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Engineer Electrical

Beirut, Beirut Governorate, Lebanon
October 17, 2019

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Position :Construction/GIS Coordinator – Distribution Service Provider/EDL’s

Name of Firm : Decon International GmbH – MoEW & EDL Consultancy Name of Staff : Malek Riad Bou Ghannam

Profession : Electrical Engineer

Date of Birth : June 23,1981

Nationality : Lebanese

Mobile : 009**-********

Email :


April-2018 Lebanese American University Lebanon – Beirut Project Management Professional (PMP



2001-2006 Lebanese International University Lebanon – Beirut Bachelor in Electrical Engineer/Communication sector 1997-2001 Aref Nakhade College Lebanon – Mountain

BT Electronics and Electrical

Key Qualifications:

With more than 15 years of experience as Electrical and Telecommunication Engineer in Qatar, UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain) and Lebanon, this involved in various site responsibilities:

Period Country Position Company

2017-Present Lebanon-EDL Construction/GIS Coordinator DSP/EDL Decon International GmbH 2012-2017 Lebanon Electrical Design Engineer NEUC

2012-2017 Lebanon Power Network Engineer AEMS

2009-2012 UAE-Abu Dhabi Consultant Electrical Engineer Gopa DECON Intl. GmbH 2009-2012 UAE-Abu Dhabi QA/QC Engineer ANSES

2007-2009 UAE-Abu Dhabi Site Telecom Engineer IntelTec Emirates 2006-2007 Qatar Telecom Engineer Qatar telecom

Sept. 2006 Lebanon-Beirut Electrical/Communication Engineer LIU Graduation 2000-2005 Lebanon Technical Technician/Part Time LES Transformer

“2017 Present”

Construction/GIS Coordinator (DECON International – Consultancy MoEW & EDL), Beirut Lebanon – Program Manager for EDL’s Distribution Service Provider Project

Owner/Program Manager for DSP/EDL’s: Duties of the Program Manager include Monitoring, follow-up and coordination process of the Service Providers on the Managerial, Technical and Financial work based on through field supervision and cooperation. The main management and monitoring tasks will be in the various EDL Levels.

“2012 2017”

LV Electrical Design Manager (Chiah Division 1.2 million Customers Area) at National Electrical Utility Company (DEBBAS Holding), Beirut Lebanon Distribution Service Provider Project to EDL (Electricite du Liban) (350 million USD)

Distribution Services Provider (DSP): The provisions contained in this Distribution Service Provider Services are intended to supplement the General Conditions for the purpose of providing greater specificity of the Services that the Service Provider shall perform.

Preparation for the Plans and Programs. Task includes: o MV Feeder Peak Load Analysis Plan, Network Load Forecast Plan, Network Flow Optimization Plan, Network Protection and coordination, Standard Network Design Procedures, Network Design Manual, Investment Plan, Construction of Distribution Facilities Plans and Programs, Network Assessment Plan, Material Procurement and Management Plan, Network Operation and Maintenance Plans and Programs

Network Survey Manager. Task includes:

o Preparation of Network Survey Procedure and getting the Approval from the client


o Tools and equipment Hardware and software preparation such as Hand Held devices

(including dedicated software), Cable Tracer, GIS system, etc... o Training for more than 110 employees working as Network Surveyors

Asset Management Activities: Planning and Design. Task includes: o Planning and design activities for MV network related to network extension, reconfiguration or re-enforcement

o Planning and design activities for LV network related to network extension, reconfiguration or re-enforcement, network drawing SLD at AutoCAD and simulator into Dig-silent, Sin-Cal, and ETAP Program.

“2012 2017”

Solar and Renewable Engineer at Advance Engineering & Management Services (NEUC/DSP Consultancy)

Beirut – Lebanon

Solar Energy Professional Summary

o Flexible and hardworking Solar Energy Installer is available to work long shifts and weekends. Has broad experience in installations of solar panels solar roofing tiles and solar modules. Solar Energy Technology and is truly dedicated to solar energy as an alternative energy source.

Core Qualifications

o Experienced with solar panels installations

o Understand building codes and complete installations in conformity with them o Excellent customer service skills

o Great ability to wire equipment into the power grid o Able to connect plumbing and wiring for converting water system into solar-powered o Have ability to use heavy machinery

o Can lift and carry items overhead and up ladders o Extensive knowledge on proper mount installation


o Installed mounting brackets for solar panel installations on rooftops and other locations.

o Installed panel’s solar shingles and solar modules. o Wired newly installed equipment into the power grid. o Completed testing and troubleshooting of newly installed solar energy systems to ensure they worked appropriately.

o Utilized plumbing skills to connect home and business water systems into the solar energy system.

o Completed maintenance and repair of existing installations when needed. o Replaced non-working panel’s shingles and modules. o Communicated with clients during installation process to facilitate installation completion.

o Was timely to appointments and completed contracts within given time limits. o Was willing to work long hours evenings and weekends when individual projects so required.

“Consultancy services for Zonal substation design & reconfiguration of 11 kV network in Abu Dhabi Island” (10 million USD) for ADDC.

o Scope includes System engineering for 11 kV network reconfiguration options, preparation of preliminary and final designs, preparation of tender documents, tender evaluation and preparation of final contract documents. In addition I was approved from ADDC (Abu Dhabi Distribution Company) as ARE (Assistant Resident Engineer) to supervise the site works.

11 KV extensions of Panels in 12 substations (132/11 KV) (15 million USD) in Abu Dhabi Island.

o Scope includes load analysis, protection and control design to extend the 11 KV existing Bus-Bars. Preparation of tender documents.

BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) (300 million USD) for network load levelling (Peak Shaving).

o Scope includes load analysis study, site survey, and conceptual design report for BESS on 33 KV network. Site coordinator on the implementation of BESS (8 MW) in E25PRY.

AL-Ain master Plan (1 million USD).

o Scope includes the master plan for AL-Ain region from 2011 to 2020. Load forecast, harmonic study and load analysis for the existing and future network. Network drawing SLD at AutoCAD and simulator into Digsilent, Sincal, and ETAP Program.

DSM (Demand Side management) (30 million USD) which includes energy auditing for a number of residential, commercial, schools, Villas and governmental building in addition to Smart Grid study.

“2008 2012”

Electrical Engineer at GOPA DECON Intl. GmbH Deutsche Energie- Consult GmbH (ADEWA/ADDC and AADC)

Branch Middle East, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Network Project Responsibilities:

o Site Engineer Coordinator.

o Technical site survey.

o Material preparation and sites installation (feeder and Nokia BTS installation). o Testing & Commissioning: feeder commissioning

o BTS commissioning (2G, 3G).

o FIU Installation.

o E1 preparation and troubleshooting.

o Cross Connection.

o Alignment for Microwaves.

o Integration of Nokia 2G & 3G “ULTRA & FLEXI site and Metro site” o BTS.

o Expansion 1800, 3G.

o NERA Evolution “installation + commissioning”.

o Quality and Site Acceptance.

o VSAT Installation, Commissioning and Testing

Site Engineer:

o Technical site survey.

o Material preparation and sites installation for link. o Testing & Commissioning: feeder commissioning and sweep test by site master. o FIU Installation E1 preparation and troubleshooting o Cross connection.

Team Leader:

o Coordinator on all the factory mechanism

o Testing supervision.

o Transformer re-winder for 15 KVA & 20 KVA.

o Hands on experience in distribution.

o Transformer Manufacturing & as responsible to Technical Teams. o Trouble Shooting in each Transformer.

With good computer skills such:

o MS – Office (Word, Excel, Power point, access

o Programming languages C++

o Course in operating system.

o Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista


Language Reading Speaking Writing

Arabic Mother Tongue Mother Tongue Mother Tongue

English V. Good V. Good V. Good

French Fair Fair Fair

“2007 2008”

Telecom Engineer at Intel Tec Emirates, Telecom Implementation for DU/NOKIA SIEMENS Mobile.

Branch Middle East, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

“2006 2007”

Maintenance Engineer Services Dept. (Rafik Harriri Hospital University)

Beirut – Lebanon

“2000 2005”

Technical Technician and Engineer at Lebanese Electrical Services LES (Transformer Factory-Lebanon)

Mount Lebanon – Lebanon

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