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Bellevue, WA
October 21, 2019

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SALLY(Xiuzhen) Huang

****-**** **. ******, ** ***39




A hands-on Senior Database Application Administrator with more than 16 years of progressive infrastructure management experience in AWS Cloud, Database Architecture, deployments, performance tuning, multi-platform integration and making recommendations for mission critical systems in various industries.

Selected Achievements:

Proven ability to lead and support complex implementations, migrations, upgrades and expansions of AWS clouds products (including Aurora database, RDS, EC2, S3, Docker, etc. ) in order to achieve performance, stability and high availability SLA metrics.

Highly experienced in data migrations from premier databases (Postgresql, SQL Server, Oracle, Mysql) to Aurora and RDS for enterprise customers by using DMS services with efficient results.

Optimized the SQL Code that so that improved the generation of the performance report from 7 minutes to 100ms.

Modified the table design for Oracle AUX Data warehouse to decrease the report running time from 30minutes to 100ms.

Analyzed AWR report so that standard life report is generated from 15 hours to 2 minutes.

Increased ASM datafile available storage space from 1 Terabyte to 100 Terabyte with complex CELL commands.

Analyzed WMS AJAX DC db materialized view system to improve Autosys jobs from 30 minutes to 1 minute.

Modified existing RMAN backup scripts to reduce backup time by 10 and decrease backup size from 1TB to 100 GB.

Used Adpatch and Opatch to efficiently apply different patches that saved e-business suite upgrade time by 20%

Improved SSIS package job report for auto vehicle system performance from 3 days to 10 hours

Analyze and change sql statements, rewrite the long query, adding indexes, removing indexes and partition so that the Oracle report performance improved from 10 seconds to 100ms.

Identified Cassandra databases high latency performance issues in EDP project and increase EDP application performance 2 times.

Technical Summary:

•Oracle RAC/Exadata/Transport Tablespace/SQL Server Cluster/Postgre Vaccum, Materialized Views, bitmap index, Partition

Oracle Financial E-Business suite/HR module/OPMG/Student module

AWS RDS cloud Services/Multi-AZ/S3/VPC/security group/Cloudwatch/Cloudfoundation

OEM, Toad DBA tool, RMAN, Legato/Veritas Network backup, Always on, mirroring, log shipping, replicate, Active Data guard, data gurad and golden gate;


Data Warehousing experience of size over 10 TB, Data Mart, BI Birst Data warehouse tool, Cognos

SQL tuning in client/server, Weblogic and Webspher networked environment.

Relational database modeling and design (Logical and physical)

•Brokerage Operations, Accounting, Inventory, fixed assets, Mortgage, Options Trade Management.

•Financial banking, mutual funds, brokerage and credit reporting.


Ericsson, Senior Application DBA, Bellevue 2018-Present

•Managed Oracle12C RAC, golden gate and active data guard environment.

•Did create, upgrade and patch Oracle RAC db 12c on periodically.

•Managed oracle E-Business Suite for TMOBILE project.

•Did work with application team, development team so that performance tuning for oracle T-mobile billing and working order system improved. Duplicate work order and time out issues are solved and meet the SLA for customers.

•Lead and supported RAC database 11g upgrade to 12c.

•Did data pump and data migration on periodically time.

•Review and recommend DB SQL code change so that the report performance improved from 10 minutes to 1 seconds.

•Did overview db server system configuration, database memory size set and hardware storage design so that performance improved and key metrix meet the customer expectation.

•Did recommend storage parameters change, sga and pga optimized so that business SLA exceed the customers’ expectation.

•Managed Oracle OEM 13C, Oracle active dataguard and Oracle golden gate data performance tuning and stability.

•Analyzed AWR report and evaluated the root cause for performance issues, recommended to change parameters, use scan Ip and update indexes to improve application performance issues.

•Managed T-Mobile Uprising project prepaid system with over 100 Terabyte AUX Oracle db databases, Postgresql, Mysql and EDA project Charging Cassandra databases.

•Did support migration from oracle to postgresql for EMM SPRINT migration project.

•Did work with application team on modifying Postgresql design, data migration from oracle to posgtresql, analyzing system architecture to find out the root cause for high load performance issue for Multi Mediation product so that it meets and achieve performance and stability SLAs.

•Did change parameters for postgresql so that EMM sprint migration project moved in good outstanding stage and satisfied customers’ requirement.

•Created and implemented repair jobs on EDQ/EDP Cassandra databases

•Generate report and solution for performance, architecture design for system-based business requirement

•Worked with architect, design, and business teams on changing the system design solution, reports, and application interaction, performance and stability of the system.

•Provided support and troubleshooting for critical system performance issues, migration critical problems and various defects.

•Instructed application developers and data architects to update design to meet customer business requirements

•Implemented the Vacuum jobs to improve Postgresql performance

Amazon, AWS Cloud Engineer (DB Support) Seattle 2016-2018

Provided high edge technical level services on-call AWS Cloud DBA 24X7 support on databases issues like service down, high CPU, latch, instance scale, wait events, long running query issues. instance scale, storage expanding, replication, scheduled snapshot backup and performance tuning.

Provided AWS Cloud support for AWS RDS service PostgreSQL, RDS Oracle, SQL Server, Aurora, MySQL, Mariadb, Redshift, DMS services and Mongodb.

Did setup and supported RDS oracle golden gate services bi-direction services.

Did support for database migration from Oracle/My SQL/PostgreSQL database on premier environment to AWS cloud RDS environment.

Did modify PL/SQL code for RDS Oracle wallet

Managed AWS RDS Oracle backup and Recovery, OEM, replica, Staspack reort

Contributed to new feature request for existing RDS databases based on customer’s requirement.

Contributed and lead architecture/ design conversations/update documentation.

Setup security policy, S3, VPC, SNS, SQS, cloud watch, cloud foundation,IAM, cloud trail, SNS, cloud formation, Cloud trail, Cloud watch, Elastic Beans, EBS, EC2, container services, Elastiche, Data Migration services, Data Pipe line, backup and code deploy in AWS cloud cross regions.

•Did support MySQL database performance, instance scale and storage expanding issues.

TD Bank, Senior Database Administrator, Canada 2016

•Configured and setup Oracle 12c RAC HA services in RAC Exadata half Rac 5.2 environment

•Managed Oracle OEM user Id setup and access, threshold metrics setup and configured user profiles

•Managed oracle E-Business suite application server web logic with RAC databases.

•Generated audit report for Oracle application systems.

•Did performance tuning, setting up services, backup and recovery for CDB and PDBS in EXadata

Migrated oracle 11g to oracle Exadata 12c

Provided solution for customers migrating SQL Server data to Oracle EXadata environment.

Managed bank fraud system SQL Server database migration and legacy consolidation, data center migration

Worked with SQL Server 2012/2014/2008, always on, snapshot, mirroring and cluster environment.

Did implement Telemetry cluster environment project.

Made key contribution to SQL Server migration to AWS Cloud project.

Bank of Montreal, Senior Consultant, Canada 2014-2016

Implemented RMAN backup and recovery scripts for the oracle database both in windows and Unix.

Did support for OEM and Oracle RAC 12c databases with ASM storage

Did data movement ETL from excel sheet to SQL server by creating different store procedure for HRA, EAP, LTD and STD in order to meet business requirement for benefit project.

Provided solution on web application hanging issues and improved all system performances by using DMV

Managed ARCH, EOD, Bail file report data load from SQL Server to ORACLE to make sure the data

were accurate and batch job were completed successfully.

Modified customer report by changing SQL code, shell script and cron jobs.

Did troubleshoot the root cause for RAC node eviction and wire transfer slowness by collecting

OS watcher OS watcher setup and enabled crash dump etc.;

Implemented new packages, new releases, bug fixes based on different requests.

Managed Active Dataguard reporting system.

Monitored and resolving the databases performance issues on all database Servers by using SCOM tool.

Loblaw, Toronto, Canada 2013-2014

Database Administrator

Created and Managed WMS material view, Managed DB migration for SAP cutover projects.

Created Autosys script jobs for Pickering and North Point DC so that production db are refreshed efficiently.

Implemented backup and recovery script for windows and Unix environment.

Installed and configured Oracle Golden Gate uni-directional Replication on HP-UX & IBM-AIX servers;

Worked with Oracle Golden Gate to enable and disable real time log apply for critical databases;

Analyze AWR and ADDM report and provided solution for all kinds of performance issues.

Created and supported Oracle 11g R2 RAC and standalone Databases.

Worked closely with business users to create synonym, view, tables and dblink;

Cloned Oracle and SQL server environment periodically and applied patches to both Oracle and SQL Server databases;

Created optimized store procedure to audit huge table data efficiently;

Enable profiles and did audit report for SQL Server;

Managed SSAS security and SSRS security.

WSI -Research and Management 2007 – 2013

Oracle E-Business and SQL Server DBA

Used rapid clone to refresh the Oracle RAC Multi-node system from production to test and development environment periodically.

Managed and implemented Oracle E-Business suite 11.5.10 upgrade to integrated with Oracle Portal SSO, Multi application node with load balance for GNS project.

Did solve concurrent manager service startup and reporting issues.

Conducted code modification so that reports for ticket system are accurate;

Installed and configured Linux, Sun Solaris system 5.8, replace the SCSI hardware.

Provided solutions on transferring data from Oracle Database 10G to SQL Server 2005;

Generated Oracle Application 11i audit report;

Setup and troubleshot the HR workflow module for the application system;

Provided Global Level-3 support for Healthcare Impax and PACS system for regional hospitals

Supported Impax system migration, including Oracle database migration and application migration,

Performed documentation review and verification on new products and system releases;

Provided support for Oracle upgrade from 9.0.5 to and Grid Control 12c.

Created SSIS packages for data migration in SQL Server 2005;

Knowledgebaze PTE Ltd., IT Data Consultant Singapore 2001 - 2007

Implemented Oracle 10g implementation in UNIX and Windows environment for Hypersion project;

Did Physical database design and configuration, including server configuration and future capacity planning;

Worked with backend database for PeopleSoft and Oracle Application 11i;

Upgraded Oracle Application MRP system from 11.0.3 to in UNIX environment;

Implemented Oracle Applications in Linux;

Maintained the infrastructure of SSO, web cache, CSM, Oracle Application 9iAS, Oracle 9i, 10G web portal server, OPMN process, Oracle Grid control and Oracle application 11i student information E-Business servers;

Managed Oracle 11i E-Procurement with OPMG Level/HR module

Maintained AP, AR, GL, SO, PO, and SO PO LINK module;

Created Pl/SQL scripts Stored Procedures (Email system), Views and Tables for Data Warehouse project;

Managed Weblogic services and make sure java connection and all its services are up;

Troubleshot JDK and CRON jobs on AIX environment;

Set up SSL configuration with Apache services, WEBSPHERE Server in AIX environment;

Implemented SQL Server 2000 databases and healthcare application system

Maintained the cluster services for the production databases in the EMC storages;

Managed the code migration from Development, UAT and Production environment for the SQL Server databases;

Setup the LOGSHIPPING for the production databases;

Scheduled jobs and created DTS packages;

Cooperated with apps team on changing indexes, modifying the SQL in order to improve the system performance.

Configured the VERITAS report for finding out the top black list store procedures and helped apps team on fine tuning the respected SQL statements;

Upgraded SQL Server Database from 7.0 to 2000 and managed Content metadata migration;

Configured SQL Guard tool to monitor the SQL Server database;

Implemented DB2 installation and configuration.

Conducted documentation and security audit check for the SOX databases and generated the report weekly;

Documented the database change management procedures for SOA purpose

Did SOP documentation and Maintained Mercury change Management application

Configured RMAN backup module for Oracle database in VERITAS/Legato tools and setup Veritas backup metadata library.


M.S. Electrical Power and other Automation from University of Xi’an Science And Technology, China

B.S. Industrial and Electrical Automation from University of Xi’an Architecture And Science Technology, China


Cassandra DBA training

Sun cluster training

Oracle 9i OCP

MCSE/MCP for Windows 2000

MCDBA for SQL Server 7.0

Oracle 9i performance tuning

Legato Network Backup Training

Golden gate internal training

ITIL foundation certificate in service management

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