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Hyderabad, Telangana, India
October 22, 2019

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Page * of * Curriculum Vitae of Ms.HEMASRI GUDDALA till 10-08-18.

Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies, Nuzvid

(APIIIT Nuzvid, Act 18 of 2008, Andhra Pradesh)



ID No : N130578 Gender : FEMALE DOB : 1998-08-07

Electronics and Communication Engineering,B.Tech - 4th Year Email:

Phone: +91-703*******

Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies, Nuzvid Objective:

To work in a firm with a professional work driven environment where I can utilize and apply my knowledge, skills which would enable me as a fresh graduate to grow while fulfilling organizational goals.

Educational Qualifications:

Degree/Examination Institute/Board/University Year CGPA Class B-Tech(ECE) Rajiv Gandhi University of

Knowledge Technoligies,Nuzvid


now 8.65 Distinction

PUC Rajiv Gandhi University of

Knowledge Technoligies,Nuzvid 2013-2015 9.2 Distinction SSC Z.P.H.School,Vissanapeta,Krishna

District 2013 9.8 Distinction

Technical Skills:

● Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Power Point

● Web Surfing

● Language: C,Basic Java,Python

● Tools and Packages:Matlab,Keil,Proteus,Multisim,Xilinx

● Operating Systems: Windows XP / 7 / 8/10, Linux


Project Details:

● Intern Project:Moving Object Detection Using Python Description: Background Subtraction Method is used to detect Moving Objects.In this method, we used Static camera for video.We use two types of Threshold:Binary and Otsu Threshold.we used dynamic optimization threshold method to obtain a more complete moving objects. This method can effectively eliminate the impact of light changes This method is very reliable and mostly used in video surveillance applications.

Page 2 of 3 Curriculum Vitae of Ms.HEMASRI GUDDALA till 10-08-18.

● Mini project : Tracking Moving Objects Using MATLAB Description: Here we describe a method for tracking multiple objects whose number is unknown and varies during tracking.We can track the moving objects in a video or live webcam using Matlab code.The implementation is performed by removing noise in image and separating foreground and background objects.We add intellicam to our program to track moving object automatically without being specified by users.

● Mini Project: Life Detection System Using L band Description: Here we design a system in which we can remotely detect the breathing and remotely detect the breathing and heart beat signals of human beings buried under rubbles when earthquake happens. By application of signal processing of these signals, the status of the person under trap can be easily determined.

● Mini Project:Tuning of PID Controller

Description: PID tuning is the process of finding the values of proportional, integral, and derivative gains of a PID controller to achieve desired performance and meet design requirements.The aim of Tuning is to stabilize the system.Here we find the different tuning methods of PID controller using MATLB code. We find the system stability of PID controller.

● Mini Project: 4 Player Buzzer Circuit Using Multisim Description: By using this software,we design a circuit in which if someone presses the buzzer first then all the remaining participant‘s buzzer gets disabled.We can also increase number of players based on our purpose.

● Mini project : Stopwach Using Keil Software & Proteus Software Description: This stopwatch project is a software design. The time will be shown on the 16*2 alphanumeric displays. Here we write a C code in Keil software and dump the code in microcontroller in the Proteus software where we can connect the hardware. Areas of Interest:

● Desining and developing

● Communication

● Networking

● Coding

Publications and Academic Accolades:

● Selected for NMMS scholarship 2010.

● Stood as Mandal Topper in SSC 2013.

● Stood as top in Quiz conducted by TATA Group.

Participation & Presentations in Technical Events and Training programs:

● Received prizes in various events.

● Participated in One Week INSPIRE CAMP 2014.

● Received Certificate of Achievement by Student Mitra(Organization in RGUKT). Extra & Co-Curricular Activities:

Page 3 of 3 Curriculum Vitae of Ms.HEMASRI GUDDALA till 10-08-18.

● Worked as a Representative in Helping Hands Organization.

● Worked as an Organizer in Student Mitra.

● Worked as an Organizer in Robotics Club in Official Student Cell Body.

● Actively participated in technical quiz in various colleges.

● Worked as an Organizer in Teckzite'15.

● Worked as an Organizer in Cygnus 2K17.

● Worked as an Event Organizer for Two Days National Level Techno-Management Fest Teckzite’18. Personal Information:

● Name :- G.Hemasri

● Father's Name :- G.Rambabu

● Permanent Address :- G.Hemasri,D/o G.Rambabu,D.No:8-296/11A,Surisetti vari thota,Bapu Nagar,Nuzvid,Krishna District.

● Date of Birth :- 07th August 1998

● Gender :- Female

● Language Known :- English, Telugu and understand Hindi

● Marital Status :- Unmarried

● Nationality/Religion :- Indian

● Interest & Hobbies :- Playing games,Dancing, Listening music,Reading Novels Declaration:

I, HEMASRI GUDDALA hereby declare that the above mentioned information is corrected up to my knowledge and belief, I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above mentioned particulars.


Date : 10 Aug, 2018. Name & Signature

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