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Engineer Injection

Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates
October 20, 2019

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Al Jazeera Tower, Khalidya,



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I have several achievements to my credit which I have achieved during my time with various companies. Some are mention below.

I worked for 22 years in ZADCO operating the world’s fourth largest offshore oil field. With my extensive experience in Oil and Gas industry, I was selected to be part of team engaged in start-up of oil production from multi billion dollar offsore articial islands project with wells and production facilities. I was overseeing intelligent wells completions comprising of ICDs, PDHGs, DTS, GL, with surface data acquisition and further transmission to H/Q.

While being part of the team, I developed the intelligent well equipment specifications, evaluated the equipment from different vendors, prepared field mock-up and tested realtime data acquisition, saving the company couple of million dollars in consultant costs.

My expertise in engineering and management of operations in Oil and Gas Field were fully utilized when I solely undertook responsibility for ZADCO’s waste water disposal system, saving the company the cost of multiple engineers. This included wells start-up, performance monitoring, wells modeling, intervention programs: Workovers, Coiled Tubing operations, acidization, surface piping design, pipeline network modeling and instrumentation. I was selected as member of DSP and FEED for upgrading the Disposal system, thus with my expertise in operations I modified the surface equipment set-up to provide optimum operational ease to the operations crew and instrumentation to cater for realtime monitoring.

While being part of allocation group in ZADCO, we were faced with the challenge to help reservoir team solve simulation errors and history matching. It was narrowed down to gas allocation error. I single handedly resolved the issue by recalculating and rerunning allocation from the period when Gas Injection started which jeopardized the allocation process causing simulation errors. This saved the company couple of months and substantial amount of money to engage outside contractor to solve the issue.

I was selected completions engineer in the development of a new gas field in Pakistan while working for PPL. I was responsible to commission the gas field on time which included wells completion, surface completions, pipeing network, dehydration plant with offtakes metering, instrumentation with emergency shutdown of wells, wells testings, logging and numerous other operations. I was able to complete all the tasks of the multi-million dollar project on time and was made the field incharge overseeing a contingent of more than 40 personel requiring mentoring and supervision of operations.

SPE Certified Petroleum Professional Engineer and hold a Master degree from Institute of Oil and Gas, Romania, and speak Romanian.

Organized spectacles, games, competitions for the company and was head of company cricket team.

Served as fire warden and hold Fire Warden and BOSIT certificate.



More than 34years as a Petroleum Engineer with experience in:

Well completions, workovers, rigless interventions, stimulation.

Well testing operations, cased hole logging, logistics; Onshore and Offshore.

Investigating and troubleshooting problematic wells.

Nodal analysis. Well modeling. Network modeling. Gas lift designing.

In charge for intelligent completions surface acquisition equipment installation, transmission to H/Q, distribution to engineers desktops fromoffshore wells.

Field Supervisor at a New Gas Field. Responsible during workovers, well completions, pipelines, metering, dehydration plant installationand commissioning.

Managing Well integrity issues withcompletions, scaling, corrosion, etc.

Transient Well Test Analysis,

Intelligent/ Smart well completions, ICDs, ICVs, PDHGs, DTS, AlManara system (Schlumberger), real-time data transmission, etc.

Production logging (CHFR, RST, TDT, PLT, WFL), design, execution and data acquisition.

Disposal system management, including, wells, pipeline, surface piping, workovers, completions, nodal analysis, network model, etc. Preparing DSP for disposal management.

Production Optimization techniques.

Gas Production Engineering, with emphasis on well testing, gas gathering systems, dehydration, and purification.

Equipment specifications and technical evaluation of smart well completions, ICDs, ICVs, surface SSVs, valves, chokes, real-time data acquisition systems.

Supervision, mentoring and training of developing engineers.

Production/Injection (water and gas) surveillance.Systems management.

Surface and downhole data acquisition.

Planningreservoir monitoring programs and management of Sandstone Gas Condensate and Carbonate Gas Reservoirs; Offshore and Onshore.

Production and injection back allocation.

Well development process for new and workover wells.

Offshore Rig selection, planning schedule and deployment.

(Experience more details are given below in addendum)


SPE Certified Petroleum Professional Engineer.

Organizer of festivals and spectacles.

Hold Fire Warden and BOSIT certificates.

Self-motivated, result-oriented and an enthusiastic team player.

Mentoring for new engineers and team members.

Experience in multi-national and diversified working environment.

Trouble shooting technical issues.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Worked on large Oil and Gas Fields (Upper Zakum in Abu Dhabi, 4th largest oil field in the world; Sui Gas Field the largest gas field in Pakistan).

Attended numerous Industry Schools in Petroleum and Reservoir Engineering, Economics and Risk Analysis, HAZOP.

Responsible for conducting various problem solving studies in Petroleum Engineering Field.

Authored and assisted in Technical Papers at National and International Conferences.


Master's Degree in Drilling & Petroleum Engineering from Institute of Petroleum and Gas, Romania (1982).


MS-Word, Spreadsheet;MS Excel and Lotus, PowerPoint, Lotus freelance graphics, Microsoft Project,AutoCAD, Database software:Finder, MS-ACCESS

Well test software: SAPPHIRE (KAPPA), STAR, WIPER,

Modeling softwares:Petroleum Experts(Prosper,MBAL),PIPESIM,PipeFlo,WelFlo, SAM.

Familiarity with Reservoir management software – Oil Field Manager (OFM), Seabed,

Proprietary software fortubing movement and completion designing.

Organizer of sport and entertainment events.

Asthetic designer.


School on “Integrated Production Modeling (IPM)” by ExxonMobil (1 week).

School on “Gas Lift” by ExxonMobil (1 week).

School on “Well Test Analysis using Sapphire software” (1 week).

School on “Water Injection systems & water quality” (1 week).

School on “Risk Based Analysis” by Euromatech (1 week).

School on “Artificial lift” by Euromatech (1 week).

Hands-on training of "Well Test Interpretation using Derivative Type Curves" on Schlumberger's STAR software by Flopetrol Schlumberger (2 weeks).

School on "Hazard and Operability" by Foster Wheeler (2 weeks).

School on "Optimization of production operations and surface equipment" by Rike Services at Aberdeen (2 weeks).

School on "Well Testing and Transient Time Analysis" by Flopetrol Schlumberger (1 week).

School on "Control and Safety Relief Valve Engineering " by Fisher Controls (1 week)

School on "Skills of Communication" by Pakistan Petroleum Limited.

School on "Safety and loss prevention" by Pakistan Petroleum Limited.

Various short courses on different softwares, equipment, skills etc.


Nationality : Canadian

Marital Status : Married (Two children)



March 1995 to September 2016 – Petroleum Engineer, Zakum Development Company (ZADCO), Abu-Dhabi, UAE

Solely handled and was responsible for the intelligent completions surface acquisition for the completed wells.

Prepared equipment specifications and performed technical evaluation of smart well completions, ICDs, ICVs, AlManara system (Schlumberger), PDHGs, DTS, surface SSVs, valves, chokes, real-time data acquisition systems.

Managed the intelligent wells surface acquisition and data transmission to the main office.

Trouble shooting problematic wells and provided solutions.

Performed Nodal Analysis, well modeling, investigating well performance.

Disposal system management, including, wells, pipeline, surface piping, workovers, completions, nodal analysis, network model, etc. Preparing DSP for disposal management.

Plan &witness Production logging surveys (CHFR, RST, TDT, PLT, WFL)

Worked on wells Gas Lift design for the Gas Liftproject for the company.

Investigate well integrity related issues and provided recommendations.

Planning in-fill drilling / workover operations with jack-up rigs and their deployment for different categories of offshore platforms.

Evaluate new equipment, software and techniques for introduction in the company.

Planning and monitoring well tests and downhole surveys for Upper Zakum, Umm Al-Dalkh and Satah Fields totaling more than 700 strings.

Provide nodal analysis for modeling new wellsand using models for trouble shooting.

Prepared network models and evaluated system bottle neck,

Develop and communicate work programs and Technical Committee handouts to the shareholders.

Manage daily confidential production reports for a 500,000 BPD Field to shareholders.

Generate monthly reports on company’s activities on production and allocation, etc.

July 1993 to March 1995 – Petroleum Engineer, Abu-Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO), Abu-Dhabi, UAE

Evaluated, programmed and did analysis on the acid fracture job in Zakum field.

Evaluated new selective acidization techniques and one of which is currently being employed in ADMA OPCO. Authored a SPE paper on the subject.

Studied water injection system optimization in Zakum Fieldand provided recommendations on bottlenecks in the injection system.

Investigated workover candidates with the scope of rectifying problems riglessly.

Evaluation of technical proposals for stimulation, fracture jobs, water cut-off treatments, etc.

Programming monthly well-test, BHP, Build-up, Fall-off surveys for Zakum and Umm Shaif Fields comprising of more than 900 wells.

Conducted simulation studies to evaluate effects of GOR increment on surface facilities using SAM (System Analysis Model) software.

November 1990 to July 1993 – Senior Petroleum Engineer, Pakistan Petroleum Ltd. (PPL)

Analyzed well tests using state of the art techniques.

Supervised wireline interventions and well test operations and provided recommendations to trouble-shoot problems at various oil and gas fields.

Investigated production related problems on erosions in downhole and surface fittings.

Conducted well/field deliverability studies using WELLFLO & PIPEFLO software for this purpose.

Programmed and supervised PLT and TDT surveys.

Monitoring well and field production performances.

Field Supervisor at Kandhkot Gas Field from drilling through to field commissioning stage.

Prepared procedures for workovers, well completions and well testing.

Prepared specifications and selected various equipment related to production operations, wellhead and downhole completions.

Monitoring and supervision of production operations.

Trouble shooting problems related to wells, dehydration plants, gathering systems, completions, and other surface facilities.

March 1983 to July 1988 – Production Engineer (Field); Kandkot& Sui Gas fields, Pakistan Petroleum Ltd. (PPL) –

Being In charge of production operations at a natural gas field supervised / performed the following:

Ensured field operations are carried out on schedule and met the HSE requirements.

Training and supervision of engineers and supervisory staff (Total of about 40).

Well completion of dual and single wells comprising of subsurface safety valve, dual packers, chemical injection mandrel, etc.

Stimulation of newly completed and workoverwells.

DST of newly discovered reservoir for evaluation purposes.

Well testing of different formations in appraisal, development and workover wells.

Planning electric-line logging operations including RFTs, perforations, packer setting during well completions.

Programmed and supervised W/L operations during well completions and testing.

Installation of downhole equipment, wellhead, X-mas tree & surface fittings comprising of subsurface and surface safety systems, chemical injection systems, flow control with automatic control valves and chokes etc.

Modifications on instrumentation in the wells for maximum efficiency and safety.

Operations and maintenance of gas field, including scrubbing/sludge catcher condensate recovery wellhead assemblies, safety system, corrosion inhibitor injection system and storage facility.

Installation and start-up of gas gathering system and dehydration plant.

Conducted well testing with report preparation including interpretation.

Ran Amerada on wireline for BHP surveys.

Gas gathering pressure surveys, laying of new feeder lines & hot tap hook-ups.

Coordination with purchase department for inventory control of spare parts.

Engaged in controlling a well blow-out.

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