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Developer Software Engineer

Marlton, NJ
October 21, 2019

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Kent Lazar

* ********* ****

Marlton, NJ *****-**05


SECURITY: DOD Clearance issued June 2009 (Expired)


Programmer business/analyst gathering requirements, coding enhancements, new development and design upgrade


C/C++, C#, VB, .NET, VBA, Access, Ajax, ASP.NET, Classic ASP, CSS, Excel, Python, HTML, Javascript, HTML5

MS SQL, XML, WCF, REST, SOAP, SOA, Google Charts API, CSS3, Bootstrap, JQuery, AngularJS, MVC, Web Services, COM, ADO, XAML, LINQ, OOP, OOD, JSON, Crystal Reports, POS, PSQL, Global Shop ERP, MySQL

Queues, State Management, Controls, Web Service, File I/O, Data Bound Controls, Managed Providers, Error Handling, Validations, Stored Procedures, Callbacks, Complex Queries, Bootstrap, Animation,


BLUSA Defense, Inc., Mt. Laurel, NJ (FT) Full Stack Sr. Programmer Analyst 10/16 – Present

Industry: Military Parts Manufacturer

Technologies: ASP.NET, SQL, C#.NET, MVC 4.0, VB6, AJAX, REST, Angular-Js, Javascript, EXCEL, Word, JSON

Updates and conversion of Legacy VB 6.0 applications to Javascript, C# .NET and MS SQL stored procedures.

Continued work on data transfer applications of ACC PAC accounting files to SQL.

New coding of fax and email automation software for in house processes. Custom Word and Excel applications.

Conversion of ACC PAC accounting system to Global Solutions ERP office accounting C# MVC .NET system.

Coded custom Global Shop GAB script CRUD applications for company projects, GS grid enhancements and new grids, screens for data entry and modifications, including PSQL procedures or single line commands. GAB screen hook maintenance and menu enhancements. Custom non-GAB applications to interface with GS yet called from the Global Shop ERP, including automated nightly upload of all OUTLOOK address folders to SQL and PSQL for users to search contact information, through GS custom grids, called in GS by menu selection. Coded custom CodeSoft label maker GS program to print mailer labels for packages. Created custom GS reports with Crystal Reports (MS and Seagate), dynamic HTML, or custom MS Word. Coded Dymo LabelWriter 450 Label Printer software to create custom labels for vanilla folders to provide information on orders.

Coded Zebra RFID scanner C# to download RFID label scans, store in MS SQL and created custom ZEBRA 5000 printer code to create RFID labels.

Used Server side automated testing tool LambdaTest for Cross browser testing

Coded conversion of company classic ASP web site to ASP.NET with CSS3, Javascript, Angular Js, JQuery

Coded VS 4.6 C# JSON received/response Web API from web posts using WebRequest, NewtonSoft.

EVO Merchants, Moorestown, NJ (FT) Full Stack Web Database Programmer 06/13 – 06/16

Industry: Credit Card Payment Solutions

Technologies: ASP.NET 2013, SQL 2012, CSS, SOA, Javascript, MVC, AJAX, JQuery, WCF, REST, Angular JS

Coded C# web applications, including front end design, interface event handlers, data set CRUD.

Wrote SOAP API in .asmx web services extracting data from stored procedures into .net data tables.

Coded full stack application using angular, JQuery AJAX and C# to SQL for backend records.

Agile development in a multi-tasking multiple projects environment.

Coded JSON data in .NET with WCF IExtensibleDataObject interface to a DataContractJsonSerializer object.

Coded SPA CRUD web app using javascript, JQuery (AJAX), C# mid tier and MS SQL procedures (can demo)

Use LINQ to select objects from collections and reduce SQL to backend code processing.

WorkCompEDI, Inc., Holbrook, NY (At Home Contract) Web Database Programmer 04/13 – 05/13

Industry: EDI Clearing House Technologies: VB.NET, SQL, ADO.NET, Stored Procedures, Entity Framework

Coded changes EDI applications for medical claims which from messaging to XML through web services.

Transendit, Inc., Mt. Laurel, NJ (FT) Full Stack Web Database Programmer 05/11 – 02/13

Industry: Payment Solutions Technologies: VS2010 VB, C#, ASP.NET, T- SQL, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, JQuery

New coded to Credit Card Web Service Program Credit-Gift Card CRUD .Net/SQL Database

Programmed new web testing services .NET software to interface with Credit Card services. Code emphases on javascript using XMLHttpRequest for data fetch routines allowing high speed grid and tree control data paging and user control event actions by partial paging algorithms. Rewrite of previous CRUD customer data tracking software from VB.NET to MVC/C#.

Set up VS2010 for C# interface coding to Twilio for phone text communication to handle API calls in applications and coded message tracking applications.

Highpoint Solutions, King of Prussia, PA (Contract) Software Programmer 11/10 – 05/11

Industry: Health and Pharmaceutical Technologies: VS 2010 C#, ORACLE SQL, Code for Toad, CSS, Javascript

Coded complete C# debugger to splice EDI record, check for tables, created or truncated tables by EDI record

Coded C# .NET Grid View web daily track database in order to report daily work status

Coded Tab Dialog WPF expense database windows application.

Coded new screens for pharmaceutical application. Used Interface class to Oracle/SQL database and coded

Store procedures stored in packages. Tool for ORACLE programming was Toad for Code 9.0

Southeastern Public Transit Authority, Philadelphia, PA (Contract).NET Dev. 08/10 – 10/10

Industry: Public transportation Technologies: ACCESS, VS 2010, VB.NET, WinForms, MS SQL

Lead developer for Parking Ticket Violations Database upgrade from ACCESS windows to VB.NET T-SQL

Winforms application. Meter agents record violations into Duncan Handheld ticket machines and those records

are downloaded to a SQL database. The application allowed users to view records in a data grid, change the

data and enter new tickets manually.

The GBS Group, Marlton, NJ (Contract) C#/COM Windows Programmer 06/09 – 07/10

Industry: Naval Defense Technologies: C#, WinForms, COM+, ACCESS, ACCESS SQL

Full life cycle developer of software program for NSWCCD-SSES Philadelphia engineers to use in building

ship and submarine simulators. Program called custom Visual C++ DLL containing controls for simulators.

Development used processes reflection, persistent memory and marshalling techniques to read the COM

controls allow change of properties.

Designed and developed complete windows menu driven front end user interface to allow engineers design

simulators. Coordinates of control’s positions are saved in an Access database.

Synergixx LLC, Sewell, NJ Telephony/.NET-SQL and Reports developer 2007-2009

Industry: Telemarketing Technologies: ACCESS, C#, ASP.NET, T-SQL, VBA, EXCEL, TouchStar, Javascript

Programmed address, credit card, bank routing, correct formatting, dates and other integrity validations. Code supported Synergixx’s Telemarketing Database System for a telemarketer to interface with the infomercial product selling system.

Completely coded a new C#.NET intranet web page database system,

Coded customer-to-client orders distribution automation programs in each customer's documented format with VB.NET or ACCESS-VBA programs to create the files, deliver by ftp or XML, and e-mail acknowledge that orders were ready.

Designed, developed, tested, and deployed TouchStar telemarketing operator entry forms and validation code.

World Wide Web Communications, Cherry Hill, NJ C#.NET Programmer 2006-2007

Industry: Web Development Technologies: C#, ASP.Net, T-SQL 2005, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Web page database development to add, change, delete, and grid view MS SQL Database information.

Use javascript client side programming for data validations, menus and form functionality.

Merrill Lynch, Pennington, NJ (Contract) .NET Upgrade programmer 03/06 – 05/06

Industry: Financial Technologies: VB.NET

Added new front end controls and code to use SOAP messaging service and Service Response to confirm user logon information and for queries, which resulted in nested XML elements.

SLM Financial, Mt. Laurel, NJ (Contract) VB.NET/SQL Programmer 11/05 – 03/06

Industry: Financial Technologies: VB.NET, SQL, Crystal Reports

VB.NET/XML/SQL/Stored Procedures for Web Apps to allow Internet Message Posting and document tracking

Crystal Report using SQL Sequel Server 2000 Stored Procedures with multiple tables

Documentation for Web and Widows projects including Requirements, Business Analysis, Functional Specs.

Pepper Hamilton, LP, Philadelphia, PA (Contract) ACCESS/VBA Developer 11/04 – 10/05

Industry: Law Technologies: ACCESS, Crystal Reports, VBA, And Classic ASP

Worked on attorney reports, tracking systems and custom utilities with Access and VB6.

GB Collects, L.L.C., West Berlin, NJ (Contract) VBA Reports Programmer 06/05 – 01/06

Industry: Financial Technologies: ACCESS, SQL, VBA, EXCEL

VB to extract MS SQL Data and create Excel spreadsheet reports, C# web page enhancements

Popular Financial Holdings, Inc., Marlton, NJ (Contract) VB.Net Programmer 06/04 – 10/04

Industry: Financial Technologies: SQL, VBA, EXCEL, Crystal Reports

Using Seagate 9.0 Crystal Reports, VB .Net, and Sybase SQL, created assorted department reports.

Coding various utilities in VB .Net for intranet database retrieval, including modification to a time tracker.

Conversion VBA programs MS Projects to ACCESS, ACCESS to PowerPoint, ACCESS to EXCEL graphs

Active Server Page for company intranet – VBScript, SQL, HTML, Java Script to track employee requests

Bella Vista Doors, Tucson, AZ (Contract) Full Stack Web Database Developer 12/04 – 05/05

Industry: Custom Door Manufacturer Technologies: Classic Asp, ACCESS, HTML, SQL

Designed developed and deployed ASP web database to track inventory.

Tunis Enterprises, Hainesport, NJ (Contract) Web Programmer 07/04 – 10/04

Industry: Snow Removal Technologies: VB Script, SQL, And Classic ASP

Web page maintenance - Active Service Pages, HTML, Java Script, MS SQL, VB Script, Graphics

National A-1 Advertising, Philadelphia, PA (Contract) C Unix Programmer 03/04 – 06/04

Industry: Phone Entertainment Technologies: UNIX C, MySQL Database

Coding restructure and modifications to Credit Card – Checking system using APEX telephony

Millennium Healthcare Solutions, Iselin, NJ (Contract) C Programmer 02/04

Industry: Healthcare Technologies: UNIX C & Metaware C Software Engineer

Coded changes to database under instruction by management for developer out on medical leave.

Toppers, LLC, Inc., Thorofare, NJ (Contract) Foxpro Database Developer 01/04

Industry: Silk Printing Logo Maker Technologies: Microsoft Visual FoxPro, SQL

Maintained Fox Pro database under instruction by management for developer out on medical leave.

Numoda, Inc. Philadelphia, PA (Contract to FT) C++ Hand Held Programmer 2000 – 2003

Industry: Healthcare Technologies: Visual C++, Palm Hand Held computers, Code Warrior

Coded Visual C/C++ and Code Warrior C/C++/Java SDK programming PALM hand held computing platform.

MBNA, Newark, DE (Contract) UNIX/C Programmer 05/00 – 08/00

Industry: Finance Technologies: UNIX C

Wrote Excel and Word document project plan for Image Processing Payment Reject Program

Computer Sciences Corporation, Mt. Laurel, NJ (Contract) VC++ Programmer 01/00 – 04/00

Industry: Point of sale Technologies: Visual Studio VB and C++, WIN32, DLLS and ActiveX

Upgraded projects in VB 6.0 with WIN32-API, VC++ with COM, and DLLs with ActiveX for defense contracts.

Infonautics Corporation, Wayne, PA (Contract) C UNIX/Oracle Developer 06/99 – 10/99

Industry: Point of sale Technologies: UNIX C, ORACLE SQL

E-Commerce X-windows UNIX C, Oracle SQL, VB, Solomon IV Accounting, TCP/IP socket C-coded IBM.

Information Technology, Inc., Haddonfield NJ (Contract) VB 6.0 Programmer 08/98 – 12/98

Industry: Labor Management Technologies: VB 6.0, ADO

Coded full lifecycle VB 6.0 injury tracking system: tab dialog entry, graphs, crystal reports, and data grids

American Express One, Inc., Mt. Laurel, NJ Visual C++ Programmer 1997 – 1998

Industry: Airline Ticketing Technologies: Visual Studio C++, ACCESS, OLE, DAO, FocalPoint

Coded ACCESS and VB5 utilities to extract information from FocalPoint airline reservation system

Coded the Visual C++ 5.0 Automated Ticketing program performing Q&A on airline ticket reservations.

Used Windows GDI MFC for Automated Ticketing program to draw pictures and do animation.

Logical Solutions, Inc. ATCO, NJ C++ Windows Programmer 1996 – 1997

Industry: Point of sale Technologies: VB Windows, Watcom C++, METAware C

Coded VB front end and WATCOM DLLs for IBM C 4690 POS. Serial communications code PC to AS400.

Business Systems Communications, Pemberton, NJ C XENIX Programmer 1995 – 1996

Industry: Point of sale Technologies: Visual Studio C++

Updated and test C-code for NCR 7450 Point of Sale registers.

AW Computer Systems, Inc., Mt. Laurel, NJ C UNIX Developer 1989 – 1995

Industry: Point of sale Technologies: UNIX C & Metaware C Software Engineer

Designed and programmed point-of-sale utilities controllers marketed to supermarket and retail chains.

C-coded IBM 4680 interactive message monitor tool to check processing between registers 4680 system.

C program to monitor IBM 4680 POS system to price changes to a DOS microcomputer over an IBM LAN.

Designed and programmed utilities for point-of-sale controllers marketed to supermarket chains and discount retailers. Programs developed include:

Price Reporter Software

Flex OS Version: METAWARE C-coded a program to monitor the IBM 4680 store system and communicate merchandise price changes to a DOS microcomputer over an attached IBM LAN. The program maintained the information in a file located on the peer system. In the event of a LAN down condition, the program spooled the records to a local file until the peer system was available and a despool of the local file could be conducted. The program ran continuously, entering a sleep mode when no price changes were detected.

OS/2 Version: Microsoft C recoded program described above to monitor OS/2 ICL store system and communicate merchandise price changes to a DOS microcomputer.

Controller User Interface Utilities

UNIX C Version: Designed and coded AW file user interface tools in UNIX C and NCR BGEN (Back office Generator) 4th generation language for NCR UNITY store system. The utilities had menus, pop-ups, help screens, and allowed data add, changes and deletions. The utilities allowed changes to cash register receipt messages, display messages, keyboard configuration, electronic pin pad messages, suspended transaction records query and deletion, individual cashier lane bit set controls for register hardware, and bit set controls for hardware and logic processing when system was active.

OS/2 Version: Designed and recoded user interface tools described above using Microsoft C 6.0 and a C video library software package for ICL - OS/2 store system.

Board Run-Time and Error Statistics Utility

METAWARE C-coded IBM 4680 interactive message monitor tool to check processing between registers and the 4680 system. The utility allowed users to request specific messages from the system board. The response message was parsed and displayed in a human-readable format.

Point-Of-Sale Application

Xenix C-coded POS customer application for IBM 4680 controller. Responding to a cash register keying sequence, the code performed a progression of functions, including sign on, sign off, lock, unlock, password updates, and operator totals.

Register Layaway Database

Coded department store layaway system for the 4684 IBM register using Dbase III, Clipper and C graphics. The system allowed a user to add, modify, and delete inventory, layaways, and employee information.

Softmart Inc. Exton, Pa. Revelation Database Developer

3/88 - 5/89

Designed and coded report programs for a discount software vendor to Fortune 500 companies. Primary job responsibility was developing detailed programs in BASIC to generate reports on sales, inventory output, and production summaries from data in a REVELATION database system on an IBM PC using a NOVELL NETWORK system and REVELATION's R/BASIC.


Bachelor of Science – BS in Computer Science - Arcadia University, Glenside, PA 06/89

Major Studies: Data structures and algorithms using Pascal, ADA and C

While attending Arcadia University, coded inventory programs for a custom software company. Primary client

was a mid-sized hospital supply company. Major programs were coded on an 8086 PC with QuickBASIC, Screen Sculptor Graphics, and BTRIEVE Record Management Software. These programs allowed a user to add, change, delete, and print report data kept on file in sorted formats through function calls to the BTRIEVE software library.

Bachelor of Arts – BA in Secondary Math Education - Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ 12/86

Major Studies: Education instructor curriculum with certification to mathematics and computers.

Student Teacher, Washington Township Jr. High Sewell, NJ. - 7th Graders 9/85 to 12/85

Harrington Middle School, Mount Laurel NJ 9/03 to 12/03 Jr. High mathematics sub for maternity leave Computer Learning Center, Cherry Hill, NJ 9/97 to 1/98 Intro to Computers Quick BASIC and C/UNIX I

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