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Project Manager - Architect & Teacher (Professor)

Guatemala City, Guatemala Department, Guatemala
October 14, 2019

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Architect and M.A. in Project Management GUATEMALA, 01011, GUATEMALA +502-********


** ***** *-** **** 11 Colonia Granai

& Townson 1, Guatemala, 01011,




Guatemala City


Knowledge of MS Office

Adobe Photoshop

Autodesk AutoCAD

MS Project

Microsoft Outlook


Excellent skills related to

communication as a team leader

Very nice control over work

meetings with colleagues and


Seeks common welfare

Knows how to prioritize

Integrates effectiveness and work


Takes into account the experience

and skills of other coworkers and









“Enthusiastic, highly motivated, energetic with critical thinking and creativity. I am passionate about Design, Urbanism, Ecology, Language, Communication, Project Management, and Sales Management”


Project Management Teacher at School of Architecture - Rafael Landivar University, Guatemala

May 2015 — Present

Subjects: Business Management Formulation and Evaluation of Projects Project Management Time Management Financial Management Marketing Research. Additional contributions:

* Review and update of contents, * Review and translation of contents when needed, * Definition and content design, * Definition of teaching methodologies. Sales - Housing and Municipal Projects Unit Manager at Cementos Progreso S.A. (Company that produces and markets cement and other adjacent products for the construction industry), Guatemala February 2016 — August 2018

Main functions and duties:

• Formulate strategic projects along with key stakeholders from the local governments

(Municipalities) related to the construction industry, with the aim to catalyze the demand for special products and services related to such segments (B2B approach).

• Architectural design and planning of sustainable housing for social and non-social projects, as part of several programs on which the company takes place as an agent of change for local and national development.

• Territorial advisory to issue guidance on planning processes for municipal teams, from a vision of added value for their loyalty to the brand.

• Review and organize the training plan for municipal technicians in matters of administrative practices and construction methods, as well as in the proper use of products for various infrastructure projects (housing, schools, roads, parks, and plazas among others).

• Promote the products of the company for housing projects according to the building systems used in the different regions of the country.

• Lead the team of project advisors, who are in charge of counseling municipalities, Non-governmental organizations, contractors, and academic institutions among others.

• Content management related to training material for the users of different products of the company.


Play the guitar,

Play the piano,



• Provide support and accompaniment to other sections of the company in relation to the approach of municipal customers for the marketing of products and services corresponding to their business units.

• Organize and oversee weekly team meetings.

• Tracking project cost and deadlines

• Administrate the unit and exert control over resources and budget.

• Exert optimum time management.

Municipal Projects Coordinator at Cementos Progreso S.A. (Company that produces and markets cement and other adjacent products for the construction industry), Guatemala

January 2015 — February 2016

Main functions and duties:

• Manage and propose special zoning and building techniques for municipal corporations (state customers), in order to detonate key infrastructure projects and their subsequent commercial attention by the company.

• Promote the products of the company which are oriented towards urban projects as part of the zoning dynamics taking place at municipal jurisdictions.

• Operational and organizational support to project team members.

• Oversee contact with stakeholders who intervene in local development plans so as to provide integrated building and administrative solutions to their various proposals.

• Exert optimum time management.

Construction Projects Supervisor at Cementos Progreso S.A. (Company that produces and markets cement and other adjacent products for the construction industry), Guatemala

May 2010 — December 2014

Main functions and duties:

• Management and assessment of social projects, including urban planning.

• Check feasibility of internal customers of the company as part of social entrepreneurial responsibility under a program for workers with the need for a proper house. Revising the plot (site) of construction and establishing the model of intervention from the technical and financial views.

• Review of the hiring process of contractors for the execution of housing.

• Supervision and control of construction processes.

• Communication and coordination among owners, contractors, and suppliers

• Exert optimum time management.

Technical Manager at PEGSA Group (Building Company), Guatemala June 2008 — March 2010

Main functions and duties:

• Supervision and control actions under the technical department responsibilities (architectural design, drawing, planning, estimation).

• Management and supervision of housing and community projects.

• Management of projects related to different building systems.

• Definition of building methodologies as per local regulations.

• Deliver relevant planning information on schedule.

• Exert control over the department resources.

• English-Spanish technical translations and interpretation upon the information required by projects.

Design and Planning Director at INPRO S.A. (Building Company), Guatemala May 2006 — June 2008

Main functions and duties:

• Supervision and control of the architectural design process.

• Administration and management of the planning process for apartment building projects, hotel projects and corporative building projects.

• Administration of the planning process for school projects.

• Administration of the planning process for commercial projects.

• Deliver the relevant design information on schedule.

• Market analysis for new opportunities.

• English-Spanish technical translations and interpretation upon the information required by projects.

Architectural Desing Consultant at IDC (Building and Real Estate Company), Guatemala

May 2004 — February 2006

Main functions and duties:

• Development of several proposals according to the company projection. Among them were special residential interventions (including landscaping and interior design). The intervention, supervision, and control of the architectural design process always took place. The type of projects include:

* Corporate buildings.

* Independent residential proposals.

* Warehouses.

* Interior design for apartment buildings as well as their landscaping processes. EDUCATION

Master of Project Management, Mariano Gálvez University, Guatemala January 2012 — August 2014

Relevant papers include:

• Formulation and evaluation of projects, Project and business management, Program and time management, Construction management, Marketing management, Financial management. Bachelor of Architecture, Rafael Landívar University, Guatemala January 1996 — April 2004

Relevant papers include:

• Building management, Architectural design, Technical planning, Budget planning, Territorial panning, and Urbanism.

Note: This degree has been recognized by the Architekten- und Stadtplanerkammer Hessen. Chamber of Architects and Planners from Hessen (Wiesbaden, Germany). COURSES

General Management Programme for Senior Executives, Administrative Staff College of India

May 2013 — June 2013

Concrete Field Testing Technician, American Concrete Institute September 2010 — September 2010

Quality Control Related to Construction Pathologies, ICCG (Guatemalan Concrete and Cement Institute)

March 2011 — March 2011

Building Technologies for Social Housing, ICCG (Guatemalan Concrete and Cement Institute)

May 2011 — May 2011

AutoCAD Software, CADI

June 1998 — July 1998


Seminar: Social Housing - National Forum at Habitat for Humanity, Guatemala

Seminar: Competitiveness and Change at Infrastructure Ministry, Guatemala Seminar: Concrete Masonry at ICCG (Guatemalan Concrete and Cement Institute), Guatemala

Cadastral Seminar at Guatemalan - Land Administrators Association, Guatemala

Exponent: Sustainable Entrepreneurship at Guatemalan Green Building Council, Guatemala

Exponent: Ecology and Architecture at School of Architecture - Mariano Gálvez University, Guatemala

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