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Quality especialist

Columbia, MO
$ 45,000/year
October 15, 2019

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Freddy O Gonzales.



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Columbia MO 65203

Phone: 1-954-***-****


Managing routine tasks with implementation of new systems and products, team work, GMPs, HACCP and traceability attention to detail, production floor, acting as a strong Quality Assurance resource to all departments.


Colegio Diocesano Papa Pio XII 1962-1967

High School Diploma.

Universidad Mayor de San Simon 1968-1969.

Agricultural Engineering.

Universidade Rural Do Rio de Janeiro – Km 47.1969-1972

Agriculture Engineer Diploma – mayor.

Agriculture Chemistry – manor


Department of soils – Assistant.

Abapo-Izozog Project. Department of Agriculture of Bolivia- FAO- PNUD 1973-1978

- Soil Survey; Classification, Chemical Physical analysis.

Manager of Agriculture and Soils Department

San Jacinto-Project. Ministry of Agriculture- CODETAR- World Bank 1979-1985

Beginning as assistant promote to Manager.

- Soils Survey; Classification, Chemical, Physical analysis

- Planning Irrigation System for 8000 Acres.

- Annual – biannual Operation Plan, Project Feasibility under requirements of

World Bank.

- Cash Flow of the Project.

Sales Manager.

Centro Agropecuario del Oriente- Private Business.

- Planning, Quality test of new and current Agriculture Chemicals. (API, chemical

composition, effectiveness on the field and Lab).

- Training Tech and farmers on safety, handle, and storage of chemistry products.

- Elaborating MSDS of new products.

- Reviewed international and national requirements for Export and Imported new

Chemicals under regulation of Agriculture Department and FDA.

- Supervised and Planning Sales.

- Annual operative and cash flow.

Manager Owner of Private Business

Agribusiness SRL.

- Agriculture Consultant; Planning, import and export Grains.

- Pest Control, Harvest, Storage and Transport grains from the field to Silos.

- Elaborating Feasibility of Agriculture financial.

Division Director

Prodizavat, European Community- Tarija Government 1994-1996.

-Agriculture Systems Management.

- Training 25 Engineers and 50 Community leaders on Safety, handling, storage

Applications of pesticides, Herbicides, Learning about Active Ingredient and

calibrations of equipment and calculation of chemicals applications by Acre.

- Annual planning, project evaluation and monitoring.

- Cash flow.

- Soils conservation.


Maytag 1997-2000.

- Assembler of harness for Maytag appliances.

Business Leader Facilitator-Coordinator.

Maytag 2000-2001.

- Provide daily/ shift coordinator of workload scheduling.

- Training 12 associates on appropriate work methods.

- Comply with quality systems on appropriate work methods.

- Maintain 6S program.

- Facilitate team to drive improvements that lead success of business unit.

- Insure standards of work and coordinated with DMO group.

- Conduct reviews and coordinate with Business Unit leader on appropriate

codes of the Company.

Lab Technician Level Fourth.

UNILEVER 2001-2012.

2012 –Early retirement from UNILEVER.

- I understanding of scientific terminology, principles, and methods used in job

Tasks as is as:

Perform the required analytical and microbiological tests utilizing the approved Unilever methods and equipment, (Analyzing bulk and finished product using a variety of techniques including, pH, Viscosity, Color, Odor and Appearance, SG Opacity and releasing bulk and final Products on SAP

- Clearly document/log all materials, procedures, and test results. Identify trends and analyze data.

- Good knowledge of Good manufacturing practice on commercial production.

- Know Lifecycle concept that links product and process and qualification of the

Commercial Manufacturing Process.

- Fallow up Process of validations on finished products and Active pharmaceuticl al ingredients (APIs) under CGMP requirements by FDA on OTC and drug comp

onents of section 501 of Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic act.

- Fallow up and participate on PMFAs.

- Knowledge of practice Lab safety and hygiene.

- Knowledge Word, Outlook, Excel, SAP, Interspec and computer applications.

- Perform basic Microbiological tasks, Media preparation, Set & Run and test on Celsis Equipment.

- Participated on Process Validation and drug Quality,

- Understand and derive required data from written formulas, charts graphs, raw material information, and certificates of analysis, specifications, acceptance or rejection of all materials from manufactures out side of Unilever.

- Perform routine maintenance; calibration and standardization of lab equipment maintain all instruments to work properly

- Analysis and report raw material quality and product issues and implement corr ective action.

- Assist and support overall QA initiatives.

- Calibrate laboratory equipment and troubleshooting.

- Check data entry for any errors and correct as needed in operational and/or

- Create Matrices for Line production (Change Over- Matrix).

- Develop and fallow up method to adjusted viscosity, pH and others issues during heir manufacturing.

- Training a new Lab Technicians associates in all above plus safety issues.

- Create and review SPOs, OPLs.

- Calibrate all Packaged products Bottles, cups, torque, and thickness using all tools

Necessaries to ensure Quality (Torque meters, calipers, scales, etc.) of manufacture



Motivated by the excessive growth of Waste (hazardous and non hazardous) water, Energy consumption, realizing CO2, I was designate to find a solid way to reduce environmental impact and eliminating all above by creating a “Line Change Over” or “Matrix”that can solve all the steps from; buying, storage of Raw materials until production of Final Product (FG) and the proper handling of the solid Waste, Waste Water treatment.

Actually is been used for more of 5 years saving money and reducing Water, Energy consumption and lowering CO2 emissions

2012- 2015. Private Consultant- Bolivia, Germany &Italy.

- Private consultant, development new Methods by use a new Ultrasonic technolo gy on industrial field as is as:

Nano Emulsions- Effect of nanothermosonication on quality of orange Juice.

Processing Hispanic Cheese.

Application 20 Hz Ultrasonic waves to accelerate aging of wines.

Ultrasonic for Leaching, gold and Silver.

Micro encapsulation by Ultrasound in cosmetics process.

Stevia Extraction Ultrasonic assisted (Bolivia, Colombia), training Planning and Implement an Stevia Plant.

Feasibility study of a municipal waste processing plant using a Plasma Method,

Cochabamba-Bolivia y Cali-Colombia South America

2015- 2016.

Manpower- Unilever.

Lab Tech.

- Training and assistance on HLPC analysis, Calibration and Troubleshooting

- Preservatives Analysis set method, run and troubleshooting.

- Calibration and Validation of Rheometers.

- Quality test, Viscosity, COA, pH, actives, HPLC, Releasing Products on SAP. Help

and training on raw materials analysis under USP NF, Unilever Methods.

2016-current Date.

Gonzales Consulting LLC


- Training and assistance on HLPC analysis, Calibration and Troubleshooting

- Preservatives Analysis set method, run and troubleshooting.

- Calibration and Validation of Rheometers.

- Training on aw materials Testing.

- Fallow up Global Project of BW men’s


- Solid knowledge of HPLC Using “Millennium” “ Empower3” to setup Calibration, capabil ity, repeatability, and test drugs (SPF) Preservatives and Surfactants

- Calibration and Validation of Rheometers viscometers.

- Validations process quality, Safety, and Efficacy on finished-Product inspection and tes ting, on stages as is as: Process Design, Qualification Continued process Verification

- Solid knowledge of emulsions of W / O, O / W, W / O / W.

- Surface-active agents to create Nano emulsions,

- Determination of radius and distribution of Nano emulsion.

- Using ultrasound to create Nano emulsions, Nanopores Carbon, desulfurization, Hydro- Deoxygenating, Activation-Deactivation Nano Carbons, Essentials oil extraction from: algae, soy beans, Grape seed, fruits and coffee waste.

- Pyrolysis; Slow, fast and ultrasonic assisted.

- Trans esterification Technique for Oils and Fats to make biodiesel.


- Spanish, Portuguese, English.


- Gonzales, FO. Soils acidity, Universidade rural do Rio de Janeiro, Cacao Center

Of Itabuna- Bahia- Brazil 1972.

- Gonzales, FO. European Community. Crops Protection reference Tarija Bolivia



- Developer of new ecological Diesel that reduces GHGs as is NOX, CO2, CO.

- Develop a new method to reduce Sulfur content on Waste tire oil by

Ultrasound assisted, to use as a fuel alternative.

- Develop a new method to deoxygenated Bio oils to use as fuel Alternative.

- Waste water treatment using Ultrasonic Method.

- Analysis of flash point, boiling point, viscosity, pour point, could flow properties,

Lubricity, sulfur content on Diesel, biodiesel

- Collaborate to determination of water droplet size distribution by PFG-NMR.

- Sample preparation and calibration of equipment’s as is as; PFG-NMR, Gas

Chromatograph, HLPC, X ray, Karl fisher method.

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