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Engineer Security

Belmont, CA
October 18, 2019

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Name: RAJI RAGHAVAN_ Security Firmware Engineer

Visa: H1b

Location: Belmont CA

Ready for Relocation: Yes

Profile Summary:

•Security Software Engineer with 8+ years of experience in DRMs for Secure Content Playback on Linux, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Apple TV OS, Smart Speaker, Smart TV, ARM and IA32

•Team Player with good Leadership skills and influencing Communication Skills

•6 years in developing Security Firmware for DRMs and Conditional Access with Hardware Root of Trust

•2 years in developing Security Software for DRMs with Software Root of Trust

•2 years in developing Proof of Concepts for Secure Design on Trusted Platforms TPM based SOCs

•Expertise in developing System Software Firmware in C and debugging using GDB, LLDB and JTAG

•Work experience with different DRMs - WMDRM, HDCP2.x, PlayReady, FairPlay, Marlin

•Knowledgeable on X.509 Security Certificates, Whitebox cryptography, Code protection techniques

•Exposure to and Experience in various aspects of an Embedded System viz., Bootloaders, Conditional

Access, UBoot, Redboot, Trusted Boot, WatchDog Timer, Base Firmware and Downloadable Firmware

•Adopt Design for Security, Secure Coding, Security Conscious, Code Review for Security, Agile Practices in Security Software Development

Career Highlights:

•Patent Co-Inventor in “Implementation of robust and secure content protection in a system-on-a-chip apparatus”, Patent number: US8856515

•Architected and Enabled HDCP2.0 for Secure sharing of Video Content between Laptop and Smart TV

•Security Strategy - Protecting the buffer at every link in the Software Stack, inside Hardware, between different Memory, Processor - Co-Processors

•Cross Platform Security Implementation - Port DRMs to different machines and devices, effectively utilizing underlying Operating System Security Features and Hardware Security Features

•Hybrid Approach to Security - Co-Design with both Hardware and Software Security features

•Root Causing and fixing memory leaks at high speed

Professional Skills:

Development Skills:

•Programming Languages: C

•Other Languages: VHDL, Haskell, LabView

•Scripting languages: shell, Tcl

•Compilers: GCC, clang and Microsoft compilers

•Code Analysis Tools: Valgrind, ASAN, Klockwork, leaks on Mac and Linux platforms

Debugging Skills:

•JTAG debugger for hardware

•GDB and LLDB debuggers for software

•Charles Proxy debugger for Network / Web platforms

Work Experience:

Qualcomm, San Diego, CA Jan 2019 to Present

Security Firmware Engineer


•Delivered Security Firmware in C for ARM Trust-Zone based modems

•Delivered Bootloader feature which reads, loads and stores the DDR training data, Power Mgnt Settings

Harman, Richardson, TX Nov 2017 to Dec 2017

Security Firmware Engineer


•Developed Secure Boot for ARM based Smart Speaker Platforms

•Proposed Secure Key storage and Key Management for Cryptographic Keys for the embedded platform

Apple, Cupertino, CA Feb 2015 to Jan 2017

Security Software Engineer


•Develop security software in C for Apple’s Digital Rights Management and Security technology for Secure Content Playback in iTunes on Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, iOS, Apple TV OS and Android

•Enhance existing DRM solution addressing current Security threats, Security vulnerabilities, Security compromises, Attack Surface Analysis and Reduction, broken paths and broken algorithms


•Migrated Content specific information from 32-bit to 64-bit for various OS platforms, machines, devices

•Updated Server-side software with corresponding client-side changes

•Improved security by reducing the attack surface between iTunes Application and Operating System by implementing specific OS functionalities in the application, which improved the security of sensitive data.

•Reproduced a new fix for a reported Security attack on respective attacked/broken devices and extrapolated the results to upcoming SW releases

•Enhanced Security for iTunes Content playback on Windows by utilizing the underlying Intel GPU security features by encrypting the Content with the cryptographic info exchanged with the GPU

•Switched software modules to link from static runtime to dynamic runtime on Windows Leadership - Management:

•Monitored regression tests failures for various platforms/devices, effectively assigned the bugs to a team of 6 people, tracked the bug fixes and reported the progress

•Managed a team of 6 people - Identified and fixed AES algorithm Security vulnerabilities in existing software, assigned tasks to the team, gave directions for the Security fix and defining policies for usage of the algorithms for the future

SOFT MACHINES – SMSILICON, Hyderabad, India Nov 2014 to Jan 2015

Security Software Engineer


•Proposed Security Software Architecture Design for Secure Content Playback on SOC platform

INTEL, Chandler, AZ May 2008 to May 2014

Security Firmware Engineer


•Develop Security Firmware, Driver and Security features for DRM, Conditional Access and Bootloader, for enabling Secure Content Playback on SOC based Set-Top Box platforms

•Utilize Trusted Platform TPM 2.0 features viz., crypto hardware, trusted timers, key registers for Security Projects:

•Delivered Security Firmware and User Space Driver in C for HDCP2.0, Presented the project

•Emulated a software watch dog timer on Security Processor to recover the host processor automatically, without user involvement, during an Operating System malfunction/crash

•Delivered Conditional Access feature in the boot loader on IA32 for European Markets

•Analysed Performance of AES algorithm for different packet sizes while decrypting media content in Audio Video pipeline which involves modifying firmware at interrupt level and using hardware timers

•Designed RPC protocol for testing functionality on an Embedded platform from Desktop • Enhanced Firmware on Bare Metal for implementing Security on VSparc


•Master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Oklahoma, Jan 2005 - April 2008

•Presented Master’s thesis titled “Security Measures for Wireless Sensor Networks”

•Designed Key Management Schemes for Zigbee networks

•Analysed Power and Memory consumption for RSA and ECC algorithms in Zigbee Networks

•Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communications, Bharathidasan University, Tamil Nadu, India, May ’04

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