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Electrical Engineer Maintenance

Orange, TX
October 17, 2019

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Victor A. Holguin

Orange, TX. *****

(c) 409-***-****


Extremely knowledgeable and dedicated Senior Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer, who has demonstrated strengths in the areas of Accountability, Troubleshooting, Projects and Communications ((Bilingual, Spanish) skills, will contribute to reduced overhead cost by providing effective business solutions resulting in enhanced equipment reliability and a significant reduction in plant unplanned downtime.

Accomplishment Statements:

Engineered Planned and implemented the installation of a new Allen Bradley Boiler Management control system designed to integrate with Honeywell’s DCS. Efforts resulted in an overall cost savings estimated at $1.2MM annually.

Led Recovery efforts of the entire Electrical Distribution system at Invista after Hurricane Ike. Power was received at 128kV through Entergy substations unto Invista Feeders after transformers. Step power down to either 4160VAC or 480VAC and then down to 120VAC, 48VDC and 24VDC.

Implemented the safety instrumented shut off systems in the Adipic acid area in compliance with regulatory directives. First participated the Process Hazard analysis, second facilitated the Level of Protection Analysis, and finally developed strategies to mitigate those deficiencies identified in the LOPA analysis.

Military Service USN – Engineering Officer on three US Naval Vessels, Proficient with both 1200 lb. and 600 lb. steam generation plants, associated generation and distribution systems.

Honeywell Orange TX

Sr. Electrical & Instrumentation Maintenance and Reliability Engineer 2018 – Present

Assigned as the plant Sr. Electrical Engineer.

Lead I/E group in daily Maintenance tasks

Brought the Instrumentation program within PSM compliance

Reconfigured the vibration monitoring system for the ethylene compressors to achieve

maximum production.

Reengineered cooling water tower power distribution as well as controls.

Alliance EPC, Beaumont, TX 2017 - 2018

Contract – Reviewed Electrical Drawings for accuracy and completeness.

Lucite International

Sr. Electrical & Instrumentation Maintenance and Reliability Engineer 2017 - 2017

Assigned as the site Electrical Instrumentation Engineer – Developing Procedures in accordance with ISA, IEEE and local directives to establish the Instrumentation Reliability program on site.

Directly responsible for all Instrumentation issues including start-up assistance.

Installed and programed six new 869 Multilin relays on 4160VAC motors.

Troubleshot SSB while a complete shutdown and rerouted power through pole switches while Feeder repaired.

Alliance EPC, Beaumont, TX 2015 - 2016

Contract – Reviewed Electrical Drawings for accuracy and completeness.

Technip USA, Inc., Houston, TX 2012 – 2015

Automated Systems Manager, Subsea Business Unit

Develop new technology as it relates to GMA welding techniques for Subsurface pipe unions on S-Lay type or spool type installations. Technology has been developed for automated systems with minimal welding personnel.

Managed the successful developmental trial of dual torch welding, using Vermaat equipment, for spool base and off shore production.

Managed the further development of the frame systems.

Managed and directed the development of a Cap scanner and an End scanner. The cap scanner will allow Technip to challenge the customer’s visual inspection of a bad cap. The End scanner will allow the matching of the ends of pipes to minimize the gap deformity.

Invista S.a r.L, Orange, TX 2008 – 2012

Sr. Electrical Engineer, Small Projects

Lead in SIS, SIF implementation effort maintenance, reliability, DCS configuration/ networking, and daily operation of the Adipic Acid, and HMD units.

Lead in implementation of Reliability program within the Adipic Acid and HMD units.

Reliability Engineer

Lead Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer, engineered, managed, and supervised up to 10 E/I Contract Electricians in the implementation of the following projects:

Implemented St. Clair’s version of the RBM ( Reliability based Maintenance) program over two areas of the site.

No. 7 Boiler upgrade. Boiler was scheduled to be scrapped in 2007. All new instruments and wiring had to be redone.

New transmitters and DCS configurations had to be revamped. New burner and igniter scanners had to be scoped and DCS Configurations had to be revamped. And control valves had to be resized and controls revamped.

Lead in SIS, SIF implementation effort.

Lead in recovery of the Electrical distribution effort following hurricane Ike.

Continuously looking towards new technologies to improve reliability.


(2)Guide wave radar transmitters.

(3)Wireless transmitters.

(4)Coriolis in line transmitters.

Engineered the delay in dropping the single line KA in order to prevent venting and allow time for operators to recover. Integrated existing relay logic w/ DCS logic.

Engineered and implemented new guided radar wave transmitters to control the level of NML, acidic, and prevent from overflowing.

Engineered dual Well analyzers Dosimeters to monitor density and comply w/ state mandates.

Engineered the power distribution to our new cooling water tower in Adipic Acid.

Engineered the replacement of one Cyberex UPS w/ new Liebert type in HMD.

Engineered the tripping of the HCN Air Compressors using two out of two voting on axial thrust of the compressor shaft.

Engineered and configured logic to replace two liquid traps and replace w/ control valves to ensure that liquid never backed up into the hyper compressors.

Sized, planned and supervised the installation of multiple rating portable generators to power vital buildings within the site following Hurricane Ike’s disastrous hit.

Supervised the recovery of the entire electrical distribution system throughout the site to include but are not limited to; MMC, Motors, transformers, field instruments, recovery of field junction and relay cabinets, etc.

Hurricane Ike Recovery Team Member

Supervised twelve contract E/I technicians in the restoration of every marshalling cabinet, relay cabinet and junction box (approximately 15,000 loops) throughout the site following the devastation left by Hurricane Ike.

Managed the replacement of all damaged instruments on site following the devastation of Hurricane Ike.

Engineered the installation of a Nitrogen heater to heat the ammonia prior to injection. Previously, the site used steam and then vented it to the atmosphere.

Engineered the installation of cross angled video cameras on the process loading bay in order to maximize our efforts in detecting an unlocked hose thus preventing the spillage of product on the ground. Supervised contract workers in the installation of the angled cameras.

Assisted maintenance E/I in their daily activities.

Temple Inland Inc., Orange, TX 2006 – 2008

Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer

Actively involved in maintenance and projects

Maintenance Engineer

Planned, managed and supervised six E&I technicians and numerous Contractors (E&I) in the daily routine of maintenance work using preventive and corrective maintenance practices. TSW is the CMMS of choice. Reliability work includes thermo graphic maintenance program involving MCC’s: Breaker maintenance, transformer reliability program, battery maintenance program; motor testing and reliability; vibration analysis and oil analysis programs.

Result – During my tenure with Temple Inland all production records were broken with an average profit of 80 million per year.

Schweitzer-Mauduit International, Inc., Lee, MA 2004 – 2006

Electrical Engineer IV

Maintenance and Project Management for 3 machine paper mill including batch digesters and a power boiler. Supervising both contractors and mill’s E&I technicians.

Engineering Project Mgr IV

Planned, managed, engineered and supervised up to 7 E&I technicians (Contractors) in the implementation of the following projects:

No. 2 Boiler Feedwater Pump – Energy savings project – Engineered, cable/conduit schedules, planned, work to be accomplished around a boiler shutdown, managed, the replacement of the prime mover for the feedwater pump, and supervised four E/I’s in the completion of task. Programmed ABB drive – Start-up.

2000 KVA Transformer – Factory Mutual – Supervised the replacement of a leaking 2000 KVA transformer with a 2500 KVA transformer. Rotated taps such in order to maximize our primarily reactive load. TSI – Turn Key Project

Interlocked Firepump – Factory Mutual – Engineered, cable/conduit schedule, planned the interlocking of the firepump with the clearwell feedpumps and mill water. managed, six E/I’s and supervised the start-up and landings of I/O points.

Control Logics upgrade of the steam and condensate system #18 PM. – Planned, managed, and supervised the installation of the new controls for the steam and condensate system. The machine is now automated to perform in automatic mode achieving at least an extra 300 fpm on each grade. This will increase production and assist in troubleshooting any issues.

Sigma NE system – Planned, managed and supervised the installation. The system will assist in the troubleshooting the operation of the Cameron winder as well as allowing the graphing of rider roll load in an attempt to match GL&V suggestion regarding ideal operation of the winder.

Three-air handler – Planned, managed and supervised the installation. This will allow the mill to maintain a positive airflow as well as maintaining a temp. of 75F.

Maintenance Electrical Engineer

Managed and directed 3 full time E&I’s in the daily routine of maintenance work using preventive and corrective maintenance practices. CMMS used is EMPACT. Reliability work includes thermographic maintenance program involving MCC’s: Breaker maintenance, transformer reliability program, battery maintenance program; motor testing and reliability; vibration analysis and oil analysis programs.

International Paper 2000 – 2003

Maintenance Engineer

Assigned to the Maintenance Department in order to implement preventive and corrective maintenance practices, using CMMS and Work Practices systems to achieve maximum results with less work force. Supervised, managed and trained six E&I technicians in the implementation of these cost saving practices.

Project Engineer

Planned, managed, engineered and supervised up to 12 E&I technicians (Contractors) in the implementation of several Engineering upgrading projects throughout the paper mill. The upgrades include the installation and configuration of the following systems:

Controls Upgrade No. 1 TG – Engineered, planned and supervised the installation of GE’s Mark VI Turbine controls upgrade and GE’s EX 2000 Self excited Static Exciter. Over 300 loops.

Wind Swept Spouts – Engineered, planned and supervised the installation of bark grates in No. 2 Power Boiler. This project increased the burning of bark by 4 tons/hour. This project resulted in savings of $1.2M/yr.

Black Liquor Safe Firing (FSC) State Mandated – No. 1/ No. 2 Recovery Boilers. Engineered, planned and supervised the installation of Honeywell’s boiler management system, to include ladder logic as well as the new P&ID drawings. Verified and approved over 300 loops each. Networked entire system into Honeywell DCS.

No.1 & No.2 Caustic Plants/ No. 1 & No. 2 Lime Kilns DCS Upgrades State Mandated – Engineered, planned and supervised the installation of the new Allen-Bradley control system and networked to Honeywell’s DCS. The entire project is expected to save over $1.2M/yr.

United States Navy 1985 - 2000

Engineering Officer qualified, Damage Control assistant qualified, Main propulsion assistant qualified, Boiler Water/ Feed Water chemical lab specialist qualified. Electrical Plant Superintendent qualified. Supervised, managed and trained over 47 electricians in the preventive and corrective maintenance of all Marine Electrical systems including all generation and distribution systems. Planned, managed and supervised numerous electrical plant upgrades on three different Naval Ships. Repaired, installed, adjusted, modified and tested electrical systems and devices including:

Steam Driven Ship Service Turbo Generators.

Electrical Distribution Switchboards

Solid State Frequency Converters

Electrical Panels


Motor Controllers

Motor Operated Valves

Bus Tie Circuit Breakers (4000 and 3200 amp)

Magnetic Starters


1985 – 2000 United States Navy Schools

Nuke Pwr. School (1985-1986)

1980 – 1985 Southern Methodist University

Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering

Special Skills:

Safety Instrumented Systems qualified.

Allen Bradley PLCs (5,500,5000).

1.SLC 500 – Bailer = Assigned point as well as networked it to accommodate a proximity switch that would not allow the bail of pulp to bend the gate.

2.SLC 5 – Lube Oil System – Adjusted the timers to accommodate reset cycles.

3.SLC 5000 – During the upgrade project assigned and networked I/O in order to accommodate aux. systems.

RS View SE

1.Operating system for SLC 5000.

ABB and Cuttler Hammer Drives

1.Used on Slitters in conjunction with SLC 500.

2.Reprogrammed to accommodate new safeties (i.e. Safety Light curtain)

GE Mark VI Turbine Controls

1.Turn key project only verified various instrumentation (PT’s, TT’s, CP’s) loops.

ABB Infinity 90 DCS

1.Troubleshooting tool

2.Configuring tool

Honeywell TDC 3000

1.Troubleshooting tool only

Delta V

1.Troubleshooting tool

MS Project

1.Only used Gantt Chart in order to track projects.

PC skills – Microsoft word, excel etc.

Fluent in the Spanish Language

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