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Manager Developer

San Jose, CA
October 11, 2019

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Languages Python3, Java, JavaScript, C, HTML5/CSS, PostgresSQL Frameworks & Libraries Flask, React, Beautiful Soup, Pandas, Matplotlib, Plotly Other Tools Github, Stata, JMP, LATEX, Microsoft O ce Suite EDUCATION

University of California, Santa Cruz Sept 2015 - Jun 2019 B.S. in Computer Science; B.A. in Economics Overall GPA: 3.3 PROJECTS

Fault-Tolerant Sharded Key-Value Store

Built a fault-tolerant sharded key-value store system that tolerates crash faults through replication. It is expand- able to a larger-scale distributed system in web applications.

Used Docker to create an image of the distributed key-value store implementing the REST API.

Constructed a system where every replica is storing addresses of all running replicas in the system. When a new replica is launched, it will broadcast a message to add its address to all other replicas and acquire data from one replica within the same shard.

Leveraged Partitioning by Hash to assign replicas with di erent shard id and to store key-value pairs in every replicas within the same shard id.

The system provides PUT, GET, and DELETE functions for the store and view as well as operations for sharding

(re-sharding and counting, etc.).

Course Graph - A dynamic, browser-based visualization course planner

Led a team of 6 to develop an web application that visualizes college courses’ pre-requirements to help students with semester planning under Agile Scrum framework. Took the initiative serving as the Scrum master.

Built the front-end of the system with ReactJS. Embedded the web application with UI/UX components for the ease of use: pop-up window for detailed information of the course (time and instructor, etc.), fuzzy search for courses & node connections to pre-requisites, and department color coding.

Sharpened technical skills in: Javascript, Python 3, React, MaterialUI, Github. Endangered Languages Map

Analyzed and visualized endangered languages data from UNESCO and Endangered Language Project datasets, wrangled the dataset with Pandas, and created an interactive map with Plotly Mapbox to visualize locations.

Color-coded the map by the level of endangerment and implanted the auto-display function for further details when hover over.


Distributed Systems

Arti cial Intelligence

Introduction to Operating Systems

Probability Theory

Statistics in Economics

Data Wrangling and Web Scraping

Computer Systems and Assembly Language


Leader for Intl Student Networking Group - UCSC Aug 2017 - Feb 2018

Hosted networking sessions for students with multicultural background to improve their social skills and cultivate shared understanding.

Created a collaborative environment and facilitated robust discussions for students to nd solutions to their aca- demic and social challenges. Designed exercises that improved students’ teamwork skills and cultural adaptability.

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