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Developer Engineer

Deerfield Beach, FL
October 16, 2019

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● Name: Jorge Acuna

● Address: 627 Siesta Key Circle, Apt # 3112, Deerfield Beach, Florida, 33441

● Cel Phone: 561-***-****

● Email:

● Marital Status : Single

● Authorized to work legally in the United States : Yes

● Willing to relocate: Yes

● Compensation desired: To be discussed

● References: provided on request


● Behance: Compilation of my coded Unity games and digital art, 3d and 2d.


● Published games:

Demo Chess,

Trump the wall,


● Published Movie:

Mas vampiros en la Habana


● High School Diploma

● Principles of Classical Animation and Character Design ( In House at I.C.A.I.C )

● Color Theory and Scene Compositing ( In House at Logrand Group )

● Unity 3D Certified Developer (Certification ID : 2016051-14C486 Verification) Page 1



● C#

● Javascript


● WebGL using Three.js Phoria.js

● IOS & Android publishing

● Visual Studio, Brackets, Notepad ++

● Git repositories

3D Animation:

● Cartoon, Realistic or Styled Character and props Animation

● Particle & Physics Simulation

● Game or High Res Modeling & Texturing

● 3dsmax

● Zbrush

Game Design:

● Game Design Document creation

● Unity3D Editor

● Level Design

Video Edition & Design:

●After Effects

●Adobe Illustrator

● Photoshop

page 2


Unity3D Developer, Front End Engineer at Xcontrol LLC, 2018 – Present Day Achievements:

1. Developed Apple tvOS screensaver for cruisers tv networks, using data from REST services 2. Developed Apple tvOS interactive 3d map, showing data from REST services 3. Developed Tizen OS webapp for tv networks, featuring video streaming services

● Unity3D Developer, 3d Technical Generalist at Social Voucher INC, 2016 – 2018 Achievements:

4. Developed several libraries for SV Team Published IOS/Android Game Stocket 5. Developed minigames for SV Team Published IOS/Android Game Stocket 6. Created 3d Art and optimized 3d Graphics for SV Team Published IOS/Android Game Stocket 7. Created and optimized lightmaps for SV Team Published IOS/Android Game Stocket

● Freelancer Unity3D Developer, 3d Technical Generalist, 2012 – Present Day Achievements:

1. Developed combat system for unnanounced MMORPG

2. Developed and Published Android games : Demo Chess, Trump the wall!, Tic,Tac,Toe! 3. Developed 3d Room Editor prototype

4. Developed side 2.5D shooter scroller prototype

5. Developed Cargo Chopper prototype

6. Developed Match3 puzzle prototype

7. Game ready Models and Animations

● 3D Animator at Luciernaga Studio, Mexico, 2012-2013 Achievements:

1. Model, animate, texture, lightning, rendering and composite for Grupo Financiero Banorte internal tv channel.

2. Model, animate, texture, lightning, rendering for Coflex promotional video of their products. 3. Created 3D fighting character animation and Unity development for in house game project. page 3

● 3D Animator at Logrand Group, Mexico,2008-2012


1. Storyboard, Modeling, 3d animation, rendering and composite for advertising and promo videos of casinos internal tv network.

2. Performed 2D graphics, both illustrated and vectorial for events advertising in the casino internal tv network.

● 3D Artist at Procyon Solutions, Cuba, 2005-2006


1. Created 2D graphics for applications and games GUI for mobile. 2. Made 3D animations for several applications, games, and for the content portal. 3. Took part with 3D/2D graphics for an over 200 items library of the content portal. During my time in this institution, I was transferred to Procyon Solutions on 2005, who resided inside the campus as well. This is for explain the time overlap of both work periods.

● 3D Consultant at UCI(University of Informatic Sciences), Cuba, 2003-2007 Achievements:

1. Teach introduction to 3D animation to College Students. 2. Art Direction in UCI s virtual travel development application. 3. Modeling and animation for “Meñique” animation short film prototype.

● 3D Animator at ICAIC Animation Studios, Cuba, 2000-2003 Achievements:

1. Modelled and animated civilian/ military vehicles for “Mas Vampiros en la Habana” (2003) movie. 2. Modelled and animated props, vehicles and weaponry for “Elpidio Valdéz” Cartoon Series. 3. Modelled, textured, animated Clothed characters (humans and horse), environments, particle systems (grass),Reactor Dynamics simulation (Castle Bridge) for “Aliento de Dragón(Dragon Breath)” Animated Medieval TV short film. (Cancelled) page 4

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