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Sharepoint Developer

West Sacramento, CA
October 14, 2019

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Adam Salah


Hands-on IT professional with over 25 years of software architecture, design, development, administration and training.

In depth knowledge of Collaboration technologies including SharePoint, Online, 2007-2016/O365, TFS/GIT, DevOps, Agile project management, ECM, Records management, governance and industry best practices.

Programming skills in VB.NET/C#/SQL/Javascript/Angular, Mobile using Angular, ASP.NET web development, WebParts, Custom application pages. PowerShell scripting, SSIS for ETL, SSR report writing and Power-tools (Power BI, Power View, PowerPivot).

Multiple Microsoft certifications, including MCT, MCSE SharePoint 2010/2013 and SQL Server 2012 data platforms, MCSD SharePoint and ASP.NET.

Work experience

Sr. Consultant / Solutions Architect December 2017 – To date

Teamworx Innovations Inc US– Vacaville, CA

SharePoint admin at State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) migrating SharePoint 2007 intranet to 2016. Utilizing Metalogix, ShareGate, PowerShell, Nintex, ASP.NET, SQL Server, BI, C#, .NET.

Used SharePoint online to develop and test tools to help with the migration.

Sr. Consultant / Solutions Architect November 2008 – To date

Teamworx Innovations Inc Canada - Vancouver

SharePoint, ASP.NET, SQL Server, BI, C#, .NET consultant.

MCSE/MCSD/MCT. Admin and dev

SharePoint deployment, migration and customization for 2007/2010/2013/2016/O365

ASP.NET web development, mobile, angular

Industries: Banking, Credit unions, health authorities, municipalities, military, telecom and casinos.

Sr. Consultant / Solutions Architect March 2007 - November 2008

Avanade (Accenture and Microsoft JV) - Vancouver

Migrated a classic ASP portal to SharePoint leading a team of 6 developers under the management of a PM and BA for a financial institution in Vancouver.

Created a SharePoint portal for Accenture leading a team of 13 onshore/off shore teams.

Benchmarked Sun Microsystems servers for SQL and SharePoint performance working with a virtual team located in Chicago, San Diego, Seattle and Toronto. Mostly worked remotely from home in Vancouver.

Sr. Consultant February 2002 - March 2007

CIM High Tech Inc - Vancouver

Deployed, customized and administered SharePoint farms and SQL clusters.

Designed and taught an end to end .NET certificate program at Langara College and UBC

Re-engineered and deployed various ASP.NET, Access, C#/SQL applications

Created various SharePoint/InfoPath and SPD workflows and forms

e-Banking team lead, Implementation manager February 1997 - January 2002

National Cash Register (NCR – EMEA)

Responsible for the presales, architecture, design and deployment of self service banking solutions including phone and internet banking, middleware development, data cleansing and systems integration throughout Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa. Managed 3 virtual teams to deliver solutions in all the major banks in 7 countries

Team Lead, Sr. Developer February 1992 - March 1994

Universal Computing Center

Trained and managed a team of developers, designed, prototyped and partly coded business applications and systems software for various clients in the oil and gas, government and banking industries. Utilized technologies including databases, PASCAL, C, Basic, Assembly languages.

Conducted end user and developer training on tools and technologies of the day (DB III/IV, Clipper, FoxPro, Access, Lotus 123, Word star, word perfect.

Team Lead, Sr. Developer February 1986 - Dec 1991

Kortoba Computing

Trained and managed a team of developers, designed, prototyped and partly coded business applications and systems software for various clients in the oil and gas, government and banking industries. Utilized technologies including databases, PASCAL, C, Basic, Assembly languages.

Conducted end user and developer training on tools and technologies of the day (DB III/IV, Clipper, FoxPro, Access, Lotus 123, Word star, word perfect.


Management training

Personality analysis training (Myers brigs, Insights)

Various Microsoft training programs

Train the trainer certificate and Narrative skills training - UBC

Curriculum design certificate from Langara College

Certificate, Master Project Manager - George Washington University

BSC, Computer Science - Garyounis University


SharePoint (MCSE/MCSD – Expert)

Record management, Taxonomy and metadata using SharePoint record center and in-place records management

Information governance and responsibility matrix management

.NET {ASP, EFW, MVC} (MCSD - Expert)

SQL Server – Data platform and analytics (MCSE – Expert)

MSF ( Advanced )

Agile ( Advanced )

Entity framework ( Advanced )

SQL server ( Advanced )

Database design ( Advanced )

Office 365 ( Advanced )

Azure ( Intermediate )

DevOps (Intermediate)

Programming (Advanced)

.NET {ASP, EFW, MVC} (MCSD - Expert)


MCSE/MCD SharePoint

MCSE SQL server 2012 data platforms

MCSD web developer



Hands-on Projects

State Compensation Insurance Fund, Vacaville, CA Dec 2017-To date

SharePoint 2007 to 2016 migration project. As a SharePoint Admin responsible for the migration of a 2007 based content (1130 sites). Process was end user engagement to understand how they use the intranet and restructure content to utilize the new 2016 features such as MMS, Navigation, Branding and custom pages, records management, office online

Great Canadian/American Gaming Corporation Feb 2017-Sep 2017

Created a 2016 farms for test and production. Managed a contracting portal with custom ASP.NET, SharePoint pages, site templates, webparts and JavaScript code. Record center, e-compliance

Created hybrid office 365 setup utilizing ADFS/Azure AD synch

Restructured the Enterprise Applications team providing support for Oracle, IBM Cognos, and 250 other line of business applications across Canada and Washington State.

Created hybrid office 365 setup utilizing ADFS/Azure AD synch. Managed a team of 7. Migrated a 2013 on-prem contracting portal with custom ASP.NET, SharePoint pages, site templates, webparts and JavaScript code. Record center, e-compliance.

Created an automated project in-take process the PMO. Implemented MS-Teams and Online groups. Worked with Azure IRM, Multifactor authentication and Exchange online.

Worked with the PMO and 3rd party consultants to plan and manage project deliverables.

Participated in a merger with another company after acquisition, included systems migration/integration.

First Nations Health Authority Sep 2015-Apr 2016

Created 2 new SharePoint 2013 and 2016 farms for test and production from scratch.

Developed a training portal and a request management system using custom ASP.NET, SharePoint pages, site templates, webparts and JavaScript code.

Created a document center integrated with Kofax scanning integration.

Record Center with retention policies, workflows and file-plan creation

Maintained and supported a SharePoint 2010 intranet with custom content types, webparts, pages, workflows and site/list templates.

Used Sharegate and custom code to manage files, Migrate MOSS 2007 and SharePoint 2010 sites.

Helped the infrastructure team with all aspects of SQL and SharePoint maintenance, disaster recovery and end user support through a ticketing system.

Capstone Mining, Vancouver Dec 2014-Aug 2015

Trained and supported Capstone SharePoint and SQL teams.

Worked with the infrastructure team to setup a new SharePoint 2013 environment, migrated custom SharePoint 2010 intranet to the new environment.

Installed and managed Nintex workflows

Created a document center integrated with Kofax scanning integration.

Record Center with retention policies, workflows and file-plan creation

Used metalogix and Sharegate to manage files, metadata and security

Setup BI center and created SSRS reports.

Created custom application pages and web parts to provide business functions for the Safety and IT departments.

Created a custom reporting dashboard, utilizing SSIS, SSRS, PerformancePoint, PowerPivot and PowerView

Prototyped a proof of concept SharePoint online version of the intranet. Project was scheduled to move fully to the cloud in 2020.

City of North Vancouver May 2014-Dec 2014

Trained the City of North Vancouver Developers on C#, .NET, Visual Studio and TFS. Then joined them as a contractor to help re-engineer//migrate three core business applications from legacy (VB, Oracle Forms and Access) to ASP.NET MVC 4 and SQL Server.

Deployed and utilized the following technologies:

Windows 2008R2/2012 Server, SQL Server 2008R2/2012 RDBMS, Microsoft .NET Development Technologies, ADO.NET, ASP.NET / MVC4 / HTML 5/CSS 3, Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET), SSR S (SQL Server Reporting Services), SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services)

Visual Studio .NET 2013, TFS for ALM

Misc .Net, SharePoint and teaching engagements Oct 2012 – Apr 2014

Contracted through Burntsand Inc. developed SharePoint 2010 workflow system for a major Alberta client utilizing Visual Studio, InfoPath forms and web services.

Working with various Microsoft CPLS (training centers) delivered Microsoft Official Curriculum courses in areas of development and deployment of SharePoint, .NET and SQL Server.

Through Steeves and Associates and Webage Solutions Engaged in several SharePoint 2010 deployment, migration with several Private, Municipal and district level organizations.

Hands on projects developing multi-tier applications with various teams, on client sites, from home and in a mixed setting.

The projects included:

Configuring, deploying and conducting knowledge transfer on aspects of SharePoint 2010/13 in Saskatoon, Vancouver, Burnaby including:

-SharePoint 2007/2010 to 2013 and SharePoint online Migrations

-Intranet/Extranet setup utilizing on-prem and SharePoint online.

-Service applications design and setup

-Document/Record/Web Content/MMS management features

-Integration with various systems including Active directory, SQL BI, BDCS and RMS

Customization of SharePoint 07/10/13 creating site templates, lists, custom workflows, pages, webparts.

ASP.NET web application development using both classic ASP as well as MVC

Data and Business tier development for WPF applications

SQL Server audits and maintenance plans development and implementation

City of Calgary Mar 2012 to Sep 2012

Architected, Designed Deploy and customized several sites for the city of Calgary’s Enterprise Architecture group. Major tasks included:

-Creating Dev/Test/Prod environments for the group including clustered SQL Server, in a virtual setting

-Upgrading the infrastructure to Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2012

-Creating several wikis and team sites

-Customized the UI (master pages ..etc.),

-Created custom content types,

-Custom web parts

-Developed InfoPath forms and custom workflows

-Conducted end user and designers training

-Created and tested disaster recovery plans

City of Prince George and the Fraser Fort Regional District Jun 2010-Apr 2011

Restructured existing MOSS 2007 environment

Created a pilot environment for SharePoint 2010

Created an intranet and extranet setups for SharePoint 2010

Nanaimo School District Oct 2010-Jan 2011

Deployed SharePoint 2010 and created custom site template for the district

Alpha Technologies – Burnaby, BC Mar 2010-Aug 2010

Restructured existing MOSS 2007 environment, deployed a SharePoint 2010 environment and migrated the 2007 content.

Customized the environment with webparts and application pages

Provided ongoing support

University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC Sep 2009-Jan 2010

Designed and Helped Deploy, Audited and Supported a Microsoft SharePoint 2007 based intranet for UBC’s Division of Applied Technologies.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle WA Apr 2009-Jul 2009

Contracted through a Vancouver based custom software development firm, which specializes in Agile development process utilizing a variety of open source tools including LiquiBase (SQL synchronization), Subversion for source control, and is primarily a Java house.

Adam was responsible for introducing SharePoint and ASP.NET to the team, coaching them in the tools, creating the dev VMs, and then later co-architecting the SharePoint based custom application employing custom ASP.NET, SQL Server and SharePoint 2007. The system involved creation of Custom application pages, integration with customer’s existing infrastructure which includes security.

Once the main features of the system were defined, Adam worked on the team as a full time developer, technical architect and point deployment person for the iteratively developed system

Sun Microsystems, Seattle WA May 2008-Nov 2008

Adam was part of a team that created the solution offering for Exchange Server 2007, SQL and Server 2005/8. He led the SharePoint 2007 effort.

The project involved:

The creation of, Planning, Design and Build guides for MOSS environments to be used by Avanade consulting force.

The development of a capacity planning tool for Exchange utilizing Excel VBA and Sun's Open Office Calc.

Creation of various design and build guides for SQL and MOSS.

Creation of a VSTS based test scripts for MOSS on Windows 2008.

Adam also created Virtual Machines which included multilingual Windows 2008, SQL 2008 and MOSS 2007 for use by the Avanade consulting community.

Accenture, Vancouver BC Nov 2007- Apr 2008

A Business Solutions smart portal.

Adam architected, designed and managed the creation and deployment of a SharePoint 2007 based multisided document repository and collaboration portal for use by the utilities consulting services force, with granular security, customized UI, several custom WebParts for various purposes.

The system serves over 2500 people and hosts 5000+ documents relevant to the Business Services teams. The portal also serves as a forum for discussion threads and a board for news bulletins.

Leading a team of 5 developers, supported by over 10 other people in various capacities, used technologies which included SharePoint 2007, ASP.NET, MS-SQL Server and SQL-Reporting Services. Tools included SharePoint designer, VS.NET 2005 and several others.

Adam deployed the system into a remote production environment with help from the IT personnel on the ground.

Adam trained internal team members who were shadowing the development process and transitioned the system to them and supervised their taking ownership to a point where they created new modules and deployed them successfully.

Credential financial, Vancouver BC Apr 2007-Oct 2007

SharePoint 2007 document repository for use by a major Vancouver based financial outfit’s agents. It involved migration from existing proprietary portal system to a MOSS based system. The migration system involved the moving content and users, mapping the security model, and providing internal as well as external access with different types of access rights. Workflows were created to handle content publishing approval process.

The aforementioned portal project involved the migration of a proprietary ASP.NET content management application, with a SQL Server 2005 database to SharePoint 2007.

Adam architected, created the requirements document, partly create the project schedule and risk list.

Adam implemented the VM based development environment comprising of Windows Server 2003 R2, SQL Server 2005, SharePoint 2007, Visual Studio 2005 TS and other tools for His and Client’s team, deployed TFS, and carried out activities varying from architecture, design and deployment. He was also actively involved in the development hands-on at some 40% of the time.

Worked with the QA team to develop test cases based on the Business Requirement Documents, helped then conduct the test, addressed/resolved the issues and worked using a SharePoint intranet based issue tracking system.

Adam worked with internal IT team to deploy the system in the mid-sized farm production environment which comprised of SAN based database server, two Application servers and two front end servers.

Also worked with Microsoft to resolve two bugs discovered in SharePoint by deploying an early copy of SP1.

University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC Mar 2006-May 2006

Designed and Deployed a Microsoft SharePoint based intranet for UBC’s Division of Applied Technologies, with customization of the base product using ASP.NET and SQL Server

Conducted technology transfer to the IT administrators and end user training on the newly introduced intranet

Designed and taught end-to-end .NET programming courses to UBC-DAT clients, including hands-on project.

Miscellaneous experience Aug 1987-Mar 2006

• Developed several web sites and an internet based travel database system for local travel agents using ASP.NET technologies. Examples of Database driven ASP.NET sites include: ( ( (, (, (

• Developed a certificate program for Microsoft .NET technologies and taught most of its courses in partnership with Langara College.

• Provided part time consultancy for several companies on matters of process improvement, QA and infrastructure capacity planning.

• Taught at local colleges such as UBC, Langara College and VCC, subjects varying from the .NET technologies to SQL Server and C++ programming.

• Worked on the development of a meeting management and team collaboration product (

• Developed an internet banking solution in using ASP+J/VB/Script and VB/COM and C/C++ integrated with backend systems (Originally created in CGI under contract)

• Managed all aspects of the development of a multi-channel delivery solution including: Internet banking, IVR, CTI-enabled call center agent application, and a middleware.

• Helped architect, design and develop a middleware product to provide numerous regional national and commercial banks with seamless integration of their backend system and databases with front end, self service channels

• Worked with the customer support team to develop internal SLAs and escalation mechanisms, to fulfill NCR’s commitment towards the clients

• Used technologies from: NCR, Microsoft, Oracle, Allaire(now Macromedia), Versatility (later CINCOM), Mediasoft(now ELIX), and Dialogic (now Intel).

• On customer sites integrated with :( IBM-ES900-AS400, TANDEM-Compaq, NCR-AT&T, HP) and PABXs (Siemens, Lucent-Avaya, Alcatel and Nortel), Databases (Oracle, SQL server, Informix. DB II)

• Delivered on-site training courses for various corporate clients across the region

• Developed an internet application with a CGI-based integration module, which was bought by NCR

• Helped clients with RFP development, Vendor selection and Project management

• Migrated databases from HP/UIX based Oracle and AT&T UNIX based FoxBASE to SQL Server

• Developed an artificial intelligence system in Prolog and QBASIC

• Developed core systems programs, such as bilingual screen and printer drivers in Assembly / C

• Participated in the development of 3 business application (Accounting/Inventory, Personnel/Payroll and Factory stoppages reporting system) using 3G languages

• Developed text searching and image archiving database in FoxPro 2.1

• Developed a bilingual graphics presentation product in Turbo Pascal (A Harvard Graphics 2.1 clone)

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