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ProjectManager / Sr. Field Engineer / Field Service Technician

Alvin, TX, 77511
60k to 70k
October 13, 2019

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To secure a position as a Field Engineer providing services as requested.

Summary of Qualifications

Sr. EOD / CounterIED Operations Manager for SFJSOC under CENTCOM- US DOD Melbourne, Fl. – Deployed to SW Asia (Employment details – Classified) 10/2017 to 03/2019 Regional Technology Project Manager for VIP Systems Inc. in Houston, Texas 02/2014 to 8/01/2017 Managed Low Voltage Systems, Video Surveillance Systems, DAS Systems, RF Wireless Mesh supported network installation projects. For RTSC 03/2003 to 03/2013

Manager, E05, FE/CBT Special Projects IT & Communications Team ~ Iraq Chief Communications Engineer ATMS Systems / VCCS ~ Iraq Senior Field Engineer RTSC FTI – FAA STARS Program for the FAA / DOD ~ USA Telecommunications / Radar

Senior Field Engineer BMDS / FBX-T Program –Deployed- Project Team Leader ATMS Rebuild and Modification Team In Country Program Manager DASR, FBPAR/ATNAVICS Construction & Support, Germany Project Manager DTRA K3 Team

Project Manager (MINIS) DOD Multi-National Information Technology Surge OEM Depot Manager/Engineer RTSC CEDS “Jackal” Program in Iraq In Country Program Manager RTSC Afghan National Army Warehouse / Logistics Depot For NASA Ames Research Center 11/1999 to 03/2003

Lead Senior Network Technician NE 75 for the (WAN) Wide Area Network Professional Experience

In Country Program Manager / Engineer 03/2012 to 05/2013 DOD/ CENTCOM – Deployed to Afghanistan in support of SFJSOC (Classified Program) UGS Systems support and CounterIED / EOD Operations As a member of the Raytheon Technical Services Co. LLC. FE CBT – Special Projects group Served as the In Country Program Manager for the RTSC Afghan National Army Warehouse / Logistics Depot facilities for CSTC-A J4 and SFJSOC.

Served as the OEM Depot Manager for the RTSC CEDS Jackal CounterIED Defeat System for the PM IED Defeat PF / ARDEC / JIEDDO

Accomplished over 250 system installs within a 4 month period which successfully supported the US Army and Marines vehicle convoy withdrawal\from Iraq into Kuwait in December 2011

Served as Project Manager for the 65–85 personnel deployed and serving in various locations throughout Afghanistan supporting the DOD Multi-National Information Technology Surge (MNIS) program effort. Successfully prepared and processed over 115 IT professionals and support personnel for deployment to Afghanistan in 2.5 months and administratively supported those employees throughout their 1 year deployment to include the transfer of program to Raytheon NCS for the customer requested 1 year add on contract.

Served as Team Manager for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency ( DTRA ) K3 Special Project Harris Unattended Ground Sensors & UAV operations

Trained 3 iterations of the UGS system over a 3 month period and graduated a total of 60+ FLN personnel on the Harris UGS system. Successfully trained 10 personnel and deployed 6 UAV aircraft and spares over the 8 month deployment period. In country Manager of ( 6 ) Commercial, Tactical, and Navigational Aids Radars within Germany while also managing Site Construction Engineers (SCE’s)

Prepared, upgraded and successfully (Sold Off) transferred ownership of 2 FBPAR (Fixed Based Precision Approach) Radar systems to the G3 Aviation Directorate of the US ARMY. Completed the build out of a DASR (Digital Area Surveillance Radar) located in Northern Germany (Grafenwoehr)as the SCE until it was transferred to the DASR Optimization Team.

Supported the G3 Aviation Directorate in the New Construction efforts of 2 FBPAR Radar systems to be located in middle Germany as the In Country PM over onsite SCE’s at the respective sites. Manager of FBPAR / ATNAVICS Precision Approach Radar Modification and Upgrade Team Successfully managed the upgrade of 36+ US based and foreign deployed FBPAR and ATNAVICS Radar systems. 110 E Hwy 6

Alvin, Texas

77511 USA

Cell: 832-***-**** USA


Jerry L. Brown

Served as a Senior Field Engineer with the BMDS / FBX-T (AN-TPY2) program in a forward deployed location per U.S. Government and MDA direction.

Served the STARS ATMS program as a Senior Field Engineer under RTSC / SPSS FE CBT in Burlington, Ma., providing STARS Air Traffic Management equipment installation designed to support the FAA and DOD terminal radar approach control facilities and associated towers as directed. Served the (FTI) FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure Program under RTSC/SPSS FE CBT in Burlington, Ma. as Senior Field Engineer.

Served RTSC Corporate Management as the Chief Communications Engineer responsible for the Rebuild/ Installation of (VCCS) Voice Communications Control System and integrated VSAT interfaces that support the transmission of critical radio traffic to other operational “FLY” sectors within Iraq.

Performed support missions for the Logistics element of the program for management of LN sub-contractor companies, fuel acquisition, support & construction equipment and vehicles acquisition, including the Raytheon Compound Network and IT Support functions.

Additional duties performed included managing and performing the installation of NAV-AIDS and Transmitter / Receiver cabling support infrastructure into the existing cabling infrastructure present throughout the BIAP Airport facilities until the program was demobilized in early March 2005.

My first program with RTSC was serving as the IT & Communications manager for the RTSC Weapons of Mass Destruction Disposition Program (WMD DSP). I was tasked with the complete design of the IT & Communications network support infrastructure that was deployed to support the team in a hostile and austere operating environment.

Successfully managed a multi-functional team with various skill sets created as a One Raytheon cooperative design team.

Provided the IT & Communications solutions required from contract proposal creation, submission, and award.

Upon contract award facilitated the identification, sourcing, and initiation of procurement of the required equipment.

Travelled to the Boston metropolitan area to construct the US based ground station and associated primary network routers, firewalls and SVoIP/VoIP MCU switching router.

Deployed with my team to theater and assembled, constructed, and implemented the IT & Communications support solution within 15 days bringing the complete network to 100% online and operational status 10 days prior to expected delivery date.

The RTSC WMD DSP Team’s SATCOM support network delivered a performance level of 99.5% uptime over a 14 month period of deployment. NASA Ames Research Center Wide Area Network

I served NASA as the Lead Senior Network Technician for the NASA Integrated Services Network and Consolidated Space Operations Contract group (NISN / CSOC) for NASA’s research related and educational customers. Providing advanced technical diagnostic assistance for OC3, 12, and 48, T-3,T-1, 56-64K, and ISDN Network circuits in support of the NASA mission.

Responsible for the installation, maintenance and management of Cisco WAN / LAN switches, routers and hubs; Cisco... MGX 8220, BPX 8600, 7500 Series, Catalyst 6509, 2900 & 2600 and the 2500 series switches & routers.

Responsible for the management and maintenance of the recent upgrade and implementation of the new State of the Art Hi Definition Full Motion Video Teleconferencing system for the NASA network throughout the western United States.

Oversees, schedules and trains field installers / technicians.

Performs preliminary job walks and job quotes for inclusion in customer service requests.

Insures and maintains quality control program.

Member of the design team tasked with the redesign and implementation of the complete upgrade of all CONUS NASA network gateways horizontal cabling infrastructure and backbone for supporting the incoming digital services.

Was awarded 2 Certificates of Outstanding Achievement for my contribution to the US wide Gateway Cabling infrastructure and VCCS facilities Infrastructure Upgrade/Rebuild effort by the Administrator of NASA. Technician responsible for the maintenance and support of all GSIF Matrix SATCOM switches and their interface with the GE Americom Satellite transmission network located in Gilmore Creek Alaska, providing connectivity throughout the entire western United States, Canberra, AU and Antarctica. Education 1979 - 1985 University of Nevada at Las Vegas at Las Vegas, Nev. BSME Degree / RF & SATCOM Engineering 1997 BICSI Certified RCDD

2012 R6Sigma Certified Specialist



SECRET Clearance - Inactive

Military U.S. Army 21 Years - Retired - Msgt. (P) E-8 97B50 Senior Counterintelligence Special Agent U.S. And Worldwide Assignments Maintained a MI; TOP SECRET, W/ Characters, throughout my M.I. assignments Passport

Skills &


I possess a valid US Tourist Passport Expires 10/2021 AMAG Access Control / Global HSE & VMS Systems; Genetec VMS Suite; Video Insight VMS Suite; Axis Camera Systems; Hikvision Camera Systems; Cohu HD Costar Systems; Panasonic Camera Systems; Firetide & BridgeWaveWireless Mesh Solutions; Low Voltage Technician Skills /Telecommunications Technician Skills; Rapiscan Personnel/Cargo/Customs and Border Screening Systems. Air Traffic Management Systems – Solacom VCCS Systems, Raytheon Precision Approach Radar Systems ( FBPAR & DASR9 & 11) and the military proponent for US Army & US Marines Aviation (ATNAVICS); Raytheon THAAD X Band Radar Systems.

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