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Mechanical Engineer Safety

Chula Vista, CA
18 hrs
October 11, 2019

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Luis Garnica Jr.


**** ******** ** *** # *, Chula Vista, CA, 91910

Cel. 323-***-****

STUDIES University of Guadalajara - Electrical Mechanical Engineer, Professional Cedula 4989410, Sep/1980 – Jun/1985 ITESO - Diploma in Total Quality Management (TQM) Oct/2000-Mzo/2001


Sep / To the date Fiesta

Dec 2018 / agt 2019 Rancho Bernardo Inn, housekeeping (San Diego California)

Oct 2018 / Dic 2018 Valley View Casino y Hotel, Steward (Valley Center California)

Sep 2018 Destiny Freight, Office clerical (Chula Vista California)

Jul 2018 / Agt 2018 Mario s Jalapeño catering services, Administrator and supplies (San Diego California)

Dic2017 /Jun 2018 Asociación Nacional Proo Personas Mayores, kidchen aide (Los Angeles California)

2009 / (Nov 2017) Grupo Empresarial GACH, Manager and Consultant, Advisor and Instructor in Safety, Hygiene, Health at Work and Environmental (Mexico)

2005 / 2009 DUPONT MEXICO, Consultant, Adviser and Instructor Safety, Health and Environment (Mexico)

2004 / 2004 CASA CUERVO S.A. DE C.V., General Coordinator of Safety and Environment (Mexico)

1980 / 2003 CELULOSA Y DERIVADOS SA DE CV, CRYSEL PLANT, Superintendent of Risk Prevention and Patrimonial Security, Training and Training, Environmental Protection, Selection, Hiring and Services to Personnel, Medical Service. (Mexico)

NOTE: I am a victim of identity theft and I have all the necessary documents that prove my identity, as well as my honesty, and there is a file in the American Consulate in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and San Diego CA, where my identity was verified and verified. He extended my American passport.

I have a driver's license from the state of California where my identity was verified again without any problem.

Language proficiency: Spanish 100% spoken, read and written; English proficiency is low, I am currently studying.



2018 Dec / to date Rancho Bernardo Inn, housekeeping (San Diego California), Responsible for maintaining the closet with the supplies required by the people who do the cleaning of rooms, in addition to the attention of the needs of the clients through the Call Assignment System.

Oct 2018 / Dec 2018 Valley View Casino and Hotel, Food & Beverage, Steward, Responsible for cleaning the crockery and utensils to serve and make food, through slab washing machines.

Sep 2018 Destiny Freigt Administrative office, responsible for the administrative part of the transport of fruit and vegetable merchandise.

Jul 2018 / Agt 2018 Catering services Mario's Jalapeño.

Administrator and supplies, Preparation of the banquet from before, during and after the same with the staff, until concluding leaving everything clean and ready for the next event.

2017 Dec / Jun 2018 National Association Proo Senior Citizens

Assistant child, prepare the dining room for about 40 people and serve food and serve 60 patillos to deliver at home by another staff, leaving everything clean and ready for the next day.

2009 Jul / (Nov 2017) GRUPO EMPRESARIAL GACH SA DE CV. (Mexico)

Partner-Manager and Consultant, Advisor and Instructor in Safety, Hygiene, Health in the Workplace and Environment.

Professional in Safety Management Systems, Occupational Health, Environmental Protection and Property Security. Oriented to improve and obtain results (Objectives and Goals) in the reduction of Accidents and Incidents of personnel and facilities, with 30 years of experience in Implementation and Administration of Industrial Safety Systems through Audits of Diagnostics in Operation, Training, Industrial Safety, Occupational Health, Environmental management and process safety, establishing solutions through Consulting, Consulting, Coaching and Training.

Administration and supervision of 4 Engineers dedicated to training

Experience in Technical Counseling, Coaching and Training in Pemex Exploration and Production (PEP) for:

-Exploration of Exploration and Production Safety PEMEX.

-Ship of New Exploration and Production Projects PEMEX.

- Subdirectorate of the Northeast Marine Region of Exploration and Production of PEMEX.

Training experience in root cause analysis, 12 international best practices, 14 elements of process safety management, 14 elements of health administration in the workplace, 15 elements of environmental management, effective audits, mechanical integrity, quality assurance, work safety analysis. Operational discipline, Leadership, Critical safety procedures, Process risk management, Change management.

Services provided to the following companies: Prentech, Production of Cantarell of PEMEX Exploration and Production, Production of Assets Kumalob Zaap of PEMEX Exploration and Production, Subdirección of Security of PEMEX Exploration and Production, PLANEX, University of the Gulf of Mexico and Popular University of Chontalpa .

2005/2009 DU PONT MEXICO

Consultant, Advisor and Instructor in Safety, Health and Environment.

Company dedicated to Consulting and Training in People Safety, Processes, Occupational Health and Environmental Protection.

Experience in Technical Assistance (Advice and Training) in the Implementation of the PEMEX-SSPA System, of the Production and Exploration Subsidiary of Pemex, in the company Petróleos Mexicanos with the Improvement and Sustainability stage (12 Best International Practices, Security Administration of Processes), Health in the workplace and environmental protection), for the Subdirectorate of the RMNE that generates more than 60% of the crude oil and 30% of the natural gas produced by PEMEX.

Experience Technical Assistance (Advice and Training) Governing Body of the Emergency Response Plan of PEMEX Exploration and Production.

Experience in Technical Assistance (Advice and Training), Cantarell Production Asset and KuMaloob Zaap from the Northeast Marine Region of PEMEX Exploration and Production.

Experience in the performance of Diagnostic Audits of Safety, Health and Environmental Protection, in a company dedicated to the generation and distribution of electricity, four hydroelectric plants, two thermoelectric plants and the distribution area of Lima Peru of the company ENDESA in the countries of Chile and Peru.

2004/2004 CASA CUERVO S.A. DE C.V. (Mexico)

General Coordinator of Safety and Environment.

Company dedicated to the tequila industry through maguey.

Experience in the Development and Evaluation of the Industrial Hygiene Plan.

Administration of 5 Technicians of the department.

Experience in Attention Audits, Processing, Monitoring and Compliance of Insurance Companies, (Profepa, Semades, Semarnat, STPS, CNA, secretaries related to safety and environmental).

Regulation experience for Contractors to adhere to safety rules and procedures.

Experience in planning and monitoring the recertification program of the clean industry for the recertification achieved in November 2003.

Experience in Environmental Protection: Monitoring and supervision of the eviction and transfer of bagasse and vinasse to the treatment field.

Experience in security training of process engineers and implementation of the STOP tool in supervision.


Superintendent of Safety Risk Prevention, Medical Service, Protection of the Environment, Patrimonial Security, Training and Qualification, Personnel Selection, Hiring and Personnel Services.

Company dedicated to the manufacture of acrylic fiber through petroleum derivatives.

Administration of 32 employees and 25 workers

Experience in the topic of Industrial Safety: The best results in the reduction of accidents in recent years were achieved through the implementation of the concepts of Total Loss Control (CTP) and the Process Safety Administration (ASP) with a population of 1,600 workers and 500 Contractors, with high risk processes for the manufacture of acrylic fiber.

The experience in this achieved and obtained recognition in 3 years (not consecutive) of the highest Cydsa group level qualification for the implementation and implementation of the CTP and ASP system.

The experience in Environmental Management was achieved through the PROFEPA certification for compliance with environmental requirements.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Prevention received recognition for compliance with the Self-Management in Safety program (pioneers in Jalisco to achieve this)

The experience in the subject of Training and Training maintained annually a DNC and a DNE for the personnel employed and unionized by applying the system of Accelerated Analytical Theoretical-Practical Training (FAA) until it acquired the skill for the position with the support of a staff of instructors for production and maintenance.

The experience in the area of the Medical Service maintained the control and monitoring of compliance with the monthly and annual goals and objectives with the doctors (4) of the periodic medical examination program by position and risk exposure identified, the trend of the same laboratory results in people from the health risk positions, for their rotation or relocation and the audit of the use of the specific PPE.

The experience in the area of personnel hiring managed the control and follow-up of keeping the personnel of the authorized employee and the union complete.

With experience in the area of property security, the custody of the personnel and the installation of 13 hectares of manufacturing area were maintained in 3 shifts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with perimeter and internal routes (administrative buildings and processing areas ) established under the program, control of entry of own personnel, contractors and vehicles of all kinds through 12 teams and support systems.

Experience in audits of compliance and operation of the Patrimonial Security activities (people, equipment and systems).

Experience in security audits of executive residences.


2005 - Dupont - 12 Best International Practices, 14 ASP Elements, SASO, PA.

ACR, AST, Effective Audits, Operative Discipline, IMAC, Survival at sea.

2005 - 3M - Update on Industrial Safety "Safety Tour 2005"

2003 - Semarnat and Profepa - Hazardous Materials and Chemical Emergency Response

2002 - SGC Crysel and ITESO - Life Planning Workshop

2002 - SGC Crysel and ITESO - 22 conferences "Human Development 2002"

• Self-assessment

• Family history and its relationship with work

• The dimensions of the person

• Emotional Intelligence

•Entrepreneurial spirit

• The challenge of communication

• The effective emitter

• Neurolinguistics applied to self-esteem • Education of emotional intelligence in the family and in the company

• Creativity for life and for work

• An invitation to enjoy literature

• The win-win philosophy

• Interior freedom

• Base conflict resolution for the development of human groups

• Is it worth planning? • Analysis of current Mexican society

• Collaboration at work

• Self-motivation and self-esteem

• Self-realization in life and work

• Stages of the maturation process of the person

• Self-esteem to improve life and work

• The magic of forgiveness

2000 - Grupo Cydsa - TQM in the Textile Industry

1999 - Guanajuato Institution for Quality - The Best in Total Quality

1998 - Grupo Cydsa - Total Loss Control

1998 - Grupo Cydsa - Total Control of Lost in Cydsa

1998 - Cydsa Crysel - Interview Techniques

1998 - Amacat - Change Management and Empowerment.

1997 - Cydsa Crysel - Program of Professionals in Development in the departments of the Management of:

Production • Wick Conversion • Short Fiber • Aux Services.

Maintenance • Preventive • Predictive • Corrective

Technology -Change of operating conditions to increase the quality of the product Supplies Purchases

Logistics - Ctrl. Inventories

Human Resources Store –Contracting -• Training - Development Org. – Labor

1997 - The Lexington Group - Environmental Management Systems based on ISO 14001

1997 - Grupo Cydsa - Safe Mental Behavior

1997 - Grupo Cydsa - Risk Analysis of Hazop Technical Processes

1995 - AMPPPAC - Security Today

1995 - Torres Miranda y Asociados - Analysis of Problems and Decision Making

1992 - Service Plus - Superior Service for Instructors

1992 - Grupo Cydsa - Recognition of Potential Accidents in Process Plants Under the Focus of the Human factor.

1988 - Texas Firemen's Training School - 135 Fire Operations

1987 - AISAC - Training of Health and Safety Specialists

BP Chemical, San Antonio, Texas - 10th Seminar on Acrylonitrile Chemical Plant Safety

Facilitators of continuous improvement projects

Emergency plans

Protection of Executives

Recognition of Potential Accidents

STOP for instructors


Accredited Security Auditor

Training of Health and Safety Specialists

Total Quality Control

Administrative Interaction (I.A.)

Accelerated Analytical Training (F.A.A.)

Quality circles

Failure Analytical Detection

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