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Engineering Engineer

Florence, KY
October 12, 2019

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Walton, KY ***94

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February 2019

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Socorro, NM

Bachelors of Science Materials Engineering awarded: February, 2017

Masters of Science Materials Engineering awarded: February 2019

Graduate GPA: 3.56


● Microscopy both scanning electron and optical and sample preparation

● Failure analysis and corrosion phenomenon

● Mechanical properties testing in Charpy impact, tensile, three-point-bend, simple compression, and compression relaxation type tests

● Thermal property analysis including differential scanning calorimetry, thermal conductivity and thermogravimetric analysis

● Spectroscopy analysis with energy dispersive spectroscopy and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy.

● Analytical research using x-ray diffraction for materials characterization

● Managing lab safety, work scheduling, supply and maintenance of lab equipment. WORK EXPERIENCE

Professional - Mubea Group

Materials Engineer (Quality)-Mubea North America Stabilizer Bars

Lab manager and on-site materials science technical specialist

Provided production material integrity through lab analysis

Maintained International Automotive Task Force CQI-9 compliant lab

Took lab from multi-month sampling and paperwork backlog to IATF compliant

North America chassis failure analysis expert

Lead supplier interactions for non-conformances of raw material

Recognized for “Driven by the Best” award Q1 2019. Graduate Research - New Mexico Tech

Materials Laboratory – Osmotic Power Development

Principal Investigator Dr. Frank Huang

Osmotic Power science team within New Mexico Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) in sustainable energy development, NSF founded and funded statewide research initiative

Directed creation and modification of microporous hydrophobic PVDF membranes for use in Direct Contact Membrane Distillation

Coordinated research involvement from Biology and Environmental Engineering departments within NMT.

Tested membranes for water production capacity under simulated operating conditions of the Radium Springs geothermal source.

Standard characterization of membranes included scanning electron microscopy imaging, porosity and pore size distribution, density measurements, thermal conductivity, liquid entry pressure, contact angle, salt rejection, and heat capacity.

Novel investigation techniques include analytical membrane wetting, microbead penetration of internal membrane structures and saltwater intrusion with energy dispersive spectroscopy.

Poster publications at 2016 New Mexico Water Conference, 2016 NSF/EPSCoR All Hands Meeting and 2016 Student Research Symposium at New Mexico Tech.

Lectured at 2017 New Mexico Water Workshop and presented at 2017 NSF/EPSCoR All Hands Meeting.

Work Study – New Mexico Tech

Fuel Cell Laboratory – Ceramics

Principle Investigator Dr. Paul Fuierer

Materials benchwork investigating unique preparations and application of BiCuVOx ceramics for fuel cell applications.

Processes studied include tape casting, standard non-constrained sintering, hot forged/constrained sintering, conventional ball milling and planetary milling powder preparation.

X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy to characterize powders, platelets and crystal orientation of monolithic BiCuVOx and BiCuTiVOx ceramics. Work Study – New Mexico Tech

Polymer Research Group – Polymer Aging of Epoxies

Principle Investigator Dr. John McCoy

Study focused on Epon 828 resin with DEA hardener in support of Sandia National Labs.

Responsibilities included sample preparation through testing, analysis and reporting. Additionally included new experiment design and varying analysis procedures to uncover intrinsic materials properties.

Experiment and analysis techniques included compression-relaxation testing and variations thereof. Stretched exponential fitting was used to investigate relaxation process in highly crosslinked 828DEA at various temperatures and strain rates.

Wrote and updated equipment usage manuals and experimental test procedures

“Go-To” technician for equipment issues and mentor for fellow student researchers

Presented research at 2015 American Physical Society conference in San Antonio. Teaching Assistant – New Mexico Tech

Materials Engineering and Science – MATE 202-L

Sophomore-level introduction to Materials Science research laboratory techniques

Taught three sections of lab per week

Assigned, graded lab reports, mentored students

Responsible for maintaining safety and best lab practices instruction Internship – New Mexico Tech

IRIS/PASSCAL – Transportable Array Seismology

Project funded by NSF grant, organized by IRIS/PASSCAL and operations were conducted worldwide.

Designed and maintained experiment equipment.

Processed equipment requests and arranged shipping.

Location-finding equipment training including OCTANS(iXBLUE) Internship – New Mexico Tech

Test Range Operator– Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center


Provided support for projects from various government agencies (DOD, FEMA, State Department, etc.)

Constructed test fixtures to specifications for warhead stands, x-ray film tables, military-grade targets and fragmentation catchment devices

Constructed test buildings to New Mexico Residential Code code for explosives and other energetics testing including rockets and pyrotechnics

Oversaw security procedures critical to staff safety. Additional Achievements

Academic Honors

Presidential Scholarship Academic Achievement

Eagle Scout

Troop 101, Noblesville, IN

Organized and led a volunteer effort to restore historic local train museum Publications:

● Geothermal Membrane Distillation in Industrial Greenhouse Applications: Membrane Fabrication and Characterization


Lynda Laumbach


Dr. John McCoy

Professor, Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering


Dr. Paul Fuierer

Professor, Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering


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