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Machine Support

Kolkata, West Bengal, India
October 16, 2019

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Personal Details:

Skills: Ability to work individually as well as in group environment. B.TECH Priyansh (COMPUTER-SCIENCE Gupta & ENGEERING STUDENT,4th year) E-Phone 823-***-**** mail Looking can utilize forward my skills. to an opportunity for working in a challenging environment,where I Technical Qualification:

10th 12th IIT-IIT-JEE(JEE(standard standard main) advance) from from score rank RBSE RBSE 160 24000. and board board rank with with 32000. 75% 86% in in 2013. 2015. Operating Database System System : : DBMS Windows (Mysql) 10,7,, MongoDB,Linux, Ubuntu. Cloud, MS-Excel. Programming Web Programming Languages: : HTML, C,CSS, Python,JAVASCRIPT, R(beginner)Jango. . Core Subject : Artificial Natural Intelligence Language, Machine Processing learning (NLP),, Deep WebScraping learning,, BlockChain TensorFlow,, Tableau.

DOB: SEX: Languages MALE 17/Known 08/1998 : ENGLISH,HINDI Original Current Address Residence: : kalyani-Jaipur 741235,, Rajasthan Nadia,WEST BENGAL Academic Github: Project: https:Intrusion Webnet // Detection 2nd com/year. priyanshgupta1998?System (NIDS, HIDS) tab=in repositories 3rd year.

Knowledge, work and Experience:

Machine 1) Supervised Learning Classifications i.Algorithms Logistic Machine Algorithms:Regression leraning ii. iii. Support K Nearest Vector Neighbour Machine((KNN) SVC) iv. v. Decision RandomForest Tree (Ensemble Learning)

vi. vii. Regression i.Algorihtms Xgboost(Naive Linear Bayes Regression Ensemble learning) ii. iii. Decision Random Forest Tree

iv. v. Xgboost Support Vector Machine(SVR)

2.) Unsupervised Clustering i.Algorithm K- means Machine Clustering leraning

Activation i. Sigmoid Functions:

ii. iii. Relu Softmax

Deep Keras learning:, RNN, LSTM, CNN, Tensoflow

Natural i. NLTK Language Processing (NLP):

ii. iii. SpaCy TextBlob

iv. v. Text Semantic Processing Analysis

Webscraping i. Selenium / Crawling:

ii. iii.BeautifulSoup Scrapy

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