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Engineer Engineering

Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates
October 21, 2019

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Samer Al Abed

Arcibalda Rajsa 60/13

***** ********, ******

Mob/Cell (Serbia/Belgrade) : (+381) (63) 7800 955

Mob/Cell (Jordan/Amman) : (+962) (79) 9631 044

Email :

Specific Skills Areas

COMMUNICATION Bilingual (Arabic as mother tongue and English, professional fluency).

Substantial international experience in stakeholder relations with international organizations, host governments and multinational business leaders.

Establishes and maintains productive professional relationships and linkages often under challenging circumstances and conditions, worked in Iraq, South Lebanon and Kosovo.

Advanced ability to communicate and analyse with influence to achieve positive conclusions and outputs.

MANAGEMENT Proven ability in complex problem solving.

Advanced time and workflow management skills

Highly developed skills in strategic assessment, planning and policy development.

Business systems assessment, development and implementation with an emphasis on building administration, design and construction management.




Extensive experience in capacity development supported by project design, implementation and management skills and encompassing field, municipal and service oriented facilities ( Re-design, delivery, maintenance and building management), health, education, etc..

Ability to embrace a vision and implement through realistic processes and outcomes by relationship building/partnering with international stakeholders and deliver upon standard.

Strong record of delivering complex and challenging projects with multiple international and local stakeholders to time, budget and client expectations.

HUMAN RESOURCES Extensive expertise in leadership particularly within multi-disciplinary, multi-national and cross-cultural environment.

Highly developed team building skills and the ability to encourage ownership of processes and outcomes.

Models excellence and motivates others to achieve 2 SAMER AL ABED

Social Affiliations, List of professional societies and activities in civic, public and international…

Member Jordan Engineers Association (JEA)


Jordan Royal Ecological Diving Society

Member Jordan Parachute Club (Para-glider)

Member British Sub-Aqua Club, (BSAC International) Diving License since 1998 Member

(PADI) Advanced Open Water Diver License since 2004 Qualifications & Career Enhancement




Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Architectural Engineering, Applied Science University Amman/Jordan. (Rating: Good)

For two years served at the Jordanian Military Armey Service under infantry Regiments, Jordan

Graduate Diploma in Architectural Design

Polytechnic College, Balqa Applied University, Amman/Jordan

(Rating: Excellent)

1983-1986 High School Diploma Certificate

1992 to 2016

Al Hussein Collage, Amman Jordan

Certificate Training Courses and Seminars in Leadership, management, planning and engineering...etc.

PMP, Project Management Professional

Auto Cad For Architects, 2D and 3D

Corel Draw X5, Archicad, 3Ds Max

MS Project 98 (Level 1 & 2)

Correspondence Training

Local Committee on Contracts (Basic & Advanced)

Performance Management

Galileo, UN operational system for materials Management Employment Summary

December 2017 to July 2018 Project Manager/Consultant Hadeed Emirates Contracting (HEC)

UAE/Dubai, Soler Innovation Center Project at Al Qudra, Client (DEWA)

Two midrise residential buildings at Jumeirah Village Circle, Client (SS Lootah)

Description: 1- Planning, executing and finalizing the project activities according to the baseline schedule.

2- Defining the scope of construction work activities along with engineering team and oversee the quality control during the progress to meet up the time and specifications.

3- Collaboration with the senior management and reporting to the client to meet up the project goals during the project cycle. 4- Studying the contract documents to know the scope of works and dealing with the sub-contractors.

5- Recourse allocation and assignment of adequate staff as pear each activity.

6- Track the deliverables according contracts along with the procurement team.


7- Managing the project budget through monthly cashflow and schedule activities.

8- Risk assessment.

9- Ensuring that all safety precautions are adhered to by the construction works.

10- Monitoring and supervising project team members and sub- contractors, influencing and empowering them to take positive action to accomplish the assigned works in time.

11- Cost estimation and contract evaluation.

March 2016 to December 2017 Architectural Engineer Freelancing under my own registered company SAM-LOTUS d.o.o. located in Belgrade / Serbia, specializing in Property Development and Investment, Engineering Constancy and trading.

Description: Supporting the Investors within the local market to utilize their budgets to meet the client needs and requirements from the property development, design process and implementation.

1- Defines program requirements and establishes design parameters based on client requirements and working with project architect and project manager.

2- Architectural concept and design, manages design process for entire project.

3- Budgeting, cost estimates.

4- Site supervision.

5- Advising the investors during the construction process for the materials required.

6- Overseeing the selection of the sub-contractors who are ideal for the completion of the project.

September 2014 to August 2015 Architect / Engineering Supervisor Faris & Faris architects one of a leading well-established architectural and consulting engineering firm, founded in 1996, with offices in Amman-Jordan & Doha-Qatar.

Description: Architectural designer and site supervision for projects designed under the firm. This involved the design process and all related management construction works on site coordinating with the contractors and the suppliers to provide the works according to the proposed preliminary design, specifications, time and quality.

1) Perform Architectural/Engineering duties under stressful circumstances. 2) Architectural design and details.

3) Interior Design including selecting the materials upon the project documents. 4) Develop and maintain effective work relationship with the design and the construction phases.

5) Planning and organising during the implementation process. 6) Review technical data regarding Materials, sizes, dimensions, and quantities and costs to be incorporated in formal specifications. 7) Budgeting.

8) Preparing the CPM for the projects for quality and time control. 9) Monitors project budget and schedule related to design team efforts. 10) Manages client interaction and decision making related to design. 11) Participate in business development activities. 12) Manages design process for entire project; lead/directs the work of other designers and technical staff.

13) Conduct interviews with clients to confirm their requirements, obtain additional information and ensure that all design facets of the projects are correctly scoped; develop an insight on how to proceed with the concept design of the project

Key Achievements: Architectural design for Local and governmental projects.

I was a part of the design team for Schools design project (Tarsheed) located in Qatar.


April 2003 to June 2009 Regional Engineer (Engineering Officer), OIC/Regional Administration officer

United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), Department of Peace Keeping Operations (DPKO), Technical Support Service (TSS), Division of Administration (DOA), Engineering Unit, led a team from 43 engineering staff consists from Engineers, construction supervisors, BMS supervisors, administration clerk, warehouse manager, and skilled labours including 8 staff under administration unit.

Description: 1. Provision of Engineering Support, maintenance & operation of the essential services, within the region.

2. Responsible for planning, designing & review for all Engineering Construction & Maintenance programs and projects for the region. 3. Responsible for the construction of the infrastructure and the maintenance of the UN Regional HQ (Logbases), special police camps, and the operation of the essential engineering services such as water, electric and generated power, etc in the region.

4. Responsible to provide technical assessment of buildings and facilities for the usage of the regional administration, police stations, and municipal offices as directed by the Chief Engineer and administration. 5. Responsible for the necessary planning and management of the resources to ensure adequate support is provided.

6. Responsible of the management and the supervision of staff, nationals and international, of the regional engineering unit, and to provide necessary evaluation & performance reports.

7. Responsible for the implementation of the construction and the maintenance programmes for buildings, camps, stations and sub-stations, camp infrastructure, generators and other engineering equipment in the region. 8. Responsible for the preparation of proposals for engineering works, services and programs in accordance with the UN rules and the chief engineer’s directives, at the regional level.

9. Responsible for the control of all the utilities, in all facilities, buildings and camps, verifying and certifying them to be reimbursed, at the regional level. 10. Responsible for the implementation of all UN policies, standards and space allocation, as directed by the Chief Engineer.

11. Liaise with other regional units & sections, Civpol, special police, etc, with regard to maintenance of services, provision of new services, space allocated. 12. Responsible for the maintenance and security of the infrastructure in the regional headquarter, and logistic base, special police camps, police stations, in the region & all renovations required.

13. Responsible for the provision of tender documents for required projects, within the budget limitations, in the region.

14. Responsible for the supervision of all engineering contracted services, certification for payment and final reporting at the regional level. 15. Responsible for the Building Management Services (BMS) provided to the UN offices, heating and cooling, as set up in the SOPs, and to apply the mission policy in this regard.

16. Providing the necessary managerial, Technical and administrative support to UN Elements/Units in the region within Regional Administrative officer

(RAO) assigned job.

17. Managing and supervising all administrative and technical support staff assigned to the region.

18. Coordinating and supervising all administrative and technical support activities have oversight initiated by services units and executed in the regions.

Key Achievements: Sat up UN regional HQs within the regions, buildings, offices space capacity, backup power supply and field security defence to the compounds for the UN staff assigned to the regions providing engineering support for the utilities infrastructure and BMS support 24/7.

Provided all the technical and engineering BMS support to all the Municipal buildings under the regions including the police stations, Border police points before implementing the hand-over to the local authorities.


Sat up all the Special Police Units compounds under the UN from offices, accommodation, Kitchens, and all the utilities (Drinking water, Electricity, sewage and backup power supply...etc.), Engineering Technical support to the camp and the contingents during their service stay under the UN.

Managed a contract for the provision and delivery of pre-fabricated building with the Regional HQs.

Reviewed costings and develop project scopes of work and design specifications on time according to the unit assigned budget and commenced time under the direct supervision of the chief engineer.

Coordinated and finalized the liquidation and reconfiguration process of UN mission to three regions for the hand-over to the European Union (EULEX).

Acted as a Regional Administration Coordinator for three regions for two years including my duties as a regional engineer for the said regions within Kosovo under Director of mission support/UNMIK. August 2000 to March 2003

Engineering officer, (Architect)

Project Management Division, Unit of Engineering and Building Management Services.


United Nations Mission in Kosovo/UNMIK, Department of Peace Keeping Operations (DPKO), UN Civil Administration, Ministry of Public Services.

Re-development and refurbishment most of the office buildings accommodation for the new Government of Kosovo under capacity building program for sitting up the provisional institution of self- Government (PISG).

1) Budget planning and construction management for the projects. 2) Technical assessments and re-design development for the buildings and sites assigned by the chief of the units under the specified budget. 3) Preparing the Technical specifications, scope of work, Bill of quantities, drawings and the details (Auto Cad and Corel Draw). 4) Ensure technical support and administrative coordination of the projects.

5) Preparing the tender documents for bidding under the UN, World Bank and the European Agency for Reconstruction Regulations and forms.

6) Actively work with the CE in all phases of projects cycle, specifically in terms of formulation of project methodology, support quality development of project documents, following project and budget guidelines, work and financial plan.

7) Meeting with the Donors, contractors, NGOs, local authority and international organizations (OSCE, European Agency for reconstruction...etc).

8) Actively participate in all steps of evaluation and selection of firms. 9) Evaluating for the contractor’s quotations/proposals. 10) Establishing the tender opening and evaluation committees. 11) Studying the constructing local materials and preparing the cost estimates.

12) Preparing the budgets, CPOs and the contracts for the projects according to the procurements regulations.

13) Provide inputs in communication and contract management activities. 14) Provide partners/donors detailed reports of progress of projects or other documents on project status

15) Monitoring and supervising the construction works of the projects by preparing the C.P.M. Critical Path methods (Time frame for the activities) by Microsoft Project.

16) Training the United Nations Volunteers and the local Kosovars, projects Engineers.

17) Performing duties as acting head of the Unit during his absence. 6 SAMER AL ABED

Key Achievements: Completely refurbished 26 office accommodation project 350 K Euro, one office in each municipality (150 m2-250 m2), within the regions of Kosovo for 260 staff within time and budget frame for Municipal civil Registration Centers funded by European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR).

Developed forward plans and implement refurbishment of additional office accommodation for the Ministries and Municipal Buildings for a further 450 staff members within 600 K Euros budget.

Managed refurbishment and construction contract for the definition design and implementation of 1.2 million Euros Facility of Ministry of Health 2880 m2, Mutual Fund by World Bank and Kosovo Consolidated Budget (KCB).

Completely refurbished the Parliament of Kosovo (Kosovo Assembly) under Task Force project Directed by the D/SRSG for the preparation of the Inaugural Sessions, preparing the design, details, tender documents, specification for the assembly Hall, Conference rooms, member services reception and administration areas and all the related structure to completed the project within limited time frame.

Initiation for two phases 6.5 Million Euros project for Government ministries multi stores building project, supervising and implementing the first and second phase of the said project.

Successfully trained local and international architects and engineers within the organisation.

Established ongoing building maintenance procedures and plans for the construction projects.

Participated in establishing the procurement tendering and contract administration procedures for the Unit.

Received a commendation for achievement from Chair, Task Force of the assembly.

January 2000 to August 2000

Operation Officer (Architect) – Intensive Project for Renovation of Registration centers within the Regions and Municipalities of Kosovo. UNMIK, United Nations Mission in Kosovo, Organisation for Security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Joint Registration Task Force project. Description:

1. Team Leader for the implementation of renovation program in 4 regions and the municipalities of Kosovo involving 400 Registration centers within budget the sum of 1.6 million DM. UN/OSCE supervising the implementation process and European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR) as donor. 2. Technical assessments on the infrastructure of the buildings after identifying the sites and locations with coordination of Military and police,

3. Preparing the tender documents for the centers within groups for each area, construction works was implemented through the NGOs for construction & maintenance works.

4. Supervising quality and time control before the hand-over, the aim of the program to strengthening component focussed at Municipal, Community levels (planning, conflict resolution and facilities management), for the registration of the population of Kosovo after the war conflict for issuing the ID and civil registry documents.

5. Coordination of all related works connected the project, Technical advices, administration, corresponding and reporting. 7 SAMER AL ABED

Key Achievements:

Oct 1999 to Jan 2000


Key Achievements:

March 1998 to August 1999

August 1997 to January 1998


Project Manager (Designer) – Bin Jabr Group, United Arab Emirates/Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Summer recreational house in the middle of an island located in the Gulf Sea near Abu Dhabi.

1) Architectural & landscape design for the location, using engineering calculations, practices to the sea, sun and wind for the efficiency of the proposed preliminary design before the approval by the owner. 2) Interior Design, Furniture and detailed sketches design (Doors, windows, flooring, roofs and colour scheme) by choosing deferent materials and energy saving product and green environment materials. 3) Supervising and monitor the implemented construction works conducted by the contractors.

4) Time, budget and quality control using management software/Microsoft project.

5) Preparing the plans and the drawing for the design by Auto Cad. 6) Meeting with the suppliers and evaluate the materials and the quotations.

Successfully completed all the design plans, details and materials required for the project.

Led the Project Team of 120 skilled labours that established within a short time for the construction works and the preparation of the infrastructure of the island.

Successfully managed the initial start up of the construction contracted works and the contracts.

Co-ordinated the delivery of the essential materials as approved within the proposed design and budget plans.

(Amman, Jordan) Freelancing, working in Architectural and interior design, supervising, sub-contracting, projects management, renovation and rehabilitation for local building, houses and commercial stores, preparing the mechanical, electrical, structural and Architectural design and Drawing, Bills of Quantities and payments vouchers. Architect (Head of Unit, UNESCO sub-office Sulaimaniyah, Northern Iraq) United Nations in Iraq/UNESCO, under SCR 986 Led a team of 6 multi-disciplined professionals, Managing two major projects 1.6 Million Dollars ( Rehabilitation of 40 schools and Schools disks Production project)

1. Managing the surveying process for the schools. 2. Meeting with the UN agencies, local authority.

3. Preparing the Design concepts and the details for the school Buildings.

Established positive relationships with diverse stakeholders and motivated them to deliver results on time and within budget.

Researched and developed short term project to support the Municipal plans and supporting curriculum materials for each of 400 registration centers in 28 municipalities.

Assigned, inspected, delivered and constructed around 400 registration centers infrastructure to 4 regions in urban, rural and remote locations.

Developed a nun profit construction project implemented by NGOs that arrived to a conflict zone to assist of setting up the civil administration structure with mutual coordination of OSCE for new established government under municipal level.

Maintained quality assurance provisions in a challenging environment and political implications that affected the project.

Successfully led the end of program as proposed. 8 SAMER AL ABED

Key Achievements:

Feb 1995 to August 1997


Key Achievements:

Employment Summary


4. Organizing and supervising the preparation of the tender documents. 5. Establishing the Tender Evaluation committees.

6. Monitoring the implementation work progress of the projects. 7. Liaising with the Procurement Unit for purchase orders, contracts, and payment requests

8. Assist in the follow-up of the budget and expenditures on an ongoing basis.

9. Coordinate information between clients, potential partners and donors

(governmental and institutional).

10. Organize the receiving of the commodities to UNESCO warehouse.

11. Reporting and Corresponding to Baghdad Main UNESCO Office. 12. Trainer and advisor for the local engineers and administration staff.

Successfully led the management process for the delivery of facilities projects services on time and within budget.

Sat up the benchmark and advised the management team for similar project that followed within the unit in the future program.

Successfully started up the schools desks production through a joint venture program with UNISEF through technical schools under the Ministry of education in Northern Iraq which adopted later on by the unit to conduct similar project in a later stages.

Successfully completed an assessment project for the 40 schools rehabilitation project under the Region of Sulaimaneh as reference for the future assigned budget calculation.

Conducted a preliminary module design and details for the schools desks that been constructed and adopted by the unit and approved by the ministry of education.

Architect (Site Engineer)

Faris and Faris Architects and Consultants


Design and supervision for local and commercial projects, Project Manager for local houses projects that been designed by the Architectural Firm, supervising the implementation from the construction work till the hand-over, including the interior design, reform of the management program and the budget for the clients. This involved all related management construction works on site coordinating with the contractors and the suppliers to provide the works according to the proposed preliminary design, time and quality. 1. Project Management.

2. Architectural Design and details.

3. Interior Design.

4. Quantity Survey.

5. Budgeting.

6. Preparing the CPM for the projects for quality and time control.

Successfully completed most of the project that been assigned to me through a professional Architects and engineers.

Sat up construction management coordination program for time and quality control for the delivery of the projects.

Successfully introduced new commercial maintenance procedures for all the projects – the focus being on time, accuracy and technical.

Developed new procedures related to utility usage and safety.

Conducted architectural and interior design that matching the clients orders that comply with safety, environment green and power saving.


June 1992 to Feb 1995


Key Achievements:

March 1992 to June 1992


Key Achievements:

Assistant Engineer,

Hussein Atieh Establishment for construction and contracting, Amman/Jordan

Working at one of the first grade registered construction company in Jordan categorised by Ministry of Public Services as an assistant Engineer

Manage the construction drawing and works office responsible during the implementation process on site for the development and delivery to site engineers, construction supervisors and surveyors, The office consisted of a roads and bridges section, a building section, re-design section, bidding unit and finance and administration. 1. Preparing all related drawing for the construction projects, Electrical, Mechanical, structural and as-built.

2. Following up all the works progress though the site engineers for the updates of the projects.

3. Coordinating and setting up the meeting with the suppliers and the sub-contractors to facilitate the materials required according to the contract and the specifications.

4. Conducting the tests for the quality control of the used and approved materials by the consultant used for the projects using ISO and international standard tests procedures. 5. Conducting a weekly and monthly implementation progress reports for the projects.

Participated in delivering of Faculty of Educational science project, University of Jordan (USD 5.6 million), funded by the world Bank, (18,000 m2) building.

Libb water pumping station (JD 4.2 million) owned and funded by Ministry of water/Jordan, the project has three stations, consist of concrete water reservoir (18000 m3) and six water pumping units including the water purification plant.

Oversaw the successful completion of building, roads, bridges and tunnels were conducted by the said company during my years of services.

Participated in delivery of major new water reservoir facilities at Kings Hussein Medical centre valued in excess of USD 1.2million on time and within budget.

I was a part of developing new procedures related to utility usage maintenance and, fire fighting system and accountability under the unit.

Designer, International Design Centre, Amman/Jordan Architectural design office that working on building development for Urban and ruler areas focusing on, low cost building materials to be efficient for the Middle East Climate and construction. 1. Architectural Design for commercial and public houses. 2. Preparing the drawings to be submitted for approval by building Authority.

3. Working on the architectural presentation for the details and the drawing to be presented to the clients.

Developed and conducted a design module and concepts to be submitted as new construction conceptual proposals to governmental entities requested either by competitions or bidding procedures under Engineering Logistic Services.

Delivered the major works projects on time and within budget.

Successfully introduced computer technology CAD to assist with the management and design process and other key operational areas.

Participated in design team for deliver a cluster module housing project for a public project under bidding procedures (3.9 million JD).



Mr. Cornelius Nolen


Former Head of Field Operations Unit

UNMIK, Department of Civil Administration


Monitor, OSCE Special Monitoring

Mission in Ukraine


Mobile: +38 (0-50-301-****

Mr. Robert Mc Leod


Former head of Engineering and Buildings

Management unit, Civil Administration,


Retired/Director, Warranty and Special

Projects for ATCO Structures and Logistics,



Mobile: 403-***-****

Home: 403-***-****

Eng, Faris Zaru


Head of Faris and Faris Architects and


Amman, Jordan


Mobile: +962-**-*******

Office: +962-*-****-***

Personal Details

Jordanian Nationality, born 20 September 1968, current valid Jordanian passport and ID.

Holding Serbian Nationality, Passport and ID card.

Married (One Son)

Fluent in English, written and communicate, Arabic is my mother tongue.

Holding valid American residency (Green Card).

American Social Security Number.


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