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Developer Project

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
October 12, 2019

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Ankit Chavhan


Data Scientist with 2.2 years and 3.1 Years of overall experience

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To work in a challenging and dynamic environment, with value and integrity; achieve my professional goals, and make substantial contributions to the growth and success of the organization.


Languages Python (3.0), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, RPA(Robotics Process Automation),Oracle Siebel, PL/SQL

Dev. tools Jupyter Notebook, Automation Anywhere, Oracle Siebel, SQL Developer

Database Sql Server, Oracle

Platforms Windows 7

Domains Healthcare, Banking

Frameworks Sklearn, TensorFlow, Keras, OpenCV

Methodology AGILE Development, Waterfall Development


3.1 years of Extensive experience in the areas of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotics Process Automation, Production Support, Oracle Database

Good knowledge of machine learning models like Logistic regression, SVM and Performance Matrices, Feature Engineering,RNN,LSTM.

Good knowledge of Object Detection, Text Classification and library like SkLearn, Matplotlib, keras, TesorFlow.

Hands-on Experience on both Web Application & Product development.

Hands-on Experience on both Development as well as Maintenance.

Have Experience on End to End development, Bug Fixing, Enhancement.

Exposure to Standard Industry Practices in the field of software development lifecycle.

Working Experience with Agile technologies with different project.

Good Knowledge and Extensive Experience on working with Machine Learning and Robotics Process Automation.

Experienced on working with version control tools like: Svn

Experienced on working with Build tools Automation Anywhere, Oracle Siebel, Visual Studio.

Hands-on experience with Sklearn, Matplotlib, OpenCV Framework

Hands-on Experience with Oracle Database.

Having Good Debugging Skill Capabilities.

Extensive Experienced includes Job responsibilities like Development Lead, Coding and Unit Testing Defect Fixing Root Cause Analysis, Documenting and maintaining products standards.


IT Developer : Medtronic, Inc. Aug 2016 – Current


2.2 yrs worked on Machine Learning projects under HealthCare domain.

1.0 yrs experience on Automation projects (Robotics Process Automation) under HealthCare domain.

3.1 year worked on Production Support


Major Project Executed



Domain: Healthcare

Period: Mar 2019 to June 2019

Summary: This model predicts Tags in a ticket. Solution consists of using Logistic regression, Micro Averaged F1 score, Hamming Loss for determining model performance.

Role: Data Scientist (Individual Contributor)

Team Size: 1

Technology: Machine learning, python.

Tools: Jupyter Notebook, Service Now


Mapping Multilabel Classification to the problem.

Used Micro Averaged F1 score and Hamming Loss to determine the performance of model.

Perform Exploratory Data Analysis like Data Loading and cleaning, Analysis of tags, Cleaning and pre-processing

Apply Machine Learning Models by converting tags for Multilabel problem, Split dataset into test and train, featuring data and apply logistics regression with OneVsRest Classifier.

This project reduced ticket resolution time by 10%.


Project Title: Facial Expression recognition

Period: July 2019 – Aug 2019

Summary: Developed model which classify facial expression out of 7 basic human expression. Solution consists of using OpenCV library (HAAR CASCADE), CNN and deep learning to detect facial expression.

Role: Data Scientist (Individual Contributor)

Team Size: 1

Technology: Machine Learning, CNN, Deep Leaning, OpenCv, Python

Tools: JupyterNotebook


Used Haar-Cascade algorithm to detect object in an image.

This is an Multi Label Classification problem with 7 different classes. Therefore, used Multi Class Log Loss, Accuracy, Confusion matrix as Performance matrix.

In preprocessing phase, developed 7 dataframes for each facial expression and combined them to single dataframe.

Split data into train, test and Cross Validation dataset and analyze distribution by plotting histogram.

Convert Image to Gray-Scale and apply haarCascade.

Create BottleNeck feature from VGG16.

Create MLP which will take bottleneck feature of each image one by one.


Project Title: Detect figure in an image

Period: Mar-Aug 2019

Summary: The project is all about detecting figures(circles) in an images which are in bad quality.

Solution consist of using OpenCv, Contours, Hough Circles for detecting circle in an image.

Role: Data Scientist (Individual Contributor)

Team Size: 1

Technology: Python,OpenCv

Tools: Jupyter Notebook


Apply Hough Circles for detecting shapes.

Apply Contours for detecting circles in an image.


Project Title: Loan Delinquency Prediction

Period: Aug-Sept 19

Domain: Banking

Summary: Objective is to identify the delinquency status of loans for the next month given the delinquency status for the previous 12 months.

Role: Data Scientist (Individual Contributor)

Team Size: 1

Technology: Python

Tools: Jupyter Notebook


Determine Correlation between column.

Apply encoding to encode the categorical variable.

Apply feature scaling to rescale dataset.

Use XGBoost to train dataset.

Used GridSearch to select best parameter.


Project Title: Fixed Asset: Tracking Process

Period: Jan 2019 to Mar 2019

Summary: This process automates the mundane process of determining Projects which has crossed CAR budget and sending automated email to BA’S.

Role: IT Developer

Team Size: 4

Tools: Automation anywhere


This process is divided into 4 sub processes

In first Process, this process export report from SAP (TCODE: - Z_CAP_PROJREPORT) and perform various filter operation on excel and than, sends email to Business Analyst.

In Second Process, this process copy CVG CIP RECONCILIATION from shared path and based on the amended finish date, it updates project date (TCODE:- CJ20N) in SAP.

In Third Process, this process runs Tracking Process Part 1,2,4 based on date criteria provided in excel sheet.

In Fourth process, this process sends remainder email to all the business analyst, who were send email in Tracking Process Part 1.


Project Title: F5 Alert Automation using Automation Anywhere

Period: Apr 2018 to August 2018

Summary: The main objective of the project was to Automatically close F5 Alert tickets and send email report to various stakeholders.

Role: RPA Developer (Development Lead)

Team Size: 3

Technology: RPA, VBScript

Tools: Automation Anywhere, WebLogic


Project Title: Idea Portal

Period: July 2017 to March 2018

Summary: The main objective of this project is to create a portal in which a user can submit idea and once approved by Team Lead and Quality Manager, the Idea can be implemented.

Role: Developer

Team Size: 3

Technology: HTML,CSS and Bootstrap.

Tools: Visual Studio


Project Title: Production Support – Oracle Support

Period: July 2017 to March 2018

Role: Production Support

Description: The main objective of this project is to maintain minimum ticket in support queue, Bug fixes, writing complex SQL’S, Organizing touch point calls.


Bachelor of Engineering((Computer Science and Engineering) with 72% from Institute of technology and management(ITM),Gwalior.



Received recognition points from Process team.

Nominated for MVP-2018.

Worked on Idea Portal for which received recognition points from Bangalore center director.

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