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Full-stack software engineer (Angular, .NET, SQL)

Toronto, ON, Canada
October 29, 2019

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Alex Pigida Toronto, ON



Technology enthusiast and passionate full-stack software developer offers 20-year experience with the entire SDLC, delivering intuitive front-end designs with productive and effortless user experience

(sampled at


Consulting in Toronto, ON

RBC Full-stack Developer 2019/04 - 2019/07

• Implemented preliminary designs and front-to-back functionality for the new 2.0 version of the application (Angular 7, .NET Core):

- Added new as well as extended existing pages (i.e., components, modules, services, types, templates and styles) of the Angular 7 application to implement the required functionality,

- Designed and implemented CRUD end points on the back end RESTful API application (ASP.NET MVC),

- Added relevant tables, columns to the underlying PostgreSQL database.

• Worked on maintaining, bug fixing and design augmentations of an existing/in-production application (AngularJS, Node.js):

- Worked on the landing page of the AngularJS application,

- Accommodated new branding graphic assets without disrupting the existing functionality

- Implemented adaptive design feature of dynamically changing the layout to fit into all possible display form factors: from large desktop monitors to small mobile devices. Skills: Angular 7, ASP.NET Core, C#, MVC, RESTful API, PostgreSQL, GitHub, HTML, CSS, JS, TS. Nymi Full-stack Developer 2016/11 - 2019/02

• Responsible for C# .NET application development for the Windows platform in the predominantly embedded C/C++ shop.

• Pioneered Windows-10 style best practices for UI/UX to overcome the “battleship grey” complacency for the critical client-facing applications.

• Designed and implemented efficient cross-platform (managed C# to unmanaged C/C++) communication schemes.

Alex Pigida Toronto, ON


• Prototyped, implemented and brought to production multiple applications (WPF, UWP, ASP.NET MVC and Angular, PWA, etc.) and services (RESTful API) representing the user-facing functionality of managing all aspects of the company’s unique always-on-authentication devices. Skills: .NET, ASP.NET, C#, XAML, MVVM, UWP, MVC, RESTful API, Angular 6, PWA, GIT, SSMS, MS SQL, HTML, CSS, JS, TS.

Sciex Front-end Developer 2016/03 - 2016/11

Worked on various tasks of maintaining, fixing and evolving to the next level Sciex OS - the company's flagship WPF application used for research in mass spectroscopy.

• Surrounded my coding undertakings with the safety net of the detailed unit as well as elaborate UI automation tests.

• Developed custom FIT (Framework for Integrated Testing) fixtures allowing UI automation HTML scripts to manipulate custom controls of the applications under question.

• Designed and implemented various smaller applications facilitating better performance/execution of the daily tasks of the local QA team.

Skills: .NET, C#, WPF, XAML, MVVM, WCF, VS2015, SQLite, MongoDB, SVN, JIRA, TeamCity, FIT White. AAVpro Ltd Mobile Developer 2016/01 - 2016/02

Took a course on design and development for Universal Widows Platform (UWP). Implemented several apps, many of which have passed all the required certifications and made it to the Windows App Store, and now deliver up to the minute relevant info (incoming busses, rain, etc.) to my pocket and desktop. Skills: UWP, .NET, C#, XAML, MVVM, WCF, VS2015, TFS. BMO Full-stack Developer 2014/02 - 2015/12

Took a dev-lead role on a green-field project – OLP (Obligor Linking Project) – where I designed and implemented:

• Rich client and web applications for various business tasks around the OLP project: from lightning-fast user datalink console to a multi-stream data acquisition (DAQ) tool with visual and intuitive orchestration front.

• Pioneered creative application of DNA sequencing techniques (Levenshtein Distance and Jaccard Similarity Coefficient) to the project’s problems resulting in 85% reduction of manual drudgery and seven-fold productivity increase.

Alex Pigida Toronto, ON


• WCF REST service layer to serve the needs of the OLP project's distributed applications.

• ASP.NET MVC web application for a quick processing of To-do lists in the approval workflow spread across multiple departments.

• Custom Reporting System for distributing key indicators of daily DAQ runs to the involved parties through the internal email and web-client pathways. Contributed code, designs, ideas, extensions, behaviors to EPCatalyst – a Silverlight-based platform widely utilized at the bank.

On top of my daily developer’s duties, administered Microsoft Windows Server. Skills: .NET, C#, WPF, MVVM, MVC, ASP.NET, JSON, HTML, CSS, JS, Silverlight, VS2015, SSMS, T-SQL, MS SQL, Oracle, Entity Framework, ADO.NET, Windows Service, Agile Methodology, SVN, TFS. mobileLIVE Full-stack Developer 2013/10 - 2013/12

Lead design and implementation of a Microsoft Lync messenger extension – a model application serving as a proof of concept demonstrating aggregate capabilities spanning several mobile technologies:

• Created responsive UI/UX relying on async and await keywords as well as the TPL (Task Parallel Library) constructs.

• Coded comprehensive C# API layer to the Unmanaged C++ assembly.

• Introduced smooth transitions and animations to the application’s UI. Seamlessly embedded all graphical assets representing the product’s brand into the otherwise bare controls and backgrounds.

• Authored Visual Studio code snippets which increased fidelity and speed of coding the MVVM design pattern.

Skills: VS2012, .NET 4.5, C#, C++, WPF, MVVM, LINQ, Agile Methodology. Livingston International Full-stack Developer 2013/02 - 2013/09 Worked on design and implementation of a rich client application using latest advances in the WPF/WCF/MVVM technologies and frameworks.

• Drastically improved the application’s UI templates; reduced to the minimum the efforts of the end users in their daily use of the application.

• Aggregated multi-screen/multi-step laborious business processes into an efficient and streamlined single-page experiences with clean intuitive designs, smooth animated transitions, rich custom tooltips/mouse-overs and such.

Alex Pigida Toronto, ON


• Reduced development time for the existing data access layer as well as streamlined data flow to/from the back end databases without disrupting the current architecture of the application.

• Cleaned up the MS SQL databases from obvious (and not) design imperfections.

• Designed sophisticated reports using Microsoft SSRS as well as in-house developed custom tools.

• Designed and implemented an Event Subscription Management system featuring single page design manipulating a complex multi-level hierarchy of entities. Skills: .NET, C#, MS SQL, SSMS, T-SQL, WPF, MVVM, LINQ, Entity Framework, Agile Methodology. Citi Full-stack Developer 2012/10 - 2012/12

As a part of an intercontinental (Toronto-London-New York) team, worked on a high-performance/high- throughput trading platform – a WPF application based on a MVVM design pattern, with highly configurable/customizable plug-in architecture.

• Worked on implementation of a real-time reporting system aimed at sub-second delivery and highlighting of different parameters of trading analytics data torrents: color/style-coded alerts, custom filtering, data driven triggers of action logic, etc.

• Engaged TPL (Task Parallel Library) to keep the UI/UX alive and responsive.

• Developed custom-tailored configuration infrastructure, targeted at dynamic reflection-based type instantiation and at integration with the end user preferences and corresponding clever defaults. Designed UI components providing the best user experience manipulating and fine-tuning the user preferences.

• Tamed idiosyncrasies of the third-party components irrevocably integrated into the application. Skills: .NET, C#, WPF, MVVM, LINQ, Entity Framework, SVN, Infragistics, Agile Methodology. Global Financial Full-stack Developer 2011/11 - 2012/08

Designed and implemented several LOB applications:

Electronic RESP Enroller:

A daring replacement for the traditional paper-based enrollment process with the modern mobile Android tablet-based approach to register new applicants faster and with fewer errors.

Mobile RESP Calculator:

A tool to support the previous app by providing a quick and easy way to establish the right financial strategy for achieving the best results, facilitating quick navigation through a complex set of rules, regulations, starting conditions and ultimate goals,

Engaged ubiquitous modern mobile computing revolution to serve business needs, Alex Pigida Toronto, ON


Enabled touch friendly features using Android’s built-in HTML5 support,

Designed unique and appealing look and feel for the front end of the app with rich and intuitive functionality at one’s fingertips (sampled at,

While the analyst team had been busy with specs gathering, created the app’s prototype on 4 platforms: WPF, Silverlight, native Android and MVS, targeting mobile as well as desktop hardware.

“Outsourced” time-consuming complex computations to the non-UI threads using TPL (Task Parallel Library).

Facilitating globalization and multi culture support in the MVC apps, created a tool automating translation of the whole UI to a language of choice using Microsoft Translator API. Also, added a feature automating the process of manual error correction by the non-developer language experts.

Took ownership over the lack of a suitable task tracking tool problem and created a system featuring:

Creation, assignment, progress tracking and lifecycle management of the projects and tasks of the IT shop (TPM – Task/ Project Manager),

Mission Control Center: a UI featuring an executive view which with a single glance reflects the overall health of all the projects at hand as well as real-time delivery date forecasting component,

Multi-tasking component: facility for fast switching between tasks with automatic real-time time tracking,

Integration with the local TFS: establishing a link between jobs submitted to TFS and corresponding tasks for documenting, invoicing and accountability purposes.

Designed and implemented a corporate screen saver featuring:

Animated gauges presenting corporate performance counters,

Unread email notifier/counter,

Integration with the task tracking system,

Optional local traffic and weather gadgets.

Skills: VS2010, .NET 4.0, C#, VB.NET, WPF, Silverlight, WCF, ASP.NET, MVC, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, JS, MS Access, T-SQL, SSMS, LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework, AJAX, TFS. Toromont Full-stack Developer 2010/06 - 2011/11

Back to Toromont to continue working on a vast code base of the existing corporate apps ranging from the classic ASP to the latest advances in dev technologies, including ASP.NET 4.0, Silverlight and WPF, reinforced with hardcore T-SQL and third-party components.

• Designed and implemented a rich client application (WPF) for a quick and highly automated entry into the local time tracking system, integrated with TFS as well as click-once timesheet/invoice creation, review and printing. Introduced pleasing looks as well as innovative and productive experience to the otherwise tedious drudgery of keeping track of one’s work (sampled at Result: 10 man-hour daily saving for the team. Alex Pigida Toronto, ON


• “Gamed” several aspects of the existing time tracking process, turning the drudgery into a fun activity which resulted in a significant financial data latency reduction as well as savings of about 5 man-hours per day for the whole department.

• Designed sophisticated reports using Microsoft SSRS.

• With extreme care and surgical precision extended the intricate and complex codebase of existing classic ASP as well as the latest ASP.NET applications along with the enormous T-SQL scripts.

• Ported existing classic ASP applications into ASP.NET 4.0 web form as well as Silverlight apps. Skills: VS2010, .NET 4.0, C#, WPF, WCF, Silverlight, RIA, ASP.NET, ASP, jQuery, HTML, CSS, JS, SSRS, SSMS, T-SQL, LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework, AJAX, TFS. CWB Group Full-stack Developer 2009/10 - 2010/05

• Implemented rich client application front end (WPF) as well as plumbing to and design of the back-end SQL server databases.

• Ported a set of legacy applications to the latest platforms: WPF and .NET 4.0.

• Used early Beta bits of TPL (Task Parallel Library) to “defreeze” the application during long and lengthy SQL queries and server calls.

• To soften the impact of the current and future codebase growth, implemented a safety net of numerous unit tests for the existing corporate applications. Skills: VS2010, .NET 4.0, C#, WPF, XML, MS Access, T-SQL, SSMS, Citrix, TFS. Green Shield Canada Consultant 2008/12 - 2009/08

• Participated in an effort of bringing current corporate code base of numerous web applications to the latest versions of core software libraries and contemporary security standards.

• Carried out functional refactoring of common assemblies used by multiple corporate web applications for the purpose of utilizing the latest secure technologies (SSO by AD FS and Code Access Security).

• Introduced latest coding effort-saving trends in software development, such as Dependency Injection and Unity Application Block of Microsoft Enterprise library.

• For the purpose of smoothing out the current and future software enhancements, implemented a safety net of numerous unit tests for the existing corporate applications. Skills: VS2008, .NET 3.5, C#, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, JS, WebForms, XML. Alex Pigida Toronto, ON


Toromont Full-stack Developer 2008/02 - 2008/11

• Using emerging geo-coding technologies (Microsoft Virtual Earth and Google Earth) prototyped a GPS- based asset tracking demo application facilitating comparison of fuel expenses between different equipment delivery scenarios.

• Capitalizing on extremely advanced user base, created a prototype of a WebParts-based dashboard application in which users can tailor layout and functionality of web pages in accordance to their unique needs, thus saving the development team from creating, maintain and supporting numerous flavors of essentially the same application.

• Introduced and prototyped an idea of a visual aggregation custom web control: graphically compacting more relevant information into a common chart using latest advances in web presentation technology


• Designed and implemented a new internal web application, extending the internal corporate application framework with the latest web technologies. Skills: VS2008, .NET 3.5, C#, VB.NET, WinForms, WebForms, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, JS, classic ASP, AJAX, WPF, Silverlight, Web Services, XML, T-SQL, OOP, ORM, NHibernate, MS Virtual Earth, Google Earth, TFS. Systemgroup Consulting Full-stack Developer 2007/02 - 2008/01

• Participated in a full development life cycle of Mutual Funds Connect application for the Meridian Credit Union – a centralized information management tool that facilitates financial planning lifecycle administration and provides a seamless interface to the Wealth Management service delivery framework.

• Worked on the front end of the application – a rich smart client using the latest advances in UI development – Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

• Prototyped business process flow between front and back offices using Widows Workflow Foundation


• Designed and implemented a custom business rule engine – a web service application providing metadata dependent on multidimensional set of incoming conditions pertaining the financial transaction at hand.

• Came up with an idea and implemented an application loading up the business rule engine with thousands of combinations translated from free form documentation describing the business process. Skills: VS2008, .NET 3.5, C#, WPF, WF, WCF, VB.NET, WinForms, Smart Client, Web Services, XML, XPATH, T-SQL, WSDL, OOP, TFS.

Alex Pigida Toronto, ON


Direct Energy Full-stack Developer 2006/09 - 2007/02

• Using SharePoint Server 2007 and WebParts of ASP.NET, devised a way to separate business logic development from graphic design and multilingual content support.

• Designed and developed a series of custom components for customers’ sign up and sign in to the corporate website.

• Enhanced existing customer enrollment web application (a part of site) by introducing mid-tier components reflecting new business rules added to the process.

• Implemented an assembly of components with WinForm .NET 2.0 front end responsible for staging data of various formats from company’s legacy systems to MS SQL Server databases.

• Implemented an internal support application for simple and efficient bulk editing of highly volatile data associated with company’s market penetration. Skills: VS2005, ASP.NET 2.0, C#, VB.NET, WinForms, WebForms, Web Services, XML, T-SQL, DTS, SharePoint Server, SOA, WSDL, OOP.

Magna International Full-stack Developer 2005/11 - 2006/07

• Took technical lead on late stages of a project of conversion from Lotus Notes to a modern ASP.NET 2.0 business workflow application.

• Designed and implemented rich, responsive and intuitive UI using ASP.NET WebForms, AJAX technology and third-party web control libraries (Infragistics, Skelta, etc.)

• Refactored the existing complex business tier into OO hierarchy of reusable and extensible types.

• Redesigned existing disparate data code pieces into a flexible and reusable data access component.

• Developed a WinForm .NET 2.0 application for fast and efficient bug tracking, featuring automated email-based notification of assignees and real-time progress reporting capabilities.

• Automated process of converting business process specs into executable business logic by writing software capable of processing company’s documentation.

• Optimized T-SQL code to outperform existing means of data handling by two orders of magnitude. Skills: VS2005, ASP.NET 2.0(1.1), C#, VB.NET, WinForms, WebForms, Web Services, XML, T-SQL, ORM, NHibernate, SSMS, DTS, Excel, SOA, WSDL, OOP, IIS. Alex Pigida Toronto, ON


Thoughtcorp Full-stack Developer 2005/04 - 2005/10

• In a capacity of a senior .NET developer, participated in several projects concerned with high volume customer billing and payment systems for Bell Canada.

• Designed and implemented numerous ASP.NET WebForms with underlying middle tier C#-based business objects as well as data processing scripts for Oracle database using PL SQL.

• Exposed business logic and data to the non-.NET clients in a platform neutral manner using Web Services.

• Provided real-time bug fixing of the existing code with surgical precision, which reduced to minimum need for regression testing.

• Stepped up with the initiatives of providing a set of WinForm-based tools for code generation and code conditioning which saved hundreds of man-hours for the team at the crunch time; as well as redesigned the existing middle-tier code to a better performing and easier to maintain components using OOP methodology.

• Managed to satisfy simultaneously 3 managers on 3 concurring projects.

• Regularly completed my assignments in a fraction of the time allocated for the tasks. Skills: ASP.NET 1.1, C#, VB.NET, WinForms, WebForms, Web Services, XML, PL SQL, Oracle, Excel, SOA, WSDL, OOP, IIS.

Arbor Full-stack Developer 2004/08 - 2005/04

• Designed and implemented a standalone multithreaded .NET WinForm application which asynchronously decoded instructions from MS Word documents and performed scheduled de- normalization and data transfer from a production OLTP SQL server to various reporting non-SQL clients based on the decoded instructions.

• Helped to roll out a multimillion project on time by implementing various ASP.NET WebForms, providing quick bug fixes and careful bug-free implementation of the last minute modifications.

• Refactored and optimized poorly performing middle-tier components as well as improved existing design and reduced amount of code by employing OOP methodology. Skills: .NET, C#, WinForms, WebForms, MS Office Automation, XML, T-SQL, DTS, FoxPro, MS Access, ASP.NET, IIS, MS SQL Server, OOP.

Alex Pigida Toronto, ON


BMO Full-stack Developer 2003/04 - 2004/07

• Participated in one of the largest .Net project: $25,000,000 budget, several million lines of code, and at the same time record-breaking completion time.

• Rendered numerous specs and design documents into tens of thousands lines of code.

• Designed and implemented several key components of the application: a reflection-based attribute driven cross-tier dataflow and mapping system, which reduced tenfold amount of code to write, test and maintain; jet form printing components; numerous WinForms and business tier components.

• Employed several key aspects of extreme programming and OOP methodologies, which helped speed up development process and reduced time of consequent regression testing to a minimum. Skills: .NET, C#, WinForm, XML, WSDL, SOA, OOP.

CSG Full-stack Developer 2003/02 - 2003/04

• Participated in developing a LAN-based security system aimed at fast and fault tolerant notification of various external events to designated monitoring stations on the network.

• Designed and implemented a .NET-based WinForm application – an administrative tool for setting up variety of interconnected RF and IR devices and orchestrating their activity.

• Employed object-oriented methodology to resolve complexity of the task; applied the Memento software pattern to capture and externalize the objects’ internal states without violating encapsulation. Skills: .NET, C#, VB.NET, WinForm, XML, T-SQL, MS Access, OOP. Arbor Full-stack Developer 2002/03 - 2003/01

• Provided with .NET expertise as well as participated in implementation of a large-scale WebForm based contract management and accounts receivable system.

• Seized the initiative to introduce Microsoft-recommended coding standards along with .NET best coding practices to the team of developers from IBM.

• Employing OOP methodology, enhanced the application design which reduced coding volumes by one order of magnitude as well as improved maintainability and extensibility.

• Designed and implemented a .NET-based WinForm solution to stage data of enormous size and inexplicable complexity from legacy data systems to MS SQL database as well as performed various tasks of fixing and upgrading company’s existing software, designed various helper WinForm utilities for everyday accounting needs of the office.

Skills: ASP.NET, C#, COM+, XML, T-SQL, DTS, FoxPro, MS Access, MS SQL, IIS, OOP. Alex Pigida Toronto, ON




Full-stack Developer 1995/05 - 2002/02

• Implemented a real-time car auction web application using the latest Microsoft technologies before their official release (ASP.NET WebForms).

• Lead a development team in evolving existing project into a dynamic, scalable and better user experience WebForm application.

• Implemented client-side VC ATL-based IE aggregation UI components as well as server-side mid-tier business objects for the Parts Assistant - transportation industry’s premier web-based automotive parts catalog solution.

• Prototyped pre-caching multithreaded application that significantly increased scalability of .NET DNA by eliminating .NET Remoting inherent bottleneck caused by persisting configuration info into the file system. Used Visio UML to architect the application. Worked on proprietary Information Operating System for a courier company Inplex responsible for all aspects of business operations including order entry, reporting, invoicing and all administrative functions:

• Designed and implemented VB-based original GUI for the numerous front-end client applications.

• Implemented distributed OLE client/server data processing (VB Automation).

• Designed and implemented various reports using VB, MS Access, T-SQL, and Crystal Reports. Member of a team that designed The PayPro Network for CIBC, the first Internet payment system to meet financial industry’s security standards:

• Generated thread safe code for handling data flow to and from MS SQL server.

• Designed and implemented HTML-based UI using ActiveX technology.

• Provided assistance in design, optimization and administration of back end SQL server database. Designed and implemented countless smaller projects mostly of R&D/prototype nature targeting different flavors of Microsoft Windows platform, including (but not limited to) WinCE, Pocket PC, Handheld PC, Palm Size PC devices.

Skills: .NET, ASP.NET, IIS, .NET Remoting, C#, VB.NET, WinForms, WebForms, Web Services, MS Office Automation, XML, T-SQL, DTS, FoxPro, MS Access, MS SQL, HTML, ASP, XML-XSLT, XPath, XQuery, VB, VC, ATL, COM/DCOM, COM+, MTS, Crystal Reports, C++, VC, MFC, OOP, UML, SOA, SOAP, Windows Service.

Alex Pigida Toronto, ON


AAVpro Ltd Director Mobile Developer 1996/04 - 2014/03 Architected, designed, implemented and published to the app stores several applications. Some of them are:

Swim Race Viewer (Azure Web Application)

A quick and fun way to maximize your chances for a podium by visually estimating the stats from the numerous swim races, presented in single customizable view, and selecting the race entries where your performance is comparable or better than the immediate competition.

Radar Lock Screen (Windows Phone 8)

Never have rain to ruin your outdoor activity! Just a quick glance at your phone and you are good to go or not) - no fumbling with the weather apps, no awkward searches, no bookmarking required: the most current radar picture zoomed and centered to your current/chosen location is already there at your lock screen.

Split Hit Timer (Windows Phone 8)

A typical stopwatch with split lap timer capability and one-page-has-it-all design, accommodating the results from multiple events with several splits in each and featuring a bar- chart-like representation of the split times requiring only a quick glance for an immediate take- in of the performance.

BusCatch (Universal Windows Platform – UWP)

Friction free visual and audible next bus tracking to the nearest of the pre-set bus stops ...Or a new take on the old puzzle of simultaneous passenger-bus arrival to a stop with the least amount of ceremony possible. Plus, several attempts to auto-correct often stale predictions provided by the NextBus service itself.

UkrAlko Head of IT Kiev, UA 1992/04 - 1994/11

• Lead a team in design and implementation of a LAN-based perpetual-inventory system (the first really working in the city) using early OOP capabilities of C++.

• Set up, administered and troubleshoot 20 workstation Novell LAN.

• Using C on CPM and MS DOS platforms, developed numerous accounting applications/utilities

(inventory systems, personnel databases, quick price calculators, receipt, report builders, etc.)

• Designed extremely user-friendly interfaces which eliminated training expenses for the personnel without computer background (C/C++).

Academy of Sciences Staff Scientist Kiev, UA 1987/06 - 1992/05 Participated in projects: “Noncooled Infrared Magneto-Injection Emitters Based on CdHgTe”,

“Holographic Correction of Distortions of Acousto-Optical Modulator in Photorefractive Crystals”:

• Conducted experiments in the fields of Laser Optics and Infrared Spectroscopy. Alex Pigida Toronto, ON


• Developed C programs for numerical analysis of the data and graphical representation of the results.

• Published the achievements in scientific periodicals worldwide. Education

Microsoft Official Curriculum courses, Developmentor advanced classes 2001/05

• Microsoft Certified Professional (MCPS)

• Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD), Visual C++ and SQL Server tracks University of Kiev, UA

• Master of Science in Quantum Radiophysics and Electronics Technologies Mastered

.NET, UWP, WPF, Silverlight, Angular, MVVM, ASP.NET, MVC, C#, XAML, T-SQL, Windows Workflow Foundation, Microsoft Visual Studio, WCF, Web Services, RESTful API, RIA Services, WinForms, WebForms, Entity Framework, ORM, NHibernate, jQuery, JSON, AJAX, HTML, CSS, JS, Microsoft Virtual Earth, Google Earth, C/C++, PL SQL, DTS, ADO.NET, IIS, VB.NET, VB6, UML, Visio, SharePoint, RAD of multi-tier applications, XML, SOAP, WSDL, Win32, ATL, MFC, VBScript, JavaScript, COM/DCOM, COM+, MTS, HTML, DHTML, SOA, OOP, ODBC, Oracle, MS Access, MS SQL, SSMS, SSRS, SSIS, PowerShell, Crystal Reports, MS Office Automation, Git, Visual Source Safe (VSS), Team Foundation Server (TFS), SVN, JIRA, Bitbucket, Windows Service, Azure, SQLite, MongoDB, Confluence.

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