipper, Consignee, Order Details etc.,) and updating different Systems across the Business Environment with the Order Information. .


AngularJS, Web API, jQuery, Entity Framework, C#, Visual Studio 2013, Jasmine, Postman, Agile -SCRUM, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, JavaScript, TFS, AJAX, RESTful..


●Designed and implemented application using C#, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript to create professional UI.

●Performed form validation and form properties with ng-show and created a custom directive for date picker.

●Implemented Framework to two-way data binding, Controller to bind data to html page and Angular Service with $http, $q to retrieve data from DAL.

●Created Custom Error Pages to deal with error occasion and Action Filters for user authentication and authorizations.

●Implemented Controllers to maintain each view data. Implemented Angular Service calls using Angular Factory.

●Leveraged Angular resources for all data access, encapsulating URLs and standardizing data access interfaces. Created custom directives for reusable components (multi-field form elements, background file uploads, etc.).

●Analyzed RESTful Web API documents and consumed Web API with service in AngularJS to achieve CRUD operations.

● Consumed RESTful resources using AJAX call, receiving, analyzing and processing JSON responses to get the required proper-formatted data for asynchronous data transfer between the browser and the server.

●Used Entity Framework Code First approach for the Data Access Layer for the Angular application.

●Implemented unit testing using Jasmine throughout development phase to perform efficiently.

● Used REST client - Postman to check the response of various API calls.

● Implemented Team Foundation Server (TFS) to maintain the version control history during development of the application and shared the code with team.

●Actively participated in SCRUM meetings to track the processes, made conclusions for working process and involved in setting plans for daily jobs.

Healthcare Management and Reporting System

Citius Tech


Nov 2015 to July 2016


Citius Tech offers a wide range of healthcare technology services including healthcare software development, healthcare interoperability, Meaningful Use compliance, BI / analytics, care management and consumer health.


Visual Studio 2013, C#, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, jQuery, JavaScript, SQL Server, Entity Framework, TFS, Agile-Scrum, MS test, LINQ, AJAX, HTML, CSS..


●Designed web based application using C#, ASP.NET MVC with JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML and CSS.

●Developed view with Scaffolding templates, Partial Views and custom HTML Helper with Razor View Engine.

●Used Filters for user authentications and authorizations as well as caching pages to improve performance.

●Implemented Error Handling functions and methods to avoid vulnerabilities and exposing code to end users.

●Performed Action filters such as Authorize, OutputCache, ErrorHandle to handle specific behavior of each controller.

●Improvised user experience using jQuery event handling mechanism to dynamically assign events on web controls.

●Developed WCF services to save/get the data for portfolio screen using C# and LINQ.

●Effectively used jQuery a concise JavaScript Library for traversing HTML document, event handling and AJAX interactions.

●Designed and executed n-tier architecture using Entity Framework as Data access layer and View model for Business access layer with LINQ to select specific/clean data.

● Implemented Unit Testing through MS Test and created tests for all functions used in the application.

●Involvement on Database design and Writing complex queries, Stored Procedure, Indexes, Constraints, Tables and Views in SQL Server.

●Implemented TFS as the source for version control and project / issue management

●Worked with Agile-Scrum Environment to meet the timelines and interaction with the team.

Jacob Qin

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