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Data Analyst Manager

Sunnyvale, CA
October 14, 2019

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Jieqing Hu

Perm address: **** Tasman DR, Sunnyvale, CA 94089



• Currently enrolled in Applied Data Science Master program at Syracuse University

• Machine learning developer intern at EagleView Technologies

• Passionate about programming, statistics and machine learning

• Former market analyst and human resource manager of 2000+ employees

• Hands-on experience with machine learning modeling, Python programming, relational database and data visualization


M.S. Applied Data Science, GPA 3.9/4.0 Dec 2019

Syracuse University, School of Information Studies Syracuse, NY B.S. Supply Chain Management May 2009

Shanghai University, School of Management Shanghai, China


Programming Languages/Frameworks: Python, SQL, R, Hadoop, Spark, MapReduce ML Algorithms: Logistic Regression, Random Forest, SVM, Naïve Bayes Inference, Neural Network Software/Platform: Tableau, AWS, Power BI, Google Analytics, Excel, Access, Adobe Illustrator


EagleView Technologies, Inc. Bellevue, WA

Machine Learning Developer Intern Jun 2019 - Aug 2019 The humanized non-rectangular bounding box transformation project

• Developed an “Ellipse Drawer” model in Python to convert rectangular bounding boxes into randomly “hand-drawn” annotations for roof damage detection, which provides a more human- like style for clients

• Researched and proposed GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) based approach that can mimic human drawing with limited examples

Shanghai CAL Custom Manufacturing & Aerosol Propellants Co., Ltd. China Marketing Data Analyst 2013 - 2016

• Visualized time series productivity, inventory, profit and distribution data using SQL and R to support resource management and allocation

• Created a linear model for profit prediction with historical data which was adopted by the risk management team to evaluate per client contract

• Designed and co-developed company WeChat mini program and attracted about 5k followers within 6 months

Human Resource Manager 2009 - 2013

• Improved the employee training performance tracking system by introducing outlier detection; sending notifications to low-performance students (falls behind μ-2σ of the entire training population), which improved employees’ qualification rate to 98% from 72%

• Collaborated with IT department to work on digitizing legacy paper-based employee training system to a centralized database to eliminate manual entry error by 100% and also reduced the training cost by 50%

• Organized and launched multiple world-leading daily chemical exhibitions and successfully established partnerships with 6 clients, increasing the company's profits by 1.05 million dollars


A Unified Database System Design for Grocery Inventory Search and Recipe Sharing

• Designed and developed a relational database using Microsoft SQL Server to allow users share recipes, query ingredients prices, socialize with other recipe sharers and plan grocery shopping baskets for minimum price

Hyatt Hotel Customer Rating Analysis

• Analyzed the Hyatt hotel reservation and rating dataset with association rule to reveal patterns that lead to bad customer reviews, and gave recommendation for improving ratings Airbnb Posting Type Classification

• Conducted exploratory analysis, data cleaning, feature engineering on the Airbnb posting data which contains location, price, rating, review, amenities and description

• Developed multiple machine learning models (Random Forest, SVM, Naïve Bayes, etc.) with text transformed features and wide features to predict the class of a posting (i.e., Budget, Classic, Luxury and Premium) and achieved AUROC of 0.74

King County Housing Price Analysis

• Implemented the King County Housing price analysis with data preprocessing, data visualization and machine learning models (Linear Regression, Random Forest and XGBoost) in Python Spark Bike Sharing Business in the Bay Area

• Collected Ford GoBike data and developed an initial idea for the bike share system in the bay area

• Created the flow network model to solve the shortest bike transportation path problem and newsvendor model to determine the optimal inventory for each bike sharing site

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