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Sales Support

Mansfield, MA
October 24, 2019

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Prabhu Shanmugasundaram

Oracle Certified - JD Edwards Functional Professional

E Mail:

Mobile: +1-847-***-****

Location: Mansfield, MA


Worked on multiple large ERP implementation/Upgrade/Support projects on Oracle JD Edwards with 13+ years of experience

Experienced in On-site/Off-shore Delivery Management, Configuration and Application Support Management.

Expertise on Procure to Pay, Quote to Cash, Advance Pricing, Material Planning (MPS/MRP/DRP), Product Costing, Work Order Management, A/P, A/R, G/L, Transportation, Inventory Management, Freight allocation and Advance Warehouse Management

Good understanding of business processes in all functional modules (Distribution/Manufacturing/Finance)

Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

Skill Set

ERP Expertise : Oracle JD Edwards One world XE, 8.12, 8.10 and EnterpriseOne 9.x

Functional Expertise : Sales order Management, Procurement, Inventory Management, Advanced Pricing, Transportation, Warehouse management, Advance preferences, MRP/DRP planning,

Product costing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and good knowledge on G/L and DMAAI’s, Insight report Development, Insight scheduler and Reports now

Employment History:

Wipro Technologies : Oct 3rd 2006 to Jan 03 2014

20th Century FOX Film : Jan 06 2014 to Aug 2018

TriMark LLC : Aug 2018 – Till Date (Current)

Educational Qualification : Masters: MS in Software Engineering - BITS Pilani, Rajasthan, India (2007 – 2011)

: Bachelors: B.Sc (Computer Technology) - Anna University, Chennai, India (2003 – 2006)

ERP Knowledge and Experience

Sales and Distribution

Order management processes - Order Entry, Pick Pack & Shipping, Ship Confirm, Freight update, Invoicing, Sales Update etc,

Order Types - Regular, Credit, RMA, Inter Company Orders and Transfer orders.

Base & Advanced Pricing - Adjustment & Schedules, Preferences, Price groups, Free goods, Rebates and Discounts, Accruals, Advanced preferences and complex price groups, Formula pricing

Advanced Preferences – Preference Schedules, Preference names

Customer Master, Address Book, Stock requirement, Availability control

Credit Checking, Cycle Billing

EDI Inbound and Outbound sales orders process

Sales DMAAI’s

Inventory Management

Inventory Issues, Adjustments, Transfers, Reclassification

Cycle count, Cost and Price management

Item Integrity issues

Lot/Serial Item definition and processing

Item Master, Item Branch, Branch Plant constant setup

Inventory Reconciliation

Cost only adjustments

Inventory/GL integrity

Inventory Commitments/Roll Back


Various Purchase order process - Quote Order, Blanket Order, Requisition, Supplier PO, RMA, Inter/Intra company transfer Order process, Stock/Non Stock purchasing etc..

Receipt Routing, Landed Cost Rule, Approval Process

2-way, 3 way Voucher match, Tolerance Rule definition

DMAAI associated with Procurement

Advance pricing in procurement

Post production purchase orders (Using Configurators)

Received not Vouchered integrity

Accounts Payable:

Voucher match automation

Payment control groups, Payment processing, check printing

Employee expenses (AMEX to PeopleSoft)


Rate setup, Route setup, Carrier setup

Routing issues, Shipment issues and date issues

Transportation constants, Workday Calendar

Shipment processing

Shipment tracking

FedEx & UPS Integration using Web connectors

Warehouse Management:

Picking, Putaway and Replenishment process

DC link/DSI expert

Clipper ship processing

Suggestions, requests, Cross-docking Workbench

Inventory Control

Accounts Receivables:

Cycle billing, Invoicing, Flex accounting

A/R to G/L Reconciliation

A/R Control – Security, Segregation of Duties

Auto receipt

Cash application

Bank deposit process

Customer Credit check processing


Product costing

Planning – MRP/DRP/MPS

BOM, Routing and Work order processing

Manufacturing Accounting, WIP/Variance

Intercompany processing:

TRAX processing, TRAX compliance

Cross docking

Pull orders, Push orders

Lot synchronization


850 – Order processing

855 – Purchase order outbound

856 – ASN processing

940 – Sales order download to WMS

945 – Ship confirmation inbound

947 – Inventory transactions inbound/outbound

860 – Change acknowledgement

861 – PO receipt

810 – Inbound (PO Invoice (PV))

810 – Outbound (Sales Invoice (RI))

Other Modules – Good Understanding of GL and Job costing modules


Retail, Manufacturing & Distribution Companies, Pharmaceutical and Entertainment Industry

Projects Profile:

TriMark – Business Application Manager (Supply Chain)

Aug 2018 – Till date

Application owner, Oracle upgrade, Project Implementation, Project Management, Team Management and support for Oracle JDE

Role: Business Application Manager (Supply Chain)


IT Application owner for entire TriMark Corporate supply chain

Solution/Design new process to help company visions on Warehouse Distribution and Transportation

Oversee Implementation projects on Oracle JDE for other sister companies of TriMark

Collaborate with other Application mangers to drive design/solution/re-engineering decisions

Work closely with Companies senior leadership to achieve the company goals

Manage 3rd party vendors and in-house Business analysts

Work closely with DC’s operations owner to ease the business process

Internal Projects:

System Stabilization: TriMark Division – SS Kemp (Cleveland, OH)

Identified key areas of Pain point in supply chain area and addressed process system related issues


Solved several integrations with FedEx, UPS web connectors

Used Oracle JDE Advanced preferences to optimize the “Freight handling code” and Mode of transport

Pre-pack estimate methodology for WHSE orders

Customized drop ship process implementation with Transportation

Implemented “FedEx” carrier Zones for customer delivery based on Postal code

Customer route optimization for own fleet (TriMark Truck) deliveries

Optimized “Load” deliveries and LTL/TL processing on Billable/Payable charges

oWarehouse Management

Implementation of Custom item process with Lot/Serial numbering

Several fixes for identified for DSI-JDE integration with respect to label printing

Introduced License plate concept for Inbound and Outbound shipments

Refined put-away process

Redesigned RMA process

UPC/Barcode correction

oInventory Control

Procedural cycle count process for “No-find” items

Structured/efficient put-away process after Purchase order receipt

Lead and planned for year-end physical inventory for 3 DC’s

Monthly Inventory reconciliation process implementation

Several user reports for metrics and exception (Bin Utilization, opening packages, Staging location processing)

Oracle JDE Implementation: TriMark Division – United East (Attleboro, MA)

Requirement analysis on Data conversion from Lawson to JDE, Project cut-over and Configuration of JDE

oMaster Data translation (Item, Customer, Supplier)

oSystem and process GAP analysis Legacy Vs Future (Lawson Vs JDE)

oOpen inventory, Open SO, Open PO’s and Open WO conversion and cutover plans

oHardware upgrade analysis on RF guns (TC70, TC70, WT600) for warehouse operations

oSuper user training on Process/system changes

oDiscussion with leadership team on operations and Sales for smooth cutover

oRisk identification – Volume, “One-TriMark” solution and user training

oDesigning new solution/Process based on GAP analysis

oFunctional requirement sign-off with stakeholders and User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

20th Century Fox – Lead Business Analyst for Home Entertainment and International Business

Jan 2014 to till date

Application support, Project Initiation, Project Implementation, Gap Identification, Reengineering, Leading Regional Business Analysts and maintenance for JDEdwards

Role : Lead Business Analyst (D&L, Finance, Manufacturing)


Support the Worldwide Home Entertainment and International Theatrical Business units in all phases of the project life cycle

Researching Potential solutions, business development solutions, leading interviews with customers

User Acceptance testing for Medium and Large size projects

Preparation of user manual, training and Documenting the projects and requirements

New requirement gathering and writing functional Specifications

Implementing best practices in the industry to meet high efficiency

Architecting solutions for Global requirements and also regional requirements

Act as a Functional SME for regional business analysts across the globe

Manage shared services – IT vendor offshore/Onsite co-ordination

Internal Projects:

Advance pricing implementation for Overage Billing

FOX has non E1 territories submitting their monthly sales in USD. Apart from Minimum Guarantee Billing, the additional sales needs to be invoiced to individual territories

oFunctional Design specification for new UBE to attain this functionality using Rebates functionality

oUsing Standard rebate processing (Credit Orders creation R42770) with some alterations to business fit, create new orders when the accumulated sales goes beyond Minimum Guarantee (Threshold)

oNew order type for initial Guarantee, DMAAI setups and Flex accounting setup

oNew order type for Overage Billing, DMAAI setups and Flex accounting setup

oAdvance pricing setups based on Sales order detail groups (PC1, PC2 and Line of Business)

oAdvanced preferences to default currency to USD when overage is written after sales update

oEnd to end co-ordination from Design to business Sign off

Electronic Customer Portal Implementation for Digital Business

FOX has digital business implemented in E1 for digital Accounting and their digital customers’ needs to be interfaced and maintained in E1

oFunctional Mapping design for Custom build Batch program to create/Update Digital Customers

oETL/EAI team co-ordination on Flat file mapping from External ERP systems

oX-ref updates for E1 data translation

oExternal ERP mapping to Custom staging files in E1

oBuilt custom UBE to map the customer information from Staging files to Standard Z files (WHO’s who, Customer master, Address, Parent/Child relationship (ORG Structure)

oError handling in interface processing based on the Transaction Action field and EDSP

oEDI Interoperability for tracking purposes

oEnd to end co-ordination from Design to business Sign off

HEP Project: (Home Entertainment Platform: E1 to Sales Force Integration)

MASH system generates budget forecasting and distributes to all ERP’s. As part of the project, the old system MASH was replaced with Sales Force. E1 data extracts (PO”s, Invoices, Actuals) integration with Salesforce

oBuilt SOA services using the DAAS application for E1 extract of data (PO commitments, Open Invoices and Actuals) for Budget forecasting

oModified inbound budget to accommodate Sales Force needs

oEnd to End integration testing (Outbound and Inbound)

oUAT Sign off, Documentation and offshore handover

Finance Transformation Projects (Automation of Vendor Inactivation and PO Closure)

FOX has decided to outsources their AP department and as a part of that initiative FOX wanted to automate the closure of PO’s and de-activate the vendors beyond 15 months

oRequirement Gathering, Analysis and Functional Design for new UBE to close all the PO’s beyond 15 months

oBuild UBE for PO’s based on the order transaction date and open amount

oBuild UBE to inactivate vendor based on Open invoices, Payments and Purchase orders

oEnabled Proof and Final mode for user flexibility

oDesigned based on Inter-operability activation to track changes and audit perspective

oTesting, User Sign off and Production build

oCo-ordination with regional IT after implementation (Initial Close)

oTraining materials for regional IT for support

Product Costing Implementation for Territories

Completed the custom design for Cost Rollup

oRequirement gathering with Regional IT/Business on different scenarios

oBuilt Product Hierarchy Interface from Distributors

oConfigured the roll up functionality (Simulated and Frozen) reports as part of interface processing

oMultiple scenario integration testing on Product Hierarchy interfaces

oUser sign-off and Production Build

oPost go-live support

Voucher Match automation

Implemented A/P automation (Voucher and Payment Automation for FOX)

oCo-ordinated with multiple business teams (AP) across the globe to understand their regional requirements

oComplete feasibility study on Invoice processing system (Acenza)

oDesigning third party GUI and data lookups in E1 using interactive SQL lookups on Supplier, Master, Address Book master, PO’s, Payment terms, Currency Exchange rates, Payment terms and Tax rate areas

oNew header and detail tables to get the inbound data from 3rd party invoicing system (Acenza)

oFunctional Design specification for new UBE to get data from staging table to standard E1 tables based on the PO based invoices Vs NON-PO based invoices

oCo-ordination with developer for Code build

oTesting, User sign off and production build

oTraining material for error handling for AP department on actions and for IT support

oDeveloped report in Insight (Hubble) for A/P Reconciliation

Payment & Void update program:

Custom code build for AP Payment and Void program to third party system

oRequirements gathering on UI on third party system

oDefining status of Payment and Void of Vouchers

oExtracting payment information from E1 and updating to staging tables to enable 3rd party system access

oMultiple Scenarios on Check, ACH, Wire transfer payments/Voids updates

oTesting, AP User sign off and production build

oTraining materials for regional IT and user manuals for issue troubleshooting

PO Mobile Approval Project

Completed the custom design for PO mobile approval with the help of SOA services

oRequirement gathering and Functional Design specification for new report

oSQL services for SOA (On order hold table, budget checking)

oTesting with Monetary and Budget approvers

oMultilayer Integration testing (SOA, EDF Framework (FOX Mobile APP) and E1)

oProduction build and post go-live support

Digital Guarantee Invoicing

Completed the custom design for Digital Guarantee invoicing – A/R implementation

oRequirement gathering and Functional Design specification for Interface processing (Inbound to E1)

oInitial Guarantee, Customer Statement processing and Overage processing implementation

oStatement processing using Sales advance pricing

oCalculating Underage/Overage using E1 Advance pricing rebate functionality for all Digital customers

oA/R invoicing for Initial invoices and Overage invoices using Flex Accounting

oCOA analysis for the project

oDeveloped insight reporting for Overage/Underage by customer

Digital Participations

Completed the custom design for Digital Participations

oRequirement gathering and Functional Design specification for Interface processing (Outbound from E1)

oExtraction of data from AR Receipt payment and on AR Invoice tables

oExtraction of data by Title/Customer/Region to a flat file

oDetermining the share analysis (Producer/FOX Share/Legal Fees) before extracting the data

oSegregating transactions for Boxset/Bundle Transactions/Production seasons (Multiple Licensor)

oInsight report development for data reconciliation

Job Queue Simplification

Identified all UBE jobs running for International territories and separated the jobs into territory specific Job queues. This includes

oCreation of new job queues

oChanging UBE version specific Job Queue

oLoad testing

oParallel testing of UBE’s

oImplementation on different phases by considering time Zones

oCoordinating with regional business users for sign off, performance testing results

oStandard Operation Procedure (SOP) document preparation for critical jobs

JDE Worldwide application support for Home Entertainment and Theatrical Business

oResolving day to day issues encountered by business users worldwide

oOffshore assistance/co-ordination with vendor

oProcess improvements and user manual preparation

oWorking with various Regional – IT (EU, APAC and LATAM) to architect their requirements

oWeekly meetings with vendor on no of tickets/Issue resolution and resource planning

oAppraising consultants annually on their performance

Client : Baxter Healthcare Limited - JDE Enhancement and Application Support

Dec 2010 to Jan 2014

Application support and maintenance for JDEdwards E1 for a fortune 500 company – Baxter Healthcare Limited

Role : JDE Functional Module lead


Part of Application Run Operations (ARO) team which is responsible for supporting the business in Transportation and Logistics module, Warehouse module and Planning module

Developing functional specs for customizations and new applications based on the business users requirement

in the area of logistics, 3PL Warehouse and transportation

Solving the issues encountered in day-to-day operations in Transportation, Warehouse Management, Homecare module and Material Planning

Providing root cause analysis and workaround to business users for their JDE issues in Logistics and Transportation module

Provided critical support in JDE setups for new projects in Baxter

Responsible for conducting training within the team and providing knowledge transfer to the offshore team

Defining the Incident management process and describing SLA (Service Level Agreement) norms

Successful completions of on time deliverable like As-Is & To-Be document, Gap Document, and Key User Training.

Internal Projects

EDI Enhancement: 940 and 945

-Built custom process for EDI 940 (Order download to WHS) and 945 (Inbound Ship confirmation)

-End to end co-ordination with 3PL Cardinal, Swisslog and RXC

-Flat file generation from E1 to Web-sphere to 3PL Warehouse sytems

-Custom UBE for transferring data from/to E1 Z files to staging files

-Built Custom Application for interface Error handling

-Scheduling of order download to meet shipment cut-off time depends on 3PL needs

-UAT, user Sign-off and clear documentation for production support

B4one Stabilization Project

-Focus on problem management for recurring issues

-Provided process change/change requirement for issues which needs efficient performance

-Worked in Australia, Singapore and Taiwan for the stabilization project – Baxter

B4one project team - migration of JDE from Legacy A7.3 to E1 8.12

-Did end to end testing to confirm to ensure the new objects working as expected

-Ensuring the data correctness after data migration from A7.3 to E8.12

-Ensuring the project is on track based on business cutoff before go-live

-Post go-live support and process/bug fixes, Post implementation Gap analysis

Test case Rationalization

-My role is to provide E2E testing data to the test script automation team for the modules Intercompany, Logistics, Warehouse and Manufacturing

-Step by step process document for testing team for easy automation process

-Links to external files on process Video files

Business team

-My role is to identify process issues within Baxter and suggest an efficient process change

-Writing functional specification document for new requirements/enhancement

-Testing the functionality of the object in the lower environment after development

Management activities

-Defining incident management process for tickets (CTI – Category, type and Issue)

-Weekly/Monthly review of top contributors of issues

-Bi-weekly meeting with sub-ordinates on process/CSAT improvement

-Appraising and managing the team (Onsite and Offshore)

Production support and Maintenance for Logistics, Transportation, Manufacturing and WH module

-Providing Support to Baxter end users on daily transactional issues

Client : Sealed Air (Johnson Diversey earlier)- JDE Enhancement and Support

October 2006 – Dec 2010

Application Support and Maintenance of JD Edwards One Word Xe systems for Diversey Inc - is a leading global provider of cleaning and hygiene solutions to the institutional marketplace, serving customers in the lodging, food service, retail, health care, food and beverage sectors, as well as building service contractors worldwide.

Role : Distribution & Logistics and Manufacturing Functional Consultant


Requirement Gathering, Analyzing Business Process and proposing improvements in process, Identify process gaps, etc in Sales and Manufacturing module

Lead an active role in the Functional Design, Testing and Implementation of new business process in the Advance pricing module at onsite

Participate on projects in support of JDE applications as subject matter expert in JDE Distribution and Logistics Module

Collecting the user requirements and mapping with JD Edwards One World XE in MRP/DRP related

On site – Off shore coordination

Root cause analysis for recurring issues

Internal implementation Projects:

Roll out project for Indonesia

-Responsible for Next number setup, UDC setup, Preference setup, Advance Pricing setup Branch plant constants setup and others.

-New version creation, Menu creation, Job scheduler setup, frequency analysis with business

-Data migration from Legacy to OneWorld XE

-Ensuring project cutoff plan is on track before go-live

System Stabilization Project – Shop Floor and Material Planning

-Responsible for identifying (RCA), fixing and testing the product bugs or process issues in the area of Material Planning system (MPS/MRP/DRP)

-Streamlining the process for Shop Floor Activities by working with user requirements and ease the process

-Finding RCA on issues related to Work orders, Product costing, Cost roll-up and Variances

-Item Integrity report development for fixing Item balance and Item ledger

Business process simplification for India

-Process enhancement/implementation in Advance pricing module for Indian Tax system through advance pricing

-Business process simplification for Warehouse process/ Warehouse related reports

-Customization/Enhancement/Configuration of pick processing

-Automation of invoice processing specific to Octroi invoices

Logility Voyager Migration from Demantra– Advance planning system

-Part of the testing team where my role is to make sure the DRP/MRP messages are created as expected

-JDE to Logility Extract (Sales History, Item attributes)

-Logility to JDE (DRP/MRP, Forecast, Inventory Planning (IP) and Replenishment Planning (RP))

-Weekly and Monthly extracts

-Post implementation support

GER Team

-Part of Global Enhancement Request team for Manufacturing and Sales team, where my role is to convert business requirements to vanilla mapping if possible, else to write a Functional specification for custom object

-Writing functional specification document and providing it to internal IT technical team for development of the object and helping them to understand the logic

-Testing the functionality of the object in the lower environment after development

-Responsible for preparing test plan for UAT and sign off from user for production promotion

Production support and Maintenance for S&D and Manufacturing modules

-Resolving day to issues faced by users

-Updating on-site/off-shore team on activities

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