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Construction Civil

Doha, Qatar
October 19, 2019

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I Syed Mubasheer Ahmed from Deccan School of Planning & Architecture, Hyderabad, India . My inclination towards construction has always been a driving force for my growth in architecture & Construction Industry.

Right from the beginning of my architectural education, I have devoted my attention in designing things very much deviant from the conventional norms.

I strive a little in my designs of transitional place, shop house and envisaging the ethereal projects, where the design style and techniques rival to trend and with Structural elements too.

My first realization of Architecture and Construction was determined by design and construction techniques used by the Architects, Civil Engineers and I realized that my core competence lies in the field of designing and Project Management, since contemporary constantly changes its rule like an art piece, I wish to gain experience in this field and wish to dive deeper into the process of creating .

I find that your firm offers that requirements which make the steps to learn and explore more in this field I believe that I move in correct way in my profession with joining your team. Hope that the statement says about me and my abilities which makes me a part of environment full of curiosity which makes me to know something with assist of your firm.

Yours sincerely Mubasheeer Ahmed

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