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Engineer Design

Dallas, TX
October 16, 2019

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Donald Bonham

**** * ********,

Mesa Arizona, 85205



•Mechanical, Structural & Flight Controls, Hydraulic and Electrical Design. Hydraulic and Wire routing creation and modifications of Boeing & NGC Air / rocket Space craft, undersea (Orca) and trainer Apache & V-22 Rotorcraft.

•Project coordination with multi-disciplinary aerospace teams.

•Bachelor of Science Degree from CSULB and extensive training in engineering classes.

•Unigraphics NX 11, Teamcenter, PSDS, IHS, ENOVIA, PREP/Subversion, REDARS, Catia, AutoCAD, Inventor, Excel spread sheets, MS one note, Power Point.

•Implementation of Aerospace projects based on Customer requirements and Boeing/ government specs.

•Liaison Engineer for Boeing C-17 aircraft production program, analyze out of tolerance conditions and write repair instructions.

•Military Base SpaceX Falcon rocket Payload Integration on site at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

•Conceptual designing of JPL Spacecraft and Ground Support Equipment producing engineering drawings.


United Launch Alliance, Centennial, CO. (Contract) August 2019 through current (DO NOT CONTACT)

Structural Design and Analysis Engineer

•Structures design of rocket proprietary

Using Unigraphics NX 11 and Teamcenter.

Boeing, Huntington Beach, CA. (Contract through PDS) March 2019 through 6/14/2019

Hydraulic Design and Analysis Engineer

•Hydraulic design of Boeing proprietary XPS Air/Space vehicle

Using Unigraphics NX 11 and Teamcenter PDR/ALO work

package workflow Submittal.

PSDS / IHS / Boeing XPS program spec library for

analysis and vehicle development.

Responsible for main Landing gear Integration Zone hydraulic

Installation Engineering work package including Accumulator

Tank, Pump, Brackets, and hydraulic tubes and fittings. Design

review presentations, coordination with Boeing Management,

Stress and Structures Engineering for Design and Teamcenter for

Engineering work package submittal. Completed

fastener Unit Normal creation, hydraulic tube stock development

using Mechanical NX module utilizing; Heal Path and Quick Path

Titanium Stock following clamp & fitting Ports, Transformation for

tube rout editing. Custom Machined bracket creation.

Used NX PMI function to create GD&T for hole sizing & location

for our MBD model based definition paperless drawing / work


Boeing, Huntington Beach, CA. (Contract through EASi) July 2018- 8/7/2018

Mechanical Design Aerospace Engineer

•Mechanical and Structural design of Boeing proprietary underwater military sea vehicle, Structural Mechanical vehicle design and Ground Support Equipment creating detail and assembly models, drawings, hardware selection, and parts list building using Siemens NX, Boeing Teamcenter and GD&T tolerancing.

Sierra Lobo, Inc., Pasadena, CA. (Contract through Aerotek) March 2017- May 2018

Mechanical Design Aerospace Engineer

•Mechanical and Structural design of JPL Spacecraft, Mockups, and Ground Support Equipment creating detail and assembly models, drawings, hardware selection, and parts list building using Siemens NX 11, JPL Teamcenter and GD&T tolerancing.

•Check other Engineer Designs for FORM FIT and FUNCTION including tolerance analysis.

•Created Electrical Schematic drawing using Autocad.

Rockwell-Collins, Irvine CA. (Contract through Butler Defense) November 2015 – March 2017

Mechanical Design Aerospace Engineer

•Mechanical design and analysis of Aircraft flight control systems supporting redesign of aircraft Actuators, speed break, assembly, Throttle control assemblies and details for 787 and 777 Aircraft to Boeing Specs. and Northrop military Aircraft.

•Creation of attributed NX 10 parts and higher Assemblies that integrate into NX drawing parts list. These design improvements are integrated and released through ENOVIA and PREP/Subversion PDM complete with GD&T tolerancing.

•Tolerance Stack-up and Strength analysis of Aircraft Assemblies.

Honeywell, Tempe, AZ. (Contract) August 2015 – October 2015 Mechanical Design Engineer

•Mechanical design of commercial Aircraft Landing Gear systems including redesign of machining and gear parts that integrate into NX and Team center drawing parts list.

•Jet engine modifications including re-routing wire cables in NX.

•Design improvements are integrated and released through PDM.

•The design includes Tolerance analysis for landing gear GD&T stack up.

Rockwell-Collins, Irvine, CA. (Contract) October 2014 – July 2015 Mechanical Design Engineer

•Mechanical design of Aircraft flight control systems including redesign of casting control column and higher level Flight Control Assemblies, Tooling Test Fixture.

•Creation of attributed NX 8.5 parts that integrate into NX drawing parts list. These design improvements are integrated and released through ENOVIA.

•Excel Tolerance analysis for flight control GD&T stack up.

Orbital Sciences, Chandler, AZ. (Contract) January 2014 – September 2014 Mechanical Design Engineer

•Mechanical Designer, Structural-Mechanical-Electrical design of Air Vehicles utilizing Unigraphics NX 8.0 and Team Center. GD&T, assembly modeling of large complex files utilizing assembly and sketch constraints, arrangements, wave creation, reference set creation, layer organization, and hide component in view for multiple configuration designs.

•Utilizing NX cable routing module for complex 3D cable routing.

•Solid part modeling utilizing surface mesh creation from complex geometric surfaced parts.

•Synchronous modeling and editing.

•Working with multidiscipline Engineering teams, reviewing specifications and correcting / adding specs. and notes to drawing including Bill of Material creation, reviewing and correcting Engineering Orders to support production.

Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA. (SpaceX contract). Payload Design Engineer May 2013 – August 2013 Payload Design Engine

Integration and Final assembly at VAFB utilizing NX 7.

•Measured the new Rocket Hangar and created the assembly structure models, overhead cranes and electrical wire trays.

•Created assembly constraints and associated them into “arrangements” NX function to create automated assemblies. This showed overhead cranes hoisting rocket stages and payload-satellite with GSE tooling in various positions for final assembly. These Assemblies required extensive use of Team Center and helped Launch engineers identify potential interferences via MS One Note image transmittal. This job required me manipulating and simplifying

•SpaceX largest and most complex Rocket Stages and GSE structures – the Transport Erector primary structure extracting the OML features to make it possible for the computer to display these highly complex models together.

BOEING, Mesa AZ & Long Beach CA (contract) February 2005 – March 2013 Mechanical Design Engineer Analyst

•Responsible for presentations to customer and collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams to resolve design discrepancies and facilitate design completion.

•Responsible for developing the V-22 Escape Hatches for troop egress by modeling original doors to open from outside of fuselage for troop training utilizing quick release clamps, added doubler to lower inside fuselage - added staggered rivets. Converted Catia files and Lofted surfaces to develop 3-D Unigraphics NX 6 models.

•Responsible for developing the mod to V-22 cabin wing lock indicator replaced the hydraulically driven motor with a rotary solenoid actuator to match low voltage requirements and Unigraphics NX 6, 3-D modeled Assembly.

•Responsible for developing a V-22 nose Landing Gear modification that would keep the Lock Pin fixed and prevent the gear from collapsing during training exercises.

•V-22 main Landing Gear modification; investigated Boeing Philadelphia proposal “sleeving the main struts” providing permanent fixity to trainer aircraft by 3-D modeling using Unigraphics NX 6.

•Responsible for creation of a V-22 trainer Electrical / Mechanical vertical rack housing over 200 electrical components and circuit breakers on multiple platforms and raised mezzanine circuit boards. sized and modeled circuit boards and the over all housing / rack with Unigraphics NX 6

•Developed a drive Mechanism adapting linear slide rails with a Thompson lead screw to raise and lower the installation through the fuselage.

•Utilized advanced Unigraphics NX6 Assembly modeling techniques, including custom view creation, layer masking, hide components in view, detail part creation within assembly function, offset loft surface, WCS 3D manipulation and a lot of sketcher creation.

•Utilized mechanical fastening techniques; 6061-T6 AL angles, rivets, nuts, bolts, nut plates and weldments.

•Developed panels with sheet metal NX module.

•Developed 3-D wire harness runs with Unigraphics NX 6.

•Developed Power Module (multiple) Assemblies -- sized the platforms including attachment hardware all modeled and drafted using Unigraphics NX 6.

•Responsible for developing V-22 Trainer Unique “Directed Infrared Counter Measures” Unigraphics NX 6 Assembly & Installation constructed by SLS (Selective laser sintering). designed this SLS Turret so the split head rotates on one axis and simulate the real DIRCM Turret. This design incorporated an integral clevis and integral interlocking pin with a smooth 32 RMS. Modeling techniques included surfacing, surface thickening, sketcher, mirror imaging Unigraphics NX 6.

Modified Apache fuselage avionics and racks, transmission catwalk with Unigrapics NX 6

Created Gun mount Apache trainer weapon gun mount.

Created Project schedules for Engineers and built 3D Unigraphics NX 5 Parametric Solid Models of C-130 Aircraft providing management with weekly Excel and Power Point Status reports.

Completed engineering work packages & analysis ahead of schedule on limited budgets resulting in 100% customer satisfaction and approval of future contracts.

Created new V-22 & Apache trainer systems including tolerance analysis, interface with Lead engineers, drawing & BOM creation with increased productivity by 100% in 6 months.

Responsible for C-130 AMP (Avionics Modernization Program) development of an overall complete Unigraphics NX 5 modeled Aircraft for Boeing / Air force “Live Fire” ballistics computer simulated Systems Engineering test. Responsible for a small engineering team that modeled the main wing, empennage, flight control systems, hydraulics, fuel systems, main aircraft engines, fuel systems, APU engine, de-icing system, pitot static system, some fuselage areas including pilot / co-pilot instruments and gages and crew furnishings, cabinets, galley, Avionics installation and Fuselage rack design.

Development & assembly Unigraphics NX 5 modeling of new Autopilot hydraulic system (servos) for Aileron, Rudder and Elevator controls. MBD (Model Based Definition) systems done for C-130.

Built Airframe & mechanical parts using Catia based on ISO & MIL-Standards in 90 days.


Mechanical/Structural design of offshore ocean structures and mechanical oil equipment

including creating Inventor, AutoCAD & Unigraphics design working in engineering teams fast tracking mechanical designs and drawings for large multi ton winches used as pipe tensioners for Navy and Oil companies.

McDonnell Douglas / Boeing 1984 - 1999 Engineer Scientist Specialist / Design & Liaison Engineer

C-17 Investigative analysis of out of tolerance Airframe, close collaboration with Stress & Manufacturing Engineering. Presentations to MRB Management, my worked as C-17 Liaison Engineer included disposition of repair tags proving the structural fixes utilizing the stress calcs learned from the Boeing Structural Repair Philosophy class including structural tear out calcs, short edge distance calcs and structure strengthening by addition of doublers and writing a coherent repair, I Held Tank Certification to access internal structural compartments of C-17 Military Aircraft. Worked MD-11 commercial jet interior fuselage blowout panel design.

Worked Boeing/NASA Space Programs; Space Station – Hab module and power station development, Delta II Rocket fairing acoustical blanket design, Pam DII upper stage booster and Hedi Interceptor missile (BMD) ballistic missile defense that included electronic seeker integration, thruster / propulsion integration kill vehicle envelope development. Weights CG (center of gravity) analysis.

Utilized advanced Unigraphics Assembly modeling techniques & coordinating

Ballistic Missile Defense Radar vehicle / structure design.

Worked 6 years on C-17 Wing Control Surface Engineering group heavily using Aircraft Loft surfacing for control surface development and government Mil Specs for aircraft part development.

Structural Repair Philosophy (stress calculations for disposition Aircraft repair tags), Root Cause Analysis, Geometric Tolerancing per ANSI Y14.5M, courses in Composite Design and Composite Repair, NX Electrical Wire/Cable routing, Catia, extensive Unigraphics classes.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology Manufacturing CSULB, Long Beach CA

Design certificate using AutoCAD & Mechanical Desktop, Golden West College, Huntington Beach CA.

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