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English-Spanish Translator

Buenos Aires, Argentina
October 14, 2019

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Age: **

Native language: Spanish (Argentina)

Second language: English (fully bilingual)

Third language: French


Skype: jose.maria.calo

TE: +54-11-300*-****


SECONDARY: + Commercial College graduate.

TERTIARY: + School Teacher


+ Sworn Translator (English-Spanish)

+ Scientific-Literary Translator (English-Spanish)

PROFESSIONAL REGISTER T XI F 391 - 3572: Granted by the Professional Association of Sworn Translators of the City of Buenos Aires (“Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires”), Argentina.

DUN & BRADSTREET Registration number: 973831258


* 2008/2018: Elite Translations (Singapore/Malaysia/Hong Kong) - (legal / commercial / technical)

* 2012/2018: Translation Express (Singapore) – (technical / commercial)

* 2012/2018: Prestige Network Ltd. (UK) - (technical / legal)

* 2011/2018: Transperfect (USA/UK): (technical / legal)

* 2011/2018: Translate by Humans (USA) – (technical / legal / commercial)

* 2012/2018: Nativy (Austria) – (technical)

* 2010/2018: Babylon Human Translation - (on-line translation service) – (commercial / legal / technical)

* 2008/2018: Siam Translation (Thailand) - (legal / technical)

* 2009/2018: International Translations (Thailand) - (legal / technical)

* 2008/2018: Interlanguage Translation Center (Chidlom Branch) (Thailand) - (legal / commercial)

* 2005/2018: International Language and Translation Institute (Thailand) - (technical / legal / commercial)

* 2012/2018: Xpress Translate (USA) - (technical / legal)

* 2011/2015: Banf Education Center (Canada) - (commercial / educational)

* 1998/2018: Gustavo A. Catalano Bureau (Notary Public) (Argentina): (legal) - Translation of patents, agreements, wills, passports, case law, legal texts.

* 2012: Mogem Translation (USA) - (technical)

* 2012: JC WAY (Philippines) – (legal)

* 2011/2012: Lingo24 – (UK) – (legal / marketing / technical)

*2011/2013: ROMO Translation Agency (UK) – (legal)

*2017: Ansh Intertrade, PVT. Ltd. (India/Singapore/UAE) (commercial / legal)

*2011: Lyric Labs (India) - (legal)

*2011/2012: JR Services (India) - (legal)

*2011/2018: King Translations (Thailand) - (legal / technical)

*2011: Evoluz Translation Services (Canada) - (legal)

*2011/2012: Translations India (India)- (commercial / technical)

*2009/2010: NRS (crane maker for industrial applications) (Thailand):

- Overhead Launching Gantry Design and Operational Requirements Manual - Launching Gantry Assembly Manual - Loading Test and Wind Securing Procedures - Gantry Crane T80: Operational Manual - Gantry Crane MGN 800-8: Static Analysis Report - Structural Analysis and Design Calculation Reports

*2002/2004: Basf Argentina (chemical industry): - Translation of technical bibliography, product instructions.

*2002/2003: Weber Systems, Inc. (U.S.A.) (printing machinery): - Translation of web page, technical texts.

*2001/2003: Clorox Argentina S.A. (Chlorine and cleaning products manufacturing) (Argentina): - Interpretation service in “Aldo Bonzi” Industrial Plant for the assembly, starting-up and operation of B&H Labeling System

* 2001/2002: Nova Controls/Hydro Systems Ltd. (U.S.A.) (proportioning systems) (Argentina): - Translation of technical bibliography

* 1994-2010: Interpretation Service in the industrial plant of Artes Gráficas Rioplatense S.A. -Clarín Holding- (offset printing industry): - Assembly, starting-up and operation of an offset press Heidelberg Harris Sunday M-3000, - Assembly, starting-up and operation of an offset press Heidelberg Harris M-1000-B-4, 4 printing units - Assembly, starting-up and operation of an offset press Heidelberg Harris M-1000-B-8, 8 printing units - Assembly, starting-up and operation of an offset press Harris M-850-B, 8 printing units

All the presses with their corresponding splicers, folders, driers, stabilizers and high tech accessories

- Starting-up of binders: Ferag (magazines/booklets), Sheridan Harris (directories and thick books), Muller Martini (magazines and newspapers) - Starting-up and operation of bagging machines/trimmers: Sitma, Zaandam y Gaemmeler - Advisory during ink selection and tests, as well as acids tests for different jobs - Translation of Installation, Starting-up, Operation and Maintenance Manuals and Booklets for all the

offset presses as well as devices and machinery related to the graphic arts -Starting-up of a WWGraphics UV coater in M1000-A

- Interpretation service during the integral maintenance (delivered by English-speaking technicians) of all the industrial use machinery and accessories

* 1996-2000 Hoegger-Alpina / Tipper Tie-Alpina (Switzerland) (food processing): - Translation of technical and operational manuals for food processing machinery for the following products manufactures by the company: - Operation and Maintenance Manuals for the KF 520 – Clipper - Operation and Maintenance Manuals for the DKF 15 – Double Clipper - Operation and Maintenance Manuals for the KF Swopper 70/130/140/150/200 – Cutters - All of them with their corresponding updatings and accessories

* 1998-99: Editorial Perfil S.A. (offset printing industry) (Argentina): - Interpretation service during the installation, starting-up and operation of a newspaper press KBA (for newspapers and magazines) and its corresponding accessories (splicers, folders, hoppers and stackers), in California Industrial Plant

* 1996-97: Frigorífico Los Calvos (food processing plant) (Argentina): -Translation of documents concerning company organization and machinery purchase (previous agreements, final contract, insurance issues) - Interpretation service during the installation, starting-up and operation of industrial machinery for processing meat and bone.

* 1996/97: ALDEFIL S.A. (chemical products for the industry) (Argentina): Translation of Operation and Technical Manuals for the following machinery: - Du Pont Cyrel 1002 P - UV Plate Drier - Du Pont Cyrel 1002 P - Plate Drier - DW-100 Distilling Unit - DW Solvent Recovery System (Renzmann equipment)

* 1995-2004: AMSA (Health service company) (Argentina): Translation of Preliminary Reports, Agreements (before merge), Articles of Association, Cases, Articles on medical organizations.

* 1994-2003: Ministry of Economy of the Argentine Republic – Under secretariat of Agriculture, Mining and Fisheries (bid) (Argentina) - Translation of documentation related to international trade; bids, official reports and agreements

* 1996-97: Honda Motor de Argentina S.A.(Argentina): - Translation of motorbikes maintenance manuals; translation of training manuals for workshop workers.

* 1996-97: Tvcable S.R.L. (Bahía Blanca) (communications industry) (Argentinal): - Translation of negotiations and final contract for the merge of the company; articles of association

* 1996/99: Rimaco S.A. (Techint Holding) (insurance company) (Argentina): - Translation of policies and insurance agreements - Technical English classes/advise to Loans Manager previous to company merge

* 1995/2004: Robinson Fletamento S.A. (international trade): - Translation of reports on the following projects: loans for Adrogué Chico private undertaking; containers import/export and company merge, follow-up of legal cases in US Courts.

* 1993/2000: Guilermo Decker S.A.I.C.A.F.I. (copper industry) (Argentina): Translation of business agreements, articles of association, * Technical commercial English classes to Import/Export Manager; interpreter on negotiations.

* 1985-2000: Board of Directors of Aerolíneas Argentinas (airline) (Argentina): - Translation and revision of agreements/contracts and related follow-ups; interpretation in business meetings; - Reorganization and management of the Company Language Center (headquarters); - Organization of courses on reading work-related texts in a foreign language for non-English speakers - Advisory to the Purchase Department for the purchase of specific aeronautical elements in the international market

- Translation of the complete Bidding Conditions as well as the follow-up of the negotiation for the privatization of Aerolíneas Argentinas

* 1990-2004: Advisor Translator to Sociedad Comercial del Plata (Soldati Holdings) (Argentina) - Translation of Bidding Conditions Documents Awarding Contracts for the privatization of ENTEL (state- owned telephone company). - Linguistic advisory in connection with contracts and agreements with different companies; translation of acts of incorporation of new companies; follow-up of legal cases in US and European Courts. - Translation of Annual Reports of the Society

* 1992/2000: Advisor Translator to Techint S.A.: (energy industry international bid) (Argentina) - Translation of Bidding Conditions Documentation for the awarding of the power transport service. - Translation of Bidding Conditions Documentation for the privatization of Gas del Estado (gas distribution state-owned company) and SEGBA (power distribution company, formerly state-owned). - Technical English classes for technical managerial levels

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