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Developer Software Engineer

Dubai, Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates
October 19, 2019

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:United Arab Emirates

:(UAE) Resident


:2 Feb 1991

:Computer and Information Science

:Ain-shams – Cairo –Egypt


:Egyptian and UAE

Public Profile Work Experiences:

Current Job:

Senior Solution Developer – Acting as Technical Lead December 2018 – Present

Employer: Department of Economic Development (DED) (CRM Dynamics- 365)

Official web site:

Location: Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates

Job description:

1- Leading the technical team members and set priorities for the given tasks and projects that comes from the managerial level. 2- Handles the organization’s change requests and new requirements or new Modules through CRM customization and (.Net) Projects. 3- Handles the communications with other team members within the organization and gathering their requirement.

4- Manage integrations with several external integrations. 5- Handles the customer’s training programs.




Previous Jobs:

Senior Solution Developer – Product owner

November 2017 – December 2018

Employer: Link Development

Client: Saudi Exhibition and Convention Bureau (SECB) – On-site Support (CRM 2015)

Official web site:

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Job description:

1- Handles customer’s change requests and new requirements. 2- Create web-services methods for external integrations. 3- Handle the customer’s training programs.

4- Create out of the box CRM reports and SSRS reports. 5- Manage (daily/monthly/quarter) bill and data reports. 6- Manage Regular base meetings with the customer. 7- Handle the management and communication with my team offshore. Senior Solution Developer

June 2016 – November 2017

Employer: Link Development

Official web site: Location: Cairo, Egypt

Achievements and Projects:

Khalifa Fund (CRM 2015) – Support phase.

Sale-Co. – KSA (CRM 2013 & web services).

QRC Volunteer-Qatar (QRC) (CRM 2013 & (.Net) Front End project).

Khalifa Fund CRM Project (Support CRM 2015).

Official web site:

Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) (CRM 2016 project & web services).

Official web site:

El-Araby-Group Project (Module) (CRM Dynamics 365 project);

Sale-Co. –KSA-Integration phase (CRM Dynamics 365 project)

MOSA-KSA (CRM 2016 project)

MOJ – Jordan (Crm2016 – Dynamics 365)

Jumeirah Group Dubai UAE - On-Site Support (Crm2016 –Online) Official web site:

Job description:

1. Mentors and supervises on the junior Developers/Product Support Engineers to ensure that they follow MS CRM standards and supported code.

2. Research, design, implement innovative software solutions and deliver projects on time and to specification with high level of quality. 3. Handle daily status meeting with the team and report the updates to the management

4. Handle a multiple project at same time.

5. Build Solutions contain: Schedule jobs, Plug-ins, Custom Workflow Activities, websites, web services and Console Applications. 6. Manage on-site support business trips for the offshore projects. 7. Handles customer’s training programs.

8. Gathering information, analyze the customer’s requirements and Handles the on-site support tasks and development planning. Solution Developer

December 2013 – June 2016

Employer: Link Development

Official web site: Location: Cairo, Egypt

Achievements and Projects:

Khalifa Fund (CRM 2015 Project).

Sale-Co. – KSA (CRM 2013 project – web services).

QRC Volunteer-Qatar (QRC) (CRM 2013 project & (.Net) Front End). Job description:

1. Analyze and study the client's business cycle.

2. Build and Design Solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM standards and the client's business needs.

3. Suggests improvements in the overall development process and to the client.

4. Implement Solutions that contains Plug-ins, Custom Workflow Activities, websites, web services and Console Applications. 5. Managed a communication with the clients in the outboard projects. 6. Handle deployment phases and stress testing cycles. Solution Developer

December 2013 – August 2015

Employer: Link Online (Orascom Telecom Group), Team Arabia Official web site:

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Achievements and Projects:

Predictions Games (Database – Back End –Front End).

World Cup Section.(Sports Portal)

New Cars Section.(Autos portal)

Used Cars Section. (Autos portal) Celebrities Section.

(Women portal).

Job description:

1. Analysis business needs and design database.

2. Created custom visual web-parts, user controls, web services, generic handlers

3. Research, design, implementation of innovative Software solutions and deliver projects with temporal Planning and with a customer specification.

4. Helping Team Members in their technical tasks.

Work with Quality Control members on solving the defects Junior Software Engineer

August 2012 – December 2013

Employer: X-Lab group

Official web site:

Location: Alexandria, Egypt

Achievements and Projects:

POS System for St. Marcos General Hospital.

POS System for Jill for Clothing and Textiles Company.

ERP System (Supporting “ Inventory Management ”,” Sales and Returns System ”)

POS System For Silver-lace Company

Job description:

1. Working with Point of sale system (POS).

2. Develop and test an enhancement on old parts in the Company products.

3. Design and manage databases using MySQL.

4. Maintains and produce the technical support to our clients. 5. Working on enhancing my problem-solving skills. Technical Skills:

Programming Languages:

1. C# .net.(2005, 2008)

2. (2008, 2010).


1. ADO.Net

2. Designing database (ERD - EERD).

3. SQL server(2005,2008)

4. MySQL.

5. Entity Framework.

Web technology:

1. ASP.Net (2010, 2012).

2. Microsoft dynamics CRM (2013 – 2015 -2016 – 2016(online) – Dynamics 365 – Dynamics 365(online)).

3. JavaScript.

4. Ajax.

5. JQuery.

Building Reports:

1. Crystal reports


Soft skills: Teamwork.

Monitoring and mentorship on junior colleague.

Communication skills.

Presentation skills.

Hard Worker.

Quick Learner.

Direct and indirect communication with customers Languages: Arabic (mother tongue).

English (Excellent).




Body building


Personal quotes

There is no shortcut for success.

I dedicate all my time, my effort and my focus to the task that I own no matter what I have to face to achieve it.

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