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Project Financial

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
October 13, 2019

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Key Qualifications

Ahmed Taha has over 20 years of professional expertise in Finance, Financial Management/Analysis, Leadership, Project Management, and Business Development, Procurement Process Rules and Regulations, with a solid working background in all relevant design, development and practice facets pertaining to key thematic development areas relating to Environment, Development and Healthcare sectors, as well as fully liaising program planning and achievements to donors, stakeholders, and governmental bodies, working with multiple development partners such as European Union (EU), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), USAID and the Government of Egypt through its Cabinet of Ministries, Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Social Solidarity. I have also acquired extensive experience and very strong background in all facets of financial management, financial analysis, accounting and internal auditing procedures.

Over the years, he has been selected to work with/ at one of the most talented group of hospitals in healthcare private business, Madinah National Hospital at Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since Feb. 2012 till Sep.2016 as a Finance Director/ Financial Analyst.

He had also working as a Deputy Project Director/ Finance and Admin. Director in two projects funded by UNDP, and UNWFP at the Ministry of Social Solidarity; and was working as a Project Director/ Financial Advisor at one of the UNDP/ GEF funded project at the Ministry of Environment, Also, I have been nominated to manage and Head of Green Climate Fund Unit, and he has appointed to be an Advisor to H.E. the Minister for Environmental Projects, Finance related matters, Financial Analysis and Business Development. This has added to provided me with further multidisciplinary experience in the field of Environment and social development and further strengthened my experience in working with junior, middle and high-level government officials.

he developed cover cumulatively sharpened abilities of innovation, financial management, financial analysis, scope management, time management, cost management, quality management, leadership, team building, people management, motivation, influencing, conflict management, coaching, communications management, delivery and getting things done, strategic planning, risk management, analytical financial management, data management, donor/beneficiary relationship management, stakeholder management, result-based management, report writing, and knowledge management. He has often had the unique talent for delivering highly technical financial reporting nd analysis and information into terms and concepts that end users can readily grasp. He is multi-task oriented, enjoys a challenge, and continually stays abreast of the latest advancements in the development field.





(1)11, Qourash st., behind El Salaab Group Makram Ebaad Str., 12th floor, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

(2)6A, Ahmed Fakhary st., Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

Birth date:

December 19th, 1970



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Obtain a more suitable position where I can use my skills, education and experience, seeking new challenges in financial management which effectively utilizes my acquired knowledge and professional experience.


Mar. 2018 – Jun. 2019: 1) Project Financial Advisor and Managing Director, Strengthening Protected Areas Financing and Management Systems Project; funded by GEF UNDP.

2) Advisor to the Minister for Environmental Projects, Financial Related matters, and Business Development

3) Finance and Admin. Director/ Business Development Coordinator, Head of the GCF Unit.

Employer : Ministry of Environment

Location : Cairo, Egypt.

1)Project Financial Advisor and Managing Director Strengthening Protected Areas Financial and Management Systems Project.


Strategically situated at the intersection of three continents, Egypt’s terrestrial and marine habitats support biodiversity of substantial global significance. Even though country terrestrial species diversity is relatively low due to Egypt’s general aridity, many species are very narrowly distributed, making habitat conservation crucial to their survival. Marine biodiversity is also significant, with Egypt’s Red Sea coral reefs showing considerable endemism. There is also important genetic diversity. At least 143 species of threatened animals are to be found. Three main categories of persisting threats and associated causes of biodiversity loss have been identified. These are: (i) conversion and/or destruction of natural habitats; (ii) degradation of natural habitats, and; (iii) unsustainable utilization of biodiversity resources. Protected areas have a potentially critical role to play in reducing the above threats to Egypt’s biodiversity. Egypt’s system of protected areas (PAs) is divided geographically into five management units: Sinai, Cairo, Western Desert, Red Sea and Upper Egypt. Currently, Egypt’s 27 PAs cover 148,023 km2, or about 15% of the nation’s total land area. The proposed long-term solution for biodiversity conservation of Egypt’s protected areas is an effective and sustainable PA system operated by an autonomous NCS that has the financial wherewithal and management capacities needed for effective management. The foundation of the long-term solution is a sustainable financing system resting on the following three pillars: (i) Legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks that support sustainable PA financing; (ii) Tools and practices for revenue generation and mobilization, and; (iii) Business planning and other tools for cost-effective management.

The project objective is the establishment of a sustainable protected area financing system, with associated management structures, systems and capacities needed to ensure the effective use of generated revenues for priority biodiversity conservation needs.

The project is financed by the Global Environmental Facility, the Ministry of Environment and the United Nations Development Programme.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the overall direction and supervision of the Ministry of Environment and UNDP Egypt CO the National Project Manager (NPM) has the responsibility for the delivery of the project’s outcomes and activities in accordance with the project document and agreed work plan. S/he will serve on a full-time basis and will be committed to the day-to-day management of the project and for its successful implementation in line with the UNDP-GEF standards.

The specific tasks and responsibilities include the following:

• Provide overall general coordination, management and supervision of project implementation;

• Manage the project office, including staff facilities and services, in accordance with the project work plan;

• Prepare and update project work plan, and submit these to the Steering Committee for clearance and ensure their implementation consistent with the provisions of the project document.

• Assume direct responsibility for managing the procurement and the project budget under the supervision of the Implementing Partner and the UNDP CO to ensure that:

-Project funds are made available when needed, and are disbursed properly;

-Accounting records and supporting documents are kept;

-Required financial reports are prepared;

-Financial operations are transparent and financial procedures/regulations for NEX projects are applied;

-The project is ready to stand up to audit at any time.

-local and international experts are involved in a timely fashion

-organization of training and public outreach, purchase of required equipment etc. are carried out in accordance with UNDP rules and procedures;

• Ensure the timely mobilization and utilization of project personnel, subcontracts, training and equipment inputs, whether these are procured by the Implementing Partner itself or by UNDP:

-Identify potential candidates, for project staff as well as national and international consultants,

-Prepare the ToR, in consultation with the implementing partner and subcontractors;

-Prepare training programmes (in consultation with the implementing partner) designed for staff, with particular emphasis on developing an overall training plan.

-Draw up specifications for the equipment required under the project; procure such equipment according to UNDP rules and procedures governing such procurement.

-Ensure that they mobilize and deliver the inputs in accordance with their implementation agreement and contract, and

-Provide overall supervision and/or coordination of their work to ensure the production of the corresponding project outputs.


• With respect to project review cycle:

-Ensure timely preparation and submission of required reports in the GEF-UNDP project cycle, including technical, and financial, reports;

-Submission of annual Project Implementation Reviews and other required progress reports to the Project Board, Implementing Partner and the UNDP in accordance with the section “Monitoring and Evaluation” of the project document;

-Act as a principal representative of the project during review meetings, and evaluations.

• With respect to project communication:

-Ensuring effective dissemination of and access to information on project activities and results, (including an regularly updated project website);

-Establishing links with international organizations to define fields of cooperation and attracting additional financing in order to fulfill the project objectives;

-Report regularly to and keeps Implementing Partner and UNDP CO up-to-date on project progress and problems, if any.

• Ensuring successful completion of the project in accordance with the stated outcomes and performance indicators summarized in the project’s logframe matrix and within the planned schedule and budget.

• Perform others coordinating tasks as appropriate for the successful implementation of the project in accordance with the project document

2)Advisor to the Minister for Environmental Projects, Financial Related matters, and Business Development.

Duties and Responsibilities

Government rules and procedures, including financial management

Provide advisory services in meetings with different government bodies- Economic Relations Division, Planning Commission, Ministry of Finance; Controller of Accountants General Office on Government Cost Sharing

Support on training related to financial management and financial analysis as per government and donors rules and regulation.

Support projects in introducing government co-financing

Finalize micro-assessment reports for all selected including through meeting and follow up with government officials as well as funded projects.

Orientation to relevant government people on various donor’s financial management procedures

Training of project and CO staff on project finance management, updating books of accounts and record keeping

Coordination with government for joint reviews, meetings and reporting

Selective filed visits and spot-checks on project preparedness on financial management

Any other request by Business Development and Partnerships cluster on project finance assurance and related issues

3)Business Development Coordinator, Finance and Admin. Head of the GCF Unit.


Egypt is currently striving towards achieving its economic development, social inclusion and environmental stability. From that perspective, the Ministry of Environment is embarking on institutional strengthen measures to better enable the integration of environmental aspects in other sectorial development polices and plans. Additionally, the Ministry is closely monitoring its progress towards the fulfillment of the obligations in the multilateral environmental agreement giving special attention to the RIO conventions. The Minister is embarking on raising the portfolios of Climate Change and Biodiversity during this year as well as supporting the sustainable development process in close cooperation in the ministry of Planning, Follow up and Administrative reform to ensure that the environmental aspects are fully integrated in the sustainable development strategy and its associated processes.

Accordingly, the office of the Minister of Environment entails number of specialized units established to fulfill certain tasks under the direct supervision of the Minister. These units are the Sustainable Development Unit, the Biodiversity Unit and the Green Climate Fund unit. The coordination and inter linkage between the outputs of those units are conducted through the advisor of the minister of Multilateral Environmental Agreements to ensure complementarity in fulfilling Egypt’s international environmental commitments. In this regard, the Advisor of the Minister for the Multilateral Environmental Agreements is seeking support in number of tasks including, but not limited to the following:

-Coordination of donors support to the Conference of Parties of the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD/COP 14) expected to take place in November 2018 in Sharm El Sheikh including the coordination of the African Summit.

-Hosting of regional workshops and meetings for Africa and other regions as related to climate change.

-Close follow up with some bilateral portfolios with development partners such as Italy, EU, Mexico, Germany and others including all logistic support and if needed budget planning.

-Organizations and follow up on recommendations of daily meetings related to sustainable development, climate change, biodiversity, international cooperation as well as logistic preparations to all the missions abroad.

-Support in resource mobilization to carious environmental activities as instructed by the Ministry of Environment especially in relation to coordination with development partners and preparation of workshops.

Scope of work:

The business development coordinator will be supporting the advisor to the minister for multilateral environmental agreements in coordinating all the environment related resource mobilization, international cooperation. He/she is expected to engage with various stakeholders, including but not limited to the following:

-Senior and middle level government officials inside and outside the Ministry of Environment.

-Development partner wither bilateral of multilateral

-Key staff within the office of the Minister of Environment.

-Conventions Focal Points.

-Representatives from various embassies.

-Suppliers such as travel agencies, OUDA, …

Duties and responsibilities:

-Support the advisor of the Minister in conducting meeting with development partners including reporting to the Minister and Mapping of the contributions of the development partners for the CBD/CoP 14 and others with its regular update on excel sheets.

-Undertake all tasks related to the preparation of regional climate change meetings including preparations of budget, follow up on expenditures, logistic activities, coordination with suppliers and government officials and preparation of memos and progress reports to the Minister.

-Support the Advisor of the Minister in preparation of project proposals specially the financial part to ensure that the proposed funding matches the activities proposed.

-Coordinate with various departments in the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency to ensure their input is appropriately provided to prepare all files for the Minister’s meeting.

-Follow up with OUDA on preparation of the budget of various portfolios such as Italian cooperation and other future activities.

-Assist in attending meetings related to sustainable development ensuring preparation of presentations and if needed delivering them on behalf of the Advisor to the Minister in close coordination with the sustainable development unit.

-Review the financial parts (grants/loans) for all funding proposals and/or agreements submitted through the office of the Minister of Environment to the development partners or presented from development partners.

-Support in review of the budget section in the GCF steering committee and coordination with the Climate Change Central Department for submission of comments on proposal prior to the committee meeting.

-Prepare Arabic progress reports and memos to be regularly submitted to the Minister for updates on various assignments.

Oct. 2016 – Mar. 2018: Deputy Project Director/ Finance Director/ Financial Management Coordinator.

Employer : United Nations Development Programme ( UNDP )

United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)

1)Strengthening Institutional and Human Capacities of Ministry of Social Solidarity; joint project between UNDP and MoSS.

2)Enhancing Access of Children to Education and Fighting Child Labour Project.

Location : Ministry of Social Solidarity, Giza, Egypt.

Projects objectives:

UNDP project aims to improve the delivery of social protection to the most vulnerable populations in Egypt by strengthening the social policy function, institutional set up, staff capacity to better engage with citizens and provide efficient and timely pro-poor services to the poor, women, youth and the disabled.

The project builds on the successful partnership between UNDP and MoSS since 2006 aiming to strengthen MoSS capacity to better deliver social protection services to the poor, women and the disabled.

The project is planned to focus on the implementation of the following four components:

(a) Establish a MoSS technical unit to strengthen the Ministry’s capacities to integrate and coordinate social policies within MoSS and across other ministries and to formulate and analyze relevant information, to.

(b) Provide institutional support by strengthening the existing or newly established units at MoSS to enhance service delivery and support MoSS in the following functions: CSR and volunteerism, handling complaints, M&E, external and internal communication, gender mainstreaming, NGO management and support;

(c) Enhance the capacity of Ministry staff and social workers on social protection and pro-poor programs, and policies to modernize Management Information Systems for better delivery of social services; and;

(d) Reform and upgrade MoSS capacity to provide social services to people living with disabilities.

UNWFP and the Government of Egypt are cooperating in the implementation of the ‘Enhancing access of children to education and fighting child labour’ project that targets children involved in the labour market and provide these children with access to quality educational opportunities, food incentives and livelihood opportunities to improve the lives of their families. The project has a total funding of Euro 59,500,000 from the European Union and a duration of 4 years. Its implementation started in 2013.

Activities V and IV of the project aim to support livelihoods as a means to reduce dependence of poor households (especially female-headed) on child labour. Specifically, ACTVITY V is to train 50,000 household heads (especially women) to design, implement and manage income-generating activities, revolving microcredit for women, and apprenticeship programmes. This is complemented with ACTVITY IV,that provides small revolving micro-loans to enable about 10,000 (out of 50,000) trained female household heads to start their income generation activities.

In March 2015, a 48 months Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Ministry of Social Solidarity (MOSS) and the World Food Programme (WFP) concerning the implementation of the project. Article 8.1.4 of the mentioned MOU stipulates that MOSS is to support WFP in the provision of Provision of training to household heads (especially women) to design, implement and manage income-generating activities, revolving microcredit for women, and apprenticeship programmes.

Duties and responsibilities:

1)Contribute creative ideas for programme/project development and serve as senior national programme advisor to the Ministry and draft portions of programme and budget proposals, project proposals, programme background, country strategy papers, objectives, project reviews and evaluation. Monitor progress of projects and activities by reviewing, verifying and analyzing work-plans, progress reports, final reports and other data for clarity, consistency and completeness;

2) Assist in the programming and control of resources from all sources of funds, prepare budget estimates and expenditure forecasts by analyzing and monitoring situation of resources as compared to planned activities and making recommendations to management for remedial action;

3)Organize meetings, workshops, and conferences including budget planning, logistic support, making the required settlements, and related reports;

4)Ensure that resources entrusted to UNDP are utilized according to UNDP rules and procedures as per the Programme Operations, Policy and Procedures manual (POPP);

5)Ensure that critical project information is monitored and updated in Atlas;

6)Follow up with the Project Team to ensure that financial and quarterly progress reports are submitted to UNDP on time, and that combined delivery reports are prepared and submitted to the Project Board, to be signed by the national Implementing Partner;

7)Ensure the preparations of all project budget revisions to be signed by the project signatories;

8)Ensure that annual audits and mid-term or final project evaluations are carried out as per standard procedures

9)Assist the NPD in matters related to financial functions of the projects;

10)Prepare quarterly expenditures plans based on approved budget;

11)Prepare financial reports of the projects and report to the National Project Director;

12)Assess the budget heads and ensure its expenditures ia as per the approved annual/ quarterly work plans;

13)Review and submitted periodic financial reports;

14)Review Combined Delivery Report (CDR) for submission and necessary certification;

15)Manage annual audit exercise, prepare audit follow-up action plans, and ensure that the action plan is implemented;

16)Prepare the plan of expenditure and assist NPD;

17)Inspect, supervise and monitor the project account, and financial management as per the work plan and guidelines of the project;

18)Maintains appropriate inventory list, of the project assets and goods and prepare the corresponding follow up reports;

19)Monitor and record all project expenditures;

20)Prepares and follow up on payments and other expenditures, including payment request with UNDP/ UNWFP and other entities;

21)Handling day to day petty cash;

22)Preparation of budget revisions;

23)Maintain proper financial records and files;

24)Prepare financial advance requests;

25)Handling the procurement process and ensure that is in accordance with UNDP/UNWFP rules and regulations;

26)Maintains and ensures that UNDP/UNWFP rules and regulations are implemented with relevance to the activities as well as policies and procedures of the execution modality.

From Feb. 2012 to Sep. 2016: Finance Director/ Financial Analyst.

Employer: DR. Hamed Mutabagani Group

Location: Jeddah, Madinah - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Duties and responsibilities:

1. Planning & Development:

1.1. Takes part in presenting, assessing & drafting business plans with the management, and takes responsibility of translating business plans into budgets for final approval by MNH's BOD.

1.2. Monitors business outcome VS budgets, and reports deviation and its reasons suggesting methods to correct deviation or amending related budget.

1.3.Assist MNH's Management in the formulation & later on evaluation of the strategic direction & decisions.

2.Financial Management:

Leading and supervising team of professional accountants to:

2.1.Maintain day-to-day financial control of MNH within budget heads agreed by MNH's Management / BOD.

2.2.Ensures that all finance activities are properly administrated & monitored, this should include:

a.Treasury/Fund management.

b.Purchasing & accounts payable.

c.Inventory management.

d.Fixed assets management.


f.Revenue system.

g.Billing & accounts receivable.

h.General ledger.

i.Medical insurance relations.

2.3.Support MNH's Management in the provision of information for different estimates.

2.4.Ensure that appropriate financial regulations are in place & in use at all times and to the best practice rules in accordance with policies & procedures approved by MNH's Management / BOD.

2.5.Make monthly regular reports for MNH's Management / BOD use on Income, expenses and financial position, and quarterly regular reports on overall hospital performance.

2.6.Act as cheque signatory up to the limits agreed by MNH's Management / BOD.

2.7.Design and implement effective internal control system (including detailed policies & procedures) to insure protecting MNH assets, maintain financial records and data integrity, accuracy and reliability, promotes operational efficiency and encourages adherence to prescribe managerial policies, regulations and guidelines.

2.8.Approves (as member of purchase committee) all purchase orders.

2.9.Approves (as member of reconciliation committee) all medical insurance claims & rejections reconciliation up to a certain limit as per hospital policy.

3.Out company Relations:

3.1.Banks & other financial institutions for short term / long term facilities for capital expenditure.

3.2.Arrange external audits on proper intervals, and liaise with external auditor reporting requirements for the final annual financial statements.

3.3.Review insurance policies and follow up all claims submissions and reconciliation to ensure payments and closure of accounts.

3.4.Contacting clients / suppliers to discuss and follow up credit terms and facilities on the guidelines set by MNH's Management / BOD.

4.Intercompany Relations:

4.1.Discussing problems and advising the best course of action to his best knowledge & expertise.

4.2.Identifying opportunities for cost reductions or revenue increase.

4.3.Attends Management & HOC meeting.

4.4.Recruiting qualified accountants & section heads, evaluating the accounting staff for further training & promotions.

4.5.Preparing financial and accounting policies & procedures and all amendments and reviews related to it, present it to MNH's Management / BOD for approval.

5.Financial Analysis:

5.1.Engage in ongoing cost reduction in all MNH areas and activities.

5.2.Engage in benchmarking studies for the market and competitors to identify potential operational improvements.

5.3.Interpret the MNH's financial results to MNH's Management / BOD when required & suggest improving procedures & activities, emphasizing all the implications for future planning or controls.

5.4.Identify business bottlenecks and make suggestions regarding improving overall business output.

5.5.Assist in pricing procedures and Cost/Revenue analysis.

From Mar. 2006

to July 2011

Financial Specialist




South Sinai Regional Development Programme (SSRDP) is 5-year European Union (EU)

funded Programme, established for the benefit of South Sinai Governorate (SSG), with a core purpose of Promoting sustainable local economy, supporting social development, Protecting natural resources, and Preserving cultural heritage.

Two main Components were considered in laying out this Programme: Component 1 concerning pre-identified public investment projects in the field of water supply, waste water treatment and solid waste management, tourism development, flood control, and supply of equipment (boats, monitoring equipment, rural water tanks and tanker trucks). Component 2 of calls for setting up demand-driven grant facilities for stakeholders in South Sinai, putting forward SSRDP-funded proposals for social, environmental, and economic development projects. Staff working in these components is in two teams: PSU (Programme Support Unit) Team, and b. TA (Technical Assistance) Team.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Acts as Head of Accounts i.e. Accounting Officer and responsible for the proper execution of payments, the collection of revenue, the recovery of receivables and the managing of the treasury;

Maintains the books and records of the Programme Support Unit (PSU) Imprest Account (total funding over 5 years: EUR: 64 million) and prepares the required periodic financial reports in English, in accordance with the Financing Agreement and work plans;

prepares the PSU staff monthly payrolls including social insurance and tax computations;

Undertakes procurement, in line with EU systems and procedures. Tailored training programs for applicants on EU procurement procedures and Project Cycle Management (PCM) and how to write effective full proposals;

Draw up and improve an internal operational manual of procedures(accounting and administrative), set up an internal audit manual to ensure and guarantee a sound financial management of the funds ;

Prepare the employment, consultants contracts, and Supervises all personnel processes (payroll- social insurance premium - income tax calculating- personnel files- etc);

Oversee the creation and maintenance of an accurate asset inventory and that all the organization assets are appropriately tagged and registered;

Book keeping for all financial transactions and make the monthly cash and bank reconciliations;

Prepare the rolling annual work plan and its amendments if required (budget

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